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Cat is much better! After a visit to the vet, he's now eating again and acting far more energetic. It looks like he will be all right for now. Thanks for all the well wishes; they were much appreciated. Meanwhile, I've had an exhausting week and have another coming, which is reported might get as cold as -25C here. Oh fun.

I will also be sending out Christmas cards in the coming week, so last chance if you want one.

Here's a charmer: Cheerleader kicked off the squad for refusing to cheer for her rapist. Not in some demonstrably non-cheer way either - she just didn't want to say his name. I don't even know what to say here that wouldn't be filled with a good deal of rage, so yeah.

Here's a penis and Berlusconi: Italian PM under fire for restoring a penis to a ancient Roman statue. But for next year he's suggesting cutting 40% of the fine arts funding in an austerity package - I guess no penis is too austere even for Berlu.

Here's something cool: A planet from another galaxy has been found in the Milky Way. The Milky Way has swallowed several minor galazies in its liferun, and one day it might merge with the Andromeda Galaxy. (Merging galaxies can look something like this and later this. Awesome, no?)

Here's a charmer II: An alleged rape victim in South Africa is charged with having underage sex. What is this I don't even.

Here's naked Norwegian men: Say, is that a fire hoze between your legs? More shirtless men here. They and many more are apparently available in a calender now on sale.

Fics I want time to write, damnit:
- The Ghost of King Past (Uther after death, haunting Camelot and observing the changes that happen).
- Season 3 AU with Morgana not evil, but struggling with her darker nature.
- Five Times Merlin Interrupted Gwen and Arthur (and One Time It Didn't Matter).
- A fic where Gwen saves Uther's arrogant ass and the two are forced to work together.
- Five Good Female Magic Users That Saved Camelot (and Told Off Uther)
- Merlin runs into the Doctor in a tavern; hijinks involving Daleks and dragons ensue.

Now I just gotta figure out which to do first. Right after I figure out where I stored my extra, extra warm clothes last spring. I think I might need them.


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