Apr. 20th, 2010

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This week is going to be murder on me, I know already. But after this major project is done at work, I can get a bit time off and that shall be sweet indeed. Would be nice to have time for fannish activities and all that jazz.

In other news:
Europe is still suffering effects of Iceland's volcano.

But here in Norway, air space has opened again for now. So dear Iceland, don't you let Katla blow now as well and make it even worse, mmkay?

How heartbreaking is this story?

And that is just one reason I am proud my little country made marriage gender neutral. Because two men who loved each other for that long deserves other people honouring their commitment too, dammit.

Bolivians want the world to compensate them for melting glaciers.

Which does create the interesting question - if you cause harm far away indirectly, should you, and if so how, be held to account? Not to mention, many people would argue the harm is more nature's fault than humanity's, but that debate is still ongoing.

To finish on a cheerier note, a meme I nicked from my flist: Pick 15 of your ships and write down a quote for each of them. Let your flist guess. Looking them up on IMDb or Google is cheating.

Quotes, quotes, quotes )


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