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I'm misscam also at dreamwidth, if anyone wondered. I'll possibly crosspost stuff to there, but I'm not leaving LJ. FYI. I see there's some blah blah over anti-gay marriage ads having appeared on LJ, though as someone rightly pointed out, that goes via a third party.

Ew, still.

Meanwhile, a guy wrote a 80,000 word essay on everything he disliked in the Harry Potter books and how it should be rewritten. And not one word about shipping either, which impresses me. But it does beg the question - if you had 80,000 words to rewrite a Canon of your choice, what would it be and how many words would you devote to what?

I know if I did BSG, there would be at least 20,000 words for more shagging. Because I am easy.

Weekend accomplishments:

- Finished Adama/Roslin piece for Month of Love thing (probably). Anyone willing to give it a look since regular beta already has a piece to do and life is madly busy?
- Posted RPF again. Oops.
- Had icons made out of my photos.
- Lead raid in Ulduar, killed annoying Baby Voice Boss. Played with Iron Council.
- Cleaned up last of garden stuff.
- Made reindeer dinner. Mm, reindeer.

In other news:
- Chrystler may be bought by Fiat - or go bankrupt. judge is still out.
- YouTube helps man deliver baby.
- Swine flu seems to have peaked in Mexico. So maybe now hysteria can too?
- Wife of Italian PM Berlusconi to divorce him.

How was your weekend?
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