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What would you like to see Doctor Who crossed over with in a fanfic? (So far I got WoW, Star Trek and FlashForward - BSG I've done before, but might include it anyway.)

Meanwhile, sending a show's creator fanfic from the show is still a bad idea, and probably unlikely to wind him over to your ships as well.

I see familiar faces, too. And Big Bang Theory is just starting season three here in Norway, so the timing amused me.

Speaking of new on telly, a show that is starting soon here in Norway has me vaguely excited - 'All for Norway' (the official Royal motto, actually) a show where Norwegian-Americans visit Norway for the first time and compete to be the 'most Norwegian'. The potential for light mocking of both Norwegian and American cultural difference is good, especially since they're being subjected to the less-than-urban Norway as well. I shall keep you posted if anything particulary amusing occurs.

In other news:

CERN's Large Hadron Collider sucessfully produced record-breaking high-energy particle collisions, and the world didn't end or have a flashforward due it. Rocking!

Ricky Martin announces he's gay, very few are particulary suprised. Still, good for him for coming out.

Several teens charged after a 15-year-old commits suicide. Apparently they'd been bullying her for months - though I wonder what the statutory rape charges are about. Either way, nasty story.

And now for something completely different, here's Hugh Jackman dancing in an ice tea commercial.
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These last two weeks have been hard on me for a lot of reasons I won't get into, but here's one small part of it:

So, I'm having a bit of a conflict with someone I'm working with and I was really feeling a lot of dislike, right up until a friend of mine offered some insight and now a lot of pity is really battling my dislike. Dammit. Man, I hate it when compassion gets in the way of a good dislike. Still not sure how to act around him this coming week and it's messing with my head. I know it's not all on him, too - I gotta shoulder my part of this.

All in all, not feeling a lot of love for myself these last few weeks, that's for sure. And I am turning 30 on the 21st. Blah. I must think of something nice to do to myself for it rather than treat it like a deadline to have done something worthwhile with my life, which it's feeling a lot like.

This was your weekly emo. Next post shall be more silly with fandom secrets (and not so much) by yours truly, I promise.

Meanwhile, I see the US has had some respectable snowfall. Europe had a lot of cold and snow before Christmas, so overall this has been a wintery winter, right?

Apart from at the upcoming winter Olympics, where there is no winter at all. Which just goes to show that the universe? Has a mean sense of humour.

Also, Norwegian television is for the first time broadcasting the Super Bowl live, with a promised entertaining introduction to American football (as we call it, since the true football is the kind Americans are not playing much). Is it worth a peek? Who should I cheer?
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So I came across this statement from an American right-winger: My guess is that Haiti's so screwed up because it wasn't colonized long enough. (...) A major indicator of how superficial is the overlay of French culture in Haiti is the strength of paganism, in the form of voodoo -- the French just weren't around long enough to suppress it, to the detriment of Haitians.

[personal profile] misscam where do you even start with something as dumb as that?
[personal profile] lotus79 You just kill first, ask questions later
[personal profile] misscam How very Viking of you

There's also his while Britain's influence in the world has certainly been more salutary than that of France which, while I do love my British neighbours across the sea, is just NO. You might argue that some European countries were slightly less shitty than others in that area, but if you bring up the word salutary even near European colonialism, I have a stern glare and Viking insult with your name on it.

In better news, [community profile] help_haiti will have raised over $115,000.00 when all is said and done this round. I also want to thank all who bid on me or anyone else up on offer and all who have donated in whatever form. (I ended up being [personal profile] fallingtowers's and own Saz. Muhaha.) For next round, I am considering doing something beyond writing - would anyone want to bid on something like 'Norway in a box'?

In other 'oh no please don't' news: Mel Gibson wants to make a Viking movie - in old Norse.

... I'm frightened, dear Internet. (TM Conan.) Hug me. There are so many ways in which a movie like that could go oh so wrong.

Meanwhile, in less than a month I will be 30. Oi. That feels vaguely like I should have made something of my life by then. Man, the years do fly, don't they?

Off to start another week of work.
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Says Johnny Depp on Roman Polanski:

"He's not a predator. He's not on the streets." (YouTube vid of it here.)

And also seems to think you can't be a rapist when you have a wife and children.

Man, the number of people who've just been fail on this Polanski case depresses me, and people I liked, too! At least Emma Thompson removed her name from that damn petition asking for his release and Luc Besson was pretty decisive about no one being above the law.

