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Playing around with video editing and learning the ropes, and thus I made a Doctor Who fanvid and a FlashForward one.

Direct link.

Direct link.

It's actually fun to fiddle around with, inbetween watching football, waiting for fic back from beta (the crossover of doom) and trying not to worry too much about work stuff. (ARGH.)

Speaking of fannish stuff, any good Doctor and Amy comms to join yet, or Eleven-centric comms? I should join the present. (And half tempted to make a FF one for Lloyd and Olivia, but I'd be pretty alone there, I suspect.)

It's always a bit weird to adjust to new Doctor, but it's getting a bit weird to watch old episodes now too, since Matt Smith is starting to feel like the Doctor to me. This is like from Nine to Ten all over again, only with no common companion.

In other news, the ongoing Vatican woes over child abuse and pedophile priests now has a case in Norway too with a former bishop admiting to sexual abuse - and the Norwegian Catholic church keeping it silent for over a year.

To say I am unimpressed would be leaving out all the fairly ugly curse words I used about the Catholic church. Way to put your members in a shit situation of feeling tainted by this by association too, Vatican.

Meanwhile, it is finally proper sping in Norway, which my cat decided to enjoy by camping in a suitcase. (Also here and here.) As you do.

Football beckons!
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