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Moment of total '...': Parents announce that they are in fact getting married as soon as they can, filling out the paperwork already and could I be mum's maid of honour?

Right then.

To get my slight 'bwhuh?' over this, understand that my parents have been lovingly committed non-married for over 30 years, and used to joke they never got married because all their friends who did got divorced. This non-marriage worked swimmingly for them, and so I rather got used to their attitude about it all. (Norway's got laws that more or less equal marriage and 'cohabitation', as it is know. Basically a sort of common law marriage.) I even got fond of using them as an example that it's love it's about, rather than ceremonies.

Of course, then it turns out they're getting married for pension reason. Figures. (The 'less' part in the equal is how pension are done when a spouse/partner dies, though this will be changed in law soon enough.) They liked being contrary too much for this to be some romantic gesture. (And dad's 'pre-wedding' gift to mum? A new shelf. My parents. I love them, truly.)

Still, my parents are getting married. And I will be maid of honour. This might be kind of cute. And weird. My parents. Marriage. Huh.

In non-cute news, this story about a boy that abused a cat on a vid he uploaded to YouTube makes me want to cuddle my cats lots. A text version of the story is here.

Association Meme: Comment to this post with 'comment!' and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[livejournal.com profile] marcasite gave me:
News Headlines
Finder of the Best Wank

(Six items, but I'll do them all anyway, heh.)

Here we go )
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Australia :( This is really, really bad. I lived there a few years and did see the destruction of some fires, but this... Stay safe, Aussies. I hope you get some rain very fast.

Horrible. I really have no words. And of course we get 25cm of snow here meanwhile and I'm left wishing I could FedEx the lot to Victoria. However, it is possible to donate to the Australian red Cross here.

Flu is still a bitch :( Can't get much done, feel tired just walking a few steps of the stairs, and even trying to write post-Blood on the Scales fic isn't going too well because my head is all weird. Might have to try to get to doctor tomorrow. Come oooooon immune system, I know we can do this. If I'm still sick for my birthday, I will have to kill things.

So, I had an fannish ask-me-anything meme, and these are the questions posted. Who asked is only specified if the poster asked for it.

Fannish answers: Least favourite BSG episode, BNFhood, het writing, favourite ship, sock puppets, pet peeves, Rose, Old Skool, fandom secrets, the post S3 debate in Doctor Who fandom )

Sorry if I rambled, my head is really buggered by this flu.
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As seen on my flist:

Ask me anything: all types of fannish opinions, good, bad, and ugly. I'm screening all comments so ask me anything fannish-related and I'll answer (in a separate post) with complete honesty.

Any tv show/book/movie that you're pretty sure I've mentioned in the past is fair game, as are thoughts on general themes and trends in fandom/fiction. Even lists of love/hated characters. Anything, even my thoughts on slash ships.

As said, comments are screened so you can ask whatever you want without being ~revealed.~ If you don't care about being revealed you can let me know.

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Have recieved a job offer which involved me getting a police testimony today, confirming I have no criminal record. It's a bit weird having a stamped paper saying you're not a criminal, must admit. First time I've ever had to get that. And this job could spin my life in a slightly new direction. Huh. I can't tell all about it yet, but it could be good, yes. We shall see.

Merlin has started to air on Norwegian television, and so far it's not exactly Arthurian legend as I remember it. It seems to simultaneous be on crack and just about to turn into an orgy. Even the dragon seems keen! This could possibly be a good thing. Possibly. Worth keeping an eye on, y/n?

Life on Mars season one is on rerun meanwhile, and reminding me I really liked this show. I never felt like doing fandom for it, but the show was smashing. Hard to predict sometimes what gets me fannish and what just gets me faithfully watching.

[livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt have managed to find LJ's hereto unknown and undocumented cap of 16.7 million total comments before there's no more room in the dataspace to store them. I'm impressed.

Jessica Alba and TMZ seems to have a bit of a war over which country is the 'neutral' one and it involves taking pot shots at Sweden. Hey now, TMZ! Leave Sweden alone! We're the ones allowed to take pot shots at them. That's right. Norway. Don't be weaseling in on our territory. We will oil-smack your ass.

Wank about butter. As you do.

Pick up to 15 OTPs.
Describe them in less than 15 words.
Have your flist guess the OTP.
(In my case, many of these are more PPP.)