But ugh, so much fail from Hollywood over this. I am not impressed.

Off to work in the dark; I so hate Mondays.
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Excuse me for a moment:


I am mentally worn out after the stress of the last week, but now I have holiday. It's a beautiful thing. Also, been recieving presents from several of you and thank you! I've kept them wrapped for opening on Christmas Eve, whee. Apart from those who are virtual, of course, like icons I got from [personal profile] lily_winterwood.

Plans for my holidays:
- Play a silly amount of World of Warcraft and slaughter Icecrown Citadel good. Also, get a new cloak and bow.
- Finish my alternate-world FlashForward fic (with Lloyd/Olivia and Mark/Demitri), finish that AU Daybreak BSG fic with resurrection for humans already, finish that Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover with Spock and the Doctor meeting ("Therapy for Lost Planets"), write the multi-fandom many-kinds-of-love fic I've had in mind a while and if I get silly enough, finish the Star Trek penis-size-is-serious-business fic that lives in a dark cellar of my mind.
- Buy new very comfortable winter boots. Finiding the right kind of boots that I can wear without socks and that keeps me warm through Norwegian winter without being a pain on my feet is not that easy, you know.
- Make a gingerbread house.
- Read "The Gathering Storm" and any books I might get for Christmas.
- Watch "East West 101" and whatever else I might get for Christmas.
- Get visit from my brother and his Dutch live-in girlfriend.
- Eat a sad amount of marzipan and CamMum cooking between Christmas and New Year's.
- Relax. Oh, wonderful, wonderful time to relax.

You got any plans for the holidays?

Meanwhile, Wal-Mart employee writes horribly inappropriate letter to co-worker asking her to 'stay out of [his] dreams', get fired and complains about it. Seems to miss the newsflash that he's coming across CREEPY AS HELL, DUDE and bemoans the lack of nice. Yeah. Because the approiate reaction to borderline-stalking and inappropriate behaviour is always niceties.

In the news:
- The attack on Berlusconi sparks battles on the Internet. Italian politics sure get vitrolic.
- The last Spanish top club breaks a colour barrier - but Spanish football still has racism issues.
- Sect members vow to marry female sex workers. I must admit my first reaction to reading that headline was 'bwhuh?'
- Stunning pictures from a recently launched ESA telecope. Preeeetty.
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A Chinese national has been barred entry to China and is now living at an airport in Japan. You can read his blog here.

*eyeballs Chinese government* Seriously, seriously uncool. I worry about the direction in China sometimes. Over 30 years since Mao died now and China's economy has opened, but the government hasn't opened much else.

Where will China be in another 30 years? For that matter, where will Norway be? Where will the world be? Man, I almost wish I had a flashforward to know. But I'm probably going to have to use the old-fashioned time machine to find out - life, day by day.

Meanwhile in fandom, Snape fans go off on Lily and anyone not Snape, basically. Okay, Alan Rickman IS hot (mmm-mm) but you can lust him without turning Snape into Victim of the World That Only You Understand, trust me. And without turning on sexist language and character bashing too.

(Incidentally, am I the only one to like Alan Rickman and not go mad for Snape?)

Various stuff:

- All gifts and cards were sent last week for those who signed up, so if they haven't arrived already, they will soon. (I know some have - it's nice of you let me know so I don't have to worry about lost post.) Hope they cheer up a bit.

- Been nominated for a Spock/Uhura award, apparently. (In the pre-movie category, for The Logic of Languages.) Since I've only written three for that pairing, I'm pretty flattered. Reminds me I should finish my Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover when I get time, though.

- Having the Week of Hell, which should hopefully end after the 15th when my holiday starts. If I am a bit grumpy and on edge meanwhile, please forgive me.

- New patch for World of Warcraft this week. Time to take on some Lich King arrogance, yo.

- Someone stole a Walking With Dinosaurs dinosuar! Okay, those things are proper awesome, but still. Bad thieves!
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I'm feeling vaguely guilty all I seem to write of late come out Olivia/Lloyd from FlashForward, but oh well. *eyes fic-in-progress* Once I get attached to something, there is just no helping me. I even got a meta post on FF in my head, including my thoughts on book versus show, free will versus determinism, the joy of physics and why Jack Davenport is hot. Um, yes.

Seriously need more FF icons, too.

