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This is a shit week. The only bright side is that it's soon over and that I have about a week off for Easter. Other than that, this week can bite me. Issues with people I am working with, my mobile being nicked, getting caught in unexpected rain, the usual monthly pain, frustrations and feeling like a failure, yes, a load of fun things all stacked together. Man, did I ever pick the wrong week to go cold turkey on all candy, chips and cake (in a self-imposed health iniativ).

On the bright side, it is spring. Just spring with a metre of snow to melt still.

In fandom stuff:

- Hey, Dcotor Who is almost back! New Doctor and new head writer and I am curious to see how it pans out. I am feeling midly optimistic, as tends to be my default. Also, this secret posted to [community profile] fandomsecrets amused me muchly. But sorry OP, I don't think the Doctor is lingering around Norway. I'll be sure to let you know if that changes, though.
- Also I got a Rassilon action figure. He's currently eyeballing a little koala suvenir I took home from Australia. I think he may have villainous plans.
- FlashForward is back! Two episodes in so far and I'm not sure where it's going yet, but if it's towards more shirtless Jack Davenport, I sure won't complain.
- Law & Order: UK is new to my DVD player and I like it. Yes, I do.
- Norwegian football season is back! Oh, I do love my football. My absolutely favourite activity on Sundays during spring/summer/autumn is lying out in the sun and listening to the football on the radio while reading.
- BSG fandom seems to have had some wankery over a secret comm which I seem to have mainly missed despite it involving some friends, but man did it ever give me flashbacks to Doctor Who fandom. Yeah. Really, I think we can always manage to imagine nastier things said about ourselves by others than they can come up with. (Most of the time, anyway.) And thus, wank o'hoy even if the comm has in reality been rather benign. (Even more so if it wasn't.) Not to mention some will object to it as a matter of principle.
- My WoW guild is so close to the Lich King fight I can taste it. On Arthas, I have sharpened my arrows for you a long time. We did down Illidan back in the Burning Crusade days, but that never felt like taking out a big bad like the Lich King will. (It was still wicked cool, though. Hoo yes.) And I'm working on my video editing skills to make the vid of the kill - here's a kill of Professor Putricide.

Also I made a fanvid for FlashForward's Lloyd/Olivia, mainly to see if I could.

Embedded vid behind the cut )

Maybe I should stick to writing - which reminds me, time off for Easter, time to summon some writing spirit.
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A selection of Cam's Fandom Secrets and Not So Much, featuring yours truly's graphic skills. Er, yes. I once again apologise in advance.

I'd hit that, I ship it & other fandom secrets and not so much )

You may now mock me.
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Well, in several, actually. House, BSG, Doctor Who...

We start our tale in House fandom, where there are several popular ships and thus several popular shipping comms. One such was [community profile] house_cuddy, where a post in Russian got several members making some rather nasty comments about Russians in general. Mod [profile] lissie_pissie made a post that was Not Okay and also that moderated posting was now on.

So far, so normal in the life of a mod. But then [profile] fishingvegas, who is a maintainer on the comm, deleted that post, removed [profile] lissie_pissie as a mod and announced that to the comm. Comm members were less than pleased and told him so. And then [community profile] house_cuddy was deleted.

People made a temporary comm - [profile] housecuddy_temp - complained on their own journals and suddenly [profile] hourse_cuddy was back again. This time with a post by mod [personal profile] hihoplastic (who apparently had been mod originally, but had been busy elsewhere for a while) that she was now mod, and would like people's comments in a screened post. (But no drama, please!)

Then [profile] hourse_cuddy was deleted again. Still is, at writing. (This may change.)

*stares and boggles* Yeah. I'm not in fandom or care about any of the ships, but that's pretty shitty to have happen to a comm you're fond of.

Meanwhile, in BSG fandom, an author is not happy about anon comments on her story on an anon meme and respons. Several other issues seem to be involved as well. Fandoms die not in whimpers, but in wank and anonmemes?

(I haven't read the story - haven't read any BSG story in a while - and I am not too fond of self-promotion, as there is a strong resistance to pushing yourself out there in Norwegian culture. The US has a quite different culture there, and hey, that's the world. I think the key is just to remember personally not digging something ≠ it being bad. You can dislike something because it is bad, sure, but you can also dislike something due to personal taste. And man, sometimes I wish I had it in me to push my own stories a bit more, because I do like feedback and it makes my day. But cultural codes are strong, you know?)