1. Wandering sewage drains can be hot. Complicated is the whole point. Fantasy lost. Catherine/Warrick, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] falena84.
2. Book by book, touch by touch, build love after the end of the worlds. Adama/Roslin, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] skybound2.
3. Last word was his name; he had sailed away never to hear it. Frank/Rachel, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] lotus79.
4. She'd probably call him 'sir' in bed; still wouldn't be the weirdest thing about them. Lynley/Havers, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] falena84 and [livejournal.com profile] enchantedmoon.
5. She's something worth living for; twenty years the limit. Sheridan/Delenn, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] padawanpooh.
6. He would love her sorrowless, she loved him though he was no King. Faramir/Éowyn, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] skybound2.
7. Issues, bad communication, silly hats, proposal among bees and even bugs in the jungle. Grissom/Sara, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] falena84.
8. Seduce him for a reason, fall in love despite it, be suprisingly fuctional against all. Sharon/Helo, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] falena84.
9. From ancient grudge break to new unity, where different races makes friendship true. Legolas/Gimli, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea.
10. Sam and Sam, friends to lovers to spouses to tragedy. Rita/Chris, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] enchantedmoon.
11. Break a heart in Norway, end up in the same place with one for keeps. Doctor/Rose, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] longtimegone and [livejournal.com profile] skybound2.
12. Opposites attract, said the believer and the sceptic, and there's no global conspiracy denying it. Mulder/Scully, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] longtimegone.
13. See the moon, inspire a sonnet, walk away without the boy: maybe time wasn't right. Doctor/Martha, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] skybound2.
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This makes me ill in more than one way.

The mother and brother of a 14-year-old Afghan rape victim face charges after they cut her open and removed her foetus without anaesthetic, it has been reported.

... They actually cut her open. Tied up in a barn. While she was fully conscious and aware. And this, to them, is honourable. I think I'm gonna be sick.

That poor girl. Get raped at 14 and then your family does that to you. I just have no words. This week is not doing much for my faith in humanity, I have to say.

In other stuff:

- If you're really hungry for a buger, a new deal offers you one free for defriending ten people on Facebook. I see drama potential in that one all right.

- Doctor Who fandom - persistent troll is at large. Keep your IP tracking on.

- An anthropology professor at the University of Hawaii is doing research into World of Warcraft. His comments about WoW are pretty interesting, and I'd totally read a book of his. Though going from living two years in Papua New Guinea to raiding hardcore in WoW must be some contrast.

- LJ offers an explanation for the latest stuff. Hurr.

- An interesting look at what happened to FanLib. I remember some of the wank when FanLib first launched, but I'd failed to notice it had died to Disney's touch.

- LESS THAN A WEEK TO NEW BSG. I'm not sure if I'm more excited or scared for what's to come.

- Life on Mars is reairing on Norwegian telly and I'd forgotten how awesome it is. Why haven't I bought the DVDs? Hmm. Must aquire that and Hustle. My poor already overflowing DVD shelves...

That meme everyone is doing:
That icon meme )
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Whut, I have 195 icon spaces now. Not sure if I should curse or thank LJ. Of course I went peeking around some icon communities to see if I could find some to fill the space up with shiny Narnia ones, mmm, and thus ran into one of my pet peeves.

Friendslocked icon entries. Actually, any sort of entry posted to a community or newsletter with a fake LJ-cut that leads to a flocked post makes me grit my teeth. Yeah, it's your LJ whatever you choose to lock is none of my business. But if you want to promote in public, have it available for the public, ffs. (I remember I had an issue with a Who newsletter comm for that reason some time back.)

I do sympathize with the annoyances of icon thievery and trolls, but demanding people friend you just because there might be one of 100 icons you posted they like or they have an opinion to share in a discussion you have actually promoted in public or they might want to read a fic you posted a teaser for? I find that a bit uncool. Doubly when it's not even warned in advance it is a flocked post.

Then again, maybe I'm just grumpy.

Totally love icons for Christmas, though. Now I have space for them even. Mmm. Shiny icons.

Now, I've seen the 'list your top ten ships' meme go around, but I'd thought I'd do a slightly different one. So here goes, ten lessons about love I've learned from fictional couples/friends/families. And because love isn't just romantic love, not all my examples are either.