In that vein, Australia showed one episode of FF before the US and not all are too happy about that. Also, some seem to think Australia celebrate Thanksgiving, to which I say 'bwhuh?' Sorry, Americans and Canadians, but the rest of the world doesn't really do Turkey Day, for very, very obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, the ban on minarets passed in Switzerland has gotten both the Swiss and the rest of Europe talking. And some people want to follow the Swiss. I am not digging it. Minarets are no more disturbing than bell towers, so it's not really about that. Oh no. It's about Islam becoming visible in Europe and quite a lot of fear, too. And racism.

The Northern League in Italy wants a similar ban in Italy and also wants to stick a cross on the Italian flag. Because the Scandinavian countries do and as all know, we're like the most hardcore Christian countries out there. Oh, wait...

Seriously, the Northern League is really getting on my effing nerves with their fixation on Scandinavia. They've used Norway's royal family in some family value bullshit and their attempts to point to Nordic people as some sort of yay in their racist shit makes my skin crawl so hard. So lets get this straight: MY COUNTRY IS NOT YOUR PROPAGANDA PIECE. In fact, Scandinavia represets some of your pet hates: Secularism, gay marriage, pro-choice without even a debate on it, relaxed attitudes to sex, and a fairly open definition of family.

No one has proposed banning minarets in Norway yet, but a Progress Party dude suggested banning burkas. (And was promptly told off by members of other parties.) Because dictating what to wear is so bad we should dictate what people can't wear. Right then. (Not that I like regimes that make women wear them by law. I kinda loathe those. But banning certain clothes, how does that make us any better?)

Speaking of Norway, Obama is arriving here next week to get his prize and my peaceful little Norway is turning into a big loud mess and even losing garbage cans. I do not like. I mean, I like Obama on the basis of being not Bush, but Oslo pretty much shut down for two days and armed police all over and all the media bruhaha? I'm tired of it before it's even started.

In other news in Norway, a fake robber who had been hired in a robbery exercise went to the wrong petrol station and held them up. Only when the employers there reacted with real fear did he realise it was the wrong one. In his defence, he was a last minute replacement, but yeah. Maaayabe a situation where you want to double-check that address.

Hey, it's December! How is the month treating you so far?
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A friend of mine is having some financial shit. I've helped out a bit earlier and if you can, I and her would be most gracious. I'd certainly be willing to write you a fanfic treat or something if you did.

In the news:

- Husband was suspected of wife's murder - turns out the moose did it.

Um. That's seriously the first time I've ever heard of a murderous moose. (Moose can get aggressive when protecting their kids, but usually they just stare you down. WTF, truly.)

- An American is facing his 6th trial for the same alleged murder.

And when I read statements like one (white) American claiming that tt's all right for them (non-whites) to practise their culture but they should not take ours away from us. We are probably the most discriminated race in the country, my eyes are rolling so far into my head I can see my brain.

- At one university in the US, you can't graduate unless your BMI is below obesity or you can document weight loss.

I realise the US (and many Western countries) have a growing obesity problem, but seriously?!

- Norway's skating couch (an American) was fired for sexual harassment against one female skater.

What pisses me most off about this whole thing is that the female skater who reported it, she just reported what he'd said and never demanded the skating association do this or that. But when he gets fired, who gets a lot of online shit? Her of course. Yes, it's always so classy to blame the victim.

- In honour of the 100-year anniversary of the train route between Oslo and Bergen, NRK made a program showing the journey in real time.

A journey that takes over 7 hours, by the way. My mad, mad parents watched the whole thing and then bragged to me about it. Hah.

- A quite movie piece written by Patrick Stewart on domestic violence.

- One American judge got so disgusted with an American bank's behaviour, he erased one couple's mortage to it.

- A year old, but I hadn't seen it: Selling rape joke t-shirts on eBay and claiming them light-hearted. Err.

A Dalek runs Europe alongside Cathy Ashton.

I can't help but think at least a Dalek would liven up EU meetings a bit. And maybe exterminate Berlusconi already.

- A fanfic writer turning up to defend and talk about why she writes 'lolicon' can just not end well at all.

And doesn't. (Note, she posts a bit of one fic in her comments. Though not graphic, could be triggering.) Admittedly, I tend to be of the 'your kink is not for me to call not okay, especially when it's fictional' school, but that is really pushing my attendance. Then again, so do a lot of fictional non-con. Ugh.

- The vandalized gingerbread city in Bergen is being rebuilt.

