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Hey Aussies, did you know you had a state called Capricornia?

True fact, according to that stellar map The Dail Mail suppplied. Meanwhile, flooding in Queensland is still bad. I have great affection for Qld after living there, so sending all the anti-flooding vibes I can. Stay safe, Aussies.

So this is 2011, starting out much like 2010 ended. Meanwhile, here in Norway, a TV personality was attacked by a moose while walking his dog and suffered serious damages. Brain hemorrage and loss of vision in one eye to mention some. Okay, one should take care near adult moose especially if they have moose kids with them, but damn. Moose aren't usually that aggressive.

The BBC has made a list of 100 things we learned through 2010, which has many cool things.

I've been nominated in the 2010 Spock/Uhura awards for the one Star Trek story I wrote last year, and in two categories even. (Best One-Shot and Best Humor.) Can't complain about that.

I've also started my post-apocalypse story and decided to make it mainly a Merlin AU set in something akin to our time. I've also decided to sneak in other characters from everything to L&O:UK and Melrose Place.

How's the near year treating you?

(What the hell is going on in Torchwood fandom, anyway? Massive implosion or something?)
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Been a good Christmas! Have spent much time with the family, eaten way too much good food and gotten many lovely gifts. Thanks to those of you whose gifts I've recieved - books, DVDs and even a Merlin calender is always welcome ;) I hope your holiday was smashing as well?

There is a meme going aorund my flist that you're supposed to stretch over ten days - but I'm gonna cheat and do them all in one day. It's Christmas, indulge me.

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now )

Nine things about yourself )

Eight ways to win your heart )

Seven things that cross your mind a lot )

Six things you wish you’d never done )

Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever) )

Four turn offs )

Three turn ons )

Two smileys that describe your life right now )

One confession )

Meanwhile, a video promoting a Norwegian TV show have become quite the viral thing. I am amused. That and the curling pants is probably what Norway will be remembered for in 2010. Valuable contributions to world society, truly.
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(This year's traditional homemade gingerbread house.)

Wishing you all a god jul, or alternatively, a very happy end of 2010. Stay warm and merry! Especially warm, given the weather of late. (-25C here this morning. Proper winter, gotta give it that.)

The cat wishes you the same.
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You know, I've been in two minds about Wikileaks for a long time and still am. But regardless of how I feel about the site, some of this shit going down in regards to the rape charges the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, is facing is pissing me right off.

Behind a cut, as it might be triggery for some. Explicit details of the case is not discussed, but are mentioned in some links. A lot of displeasure with Michael Moore and Keith Olberman included )

So. Show me your integrity. Show me your willingness to actually do something progressive and not support rape culture. Show me you can listen, not just talk. Show me I can trust you to call out me if you felt I did wrong, and not give me a pass for being on the same side.

I sure as hell am not giving either of you that pass. I expect better of those I am inclined to agree with and support; that's why I am so inclided in the first place.

Live up to it. Show me your integrity.
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So, I could write reaction to the Merlin finale and maybe I would have one or two things no one else has said already, but I decided to be contrary instead and write 1) Stuff I want from Merlin season four and 2) fics I want to write as a result of the finale.

Stuff I'd like to see in season four of Merlin. Spoilers for previous seasons )

Fanfics I want to write as a result of the Merlin finale )

Meanwhile, it is still freezing like whoa and tomorrow I am going to the midnight launch for Cataclysm. That waiting outside will be fun, oh yes.
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It's cold. Not just in Norway, but large parts of Europe and Britain. Of course, Norway's used to cold and snow and a lot of other places are not. So I laugh at them for freaking out just a tiny bit. Mind you, waking up at a quarter past six (a.m.) and spotting -18C outside is not a great incentive to get up. Looks like it's gonna stay this cold for at least a week, too.

Oh well. It's a good excuse to stay in during the weekend and write fanfic. And play Wow. Shiny new world, shiny!

When you see this, post ten fandom rants and ten fandom happy things in your journal. So I do.

Ten rants )

Ten happy fandom-related things )
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Cat is much better! After a visit to the vet, he's now eating again and acting far more energetic. It looks like he will be all right for now. Thanks for all the well wishes; they were much appreciated. Meanwhile, I've had an exhausting week and have another coming, which is reported might get as cold as -25C here. Oh fun.

I will also be sending out Christmas cards in the coming week, so last chance if you want one.