Returning from that digression, a post at [profile] tennant_love with pictures of David and his girlfriend (must be a member of the comm to see it now; it was originally unlocked) makes the mouse come out with possible trollish intentions. The girlfriend gets accused of neglecting her child, being ugly and implied not worthy of David, but all the anon hate is not all motivated by jealousy, noooo.

Mod steps in and disables anon commenting.

Last two situations do make me wonder - anon comments and anon memes: Good for fandom, bad for fandom, or would the sentiment in them just come out in other ways if expressing them anon was not a possibility? I tend to lean a bit towards the third, but which of them is true could very well vary from fandom to fandom.

As for me, I've had an exhausting week - also emotionally - and I need this weekend to recharge oh so much. Anyone got any batteries?

In other news, Nepal is to legalize gay marriage and will offer ceremonies on Mount Everest.
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First snowfall this week. You can also see here. I like the snow, at least compared to wind and rain. Truly winter now, Norway. Get out your mittens and reflectors.

Did I miss wank in the BSG fandom? Because that secret and the comments make me think so (well, coupled with some deleted journals I've spotted).

If you haven't already, you can leave your address for Christmas stuff here. My address can be found here (if you're on my flist, at least).

My Christmas wish lists )

Or just something you think I would want ;)

Finally, Africa might be getting a new sea. Huh. Curious. Our world really is a world that keeps change, tectonically and otherwise.

Now I have weekend, marzipan and a new DVD with Marple stories. What's your weekend treat to yourself?
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I have new layout over at LJ. Still can't figure out DW ones. [personal profile] lily_winterwood made the banner and some new icons plus helped me muchly with setting the layout up. I may fiddle a bit with it, we shall see.

I also have two banner variations so I can switch between them now and then. A shipping one and a writing one. But for now, Norway is on top.

Hmm, what shall be my next change, I wonder? I'm decidedly in the mood to make them.

2009 Home Team Matches: Round Two. Some of the choices you have to make are just utterly mean :(

I was asked fannish fives, and here's all the answers. (In random order, as I don't want to rate them.)

Top five generally unpopular characters that you like )

Five stories you would like to *read* about Spock and Uhura )

Five favorite moments of OMGWTFBBQ? from any/all canons )

Top five fictional shags )

Top five villains )

Top five non-human characters )

Top five 'Terribly Overrated By Fandom' characters  )

Top Five Unpopular Opinons in BSG Fandom )

Top Five Ships That Never Made It to Canon But Should Have )

Top Five Characters You'd Like to See in Another Fandom )

Top Five favorite romantic moments )
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You know how sometimes you think there's a limit to how low humans will sink? And then something comes along and properly crushes that idea?

Yeah, I give you suing a model for getting beaten up by her husband as 'ruining her image' and then after she commits suicide, continuing with an appeal of original decision and winning a settlement from her estate - the one left for her children.

RAAAAGE. Shinhan construction company, I award thee FAIL, as well as the court and the husband. What the hell?

It made me create a whole new fail tag, even :(

In other news, I quite enjoyed this little tale, involving a lot of confusion, Obama's pick for new judge, a Norwegian band, a song wrotten ten years ago suddenly being used for something else and how the Norwegian perspective is apparently 'yay women!'

Fandom and entertainment stuff:
- Transcript of that recent BSG event, some interesting stuff and some pretty funny. Dammit it made me write RPF again. Also a good interview with Jamie Bamber here. Go UK telly, says I. It's nice sometimes to not just have American stuff. I love many American shows, it's not that, but the US doesn't need to rule the whole TV world. Also, there are a lot of shite American shows too.
- Torchwood convention wank, with bonus arguments over whether or not Barrowman did a bad.
- My friend [personal profile] falena just got hooked on Criminal Minds and crave fanfic. I watch the show but am not really in fandom, so any of you got fic recs I can pass on? Open to anything, she claims. Just not badfic ;)
- If you play World of Warcraft - fun Wanted ads. I particularly laughed at the Ikiss one because, yes, those are awfully convenient, hee.
- Australian PM tells off Gordon Ramsay. Sexist remarks, ugh. Displeasing :(
- Who the hell are Heidi and Spencer and why am I supposed to care about them? Also, why, WHY would the wife of an ex-Governor currently charged with corruption and a lot of bad-bad be on a reality show?
- Dear The Soup, your show is pretty funny. But here's a spelling tip - that Nordic country whose version of "Next Top Model" you're showing a clip from is not 'Findland'. (I bring evidence!) You can't find it on a map. It's FINland, as in land of Finns. Or Suomi, if you want to show off your Finnish. Trust me, they would come across the border and smack me if I got it wrong. Don't make us Nordic lot invade the US now to defend Finland's honour here.