And now December can start as it should - just bring on some snow already, weathergods.

I think I'll do a 'December in Norway' photo thing the coming weeks, too.
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Managing a new low, some vandals have destroyed the Gingerbread City in Bergen. Over 600 gingerbread houses, decorated by kids yesterday with the city to be put together this week. See, it's a non-profit activity aimed at children and children with developmental disabilities. It's been running for several years. People love it.

Pictures from previous years. You can see some of the destruction here.

That's just so utterly low I have no words. But people are pitching in to rebuild it, so I hope they manage.

Meanwhile, Hollywood, I have two pleas:

1) Please, please, please let British actors you cast either keep their accent (it won't bite, I promise!) or give them a dialect coach or something. Because listening to British actors not quite managing to sound American pains me and listening to them in their original accent would just please me. Rawr.

2) Please, please, please get American actors who are trying to do non-American accents some tutoring OR just have them do it all American and count on some suspension of disbelief. Because this half-half is bloody annoying. Also, throwing "ja?" at the end of a sentence does not make you German-sounding. Really. And The Swedish Chef is not a guide to Scandinavian accents. Really. And no, playing it like a stereotype that walked out of a tourist guide written by someone who has never visited the country does not make up for the actor utterly butchering the language.

... Yeah, I shouldn't get into that rant or I'll be here all day.

Meanwhile, they've cast Heimdall in the upcoming Thor movie and oh my. Granted, the comic it's based on isn't exactly staying true to Nordic mythology to begin with, and I guess this kinda reinforces it. Because the Viking gods are generally depicted to be pale in colour, mostly because the Vikings were and we all tend to envision things based on our perspective, you know? The Vikings were no expcetion. So I did blink a bit initially, I must admit. (There's even a Black Viking trope, as I learned.)

But I found myself really warming to the idea and you know why? Because neo-Nazis are going to have a fit. They've always tried to hijack Nordic mythology for their own racist, hateful agenda - just as the Nazis themselves did. To say this displeases me is putting it mildly. That's my cultural inheritance they're twisting and getting associated with their shit.

So I shall sit right back and laugh and laugh and laugh and hey, the dude isn't bad looking either. Win-win!
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Anyone willing to make a few icons for me from bases I've cropped? I am rubbish and have no photoshop. I offer gratitude and return favours/bribes.

I give you stupid shit on a Monday:

- Did you know white are facing racism and being discriminated against in Hollywood? That Heroes' writer sure seems to think so. Poor, poor him, never given any advantage. Except all the ones he has from birth, of course.

Oh yeah, my heart bleed for him. Won't someone think of the poor white males?

(Hey, I think of white males - if they're hot enough! Actually, that kind of goes for all males. Mmm, hot males of all kinds.)

- "No but I don't see the big deal. What is so horrible about it? Think about it. It's just sex you didn't agree to," says (hopefully) a troll or an utter, utter ass about rape. Yeah.

I mean, what's so bad about murder? It's just death you didn't agree to!

- A guild on my server is accused of ninjaing and shitty behaviour in PUGs. Some members take exceptions. 27 pages of wankiness ensue.

World of Warcraft is serious business, if you didn't know.

In better news:

- Book overdue by 50 years returned to library - with a 1000 dollar check to cover late fee..

- Sweden returns skulls to Hawaii to be reburied.

- Australian sniffer dog missing in action for eight months in Afghanistan is found in good health.

- A Zambian journalist has been acquitted of pornography charges after sending officials pictures of a woman giving birth in a hospital car park,

Off to kill some Yogg-Saron!
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I think I might be getting attached to Castle and FlashForward. Hum. Castle for the wit and snark and awesome female character and FlashForward for the premise and the Jack Davenport and John Cho (and maybe Jospeh Fiennes and Alex Kingston and others).

Things are always most shiny when new, right? I need new shinies. Haven't felt the urge to write something in ages. I should finish my BSG AU-Daybreak thing and the Star Trek-Doctor Who crossover, but a really strong urge is just not there.


But hey, new Doctor Who to watch - maybe that'll spark something. Hmm, I wonder how FlashForward would work with Doctor Who?

So what would you do if you lived in Nazi Germany, you knew the neighbours were hiding Jews, you knew bad things were happening to Jews and Gestapo or SS men came asking you if you knew of any hidden Jews?

Apparently telling the truth and giving up the Jews is the Christian thing to do. At least according to one Christian fellow.