Images, mush and my ten picks behind LJ-cut for the sake of your flist )

And since we're on the topic of love anyway:
The Fandom Appreciation Meme: My Thread

Link me to yours if you have one as well.
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[livejournal.com profile] falena84 did a massive pic!spam of her Norway adventure with me here. Many pictures of me looking half-daft, but oh well. Ignore me, watch the scenery. (BTW Elisa, there was a a bad fire in Bergen just after we left. Bummer.)

In the Wank That Ate Fandom and Made It To the Media, a ruling has happened in the Harry Potter Lexicon case. Anyone really shocked by what it is? Because I'm not. (And there's also the strangely parallel Torchwood wank. Huh. Must be the season.)

In a slightly WTF: Green polar bears. After swimming in algae, apparently. Urk. Say, all that algae the BSG lot eats and handles, will that have scary green effects eventually?

In a slightly '...oi': A cooking shows causes further problems for Thai PM. A lot seems to have happened in Thailand while I was distracted by holiday. Must look into.

In secret that caught my eye on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets: Mocking Rose ends a friendship. Er. Doctor Who fandom gets really serious about the companion love and hate, doesn't it? I have friends who like her and friends who hate her and it does get rather intense at times. The companion that divides fandom into love or hate? Some characters do do that in fandoms and it's always interesting to figure out why.

In a 'say what now?': Three young women out walking in Oslo’s Furuset district Monday evening were threatened by a man waving a sword. Several questions arises here. 1) What the hell? 2) How very Viking? 3) How much alcohol had either he or they been drinking? and 4) What the hell?

Plans for today (another glorious day off): Make [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 stop reading bad Kara/Lee, ponder what next writing project should be of mine (taking suggestions and nags - not sure I'm feeling inspired at the moment), eat, play some WoW and send a blue moose to Italy. I love lazy days.

Oh, and now that I will be home a bit - Cammy_Sandy at hotmail dot com is my MSN if you ever felt like chatting-
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And thus [livejournal.com profile] falena84 left Norway and I have returned to bug you all once more. Yay?

We saw the sights of Oslo, went to Flåm, ran into my parents at Balestrand (which is the other side of the country), Bergen, Stavanger and went up to the Pulpit Rock. [livejournal.com profile] falena84 took way, way more pictures than me and so I plan to show off some of her later, but here's Elisa and a stave church, scenery, a pretty hotel, Elisa at Pulpit Rock, a penguin, Elisa and my mother and more scenery.

If you want more shiny Norway pictures, here's a series of summer mountain pictures.

Have I missed anything, then?

In other notes:

- I got my Battlestar Galactica calender for 2009 - but it had mostly older pictures and Adama, Roslin and Tigh didn't have a month of their own. Gaeta and Dee had, though. I like both of them, but hai, what's with the hiding of the (slightly) older people? I feel miffed, I do. Totally wasn't hoping for hot Adama/Roslin shot, nooooo.

- Watched my McCallum DVDs with [livejournal.com profile] falena84, which reminded me that John Hannah is indeed very, very hot. Mmm yes.

- Heeeeey, shiny new Grissom and Sara shot. Stop trying to draw me back, CSI.

- What the heck is with this SciFi conspiracy to keep the trailer BSG trailer away from us? Showed at DragonCon but not in any BSG 'shows', WTH?

- Interesting article on 'frak' making its way into popular usage.

- Is anything much happening in Doctor Who land, or has everyone wandered off to watch Hamlet, write Jack/Ianto and/or wait for Sarah Jane Adventures?

And now, two weeks off. WHEEEEE VACATION. I haven't had one in ages, I am so looking forward to doing nothing. Blessed, blessed nothing. Which I will start by going to bed. Hah.
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(This rant/pondering/opinion was inspired by this secret posted at [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets.)

I'll come right out and say it. Very, very few things bug me as much in fandom as the tendency to go actively hate on female characters and the way this is often done.

The kind of hating on female characters you often see in fandom and why I really abhor it )


I also have a problem with how a lot of TV shows and movies and books write female characters. As a woman, a lot of potrayals feel sexist to me, overtly or subtly so.

