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Reasons why it's a bad idea to google yourself, #19 - coming across posts talking about shipping youin a RPF way (sorta) and feeling all weird. Can only blame myself though - curiosity is sometimes an impulse best resisted.

What's the weirdest you've found googling yourself?

In other fandom news, been a bit of a bruhaha in Doctor Who fandom over whether or not 'retarded' is okay to use in a fic title. Arguments over the original meaning of the word and all that, plus the author feeling specifically targetted (which does seem to allude to previous incidents).

Titles. Pick 'em carefully. (But man, titles are evil to find. I think the longest I've used to find one was six hours, which was longer than it took to write the fic!)

I am steadily writing more Merlin fic, as I've been infected by new fandom quite bad. It's always a bit strange to see what I actually really fall for, fandomwise. And what I like, but never get fannish about (which is the majority of stuff I watch or read, really). And because I am in a math mood, I started wondering if I could make a formula for my fandom attractions.

The closest I came was: Cute couple with potential for being Canon + interesting but flawed canon - annoyance over certain issues multiplied by desire to write fanfic for said fandom divided by fandom wankery.

... I need not to be making math tests right after I've written fanfic, probably.

Arthur/Gwen fanvid behind the cut )

Meanwhile, a bit of scandal has hit Norway - and it involves the US. Basically, it has been uncovered that the US were spying on Norwegians in Norway, using former police officers. This sort of surveillance could very well be illegal. The US claims it was cleared with Norwegian authorities, Norwegian authorities says no. The US has stopped the surveillance for now.

Yeeeaah. If the US has actually broken Norwegian law, I'm gonna be severely unimpressed. And yet, not really surprised because the US government has said sod it to International law in the past.

Don't forget to leave your address here if you want a Christmas card from Norway or is doing a gift exchange with me.
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So Doctor Who fandom is having a discussion about like and dislike of female characters again, as sparked by this post on why someone dislikes Amy. It has sparked some posts on feminism and love for Amy for not being normal and probably lots of posts I haven't read.

Four things have struck me.

Point 1) The compassion argument. In a few of the comments, Amy gets slammed for being having a lack of compassion and 'not caring less'. Among other things cited is not approaching strangers (to her) being unhappy on several occasions. And you know, that gets my back up a bit, because that is not in itself lack of compassion.

I am frequently uncomfortable approaching someone I don't know well or don't know at all if I see they are unhappy. This is not because I don't feel for them. This is because I was raised in a culture where you don't 'push yourself' on others. Where you don't approach strangers in the assumption they'll be your friend. Where you don't assume you have the right to know their worries. Where you're afraid others will take it as pity, not compassion. In other cultures, they might not have those concerns. Hell, I know many don't. But I have them.

I am not Rose. I'm not instantly warm to all I meet. I don't befriend instantly. It doesn't make me feel less compassion for their misfortunes. Nor am I Amy, or Donna, or Martha. I have my own way of caring. Holding me up to them as if one of us must be the right way and one the wrong, instead of just different ways, is doing a huge disservice on many levels.

I guess my point is that not everyone expresses their emotions, compassion or even distress in the same way. Don't hold everyone to your choice of standard.

Which brings me to point 2) Women have no obligation to hold to your standard to be feminists. That's the thing about us females - we're all different. We're all women. Don't we want a world that doesn't dictate how we have to be to qualify as 'proper' women?

Amy doesn't have to have Rose's display of compassion to fit into feminism. Donna doesn't have to have Martha's weapon-blazing bravery. Rose doesn't have to have Donna's insight. Martha doesn't have to have Amy's feist. In fact, I'd like to make a case that the more varied female characters we get, the better for feminism it damn well will be.

Point 3) Starting a post with any variation of "I'm not bashing, but..." is in most cases gonna merrily roll down that path. It's like "I'm not sexist, but...", "I'm not racist, but...", "I'm not blaming the victim, but..." and "I'm not an asshole, but..." If you feel you have to defend yourself with that but, you're already aware that's what it sounds like.

And yes, sometimes it bloody well is exactly what it sounds like.

Bonus point 4), recycled from many previous rants. If course you can dislike characters. Female ones too! Tastes vary and sometimes, a character can just be too far removed for you to connect with it. Or there is one or more character traits that just bother you too much. That's okay! It happens!

But if you're slamming a female character for traits you love a male one for, if female characters are always the target of your dislike, if you use certain words to describe your dislike every time - well, maybe it's not the character(s) you're really disliking.
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First off: Awww, Germany. Also, spotted this secret over at [community profile] fandomsecrets - Eurosong, now also a reason for people to change country?

Opinions on telly.

Spoilers for Doctor Who's Cold Blood )

Next time: Van Gogh! Probably more forehead!porn. More omnious signs without a doubt.

