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So, I could write reaction to the Merlin finale and maybe I would have one or two things no one else has said already, but I decided to be contrary instead and write 1) Stuff I want from Merlin season four and 2) fics I want to write as a result of the finale.

Stuff I'd like to see in season four of Merlin. Spoilers for previous seasons:
1. GOOD FEMALE MAGIC USERS. Seriously, show. Or in a pinch, good female characters that do good (and not characters that are good but are being used by evil).
2. An actual explanation for how Morgana went from Occasionally Doing Dodgy Things to Evilest Evil That Ever Lived (A Dragon Said So).
3. Uther not magically making a full recovery, but actually being a bit broken and having to live with what he helped cause.
4. Arthur being Prince Regent and getting to rule Camelot for more than a battle. Also, having him learn from said ruling and growing as a person.
5. Gwen getting plots not all related to Arthur being mad about her. Also, keeping CSI: Camelot alive with her partner in snooping around, Merlin. With more bonus chance to be awesome, please.
6. More Arthur/Gwen snogging. Hey, I am also shallow, what can I say?
7. Merlin to get some recognition for all he does not just from Gaius. Lancelot also giving it is a start, but Gwaine, Gwen and eventually Arthur too would also be good.
8. Not two Gaius-centric episodes in one season.
9. Percival to get a bit more background that "hey, random dude Lancelot picked up!"
10. Merlin and Arthur bonding that can stay on the silly side, but less so on the violent one, yeah?
11. One knight to be shirtless in every episode.
12. Morgana learning Merlin has magic and calling him out on a few things. Bonus if this can be tied to point two.
13. A way to deal with residual feelings Lancelot and Gwen might have for each other that doesn't make anyone a villain. Major bonus if this also translates to fandom and we don't get character bashing - what, I can dream!
14. A knight roadtrip with Merlin along (Arthur and Gwen can stay in Camelot and practice point six) with some references to how the knights get along in the legends.
15. A female friend for Gwen. Seriously. There are a lot of boys around.
16. More dragon riding. Bonus if it's not just Merlin.

Fanfics I want to write as a result of the Merlin finale:
1. Courage, Strength, Magic. But it takes more than that to build a kingdom. Different characters' role in building Albion and what they represent.
2. A redemption of Morgana that is plausiable and step by step.
3. Gwen's new role in Camelot, with her brother as knight and Arthur as Prince Regent and her determination in finding her own place.
4. Uther being half mad, and one of those trying to nurse him back to sanity is Gwen.
5. Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic on his own and not having a reaction that involves throwing things.
6. Five Times Arthur Kissed Gwen in the Courtyard of Camelot.
7. The Ghost of King Past. Uther, no longer fit to rule, "haunts" Camelot and observes the changes Arthur brings.
8. Five Times Someone Got Laid on The Round Table. (With Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Gwaine and Elyan/Elena.)
9. The Dragon is actually a Time Lord. The Doctor stops by for a visit.
10. Five Times Gwen Saved Camelot (and One Time Morgana Did).

Meanwhile, it is still freezing like whoa and tomorrow I am going to the midnight launch for Cataclysm. That waiting outside will be fun, oh yes.

Date: 2010-12-18 10:59 pm (UTC)
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Thought I'd draw your attention to this: Pastor "executes" elf to save Christmas


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