You wouldn't like that, now would you?
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Teen admits to roasting kitten in an oven.

... I feel ill. (Chick has prior arrests, I see. Chaaarming.) I need to hug my cat and feed him fish. People sure suck sometimes, don't they? (How apropos is this icon, too? Ugh.)

Also, today are EU elections and hardly anyone seems aware or even care. Norway's not a member so it's not an issue for me, but it's still slightly depressing. Democracy is a right earned with a lot of blood of our forefathers. Care for it a little, yeah? (Not that I am the EU's biggest fan. Um, no.)

Meanwhile, there was another BSG screening with UN panel attached. Reports from it here and here, and some red carpet pictures here. EJO and MM look hot. I approve. Resist the urge to write RPF. RESIST

Got a PM from someone asking if I was writing on stuff of late. Yes, I am. There is the remix, which I can't really tell you anything about since it's meant to be hush-hush until the reveal. I'm also very slowly writing on a AU season four finale thing. I can share a bit of that.

Untitled, spoilers for Daybreak )

But honestly, I haven't really pushed myself to write too much of late. I do tend to like writing on order though (journalist in me, I suppose) so: Prompt me. Give me five items or a piece of dialogue or something from the kink meme or a setting or something else you consider a prompt.

No guarantees and I am most likely to write BSG or possibly some Doctor Who, but summer has started and I should have some writing time. So hit me.
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We've had fantastic weather in Norway this extended weekend, and I've been enjoying it fully. Got bitten by various bugs and got some slight colour on me. Bring more of this weather on for summer, and I will be a happy, happy gal.

Meanwhile, the news about the murder of Dr. Tiller reached us here in Norway. My mother flat-out called the murderer a terrorist when I was talking to her about it, and that about sums up the general opinion in Norway.

Why we're just not having an abortion debate in Norway, and why I can be uneasy about abortion and still be pro-choice )

In more fandom stuff:

- Some alleged spoilers for the last Tennant special that if true, will cause so much wank. Hooo yes.

- The UK version of the 4.5 season of BSG have been released, with some deleted scenes. [profile] cutemaggie have linked YouTube uploads of some additional Adama and Roslin stuff here. I hope US version (coming on July 28th) has a lot more. Am greedy. Want more snogging too.

- Remember the LotR tinhats? I think I've found the next generation - shippers of Jared and Jensen (the Supernatural actors) who are convinced the guys are really together and just kept in the closet by evil PR. This is like deja vu all over again... Painfully so!
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So, there's this secret over at f!S (direct link) and this date rape joke in a movie and I get strong urges to rub my temples. But instead I'll go on a minor rant about consent.

What consent is and what it isn't )

/rant over

In brighter news, I guess everyone and their grandmother has seen Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent, right? (Over 20 million YouTube hits, so I guess so!) I knew in advance she'd be good when I looked at the clip, but damn. The Telegraph has some more on her. Given her lifestory, I can't help but wish her well. Be awesome!

CSI had awesome murder-at-Sci-Fi-convention episode - first one I've watched since Grissom left. And I enjoyed it heaps. Some BSG people in it as well, including Ron Moore going "you suck!" at someone wanting to 'reimagine' an old SciFi show. Hee. But man, didn't quite feel like the CSI I used to watch, with no Grissom, no Warrick and no Sara. I guess that's why it takes a special episode to get me watching these days. Oh, CSI as you once were to me, I miss you.

I miss mah BSG too :( I wish I could take over the world and order it to come back and be awesome. Shut up, I can be delusional.

In other news:
- Actual snakes on a plane!
- Booted Illinois governor to become reality star? Um, yeah.
- BNP claims Jesus would have supported them. Um, no.
- Norwegian officer killed in Afghanistan.
- Pirate Bay founders found guilty.
- Scottish police have eight Jedi officers. Hee.
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So quite a few people wanted me to take pictures and post them during this holiday. Anything in particular you want to see pictures of? I'm taking suggestions. Inside, outside, locally abouts and in the nearest city could all be done.


- Bill Adama, is that you posting to [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets? Awww. (Spoilers for Daybreak there.)

