Date: 2006-06-20 08:25 am (UTC)
ext_104931: Beauty And The Books (Default)
I haven't talked to you enough to lie to you and I wouldn't anyway. Because as far as I can see stuff like this seem to partly come from the fact that it can be so easy to forget that people on the internet are real people, with real feelings that can be hurt - not just pixels and words on a computer screen.

See I just don't understand the craziness that people get in to over fandom - but then again I always thought fandom was a happy place where you could squee, have interesting discussions and disagree in a reasonable manner and it was all good. Reading the [ profile] msscribe stuff was really depressing because I just couldn't shake the thought that all this was over fandom - something that is supposed to be fun and friendly.

Actually it was you and the OFUM fics that introduced me to this side of fandom (as I said I have a drama avoidance radar - I don't pick it up online or in real life) and while it hurt because I tend to think the best of people it was a good thing in a lot of ways because not only did I get to read some excellent fic by you and the fic authors I found through your friends list I learnt that sometimes it is a mistake to assume the best of people. I still do it though.

So I'm going to go hide in my quite little lurky corner, happily accepting different opinions and perving on David Tennant and squeeing over the fact that the new series of Doctor Who will be arriving in Australia really soon.
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