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Ten days in one day

Been a good Christmas! Have spent much time with the family, eaten way too much good food and gotten many lovely gifts. Thanks to those of you whose gifts I've recieved - books, DVDs and even a Merlin calender is always welcome ;) I hope your holiday was smashing as well?

There is a meme going aorund my flist that you're supposed to stretch over ten days - but I'm gonna cheat and do them all in one day. It's Christmas, indulge me.

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now:
1. I wish you were more self-assured, because you really are awesome.
2. Your opinion of me really matters, and I have no idea what it is.
3. I wish I could fix your life for you.
4. You made a hard choice. I admire you so much for it, but I cannot help you with the consequences of it.
5. I selfishly want you to move to Norway so you could live near me and we could share more of a real life friendship too.
6. When I take over the world, I would give you powers to act in my stead. You're braintwin, you're the only one who could.
7. I wish you were still around.
8. I'm glad I've gotten to know you better through shared fandom this last half year; you really are awesome.
9. I miss sharing a fandom with you.
10. I don't know you well yet, but I hope I will get the chance to in this coming year.

Nine things about yourself:
1. I have an abnormal high reading speed. They tested me in school for this, to make sure I actually decoded and had full comprehension when I read. I do, it just goes very fast for whatever reason.
2. I can't draw, nor am I great at graphics. I create images with words because I haven't mastered the other ways. I am very jealous of everyone who has skill at the two former.
3. I've been close to my brother all my life. We often like the same things and talk about stuff we don't share that much with others. We've just always gotten along really well. It's nice to have a friend you're also related to by blood.
4. Ny views of love and romance are very much coloured by my parents, who still write cute things to each other on gift labels and never needed marriage to define what they were to each other. (But chose to get married on an April 1st for reasons to do with heritage, and have lots of fun on their wedding day every year.)
5. If you asked me who I am, the first word out of my mouth would be my name. The second would be my nationality. Norway has framed and formed my life, it remains a huge part of who I am.
6. I hate feeling like I am pushing myself on people. It can make me seem a bit withdrawn or disinterested at times. I'm really not. It's really more about a particular cultural hang-up.
7. I am fiercely loyal to anything I like. Which doesn't mean I am blind to flaws, but means I've weighed up the likes and found them to matter more to me.
8. I have a hard time to say no to anyone asking for help. I offer to help quite often unasked, too. This is not really tied to friendship as such (though it's easier to do with friends), but to my deeply ingrained belief that society should not be all of us looking out for ourselves. It should, and can be, much more.
9. I like knowledge. It irritates me to no end not knowing something, and I will always try to find out as soon as possible. (Typical example from after the other night's Christmas dinner, while watching a recreation of a Tudor feast.
CamMum: So 'kanel' is cinnamon in English.
[personal profile] misscam: Yep.
CamMum: What is 'kardemomme' in English then?
[personal profile] misscam: ... I'm not sure, give me a minute. [Digs into Norwegian-English dictionary.] Ah, it's very similar to Norwegian, 'cardamon'. That must mean they come from the same root word.
CamMum: Latin, you think?
[personal profile] misscam: I shall find out. [Digs into google and Wikipedia.] Ah, it comes from Latin that comes from Greek that comes from Indian spice names...)

Eight ways to win your heart:
1. Cats.
2. Due to my own lack of skill in the area, graphics and art always get me.
3. Tyrkisk pepper. Chocolate-covered marzipan. Luxury chocolate. Lasagne. Bagel with cream cheese and chicken. I am weak for certain foods, and they always win me over.
4. A sense of humour. It can take many forms, but either way, it's incredibly attractive.
5. Certain accents are just delicious to listen to. Certain languages too. Mmm.
6. Genuine compassion and care for others. (Hidden, or more plain to see, both works. They just have to be genuine and not for show.)
7. A man self-certain enough not to put down women, whine about losing status or otherwise feel threatened by a woman being equal to him. A man who welcomes it and thinks it right, that is one sexy man.
8. Ruffled hair. I don't mind hair that is carefully arranged as such, but the moment it gets a bit more out of place - oooooh yeah.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:
1. Where is Europe going? Is EU really the future? Is a joint currency really a good idea? How many more European countries will more or less go bankrupt? Can Europe become truly multicultural and fight racism?
2. Where is the US going? Further into a self-created capitalistic conservative Christianity version, or will there be a counter-reaction to it that steers it more down other paths? Will it remain as influential, or will economic woes mean that influence will wane? Will its self-image survive this?
3. Where is the world going? How can we better balance the resources of the world? How can we have unity and at the same time maintain our positive differences? How can humanity become better together?
4. Does dark matter really exist, or is a cheat to explain a problem we're just not fully grasping and therefore cannot see the solution to?
5. Have I made the right choice for my life? It feels like it, but how can I know?
6. What the fuck is with the shitty attitudes to rape, world?
7. What exactly is the pattern in what I ship and not ship, and what I write for and not? I can't quite figure it out.

Six things you wish you’d never done:
1. Work for a certain temp agency.
2. Trust someone who shall remain nameless to keep a confidence.
3. Change my accent from Northern Norwegian to a more southern-inspired one.
4. Walk home from a movie on a Saturday evening.
5. Move to Nesøya.
6. Lose contact with my friends from secondary school.

Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever):
1. My colleagues and friends - Lillian, Liv-Anne, Synnøve, Martine, Aida, Anne-Lise and more.
2. My parents and brother, and extended family.
3. [personal profile] lotus79
4. [profile] falena84
5. And all the rest of you, o smashing people.

Four turn offs:
1. Non-con and dub-con.
2. Character bashing.
3. Blue candy.
4. People who think they are superior to anyone else.

Three turn ons:
1. Snogging.
2. A funny remark.
3. Small romantic gestures.

Two smileys that describe your life right now:
:-I & <3

One confession:
I have a specific folder on my computer for guilty pleasures (named something that entirely different so you wouldn't know it's a guilty pleasure folder) and there is quite a lot of stuff in that one. Why I feel an urge to disguise this since no one else uses my computer, I don't know. Maybe I am trying to hide it from a certain part of my brain that disapproves a lot.

Meanwhile, a video promoting a Norwegian TV show have become quite the viral thing. I am amused. That and the curling pants is probably what Norway will be remembered for in 2010. Valuable contributions to world society, truly.