Jun. 20th, 2010

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(Found via [personal profile] jonquil.)


Discussing soccer’s popularity in the U.S. on his June 10 program, G. Gordon Liddy asked, “Whatever happened to American exceptionalism?” Liddy noted that “this game ... originated with the South American Indians and instead of a ball, they used to use the head, the decapitated head, of an enemy warrior.”

WHAT. Football originated in England you ignorant unfactual racist ass. Though similar games have been played all over the ancient world by many very different cultures. We could even say it originated with *humanity*.

MRC’s Dan Gainor: “Soccer is designed as a poor man or poor woman’s sport,” “the left is pushing [soccer] in schools across the country.” Also on the June 10 G. Gordon Liddy Show, Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor said, “the problem here is, soccer is designed as a poor man or poor woman’s sport” and that “the left is pushing it in schools across the country.” He added: “generally football games in this country don’t devolve into riots or wars.” He later added that the sport of soccer “is being sold” as necessary due to the “browning of America.”

WHAT. You lot do know a lot of the violence associated with football is coming from Europe, right? And that a lot of it is actually tied to right-wing groups that tend to be into racist shit too, right?

What the hell is this, bittercakes because the rest of the world is enjoying something the US is not that into? Attempts to tie football into the recent rise of racist shit? Attempts to make it something 'leftish' and unAmerican? BITE ME. (So can the right-wing groups trying to make it theirs, too.)

Football has its troubling bits, oh yes. But this is also the game where tiny little New Zealand that doesn't even have a professional football league managed a draw with Italy, the reigning champions. This is the game where white and black South Africans sit side by side blowing their vuvuzelas, the game my mum and dad brought little baby me to and fellow fans would sing my lullabies if I cried, the game where Pele is still a hero, where people cry and cheer together, the game a Scotsman is waving the flag for Brasil because he likes how they play, the game 700 million people (rich and poor and inbetween) watch 22 people kick a ball around and talk about it after. It's the closest thing we have to a truly global game.

Now I'm going to watch Brasil - Ivory Coast and enjoy it extra much since it clearly annoys hateful fucks a good deal.

(Incidentally, you can follow my football chatter on my Twitter.)


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