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Yeah, it's cold. -23C this morning, with wind. And wind can double the effect of cold and really, -40 in my face is not how I like to wake up in the morning.

[personal profile] lily_winterwood pointed me to this comic, which did make me smile a bit. But I shall admit that I did utter the phrase 'Faen, det er kaldt' in the wind this morning and that wasn't at absolute zero. Oh well.

US and Northern Europe are colder than normal due to cold air from the Arctic being pushed this way because of high pressure. So blame Santa. Europe and UK are struggling with the cold and snow. Norway managed to be coldest with -41C. Well done us. But at least we're a Nordic country and are used to cold. Insulation FTW.

Brother is coming to stay for two weeks, and cold weather is due to stay for at least one week so excellent timing.

How are you all coping with the big chill?

In other news, I wrote Rome fic like years too late, am still working on a BSG and FlashForward one and have a Martha/Mickey thing in my dead. And also I am trying to take down Icecrown Citadel with my awesome new bow. And also I am planning a Nordic mythology thing for 4th grade to start later in the month. And also I should catch up with brother and algebra. And also I should probably sleep some.

Why doesn't a day have more than 24 hours?
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