Nov. 2nd, 2010

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I generally think fandom supporting each other and such is a good thing. I do.

But asking people to support getting a grant for a fanfiction hosting site rather than charity? Not on. Not on at all.

Here are some of the other suggestions competing for the 25,000 USD grant Fiction Alley wants: (as listed on the Pepsi website. Highlight 25,000 and then click on load more as many times as you want to see more suggestions)

- Improve our inner-city school's ability to help at-rsik teens.
- Supply a bed for every head in Spokane, WA for homeless people.
- Refurbish computers for children in foster care living in Buffalo.
- Provide care packages for children born with the birth defect CDH.
- Revive a shelter: Give comfort and safety when a home isn't safe.
- Give low income kids in rural Minnesota a SMART start in preschool.
- Prevent homeless kittens in Cincannati through project Kitty Litter.
- Open a pet pantry to feed dogs and cats of families in need.
- Help rebuild underserved and devatstaed communities and inspire hope.
- Provide financial assistance to families affected by CDH.
- Provide basic school supplies for low income children in Hawaii.
- Rescue and adoption centre for cats that doesn't kill the pets or keep them in cages.
- A summer program for abused children.
- rescue and care of injured and orphaned wildlife.
- Use new technology to improve learning in special needs classrooms.
- Provide free therapy to families who have experienced sexual abuse.
- Create a Life Saving Prison Dog Partnership (Don't Throw Us Away)

... and many more in that vein.

And seriously, all of these are more important than a website hosting fanfiction. Yes, the economy sucks for many and my symapathies for increased costs. It sucks, I understand that part. But fanfiction is not a need. It is entertainment. Does it really deserve 25,000 USD over any of those suggsted causes I listed? I say no. I heartily disagree with the FA's representative's claim that Our 501(c)3 is just as deserving as any other. I disagree a lot. And yes, there are more sources of founding available to these sort of causes - because they are far more important causes, FFS. (And originally the post said I've done the research and I'm here to tell you that there are far more sources of funding available to starving children in Africa than there are to fan-oriented websites. Charming, FA! Real charming.) And yet there is still never enough for them, because the world has many worthy causes and a limited attention span.

This is pissing me off, I have to say. I have no relationship with FictionAlley since I've never really been in Harry Potter fandom, but this is souring me on them something fierce.

FA has responded to some concerns raised. Also, it's been picked up Unfunny Business.



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