Here's a charmer: Cheerleader kicked off the squad for refusing to cheer for her rapist. Not in some demonstrably non-cheer way either - she just didn't want to say his name. I don't even know what to say here that wouldn't be filled with a good deal of rage, so yeah.

Here's a penis and Berlusconi: Italian PM under fire for restoring a penis to a ancient Roman statue. But for next year he's suggesting cutting 40% of the fine arts funding in an austerity package - I guess no penis is too austere even for Berlu.

Here's something cool: A planet from another galaxy has been found in the Milky Way. The Milky Way has swallowed several minor galazies in its liferun, and one day it might merge with the Andromeda Galaxy. (Merging galaxies can look something like this and later this. Awesome, no?)

Here's a charmer II: An alleged rape victim in South Africa is charged with having underage sex. What is this I don't even.

Here's naked Norwegian men: Say, is that a fire hoze between your legs? More shirtless men here. They and many more are apparently available in a calender now on sale.

Fics I want time to write, damnit:
- The Ghost of King Past (Uther after death, haunting Camelot and observing the changes that happen).
- Season 3 AU with Morgana not evil, but struggling with her darker nature.
- Five Times Merlin Interrupted Gwen and Arthur (and One Time It Didn't Matter).
- A fic where Gwen saves Uther's arrogant ass and the two are forced to work together.
- Five Good Female Magic Users That Saved Camelot (and Told Off Uther)
- Merlin runs into the Doctor in a tavern; hijinks involving Daleks and dragons ensue.

Now I just gotta figure out which to do first. Right after I figure out where I stored my extra, extra warm clothes last spring. I think I might need them.
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Apparently, if a friend is dragging up a rape in a drinking game (and insiting it counts as having had sex in a certain place) is entirely your fault for entering the drinking game in the first place. You were practically inviting it! You should have known if you told a friend about this trauma she would disclose it in a drinking game.

Also, in the comments the columnist counts rape as "personal indiscretion". (But of course later insists She Did Not Mean It Like That Even If It Did Read Like That.) And the experience with the drinking game was a learning experience that made the victim a better person! Win-win all around! And of course someone else shows up to argue that rape is sex and so it should have counted and the friend was right to call it out.


I'm going to go to bed now. Maybe in the morning I will wake up and there will be no assholes or repulsive misconceptions about rape. And also I could find pigs fly, I've gained a male harem and Norway now rules the world.

They're about as likely, don't you think?
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Reasons why it's a bad idea to google yourself, #19 - coming across posts talking about shipping youin a RPF way (sorta) and feeling all weird. Can only blame myself though - curiosity is sometimes an impulse best resisted.

What's the weirdest you've found googling yourself?

In other fandom news, been a bit of a bruhaha in Doctor Who fandom over whether or not 'retarded' is okay to use in a fic title. Arguments over the original meaning of the word and all that, plus the author feeling specifically targetted (which does seem to allude to previous incidents).

Titles. Pick 'em carefully. (But man, titles are evil to find. I think the longest I've used to find one was six hours, which was longer than it took to write the fic!)

I am steadily writing more Merlin fic, as I've been infected by new fandom quite bad. It's always a bit strange to see what I actually really fall for, fandomwise. And what I like, but never get fannish about (which is the majority of stuff I watch or read, really). And because I am in a math mood, I started wondering if I could make a formula for my fandom attractions.

The closest I came was: Cute couple with potential for being Canon + interesting but flawed canon - annoyance over certain issues multiplied by desire to write fanfic for said fandom divided by fandom wankery.

... I need not to be making math tests right after I've written fanfic, probably.

Arthur/Gwen fanvid behind the cut )

Meanwhile, a bit of scandal has hit Norway - and it involves the US. Basically, it has been uncovered that the US were spying on Norwegians in Norway, using former police officers. This sort of surveillance could very well be illegal. The US claims it was cleared with Norwegian authorities, Norwegian authorities says no. The US has stopped the surveillance for now.

Yeeeaah. If the US has actually broken Norwegian law, I'm gonna be severely unimpressed. And yet, not really surprised because the US government has said sod it to International law in the past.

Don't forget to leave your address here if you want a Christmas card from Norway or is doing a gift exchange with me.
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I generally think fandom supporting each other and such is a good thing. I do.

But asking people to support getting a grant for a fanfiction hosting site rather than charity? Not on. Not on at all.

