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Excuse me for a moment:


I am mentally worn out after the stress of the last week, but now I have holiday. It's a beautiful thing. Also, been recieving presents from several of you and thank you! I've kept them wrapped for opening on Christmas Eve, whee. Apart from those who are virtual, of course, like icons I got from [personal profile] lily_winterwood.

Plans for my holidays:
- Play a silly amount of World of Warcraft and slaughter Icecrown Citadel good. Also, get a new cloak and bow.
- Finish my alternate-world FlashForward fic (with Lloyd/Olivia and Mark/Demitri), finish that AU Daybreak BSG fic with resurrection for humans already, finish that Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover with Spock and the Doctor meeting ("Therapy for Lost Planets"), write the multi-fandom many-kinds-of-love fic I've had in mind a while and if I get silly enough, finish the Star Trek penis-size-is-serious-business fic that lives in a dark cellar of my mind.
- Buy new very comfortable winter boots. Finiding the right kind of boots that I can wear without socks and that keeps me warm through Norwegian winter without being a pain on my feet is not that easy, you know.
- Make a gingerbread house.
- Read "The Gathering Storm" and any books I might get for Christmas.
- Watch "East West 101" and whatever else I might get for Christmas.
- Get visit from my brother and his Dutch live-in girlfriend.
- Eat a sad amount of marzipan and CamMum cooking between Christmas and New Year's.
- Relax. Oh, wonderful, wonderful time to relax.

You got any plans for the holidays?

Meanwhile, Wal-Mart employee writes horribly inappropriate letter to co-worker asking her to 'stay out of [his] dreams', get fired and complains about it. Seems to miss the newsflash that he's coming across CREEPY AS HELL, DUDE and bemoans the lack of nice. Yeah. Because the approiate reaction to borderline-stalking and inappropriate behaviour is always niceties.

In the news:
- The attack on Berlusconi sparks battles on the Internet. Italian politics sure get vitrolic.
- The last Spanish top club breaks a colour barrier - but Spanish football still has racism issues.
- Sect members vow to marry female sex workers. I must admit my first reaction to reading that headline was 'bwhuh?'
- Stunning pictures from a recently launched ESA telecope. Preeeetty.
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