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Sometimes, I feel like I fail at fandom. I mean, I participate in various ones and write fic that some do like. But I always feel just slightly like an outsider whichever it is. I think it's partly that I can be a bit reserved as a person and partly because my fandoms are British or American and I am Norwegian.

It is a bit sometimes like playing a game where you only know half the rules, or dancing when you're not sure about the steps. You watch your feet and feel awakward.

I got to thinking about this because of the BSG lovememe here. My name was brought up and a few really nice comments were left - and thank you for those, really! - about my writing. And I guess that's what I do in fandom. I write. I read fanfic and leave feedback too, but I feel a bit awkward doing that too. "Not bad" is a compliment in the part of Norway I grew up and I'm just not great at giving praise.

I don't know, am I totally weird? Does everyone else get fandom and I don't? You do put something of yourself in your writing, so maybe feeling like an outsider is mostly in my head.

(In any case, I decided to be a good girl and sit down and write with my iPod on so I wouldn't get distracted - good plan, except I suddenly started writing not on my work in progress, but some new Bill-and-Laura-tell-each-other-slightly-naughty-bedtime-stories thing. Brain, you fail at going with the program. On the bright side, I think that one shall be finished soon. Also I posted RPF again, whoops.)

Elsewhere on the Internet, a member of the vegan/activist community gets accused of rape and harassment and apparently one community
declares making posts about it is not allowed, then change their stance somewhat. A post about the accusations against him with his real name used is here. Some discussion of it here well.

Oi. If the allegations are true, that's quite horrid. Not always easy to verify things said on the Internets, mind you. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible. Depends on the situation.

Meanwhile, a football player here in Norway was convicted of using his fame and position as a footballer to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. (The legal age in Norway is 16.) He was playing for the local team here when it happened, now he's playing for another. Ugh. Kinda glad he's not around here anymore. He used Facebook to get in touch with the girl, so yeah, do be a little careful online. Asshats can use a keyboard as well as a decent guy.

To finish on a light note - A rather amusing look at rules of fandom (part one). Yeah, I think I've seen that in action a few times.
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