Personally, I'd lie my ass off, but maybe that means I'm a bad, bad person and a tool of Satan. For lying and potentially saving lives. Or something. Who else would be a bad lying person here?

In other news, I am never eating kebabs in Russia.

In real life news, working with nine-year-olds is tiring, wonderful and quite educational. I like.

Finally, still taking addresses for Christmas, if you want a card or are doing gift exchange with me. Mine can be found via here.

Man, time flies.

And what's up with you?
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A group of past and present University of Sydney students set up a ''pro-rape'' page in the sports and recreation section on Facebook, describing themselves as ''anti-consent''.

Anti-consent. Because that's so much better than pro-rape, naturally.

The list of allegations is pretty sickening as well, but hardly surprising if this is the sort of place to spawn a Facebook group like that. The fail is astounding.

I'm not sure if I feel more angry or sick. It's probably a tie. UGH.
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First snowfall this week. You can also see here. I like the snow, at least compared to wind and rain. Truly winter now, Norway. Get out your mittens and reflectors.

Did I miss wank in the BSG fandom? Because that secret and the comments make me think so (well, coupled with some deleted journals I've spotted).

If you haven't already, you can leave your address for Christmas stuff here. My address can be found here (if you're on my flist, at least).

My Christmas wish lists )

Or just something you think I would want ;)

Finally, Africa might be getting a new sea. Huh. Curious. Our world really is a world that keeps change, tectonically and otherwise.

Now I have weekend, marzipan and a new DVD with Marple stories. What's your weekend treat to yourself?
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So, following the Nobel Peace Prize announcement, I've heard, seen or read the following claims:

Norwegians are actually Swedish liberals who have been 'excited by black iconography' and are actually being racist in giving out the Nobel Peace Prize & other claims )


I see at least one Norwegians newspaper has been getting a lot of angry e-mails from Americans, too.

So, in case you have missed a few vital point, here is how the Nobel Peace Prize actually work:

- Alfred Nobel was a very rich Swede, who in his will set out that he wanted achivements in medicine, physics, literature, chemistry and peace to be honoured with an annual award. The money part of the award comes from the means he left.

- For whatever reasons of his own, he decided that the Norwegian Parliament was to be the one to award the Nobel Peace Prize, while Sweden had the responsibility for the others. Why he divided it like that, we cannot be sure as he didn't say himself, but there are a couple of likely theories out there.

- The Norwegian Parliament appoints a committee according to the stipulations in the will, and with a few of their own - while the people in the committee do represent parties in Parliament, they cannot currently serve in it or be in government. This to make the committee a little more independent.

- The Norwegian people have no say in the award, do not vote in it and have only a tiny indirect influence through elections to Parliament, since the set-up of Parliament will play into who is appointed to the committee.

- It is not awarded by Norway the country. The committee is independent, possibly a bit more so than Nobel had in mind, even. This is by choice of Parliament, who wants the committee to have that independence.

- Norwegian people often disagree with the award. Norwegian politicians often disagree with the award, actually. It's not an award that represents Norway, though it can at times reflect certain Norwegian values.

I actually know the leader of the Nobel Committee (he and dad were in politics at the same time and have many mutual friends) and well, this is just like his kind of thinking. (A lot of fellow Norwegians I've talked to have also remarked this is 'typic Jagland'.) If you read this misconceptions about the Nobel Peace Prize it's the last sentence this one is really all about. I can't say I excatly agree in this case, but we'll see how it plays out.

Ironically, this week Norway was also named best country in the world to live again and yesterday was Leif Eriksson Day in the US. Some timing.

Now, to do a week's planning of teaching or attempt to write something... Bleh, sometimes I hate choices.
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Women's rights - it's not a won battle. It's really not.

So I'm reading this article in Norwegian about Norway and Finland building a women's prison in Afghanistan and our defence minister visiting it, crying.

You know why she cried?

These are four of the women serving there and their "crimes". You read what happened to them and see if you don't want to cry, too.

Najilia is 20. She was accused of helping her cousin see a man on the side. Originally, she got six months in the local courts. Then it was appealed and when the case reached the high court in Kabul, she got more. A lot more. Her sentence is now 12 years. Her three children live with her in prison.

Maria is 18. She was wed at 11. Her brother-in-law raped her while her husband was away and she got sentenced for infidelity. The brother-in-law got nothing and wasn't even charged. The son that was the result of the rape lives with her in prison, as her family as disowned her and the kid.