Women are not from Venus but the same species, writers, and have personalities too )

I guess my point boils down to this: I abhor a lot of the bashing of female characters in fandom, and at the same time often have problems with the portrayal of women in fiction. (And in real life media, hoo yeah.) I don't think either excludes the other, because both can be motivated by sexism, consciously or otherwise. And whenever I find awesome female characters that writing and portrayal makes so, I am all the more happy.

So now I'm thinking about doing a Female Character Appreciation Week - spotlighting some fictional women I really like. I already know I'd stick in Laura Roslin, Miranda Bailey (I don't much like Grey's Anatomy these days, but she kicks ass from here to Jupiter) possibly Harriet Jones and/or Sarah Jane and a couple of other candidates. Who would be yours and why? I'd like to spotlight some beyond my fandoms too - and feel free to add yours reasons to those I've mentioned.
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Let us not talk of yesterday, of which the least sucky part was getting accosted by mormons looking to convert me ten seconds after I left work. That should tell you enough. (Also, WHY are mormons trying to convert Norwegians? We make for very unfertile ground.)

Someone did leave a link to this yesterday though - a gossip-sort item on the editor of Soap Opera Weekly in the US getting fired and bam!, comments explode. There's an insane amount of dog-piling and horror stories about the fired woman, conspiracy theories, trolling, stealing of user names, words that makes Cam twitch (ten points for each you spot!), who in soaps are sleeping with who, who are gay and just wow. I don't really watch soaps apart from the odd glance, which made reading some of it like watching French surrealism - you're sure there is a point in there somewhere, but all you can see actually is a pipe. Wasn't it [livejournal.com profile] kammgirl who used to talk about how vicious soap fandoms were whenever Doctor Who fandom had a tiff? Yeah, judging by this kind of stuff, she might have a point.

... Then again, thinking at some of the wank Doctor Who fandom has had, maybe not.

Meanwhile, the Spanish basketball team manages a bit of *facepalm*: posing for a picture in a “squinty-eyed” pose, using their fingers to pull back their eyes. Many were not amused.

I do kinda love this bit, though:
The Chinese, who lost to the Spaniards Tuesday night, aren’t offended. In fact, they announced that in sympathy with their brother Spaniards, they were all going to eat a huge lunch and spend the afternoon sleeping.

See, that was a lot funnier.

Still no BSG trailer. FAIL.

*wanders off to write*

In other links of interest:
- The Georgia - Russia conflict spreads to Internet hacking. War nowadays isn't just bombs, eh?
- A BBC feature on romance novels and their fascination with foreign settings and alpha males.
- Probe sends back pictures of a Saturn moon.
- Birmingham City Council admits sending out leaflets which showed its US namesake's skyline instead. (Someone in their office just Googled for an image, I'm guessing.)
- Man pays for car with 8,000 dollars in coins.
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Right. So, Olympics have started (awesome opening ceremony, and Norway got a silver today - are any of you watching?) and Georgia and Russia are apparently somewhat at war (bwhuh?) and I spent the weekend doing very non-productive, silly things while it rained. And rained. Thanks, Norway.

Today, it's so very Monday in that oh-so-very-not-good way. So I distract myself with fandom thoughts.

Holocaust LOL macros - anyone knows what this is about?

I generally tend to favour a sense of humour about most things, but er. Er. There are still some things I find to cross a certain threshold in my mind and fall over to the side of Not Funny or in some cases, FFS So Not Funny STFU You Insensitive Git.

This post linked on metafandom about fanworks drawing people into ships got me pondering. See, I tend to be drawn in by some Canon pandering to a particular ship, but I don't actually tend to do fandom for them unless there's already fans and fanworks for it about.

How about you? Fanfic or other fan-made stuff ever drawn you to like a ship, or make you participate in fandom for it?

And while a lot of Who fandom are distracted by David Tennant as Hamlet, I take the opportunity to declare that I totally hate Hamlet as a play. If I could smack Shakespeare with it, I would. Give me Macbeth any day. (But not Romeo and Juliet. PLEASE.) Tennant is hot and Patric Stewart is brilliant, but I still hate the thing. Anyone else want to own up to this?

