Jun. 26th, 2010

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So, a Big Bang fic is posted in bandom, wherein one of the characters is made transfemale. (As I understand, I have not read the story.)

[profile] sinuous_curve points out to her flist she finds the story to contain "transfail, misogyny, and paternalism".

The author pokes her head in, at first enganging and claiming to be ready to listen, and stating that the issues the OP had with the fic were more or less intended as meta commentary.

Then the author goes and does this post, which contains language that could be triggering about sexual assault/physical assault. I'll be discussing this under the cut, as well as what rape is and isn't.

Possibly triggering language behind this cut, and what rape is and isn't )

Look author, you're clearly feeling hurt. I get it. I also get that the OP felt hurt by your story, and posted about that in public. Others commented to agree or disagree or talk about issues concerning transphobia. You attempted to defend your story, and several people raised issues with your defence. None of this is anything like rape or a lynch mob. Those words have power. Using them against people who are criticizing your story is attempting to empower your argument, to make the other side the villains. To make your hurt surpass theirs. (Maybe you don't see theirs and thus don't want to acknowledge it. This is not uncommon - it is hard to see beyond own one's perspective. But that doesn't mean you should not try.) Words do have power, but just because you can use a word, doesn't mean you're not automatically entitled to the power it can contain. You need to use it right for that, and that's why writing is a craft.

A long story written over a period of time has had a lot of effort poured into it. To face it getting critisized can feel like getting kicked in the belly. I get that, I write myself. I've felt that moment of defensive "how dare they point out flaws in my darling story!". But effort does not mean immunity from criticism. Intent does not mean immunity from criticism. The author's love of what they have written does not mean immunity from critisism. There actually is no immunity from criticism, which is why it helps to deal with it gracefully.

This was not graceful. And this, author, was not rape. Criticism of a fanfic NEVER WILL BE like rape, okay?, because only rape is like rape, and excuse me for a moment while I scream a few Norwegian words inside my head about that fact.

I need a stiff drink and some good football, I do.


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