- LOL, K9 the series trailer looks a bit... Kinda really, really bad.

- I'm sure most of you have seen this wank concerning Supernatural fandom by now, but still. I mention it anyway, because wow. I've watched like maybe three episodes of that show put together, but it sure seems to bring out some crazy.

- I was nominated in the [livejournal.com profile] smith_awards apparently - be interesting to see how that turns out. (And for Ten/Martha, heh. Figures it would be for a pairing I wrote very little for.) All the stuff related to the CoT/[livejournal.com profile] children_time awards has just made cynical, and really, wouldn't a yearly award or something be enough? Eh well. We'll see how both of those go.

- I'm a little in love with this screencap. I wants icon, but my skills suck. Can I bug one of you to make one?

- Dollhouse is probably going to be cancelled, right? I am pondering what shows to try (apart from L&O: UK) now that my beloved BSG is done with its run, but I'm hearing such varying reports of it and if it's to be gone soon anyway... Eh.

From [livejournal.com profile] skywardprodigal

1. Reply to this post with 'Icons!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Five of mine )
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A selection of Cam's Fandom Secrets and Not So Much, featuring yours truly's graphic skills. Er, yes. I apologise in advance.

1. Photobucket

BSG, Doctor Who, CSI, I'd hit it secrets & more )

Um, yes. You may now mock me.

And yes, some of the other popular options on the poll will also appear this Easter.
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There are bad ideas, and there are BAD IDEAS. I'm not even in that particular fandom, but wow.

At the recent LA convention, Misha Collins was quoted as saying…“I'm fascinated by this slash fic thing. I’ve read only one, but it stuck with me. I'd like to find out more, if I could do it without being molested." Well, Misha… Your wish is our command. (...) I am going to the convention in Vancouver in August. (...) I plan to put together 6-8 fanfiction stories and present it to him when I have the opportunity. I will have it bound and my hope is that it will have some great artwork on the front.

Also to be included, RPF and oi. Look, the actor might be a little curious, but it's not like the stuff is hard to find on the Internets. Actually giving him printouts of various hardcore stuff (with artwork!) and including RPF? No no no no no. BAD IDEA.


- I finished BSG crime fic. 'Love and Simplicity: A Murder on Galactica' and I clocked it in at a little over 7000 words. Haven't decided if I'll post it as one, or split it up in two or three pieces - we'll see. Beta needs a good, hard look at it first in any case. Officially longest BSG fic I've done, actually. Yay?
- I kind of want to write another BSG/Doctor Who crossover with Ten and Martha, doing Daybreak a bit AU, Ten curing Laura's cancer just because, the TARDIS speaking through a hybrid and Lee and Martha hooking up a bit. Um. I don't know about my brain sometimes.
- I've started reading a bit of RPF and feel naughty and guilty about it. It's all [livejournal.com profile] bsg_pornbattle's fault.
- Anyone want to look at my Adama/Roslin manifesto, just to make sure I don't say anything completely off? I've finished it, but it's not due until April 8th, so no rush.
- PMing me instead of using Page-A-Mod on [livejournal.com profile] time_and_chips when you're a long-time user of the the comm and I even have a bit in my user info you shouldn't do that? Makes me a little grumpy.
- Making me more grumpy: Reading some Kara/Lee shippers going off on Katee. UGH.
- I really, really hate Thaddius on achivement mode.
- More and more snow is vanishing, and you can actually see the ground in places. SPRING NORWAY SPRING. I think I will try to take some pictures of spring stuff here this year, because it's really lovely.
- The state has sent me my proposed tax returns for 2008 and whee, I get back a substansial sum this year too. Cha-ching.
- Wedding tomorrow, huh.
- It's Easter next week, with marzipan and crime and all the silly Norwegian Easter traditions I love. Plus holidays. Anyone got any plans?
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(Another day in the life of CamFamily - [livejournal.com profile] misscam and CamMum happen to be sharing a train to work, as sometimes happen.)
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: So, wedding next week, huh?
CamMum: (confused) Whaaa...? Whose?
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Yours and dad's!
CamMum: Oh, right. I thought for a moment there I'd forgotten something.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Apparently, you had. Your own!

My parents, lol. Wedding next Wednesday, and I got time off from work that week. Finally. I'll have time to get out the summer clothes, fix my bike and write some fanfic. BSG-kind, naturally.

Another reason Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell rock my boat -Spoilers for Daybreak p2 ) Awwwww.