Publisher drops book about one of Muhammad's wives. There's been some discussion about it over at Smart Bitches, Trashy books here and they also have a review of the prologue and a link to where you can read it yourself. There are some debating in the comments as well. Interesting, at least until some trolls arrive and starts with the eeeeeeeeevils of Islam. (Speaking as an atheist, I have my issues with some Islamic practice. But so I also have about Christianity and even Buddhism, my if-I-ever-had-to-pick-one-of-them religion.) There really are different worldviews a-clashing at times.

The X-Files movie tanked a bit, didn't it? It just opened here - I'm not sure if I want to go, though I'm fairly sure I'll buy it on DVD eventually.

Summer is almost over and various TV shows seem to be getting new promo material and will have episodes in not too long. But Battlestar Galactica will have nothing new until January and woe. Where is the shiny trailer and some stuff to tie us over, SciFi? Don't make me come over there and start camping outside your offices. I'm sure I would get more people with me, too. We could make it a camping trip. I'd bring alcohol.
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Er, yeah. Where to start? There is so much backstory to this I don't have the full idea of and probably never will. But I became aware of it when a friend linked me to [livejournal.com profile] ithiliana, who says:

The purpose of this post is to call out somebody who actively seeks to harm other fans. She lies. She outs fans by connecting their real life identities with their fannish identities. She is trying to make money from a site which is billed as "history" and which contains lies, damn lies, and misinformation as well as the public outing of fans which, despite her claims, she will not remove if asked, not if the person asking fits her definition of an "influential" fan although many influential fans are *not* outed in the journal.

Fairly strong language - and the target of it someone who was on my flist up until this. I've never had any negative dealings with her, but I have defriended her now because I am extremely uncomfortable with what she did in the now deleted entry on [livejournal.com profile] fanthropology. (To put it mildly.) Clearly, there's a whole lot of other stuff going on too - backstory, agendas, grudges, bias, the debate over OTW (which I remain uncomfortable about, but stay on the fence) and I'm getting a headache.

The post I linked to have a lot of links and information if you want to read up. There are also some defenders showing up in the comments. [livejournal.com profile] metafandom is also involved - the rule change here is specifically come from this situation and they've linked to several opinions on it here.

If you missed the [livejournal.com profile] fanthropology post, this post explains what went on. To summarize from that:

apparently the owner got her hands on [lj name]'s real name. And added said name, and several details of her offline and professional life, to the FanHistory page about her. And if someone tries to remove [lj name]'s real-life details, saying "she doesn't want these things linked, please stop," the owner reverses the edits and restores the revealing page. And when challenged, said owner made a giant post to fanthropology proclaiming your real-life details fair game if you've ever posted on an archive, made an online journal, or joined a message board.

Again, there are some defenders in the comments - I haven't found a post that actively defends what was done, or I would link it in the interest of balance. If there is such a thing in all this.

ETA: Oh, here's one defending FanHistory and the posting of RL name.

I spent far too much time yesterday trying to get a sense of this all, and I pretty much only got a headache and an urge to cheer self up by ordering stuff on Amazon. I think it's time for the wankshelter bar again. Anyone want a drink?

Someone make me write Adama/Roslin fic fast before my brain gets devoured by really unfunny stuff, PLEASE?
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"There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children," says UK MP.

FAIL says I. Massive, massive fail. Words fail me for the fail.

Scary thing I found out via TvTropes' brilliant I Am Not Making This Up page - there was an actual TV show called Heil Honey I'm Home! You can see it on YouTube here. I. Yes. Er. Words kinda fail me a bit there too.

Whoever put Adama/Roslin on the They Do section at TVTropes ears an awww from me, though. Awww.

"Question: if you were aware that the usa was responsible for a hidden CNS chemical warfare holocaust within itself from corruption and crime, which newspapers would you go to with the story?" starts a poster. It doesn't get any saner from there.

That also lead me to find this actual tinfoil hat experiment, which is made of win. Hee.

An interesting opinion on women as rewards/sacrifice, with spoilers for Hellboy II, The Dark Knight and Dr Horrible. I'll let you make your own mind up about that - but I do think portrayal of women have long ways to go yet in the various media.

Wow, they caught Radovan Karadzic. This another one of Serbia's steps towards the EU? Hmm.

This concludes the link service for the day.