Here are some of the other suggestions competing for the 25,000 USD grant Fiction Alley wants: (as listed on the Pepsi website. Highlight 25,000 and then click on load more as many times as you want to see more suggestions)

- Improve our inner-city school's ability to help at-rsik teens.
- Supply a bed for every head in Spokane, WA for homeless people.
- Refurbish computers for children in foster care living in Buffalo.
- Provide care packages for children born with the birth defect CDH.
- Revive a shelter: Give comfort and safety when a home isn't safe.
- Give low income kids in rural Minnesota a SMART start in preschool.
- Prevent homeless kittens in Cincannati through project Kitty Litter.
- Open a pet pantry to feed dogs and cats of families in need.
- Help rebuild underserved and devatstaed communities and inspire hope.
- Provide financial assistance to families affected by CDH.
- Provide basic school supplies for low income children in Hawaii.
- Rescue and adoption centre for cats that doesn't kill the pets or keep them in cages.
- A summer program for abused children.
- rescue and care of injured and orphaned wildlife.
- Use new technology to improve learning in special needs classrooms.
- Provide free therapy to families who have experienced sexual abuse.
- Create a Life Saving Prison Dog Partnership (Don't Throw Us Away)

... and many more in that vein.

And seriously, all of these are more important than a website hosting fanfiction. Yes, the economy sucks for many and my symapathies for increased costs. It sucks, I understand that part. But fanfiction is not a need. It is entertainment. Does it really deserve 25,000 USD over any of those suggsted causes I listed? I say no. I heartily disagree with the FA's representative's claim that Our 501(c)3 is just as deserving as any other. I disagree a lot. And yes, there are more sources of founding available to these sort of causes - because they are far more important causes, FFS. (And originally the post said I've done the research and I'm here to tell you that there are far more sources of funding available to starving children in Africa than there are to fan-oriented websites. Charming, FA! Real charming.) And yet there is still never enough for them, because the world has many worthy causes and a limited attention span.

This is pissing me off, I have to say. I have no relationship with FictionAlley since I've never really been in Harry Potter fandom, but this is souring me on them something fierce.

FA has responded to some concerns raised. Also, it's been picked up Unfunny Business.

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I can be productive! Finished a big [profile] stop_plagiarism case (57 proven accounts of plagiarism, sheesh!), wrote another Merlin fic, made another fanvid (using a local band, hah), cleaned the back yard of leaves (oh so many leaves), watched my beloved Tromsø secure their bronze medals one round before the end of the Norwegian football league this year, read up on analytical method for teaching the letters in school, put away the bike for winter (sniff) and remembered to change the clocks to winter time.

I know several of my American flisters was at the rally this weekend, and I have to admit there seems to have been some really excellent signs there too. I think I've only been to rallies twice in my life - once as a kid when my parents took me to a 'No to EU membership' rally, and once as an adult to an anti-racism rally after the murder of Benjamin Hansen. But then, if I shared a country with some of the shit opinions I've seen come from the extreme right of the US of late, I would have been in a rally in a heartbeat. Certain things is worth speaking up against.

In any case, I hope you had a happy Halloween, Americans! (But please Norwegian commercial forces, STOP TRYING TO FORCE AN AMERICAN HOLIDAY WE HAVE NO TRADITION OF ON US. THANK YOU AND FUCK YOU.)
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I have finished more Merlin fic, which seems to seal it - yes, this is going to be my main fanfic fandom for a while. Also, with episodes like this coming (BBC episode description, so some spoilers), I am so very curious where the show is going. Nothing like shiny new fandoms to get inspiration going. (And somehow, I always find more to write about when the original material has some issues to address.)

Most of you probably heard about the furore over a Marie Claire blog and the massive outcry that has followed. I was quite revolted by the post too, but something else struck me as well - this is the power of the Internet. Online, it is not word-of-mouth, but word-and-links, and it can happen extremely fast. Even in fandom, posts can garner a huge reaction by links being passed on, and the poster can wake to an inbox filled with outrage.

Sometimes, it's a power for good. Sometimes, probably not.

A new prosperity index ranks Norway as most prosperous in the world. It was apparently launched to show that propserity is more than just money, as reported here. Apparently, 74% of Norwegians believe people can be trusted, the highest precentage in the world. (You can check out the details about Norway's score here.) Is that a sort of prosperity too? Perhaps. I am also impressed we scored highest of all on social capital, despite second lowest in the world on religious attendance. Which goes to show empathy, charity and social support isn't built on religion as some fanatics would have it; it's built on humanity.