Dowlatnama is 55. She got sentenced for kidnapping initially, because the court felt she had encouraged a boy next door to meet a girl in secret. But when the family of the girl murdered the girl for dishonouring the family, Dowlatnama got a sentence for "indirect" murder. The father who killed got nothing.

Hanifa was married to a man who disappered and was assumed dead. So Hanifa remarried. When her first husband turned out to be alive, she got sentenced for infidelity and thrown in prison.

Yeah. I don't even know what to say to that. But note, all these cases are *after* Taliban's regime fell.

Before Norway and Finland built a prison and educated prison staff, these women were serving in a damp, dark cellar. With their children there.

The same city has a men's prison as well; 300 men are serving in a prison built in 1905 meant for 60 inmates.

One Norwegian observed that animals in Norway were treated better than that, to which the defence minister pointed out you'd go to prison in Norway for treating animals like that. But Norway is helping to finance a new prison for the men too, and trying to help reform Afghanistan's legal system.

I'm glad my country is doing something, but I hope we can do more. We need to do more, all of us.

In the world today, we still have so very far to go with human rights and women's rights. So very, very far. Najilia, Maria, Dowlatnama and Hanifa are all testimony to that.

Remember them.

(You can read more about women in Afghanistan here and here. There are also campaigns to help, like this one.)
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I know, I know, it's like picking a scab, but I can't help myself.

So, a petition has sprung up asking for Roman Polanski's release, where his arrest is charmingly described as "a case of morals" and they show a distrurbing lack of knowledge of what a neutral country actually is. (Tip: It's about neutrality in wars, nothing to do with crime.)

People who've signed that one includes Terry Gilliam (nooooo), Salman Rushdie, Tilda Swinton, David Lynch, Woddy Allen and Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg said this: “I don’t believe it was rape-rape. He went to jail and when they let him out he was like, ‘You know what, this [judge] is going to give me a hundred years in jail. I’m not staying’.” (Source.)

Wherein Cam discusses Bill Napoli definitions of rape, putting it on the victim, doing harm and Roman Polanski's own charming words about what he did )

There are also some who are speaking up against support of Roman Polanski, and I give them props: Bill Maher, Kevin Smith and Gren Gunberg at least.

I sure hope some petition to have him face justice comes about and enough sign it to make me feel better about humanity. Because right now, I'm not feeling so great about it.
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Help a kitten live?

Cats own my heart, I swear. I mean, they're cats. I can't not help.

In also depressing news, the list of people asking for Roman Polanski to be released is seriously depressing me. I mean, I get discussions over how he was arrested and international law isn't always simple and maybe some feel that this is a waste of resources compared to other things when even the victim wants to let it go now. Okay, those are debates to be had.

But quit treating him like the victim over this case. The victim is the 13-year-old he raped. Read her testimony (warning, content can be triggering). The Smoking Gun also has his plea bargain. You can also read this letter on why the rape charges were dropped. Not lack of evidence, but rather the harm a trial would do to the victim.

I'm going to have to echo Salon here: Roman Polanski was arrested for raping a child and lets not forget that.

I do understand the victim not wanting another round of this case. I understand it so much it pains me. But he is the one who fled. He's the one who led to this. Not to mention, by evading justice and jumping bail, he's committed additional crimes to the one who was charged for.

Really, in all this, just don't forget this one fact: He raped a child.

Meanwhile, I will be teaching 9-year-olds for the majority of October and my brain is insanely focused on it at the moment. In addition, the school I'll be working at is rather different - over 70% of the children there have one or more parent that isn't Norwegian born. (In the general population, immigrants or people with immigrant parents count for about 10% nowadays.) I look forward to it, but I am also nervous. First time teaching kids.

A lot of the rest of my brain is currently taken up by Warcraft thoughts. Spoilers for the next expansion, hoo yes )All this has filled me with a strong urge to write Jaina/Thrall lots. Oops. And I need to bribe someone into making me icons of them, damn.

How are you all this autumn evening?
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Why am I suddenly filled with random urge to write Dean/Castiel despite 1) never having been much of a Supernatural fan 2) never been that into slash 3) being vaguely scared of the fandom and 4) having enough other stuff to write if I want?

I don't know. Maybe it's the angel/other than human angle, which I do have a certain liking for. Or maybe I've lost my mind finally. Judging by fandom having wanks like this, I probably have.