In other stuff:
- Got a BSG book and comic I had ordered in the mail today. Shiny! But I wish there was more stuff out there and I really want an Adama/Roslin '08 t-shirt. I'm easy to lure in, so where's the shiny merchandise?
- Things You Do Not Want To Discover While Naked and About to Get in the Shower #66: A very irate wasp. Eeeeek.
- Summer sun! Please stay this time, you starry tease.
- You Know You Work An Awesome Place When... #23: Ice cream for all, courtesy the company. Twice in two weeks, too.
- WoW raiding starting up again, with Black Temple last night. Went okay, but I think some of us are a bit bored with stuff. Bring on the expansion!

And you all?
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I kind of got the feeling I should have stayed home from work today too when colleagues started wondering if I preferred flowers or contributions to charity for my funeral. Har, har. But then I was told I'd been missed, which was cute.

I hate this stupid cold.

Top Ten Things Authors Should NOT Do at Amazon - a heartwarming tale of how badly professional authors too can deal with reviews not hailing their brilliance.

A meme I nicked from my flist - mah fandom secrets. Some kind of obvious, some kind of not and some quite a bit embarassing, yes.

Includes Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, CSI and Lord of the Rings, as well as some more general fandom things )

In other news:
Cat adopts red panda cub.
The White House apologises for insulting Berlusconi.
Controversial surveillance law passed in the US Senate.
Gordon Brown is like Heathcliff?
Sewage plant to be named after Bush - maybe.
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CC: The Train Services, the Norwegian State

This year, we seem to have come to a special understanding - you take my money, I take your abuse, WoW monsters take my frustration. And it's been precious, really. But half an hour late home yesterday, an hour late to work today, ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU SAD EXCUSE FOR A TRAIN SERVICE??? We're filthy rich and *this* is what we manage for a railroad?

I grant thee an official FAIL.

No love,

Bah. Bad, bad day so far with deadlines and stress and possible major strike in addition, and finally home I want to write but don't know what. INSPIRE ME WORLD.

Meanwhile, in fandom notes:

- CSI spoilers might bring the wank once more. Uh oh. Wankimplosion take II: Return of the stupid shipper arguments?

- A very special snowflake is going to the press with her banning from a Life of Mars community. Oh, precious. I laughed so hard my cat got spooked. This will be the first case of its kind in the country, and I feel profoundly sorry for you, particularly since I have two friends who write for major newspapers, who love and respect my ideas. Special. Very special.


- In other BSG realisations, [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 reminded me Baltar was Bridget Jones's gay friend in the movies and how did I not see that earlier?? Whacky crossovers immidiatedly made themselves known in my head.

- Er, how long is an acceptable fan letter? Seriously, I think I could just about manage three lines. "I like you. Nice work. Autograph please?" Maybe that's why I never get any, sad excuse for a fangirl I am - well, minus Rob's sorta, I guess. I fail at the flattering? I just feel awkward giving compliments. (And taking them, even if I do like them too, but it's a guilty pleasure of sorts.)

Finally, tomorrow is Eurosong and its traditional funky voting. Which the Daily Mail has helpfully mapped for you all. Check out the Viking Empire, now with newly recruited Baltic states, it seems.

One day we're gonna rule you all. Viking Empire power! Aquavit!
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I am mightily pleased with self, fo 'lo, I have finished my tag fix-up!

My tags.

Now, if you for instance hit fanfic: bsg you'll get all my Battlestar Galactica fic, or if you poke fandom: doctor who you can see me groan, yay and get silly over Doctor Who, or if you dare people: batshit you'll know more about Fred Phelps than your brain ever wanted you to. My tags were a complete mess, but now they should actually be fairly easy to work out.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] skybound2 knows no bounds to awesome and made me matching icons to my layout.

Wow, I've had this LJ a while now. A lot of entries. A lot of life, heh. A lot of friends. I don't know all of you as well as I wish, but all of you have in various ways added to my life. Thank you.

TV-show cagematch:
Lost versus BSG.

For me, that one's easy - Lost lost me around the fifth episode. (Bad pun, I know!) Sometimes, shows that sound just what you're into just doesn't work. So many friends tried to convince me I'd love Veronica Mars so very much and when I finally watched it, there was great loathing only. Possibly, the insistance of how great it was played a part in that dislike.

Come to think of it, I got into Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who both without friends pressing - maybe recommending shows is the last thing you should do to get me into it, heh. Once I am into it, I want friends to share fun with, yes, but there is something about the sense of having taste dictated to me and getting nagged that easily turn me off. Of course, it probably depends largly how friends steer me towards something.

