Oct. 31st, 2010

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I can be productive! Finished a big [profile] stop_plagiarism case (57 proven accounts of plagiarism, sheesh!), wrote another Merlin fic, made another fanvid (using a local band, hah), cleaned the back yard of leaves (oh so many leaves), watched my beloved Tromsø secure their bronze medals one round before the end of the Norwegian football league this year, read up on analytical method for teaching the letters in school, put away the bike for winter (sniff) and remembered to change the clocks to winter time.

I know several of my American flisters was at the rally this weekend, and I have to admit there seems to have been some really excellent signs there too. I think I've only been to rallies twice in my life - once as a kid when my parents took me to a 'No to EU membership' rally, and once as an adult to an anti-racism rally after the murder of Benjamin Hansen. But then, if I shared a country with some of the shit opinions I've seen come from the extreme right of the US of late, I would have been in a rally in a heartbeat. Certain things is worth speaking up against.

In any case, I hope you had a happy Halloween, Americans! (But please Norwegian commercial forces, STOP TRYING TO FORCE AN AMERICAN HOLIDAY WE HAVE NO TRADITION OF ON US. THANK YOU AND FUCK YOU.)


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