Meanwhile, it is Thurday evening and rainy, and I'm half wishing winter would just come already and be done with it. I hate October. Surely I cannot be the only one who finds October the worst month of the year?
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I am returned from the Netherlands.

And obviously, I have quite a bit to catch up on - missed episodes, [profile] girlsavesboyfic stories, Cataclysm relase date (!), fandom happenings and yes, real life. Damn that real life thing. (And thanks to whoever pointed me to and started a love thread for me at the anon love meme. Very kind of you, anon!)

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures from the trip, including Den Haag, giant clogs, many pretty houses, windmills, dikes, headless statues, sleeping cats and the proper way to serve hot cocoa with whipped cream.

Image heavy, obviously )

I had lots of fun, yes. And how are you all?
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The Prince (and the Whole Kingdom)
by [personal profile] misscam

Summary: Save the princess and get half the kingdom, living happily ever after. So what do you get when you save the prince? [Arthur/Gwen, Gaius, Merlin, Morgana, Uther]

Rating: Vaguely teen. Some snogging, some implied adults activities and not too detailed violence.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Word count: 6083.

Author's Notes: For [profile] girlsavesboyfic's Girl Saves Boy ficathon. Might call this a AU scenario set during season three, with vague references to the start of the season. The fairytales alluded to in this story are Norwegian and many of them do indeed follow the pattern described. I might also have used some common tropes of the rescue genre.

Thanks to Saz for suggestions about what a sorceress up to no good might do. Much thanks to [personal profile] clevermonikerr for beta duties :)

There are many fairytales that goes something like this: There is a kingdom. There is a princess. There is a king. There is a normal guy, who through wit and skill manages to get the princess and half the kingdom, too. This is Camelot, and there is no princess. There is not even a Queen anymore, at least not yet. But there is a prince. Prince Arthur Pendragon, heir to the throne of Camelot. He's in trouble. )
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Mirror, Mirror, Morgana
by [personal profile] misscam

Summary: There are these dreams Morgana has. [Morgana, Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Uther, Gaius, Morgause, Mordred. Implied Morgana/Merlin and Arthur/Gwen and a few others, if you want to read it like that.]

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: No real spoilers for series 3, but alluding to events therein. Thanks for [personal profile] clevermonikerr for inspiring this through a discussion about Morgana – and for lovely beta work.

'Witch,' he says again. 'Just say it, Morgana. Do you not trust Uther to love you after that word?' )
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All comments are screened, so leave your address in a comment here if you want a postcard from Holland.

*wanders off to write more Merlin fic*
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Okay, is it shit-stirring post a fic to a Spock/Uhura shipper comm with implied Kirk/Spock when you're a person with such classy, classy icons like this and this and even used to have one icon calling Uhura a whore? Maybe it's just me wondering that, cynical and wary of misogyny that I am.

But then I see the poster in question also makes posts like this and makes a comm that states specifically in the rules that bashing is a-okay! Three guesses as to who she'd like to see bashed.

Why, fandom, why must we (almost) always hate so much on the females? I've started poking into Merlin fandom as well and some of the stuff said about Gwen and sometimes Morgana makes me sigh. But also made me more determined to write awesome fics about the female characters - have done one Gwen-centric and one Morgana-centric so far.

Meanwhile, I am off to Holland next weekend and will be there for four days. Anyone want postcards? I'll make a post with screened comments for collecting address if enough want.
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I'm curious flisters - what is the dealbreaker for you when it comes to fandom? What would make you not join or leave a fandom even if you love the show like piechocolate? Ships wars? Her versus slash fights? RPF tinhattery? Particular people? A particular kind of -ism in large supply?

Or do you have no definite ones, just mainly a "as long as the good outweighs the bad" approach?

(You don't have to give specific examples or anything! I am curious because I am wondering about poking into Merlin fandom some, but some stuff I've seen made me a bit hesitant.)

Also, what sort of danger would a Viking!vampire find himself in? Seriously, I can't think of anything workable. I'm half tempted to stick him in a cage above a lake of silver or some such really contrived, and just play with it. (And make jokes about Swedes while at it, of course.)

I made Arthur/Gwen vid, just because. Direct link.
Embedded behind the cut )

I make vids mainly because I like to make playlists of them on my computer and play them while I also play WoW. Possibly I am weird.