What about you? Can your friends have a negative or positive effect on what you go for?

Meanwhile, on the Net:


... WHAT.
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Things Cam is not allowed to kill people over today:

- Posting about illegal activities in an oh-so-public post. Seriously people, that brain took a lot of evolution to get to its present state, now use it!
- Posting spoilery icons or summeries above LJ-cuts. Hai the world is not the UK/US, kthxbai.
- Bashing. Get thee out of lameville, it sucks there.
- Comments about 'winning', as if we wandered into shipping Olympics and IOC stupidity without me noticing.
- WoW players that can't play their class. If you got to level 70 with it, surely, surely!, you must have managed to pick up a few things of use, surely!
- NSB.
- Weather.
- Mushed ship names. ARGH NO MY EYES.

Things Cam is allowed to yay about, as dignity allows:
- Tromsø! Second in the league! Beating Vålerenga!
- Doctor Who! Back! Spoilers for Partners in Crime )
- My predicted tax return has come from the Norwegian state, and they are proposing to pay me NOK 13,567 back. (That's over 2000 USD.) Hello happy holidays!

Things Cam noticed on the news:
- Berlusconi boasts his Latin is good enough to have lunch with Julius Caesar. And Julius Caesar boats his pompous!asshat-detection is good enough to let Berlu pick up the tab, yes. (Meanwhile, Italy not doing so grand. Don't think Latin will help much with that.)
- Olympic torch gets extinguished during protests. Bad PR 1, China and the IOC, 0.
- Man charged for assault with hedgehog. Poor hedgehog - and yet, urge to laugh v. v. high.
- Woman sold to slavery sues the nation of Niger. And for the most revolting bit, I give you :Ms Mani was sold into slavery for around $500 when she was 12 years old. She had to carry out domestic and agricultural work but also lived as a sex slave or "Sadaka" to her master who already had four wives and several other "Sadakas". When she was released and decided to marry a man she had freely chosen, her master insisted she was in fact his wife. A court later found her guilty of bigamy and sentenced her to six months imprisonment. WTF RAGE.

Things you'd like to say?

ETA: Father/daughter incest with children in Australia. AUGH HELLFIRE FLASHBACKS.
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You know you're made of awesome, right flist? You are. Thanks for all encouragement and support :) Many wibes of Good Things your way.

Took a slight break from everything, including WoW and fandom and I think it was good. Easter holidays are also coming, which is good too. Now only to decide what to do with it - WoW, work or watching more Inspector Lynley? Hmm. Choices, choices.

(What I will not be doing is skiing. Because the weather has been made of fail and and seem to continue the trend. Bleh.)

A Thing of Awesome that won't be, sadly:
He's a man of myth, legend, and internet memes -- a Paladin crusader for Truthiness, justice, and the Alliance way. His name is Stefen Colbear, and he's putting the Horde on notice.

A Yeah-That'll-Work:
Ban on anonymous Internet posting?

The gay community poses “bigger threat, even more so than terrorists or Islam,” to the United States, according to American politician.
Also made of fail her claim that studies show that no society that has embraced homosexuality has lasted more than a few decades to which I counter exibit a) Scandinavia, marrier of gays since over a decade ago and extremely prosperous to boot. I embrace homosexuality in your direction, bigot.

A Eurosong entry from Norway:
Bleh. (And who didn't win - King of trolls.)

A Holy-what-will-we-do-with-all-this-money:
Oil prices rice, Norway is stuffed.
Chief economist Øystein Dørum also noted that the state's so-called "oil fund," into which revenues are set aside for future generations and pension obligations, will grow to a staggering NOK 5,700 billion by 2015 HOLY SHIT that's almost 1000 billion USD owned by tiny, tiny Norway of 4,6 million people. HOLY SHIT.

A Meme that sounds like fun:
The thing is, when people look for stories, they always make it sound like badfic. Now, often that's because it really is badfic, but sometimes it's good and they just suck at describing the story.
So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to summarize badly any one (or more!) of my stories and I'll try to guess which it is. You could even pretend you don't remember the pairing or fandom to make it harder to guess.

