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So, two Norwegian girls have been sentenced to 13 years in jail for drug smuggling, while a Bolivian/Norwegian man got 20 years.

This story has gotten a lot of attention in Norway, also because a third girl was charged, but managed to flee Bolivia and came back to Norway. And because one girl had a two-year old child with her (Norwegian authorities came to take the child out of jail and to relatives in Norway) and another is now pregnant.

And I'm sorry, but my sympathy for them can only go so far. Okay, they are young and I feel bad for the children and families involved too. But they were caught with 22.4 kg of cocaine and that's a bloody serious crime. That's a lot of dangerous drugs. Now, I'm not opposed to them serving the time in Norway as such, but the time is theirs to serve. I sure hope the third girl is charged as well, because Norway is not a get out of jail free card.

/end rant

I am glad Congo overturned a death sentence for two Norwegians, but mostly because I am strongly opposed to the death penalty in all cases. The case was also rather absurd, with claims Norway had sent these two men to spy (!!) and other fun things. (That doesn't mean the guys didn't do the murder. They could very well had. The trial was just very absurd.)

Possibly unpopular TV opinions I hold - or possibly somewhat popular ones:

- I find Two and a Half Men not funny, but obnoxious, sexist and it makes me want to throw stuff at Charlie Sheen.
- Cursing on television is less of a big deal than violence on television.
- This also goes for nudity.
- Just once it would be nice to see a woman decide to have an abortion on American television and not have the following happen: 1) Later be unable to conceive because of the abortion 2) Have to hide it from her significant other and have him leave her when he discovers 3) Go crazy 4) Die - in short, get punished for her choice. Nothing wrong with having female characters choose to keep a baby - that too is very much a pro-choice option - or even be troubled by her choice, but dude, your bias is showing. There is another reality too - that of many women who have abortions, consider it the right choice without any of the four options above occuring.
- Jay Leno is not funny.
- Will and Grace made me cringe more than it made me laugh. Also, a woman you can see the ribs on will never ever be attractive to me.
- I am in favour of big public TV channels, as the BBC or Norway's own NRK. I will pay a licence fee to have them.
- I like owning DVDs. I like being able to hold them in my hands, mix them up on shelves and sometimes just seeing the titles of shows I like, will make me smile.
- Raj is the hottest of the guys on Big Bang Theory.
- Americans export a lot of television, but suck at importing and instead often (badly) remake it instead. What's up with that?
- Laugh tracks are annoying.
- Lost does nothing for me.
- I don't really laugh at Colbert. Possibly because I don't really get exposed that much to what he's parodying.
- I ship BBC/Discovery Channel. They would have the most awesome baby channel.
- Okay, gorgeous women married to men that might not be judged as good looking. Cool. Looks are far from everything. But American television, why is it so often that way and *hardly ever the opposite*?
- Love of the OMG SOULMATE kind is not more special than other kinds. The very quality of love is that it can take so many forms all of them can make that claim. I like romance on my TV, but I'd like to see it celebrated as a kind of love, not a kind of love apart.
- Music is a great tool to use in TV. That doesn't mean it always has to hammer down every emotion. Subtle can also be good.
- Any American live show of any kind is too loud. It's like CAPS LOCK TELEVISION.
- There is lots of space between happily ever after and tragedy. It would be nice to see that space get a bit more use sometimes.
- TVShop kind of ads are the fakiest fakes that ever faked. How the hell do they ever sell anything?
- The 'Mitt lille land' ('My little county') ads for a newschannel here in Norway make me kind of sniffly with love for Norway. DON'T MOCK ME.
- I might like a TV show, but I am unlikely to participate in a fandom for it unless I ship something.
- Desperate Housewives so doesn't work for me. It's not outrageous enough in itself to make that the appeal and it's too outrageous to make me feel with the characters.
- The 50s were not all that great and not worthy of all the television praise and nostalgia it gets. THERE I SAID IT.
- I don't like Skavland.

You may vehemently disagree or agree.
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