Bear McCreary also posted his finale post, and it's long, informative and guess which scene really made him cry? Yeah. I'm so buying his double-CD when it comes. And where's my season 4.5 DVD with deleted scenes, extended stuff EJO and MM doing a commentary shut up I can dream, bloopers and lots of behind the scenes stuff? I am waiting.

Finally, I give you: Titanic (an animated musical) review - part one and part two. Because every blockbuster should have an animated musical rip-offversion. With a rapping dog, racially stereotyped mice, crying dalmations and some really stupid accents. It's like Disney met a trainwreck and added to the impact.

Never say I don't bring you some proper WTF.
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I has finished first post-finale BSG fic. Bit more sap than I usually write, but what the frak. It's with beta and my mind is already pondering what to write next. I kinda promised [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 I would do one on Adamas and love with Adama/Roslin and at least some Kara/Lee, but Spoilers for the BSG finale ) Thinking can be so overrated.

Speaking of not thinking: A tale of a creationist teacher in Norway and the Twitter-backlash that brought the story all the way to national and foreign media.

What seems to have happened is that one teacher who was in charge of the website for Moltemyr school here in Norway put an article on the school's website essentially denying Darwin's theory of evolution. Some Norwegians start Twittering about it (because truly, wtf?) and off it goes to all the major newspapers and even Pharyngula. It was even on the news I watched his evening. The principal has quickly gone out to deny this being the school's official view and had the article yanked and everyone is generally being all FAIL TEACHER FAIL WTF WERE YOU NOT-THINKING.

You see, Norway is a majorly secular country. True, we have a state church and a majority is still officially members, but we're mellow and often agnostic or atheist and consider faith a private matter. You don't go asking a stranger in Norway what they believe in - it's like asking them how their sex life is doing. (Americans, I know you mean no offense by it and it's different in your country, but really, tone yourself down a bit when you go here or Norwegians will stare at you as if you just grew two heads.) As a result, religion isn't much in politics either. Or in science.

Creationism in Norway is generally viewed as something really weird coming out of America, like pet marriages. There are some Norwegians that believe it, but I kid not when I say this is a tiny minority. So tiny coming across it has lead to much merriment in the past. A teacher putting it up seriously on a school website? Oh dear oh dear oh dear deary me oh. (What he puts up on a personal website, I could care less, though I might still laugh a bit.)

And that all this came to light through Twitter? Pretty amusing. Bet you wish that had never been created, teacher.

I offer the same caveat as last time I went on about this: I note here for the record that those who choose to believe God is behind evolution and whatever else - I don't share that belief, but I can at least see where it's coming from. Harcore creationists leave me with a sort of weird fascination and much merriment because wtf, truly.
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Battlestar Galactica. Oh, BSG finale. I don't even know where to begin.

Spoilers. Spoilers like whoa. )

(I probably forgot to mention stuff, but man, there was a lot in this finale.)

BSG is over. I still can't believe it. I want DVDs with deleted scenes and more stuff fast, or I will go into withdrawl. MAH SHOW.

What the heck am I going to watch now? (After I've done a lot of rewatching, naturally.) Yes, I am taking suggestions.
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Battlestar Galactica went to the United Nations. Yes, really. Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell and Ron Moore in the UN, even doing a 'so say we all!' bit.

There's one report here, another here, yet another here and one here.

The UN has put a webcast of it up here. (I believe this is a direct link to the video.)

And this is where my fannish interests meet a real life passion - I am a fairly passionate believe in the idea of the UN, human rights and end of discrimination for any reason. Done volunteer work for the rights of children, etc. It can feel like surreal moment, but you know what? Anything that can get us talking and thinking are good things, beause too many people are willing to assume silence means they're not doing anything wrong. And if we're going to get anywhere in this world, we have to be able to communicate with each other and learn to fucking listen, too.

I also watched BSG's The Last Frakkin' Special and then I actually sniffled a bit. MAH SHOW :( On Saturday, it will be over. And one thing EJO said in there about trauma and experiences and being stronger at the end of it really resonated with me. Man, how I wish that rape never happened - but sometimes, bad shit makes you stronger. There's hope in that, perversely.