In the news:
Germany upholds incest law.
Indian court dismisses 'obscenity' charges against Richard Gere.
Spitzer's fall from grace.
Antarctica meteors 'unique'.
'Pre-Inca' ruins found.
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Argh, why is LJ eating my comment notifications and how long have they? Or is my gmail being faulty? Blah. Well, if I haven't replied to something you thought I should, I might not have seen it at all. Sorry!

When poking around for some spoilery X-Files photo, I found this rather wankalicious debate over spoilery icons. Serious business, as you all know. Also, be warned spoilery set photos are posted. (Wants precious, wants!)

Did rather make me wonder what would happen if set photos of snogging in the upcoming serious four of Doctor Who got leaked and then iconized everywhere. I suspect wank would happen, especially if the Doctor shared willingly tongue with anyone involved in current ship arguments.

Which also reminded me I'm actually not excited about series four - not because I won't like the episodes, which I think I will on the whole, but because series four is just subtitled 'Licence to Wank' in my head. Seriously. Given spoilers I've read, there's bound to be blow-up somewhere.

Might need Pornathons to distract us all. Or Orgython. Er, something like that.

In that vein - the tale of the cricketer that rugby-tackled the streaker. Something about that story just cracks me the hell up. Could be the pictures of the cricket-gearup so intimate with nakedness. Quick, someone write me porn with cricket clothes!

Also happening in Australia - Swede jailed for hitman plot - but gets huge discount for assisting police. I'm not sure if I want to pity her or smack her.

I'll take Hardcore Creatisionism Is Dumb as Phelps for 1000, please Alex:
I believe in my heart that dinos and man where here together. It is because of evidence that I have studied leads me to this belief. I believe man saw dinos becasue one of them wrote about them, Job.

The bonus debate about whether one dinosaur was a 'fire-breathing dragon' is also gold. But give it up for Alex the Catholic:
Anyone who believes dinosaurs co-existed is in some sort of serious denial. I am a Catholic who believes in divine inspiration when it comes to evolution, but to believe dinosaurs and man existed together is to totally ignore logic itself. Dinosaur bones are not bones in themselves. They are rock, where mineral has replaced the calcium of dinosaur bones. Therefore, they can be carbon dated to an exact time and place, which happens to be 65 million years ago. It doesn't matter if there is theory surrounding much of the dinosaurs life and death. When they lived and died is certain. In other words, if you believe dinosaurs and man co-existed, you are a moron.

Sanity is such a turn-on.


Meanwhile, life in Norway:
- A movie about Nazi!zombies are being made with a state grant. Bwhahaha.
- Gender-neutral marriage law shall be introduced next week. Which means gay marriage will finally be legally so and not known as 'partnership' any more.
- WW2 warship found in Narvik. Nice touch to have a service for it.
- Football starts in a month. This is very important. Meanwhile, I play football on Facebook. Huzzah.

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In accomplishments of the weekend:
- Got new flat computer screen which is shiny like whoa. Next up: New harddrive in a few weeks. Huzzah.
- Finished fic for [livejournal.com profile] geekfiction's 'I love 80s' ficathon in good time before the 15th. Huzzah.
- Finished first section of AU!Rose/AU!John Smith fic which was giving me troubles. Huzzah.
- World of Warcraft news: Smacked Magtherion the supremely annoying boss inna face and got my gnome warlock to level 40. Huzzah.
- Cleaned windows and so won't have to do again for a while. Huzzah.
- Bought first Christmas presents and felt Organised. Huzzah.

In fandom notes:
- Bracing myself for Thursday and CSI episode. Fandom's going to go minor boom either way, innit? And I'm gonna need snog icon, ys.
- Funny how A who hates B still finds it totally fine to nick all of B's ideas? Or perhaps that's why B nicks all the ideas and doesn't credit. Hmmm. Fandom confuses me sometimes with its wankery.
- *blinkblink*
- What you ship doesn't make you automatically superior to someone who ships something else. No, really.

In other news:
- Cat might be sick. Me be worried.
- Body of second Norwegian soldier dead in Afghanistan brought home. Debate on our involvement there continues. Am I the only one thinking while we're all watching Iraq fall apart, Afghanistan is going to buggeroo in the background?
- Oh bite me, Carl I Hagen. I stab thee with a blunt toothpick.
Football is serious business.

What's up in your world?


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