Speaking of fannish things - would anyone like to do a fannish gift exchange for Christmas rather than a more traditional one this year? I'm pondering what to do this year - like to plan well in advance since the first half of December will be half mad for me.

The world's longest running soap ends. Aww. Aww, vaguely fond memories of liking Days of Our Lives and Sunset Beach back in the day. Poor soaps, ever since everyone else nicked aspects of how they did things they've been struggling. And not been quite able to renew themselves. I suspect they are a bit of a dying breed, though their legacy lives on in most other shows out there.

And hell, their influence will certainly live on in fanfic. Hoo yes.

Meanwhile, this scathing review of a romance novel reminds me of something I utterly, utterly hate in fanfic or any medium at all, really:

Sex as punishment.

No, I am not talking about two people being mad at each other and then falling into bed together - that's more channeling one very strong emtion (anger) into another (lust) and yeah, well, that can even be hot. Or even using sex to as a way recover some intimacy after a fight or having been hurt. Hop to, bunnies, I'll read that.

I'm talking about using sex as the way of hurting someone, usually the woman. And then she likes it anyway because it's twuwub and I make insistent barfing noises. It plays right into that old way of using sex against women - you know, all the slut, whore and similar words that come out so often to play. And it's so close to rape - where sex is the means of hurt and control over someone - I can't not feel sick.

It's not okay to use sex as a way of punishment. It's even less okay when it's written and treated as okay and fine and dandy. And if it's written as a kink - well, at least the writer then tends to be aware of it. It's written unaware and not seeing what's so iffy about it that really gets me going.

Quick, someone link me to hot sex that doesn't do that shit.


WEEKEND! Have a good one, yarr.
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I'm up late (2 a.m on a working day, ick) because it's Norwegian election night and the left-centre coalition government seems to have retained a majority.

So, four more years of Labour, Socialist Left and Centre Party. Okay. I'm midly pleased without being terribly excited or anything. Not so pleased about voting precentage - only about 73% seem to have used their right to vote. This bothers me. Gotta do better.

Either way, Norway for the next four years seems to be steady as she goes.

Meanwhile, this had me staring in horror for half an hour.

I mean, what the hell is this?

MS: You know, I'm gay..I'm gay, and I don't molest any children. What do you think of that?

SA: Well, I'd say you're lying.

MS: You think I must be molesting children, right?

SA: Exactly, right.

MS: Do you pray that I'll die tonight?

SA: If you're a homosexual, I hope you get brain cancer like Ted Kennedy.


... Dude, as an atheist I'd make a better Christian than you, you hateful asshat. You're just using religion to justify your own prejudices over changing attitudes over sexuality and growing acceptance. And you sure seem lacking in the whole compassion department. Not to mention sanity and facts, since a vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual.

Even so, I ain't going to wish brain cancer on you. But you'll have to forgive me for not wishing you anything well either.

However, the non-hateful part of humanity, I wish a very good night to. Sleep well, world.

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Busy week. Adapting to new schedule and new workload and weekend is bliss. Mmm, finally time to sleep. Also turned very visibly autumn here, with rain and winds with a hint of colder days. What fun. I think I'll do another photo round once autumn sets a little more though - it has a certain beauty to it here.

Anything in particular you want to see a picture of, ask now or hold your peace until next time.

The Classified sections sometimes turn out stuff I wonder at the backstory of, like this one: Looking for a woman by the name of Bjorg Enger who in 1945 lived at Kloster Road 51 Skoyen, Oslo Norway with her parents. It was my father's dying wish to contact this person.

Says he was a WWII veteran, though I wonder slightly which side he might have been fighting for. Could be British or American of course, but Allied forces didn't come to Norway until after the Germans had surrendered here. (And then it was a very small force.) Some German soldiers did fall in love with Norwegian women - the consequences for the women after the war ended were usually dire. (The woman has one English last name, but it could be her married one for all I know.)

I wonder what the story is here, I really do.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi is apparently petioning the UN for Switzerland to cease to exist. Wow. That dude has some impressive gall and batshit. The UN headquarters is actually in Switzerland, for one thing. For the other... Dude, wtf?

I was slightly taken aback by the most recent review here. It's not like I was planning to leave in unfinished back when I was uploading it, so... Um, sorry?

Meme via [profile] mingsmommy (much delayed, because I have the mind of Swiss cheese):

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song saying "meow!"
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

Her questions and my answers )


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