Meanwhile, Wednesdays suck. (Sorry Odin!) I've always hated the stupid day. It's too early to look forward to weekend, any high of the previous one is long gone, there is nothing worthwhile to watch on telly and nothing ever good happens to be on Wednesdays. Last one I even twisted my knee and had to hobble around for three days. It still isn't all good. Blah. But at least the weather was good today. Spring is here! Oh spring, I love you. Give us some more sunshine and melt all this snow. Go go.

Also, my parents have set and gotten their marriage date - in going with their attitude to it all, it's April 1st. So April 1st, I am attending a wedding I never even considered I would (as maid of honour, no less), and for two people who will refuse me to make any sort of deal out of it. What do you wear for that?

Oh, and if you remember albino moose from a while back, check out two of them! About one birth in a million with moose apparently is an albino. So now you know that. I guess those two found each other's one in a million.

In other news:
- Pope claims condoms 'even increase the problem' of HIV/AIDS rather than help; French tell him to STFU. So do I. Increase the problem? Are you on crack? Oh wait, I know, those rubber things helping with overpopulation and the spread of sexual diseases are such evil, evil things, total inventions of Satan... if you're on crack, that is.

- Josef Fritzl pleads guilty to all charges. Good. Now stick him somewhere he will never hurt anyone again.

- Dinosaurs might not have been as scaly as imagined. I still love dinosaurs, all the way from childhood. But man, so much we're still only guessing at with them.

- Actress Natasha Richardson's in critical condition after skiing accident. Huh. That all sounds slightly bizarre.
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Long week finally arrived at weekend. Been working overtime, twisted my knee in a bit of an ice mishap, was kissed by a four year old, had another 'ARGH NSB' week and have just generally been busy. Lazy weekend arrived just in time.

And weekend means new BSG. A few spoilers for Daybreak p1 )

HOW IS IT ONLY TWO HOURS LEFT?! The mere thought is making me depressed. I don't want to let it go.

In other BSG stuff:
- Everyone has already seen the TVGuide photoshoot bits, right? CUTE LIKE WHOA.
- One more part of the Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnel TVGuide interview, this time discussing the fans and media. No spoilers.
- The UN to have a panel on BSG. Ron Moore, EJO and MM all due to appear. Wow. Someone in the UN must be a serious fan.
- Battlestar drinks. Because after next week, we might all need some alcohol.
- Critic wants to know what makes BSG so great, invites fans to explain it.
- How will BSG end? Critic admits to being nervous. So am I.

In life:

Bad oil spill hits the coasts of Queensland, Australia. Parts of the Sunshine Coast to be precise, and I got all sad and wah because that's where I often went to the beach when I lived in Brisbane. Even my favourite of Bribie Island got hit. :(

Meanwhile, football season is starting in Norway today - with most of the country still covered in over 30cm of snow. HAH. I am a quite dedicated football watcher, as is my mum. Meanwhile, dad and my brother don't really care. Role-reversal FTW. My team is Tromsø and I'm hoping for a good season. Last year they got a bronze, whoo.

Remember the guy that threw a shoe at Bush? He got a three year jail term for it. Um, that seems a bit excessive. Seems more akin to throwing rotten eggs, which in Norway you get fined over, mostly. Three years, seriously? I've seen rapists get less than that.

Eurosong is SRS BSNS. Most Europeans already know this, of course. Ah, Eurosong. What Europe does instead of going to war with each other these days. I'm looking forward to this year's already.

Link of funny: Top 15 villain inboxes. Daleks, Gollum and Tetris included, as it should be.

So, what are you all up to?
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Good start of a Monday morning - waking up at 4 a.m. because the cat is sticking his paws into your face and wants to be fed. Gah. But I have survived the work-day and came home to some stuff that made me excited, yes.

So, can I bribe an American to get me this TV Guide? It'll be out Thursday in newsstands - I want the Adama/Roslin cover, naturally. (But what's with the hair, EJO?)

I'll cover your expenses for shipping it to me and all that jazz. *bats eyelashes at Americans on her flist* Unless you want something from Norway in exchange. That is also doable. ETA: Covered, thanks!

And hai, promo pics for Daybreak. Damn, I can't believe the finale starts this Friday. WAH MAH SHOW. How am I going to deal with it ending? There's not even a Doctor Who season this year that could distract me from missing BSG.

Speaking of Doctor Who, those awards with All the Reviewing Wank posted winners, and apparently [livejournal.com profile] time_and_chips won favourite community and me, [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 and [livejournal.com profile] marcasite were runners up as favourite mods. I must admit the awards has just left me a bit cold with everything that's been going on, but thanks to those who voted and all.