Meanwhile, Norway is having an actual possible conspiracy blow-up, which I never thought I'd see in our tiny little country. Basically, Arne Treholt was in the early 1980s convicted of being a spy. Now there has been claims that the evidence against him was planted and the case might be reopened. If it is, shit will hit the fan.

In other news:

- Controversial film about a Nazi propagada film is released in Germany.
- A Belgian woman is tried for murder by skydiving sabotage.
- Texas considers ban on school books that are "pro-Islam". (SAY WHAT THERE TEXAS?!)
- Ancient remains of a child are returned to the Torres Strait tribe.
- Cat was dyed pink as a prank; people not amused.
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Things that make me grumpy today:

- Power went out yesterday and then didn't come back for over 10 hours. No electricity for that long is not fun.
- It's wet, cold and depressing outside. Also, it's almost October, the month I hate the most as it is - you guessed it! - wet, cold and depressing. Bite me, Norwegian weathergods.
- It's Monday. Mondays are evil.
- Racist fuckwit party the Sweden Democrats wins seats in the Swedish parliament for the first time. Ugh. (If you're British, think of this as Sweden's version of the BNP. It used to be called "Keep Sweden Swedish", which should tell you a fair bit about it. They also hate homosexuality and anything not within their defintion of normal, basically.)

Sometimes, I wonder if not talking about issues is what gives those hateful about it so much power, because they get to pretend they're brave bringing it up. Pro-tip, haters - it is never brave to pick the "blame someone different enough that we can make them look scary" option. That's more letting fear rule. Would hateful racist fuckwit party have gotten so many votes if someone else had talked about immigration in a more sensible and, you know, sane manner? (And not disguise racism as "concerns about immigration" and hijacking conversations a scoiety should be having. Immigration does mean a society has to consider certain things. Like how to make a multicultural society in practice, how to get enough intergration of immigrants that they can participate in society on their terms but still have their identity, how not to treat white as the norm, how to ensure education with language barriers, how to deal with racism and a whole lot of other stuff.)I wonder about that, because in Norway we have parties that aren't all that happy about immigration, but go nowhere near that level of racist fuckery. Do they soak some votes that would otherwise go to the far right? (The thought of something like Vigrid getting into Parliament in Norway makes me want to barf.) And is that just a good thing? Are more extremist parties likely to attract people speaking against them, which can be a good thing too?

Either way, Scandinavia is changing as the world is. We must learn to adapt, not hide behind the North Sea and hope the waves never reach us. They do. We are becoming multicultural, and immigration is only one part of that process of change.

Then again, words are easy and adapting to change isn't always. My life and circle of friends have started to change quite a bit, and I still have angsty Friday evenings with red wine about it all, even if I know change is probably good for me. Maybe Sweden is having some angst too.

I just wish they were drinking better alcohol, because that Sweden Democrats brew burns and give horrid hangovers.

(This all reminds me I should finish the series of posts on racism in Norway I have drafted. And the Sookie-saves-Eric's-Viking-ass fic and a report on work disturbances for 8th grade pupils and this stupid Excel combution and and and. Man, I wish I had a time-turner to get more stuff done.)
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Anyone want to look after a Merlin fic for me? It's for the [profile] girlsavesboy ficathon and has bits of Gwen/Arthur in it. I'm mainly looking for someone to see if my dialogue and characterisation is all right (and spot typos and odd grammar), it being my first ever Merlin fic and all. I'm afraid it is close to 6000 words, but it's not due until October 1st. (I am also considering doing a second story, but I'm not sure which fandom.)

Anyone on my awesome flist in Merlin fandom and could give me a lay of the land? New fandoms are scary.

Ever wonder what 100 cats loose in IKEA would look like? If not, IKEA decided to find out anyway and the result is this ad. (And here is the making of.) Cats are all the rage, it seems.

Sometimes, the openess and freedom of the Internet is a good thing, and something that wouldn't otherwise come to people's attention can be spread on the Internet. Sometimes, it's a shit thing, like pictures of a sexual assault being spread and people refusing to take them down. Ugh.

Meanwhile, my brother is coming to visit next weekend, which is cool. Haven't seen him in over half a year. He has also joined the guild I recently applied and was accepted into (after my old one ended after I'd been in it for years, sniff) because he missed me. Kinda sweet, I think. His girlfriend joined too and we're all very excited for Cataclysm.

And work is busy and interesting and I'm making new friendships and it's good, I think?

I am mellow and it's weekend. How are you, awesome peoople?


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