(I have such bad experiences with fanfic awards in general - I remember all the wank surrounding the HASA ones back in my Lord of the Rings days. I wasn't involved, but just watching it was exhausting. I'm beginning to think awards are wank invitations.)

Meanwhile, in the ongoing saga of FAIL of the Brazilian archbishop, the Vatican has come out in support. Because they're asshats, that's why.

In Australia, a man suffered scratched buttocks and shredded underpants after wrestling a kangaroo. As you do. I totally started laughing at the guy's comment: "My initial thought when I was half awake was, 'it's a lunatic ninja coming through the window'." Bwhahaha. Lunatic ninja kangaroo!

In other news:
- A chimp in a Swedish zoo 'planned' stone attacks. Some fascinating stuff in there. Also I love that it was in Sweden, just because.
- Obama ends ban on funding for stem cell research.
- EU to have crisis talks over General Motors' European plants.
- Craiglist sued over erotic ads.
- Italy revives controversial Sicily bridge plans.
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You might remember the charming story about a Brazilian archbishop who ordered excommunication of the mother and doctors of a nine-year-old girl who had an abortion after being raped by her step father. Well, it managed to get worse.

Outrage occurs. The president of Brazil is unimpressed. The archbishop remains unrepentant, but guess who he doesn't want to expell from the church?

The unrepentant archbishop said overnight the accused stepfather would not be expelled from the Church. Although the man allegedly committed, "a heinous crime, the abortion - the elimination of an innocent life - was more serious."

I HAVE WORDS AND THEY'RE ALL OF RAGE. We're taking about an abortion for a nine-year-old pregnant with twins, who wouldn't even be able to carry one baby to term and is already severely traumatized. So for saving her life, you want excommunication, but for the (alleged) child-raping asshat of a step-father? Welcome to the church! Saving a life is more serious than rape, apparently.

What the hell, Catholic Church? WHAT THE HELL.

Now onto BSG's 'Islanded in a Steam of Stars', which did its usual thing of killing me in various ways.

Spoilers under the cut, with a few screencaps )

In other news:
- Cancer-stricken couple chooses to die together at a voluntary euthanasia clinic.
- Svalbard hit by major earthquake.
- Josef Fritzl, the Austrian accused of sexually abusing his own daughter over 24 years, will plead guilty. (According to his laywer, who also denied Mr Fritzl was a "sex monster" and said he loved his daughter Elisabeth "in his own way". NO. If you rape someone - repeatedly or once - you lose the right to claim you love the person, dammit.)
- Michael Jackson might earn over $400m if comeback goes well.
- India is having a contest for a symbol for the rupee. (A la £ for pounds, $ for dollars, and um, I don't have the Euro sign on this keyboard. Because Norway has weird EU issues, probably.)
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Between NSB's latest fail (train disruptions yesterday afternoon and this morning, whee) and Official Stuff at work, I am slightly worn out. Feels like I've done nothing but work, sleep and curse Norway's public transportation this week, which sounds about right. Just tomorrow and then weekend, thank Frey. (And new BSG!)

Also it's been so cold this winter there's no more oil for heating. Fuck. That's never happened before. New has to be ordered, meanwhile I'm freezing a tad.

Also, I rather pathetically did make a Adama/Roslin claim for [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto - it's been accepted and my due date is April 8th, so I can take into account what happens in the finale. But I will surely ask for a bit of help - I need to find a title, someone who is okay with me using their screencaps and input is always good. I don't want to make it lame, self-congratulatory or things in that vein. Possibly I take this too seriously, but I am weird.

Meanwhile, this story made me hiss more than a little. A Brazilian archbishop announces those who helped a nine-year-old rape victim get an abortion all face excommunication. This kid had apparently been raped since the age of six by her step-father, and was pregnant with twins when her uterus was too small to contain even one baby, which means her life was at stake. How about directing some of that Righteous Wrath towards the ass of a step-father (who apparently also raped the 14-year-old handicapped sister) and STFU about people who tried to help a traumatized kid whose life was endangered, Catholic Church? I award thee a FAIL.

Also a way to market a product: USB tampon drives. No, really.

Lots of people on the Internets seem to be talking about the Bachelor finale - as summed up here. I've occasionally watched the show for the same reasons I sometimes don't stop reading a really, really bad book - I like to repulse myself and I can't help but want to know how bad it will get. That seems to be about the bottom.

What's up with you all?


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