Spoilers for FlashForward's final episode )

I also sadly subjected myself to some glimpses of reality show "The Hills" on YouTube and am now horrifed beyond belief what some people do to their bodies and their dignity. WTF, truly.

Best go to bed now.
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O flist, if I were to write a fic called Five Historical Events Amy Kissed the Doctor During (and One She Got Shagged During), what would be your pick of historical event?

Meanwhile, I am watching new Who until next week, so that I will have part two ready for watching immidiately after. I hate cliffhangers, so now I am trying to outsmart them. Haha!

... I'm probably going to fail miserably, aren't I?
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Playing around with video editing and learning the ropes, and thus I made a Doctor Who fanvid and a FlashForward one.

Eleven and Amy: The Sky Is BIgger )

Direct link.

Lloyd/Olivia: Never Easy )

Direct link.

It's actually fun to fiddle around with, inbetween watching football, waiting for fic back from beta (the crossover of doom) and trying not to worry too much about work stuff. (ARGH.)

Speaking of fannish stuff, any good Doctor and Amy comms to join yet, or Eleven-centric comms? I should join the present. (And half tempted to make a FF one for Lloyd and Olivia, but I'd be pretty alone there, I suspect.)

It's always a bit weird to adjust to new Doctor, but it's getting a bit weird to watch old episodes now too, since Matt Smith is starting to feel like the Doctor to me. This is like from Nine to Ten all over again, only with no common companion.

In other news, the ongoing Vatican woes over child abuse and pedophile priests now has a case in Norway too with a former bishop admiting to sexual abuse - and the Norwegian Catholic church keeping it silent for over a year.

To say I am unimpressed would be leaving out all the fairly ugly curse words I used about the Catholic church. Way to put your members in a shit situation of feeling tainted by this by association too, Vatican.

Meanwhile, it is finally proper sping in Norway, which my cat decided to enjoy by camping in a suitcase. (Also here and here.) As you do.

Football beckons!
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Thoughts on various telly I have watched this week below.

Spoilers for Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour )

In conclusion: Yes. This could be very good.

Spoilers for FlashForward up to 'Better Angels' )

In conclusion: Give me good writing, more character devolpment and snogging.

Very old spoilers for Law & Order: UK )

In conclusion: Threesome?
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This is a shit week. The only bright side is that it's soon over and that I have about a week off for Easter. Other than that, this week can bite me. Issues with people I am working with, my mobile being nicked, getting caught in unexpected rain, the usual monthly pain, frustrations and feeling like a failure, yes, a load of fun things all stacked together. Man, did I ever pick the wrong week to go cold turkey on all candy, chips and cake (in a self-imposed health iniativ).

On the bright side, it is spring. Just spring with a metre of snow to melt still.

In fandom stuff:

- Hey, Dcotor Who is almost back! New Doctor and new head writer and I am curious to see how it pans out. I am feeling midly optimistic, as tends to be my default. Also, this secret posted to [community profile] fandomsecrets amused me muchly. But sorry OP, I don't think the Doctor is lingering around Norway. I'll be sure to let you know if that changes, though.
- Also I got a Rassilon action figure. He's currently eyeballing a little koala suvenir I took home from Australia. I think he may have villainous plans.
- FlashForward is back! Two episodes in so far and I'm not sure where it's going yet, but if it's towards more shirtless Jack Davenport, I sure won't complain.
- Law & Order: UK is new to my DVD player and I like it. Yes, I do.
- Norwegian football season is back! Oh, I do love my football. My absolutely favourite activity on Sundays during spring/summer/autumn is lying out in the sun and listening to the football on the radio while reading.
- BSG fandom seems to have had some wankery over a secret comm which I seem to have mainly missed despite it involving some friends, but man did it ever give me flashbacks to Doctor Who fandom. Yeah. Really, I think we can always manage to imagine nastier things said about ourselves by others than they can come up with. (Most of the time, anyway.) And thus, wank o'hoy even if the comm has in reality been rather benign. (Even more so if it wasn't.) Not to mention some will object to it as a matter of principle.
- My WoW guild is so close to the Lich King fight I can taste it. On Arthas, I have sharpened my arrows for you a long time. We did down Illidan back in the Burning Crusade days, but that never felt like taking out a big bad like the Lich King will. (It was still wicked cool, though. Hoo yes.) And I'm working on my video editing skills to make the vid of the kill - here's a kill of Professor Putricide.

Also I made a fanvid for FlashForward's Lloyd/Olivia, mainly to see if I could.

Embedded vid behind the cut )

Maybe I should stick to writing - which reminds me, time off for Easter, time to summon some writing spirit.
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A selection of Cam's Fandom Secrets and Not So Much, featuring yours truly's graphic skills. Er, yes. I once again apologise in advance.

I'd hit that, I ship it & other fandom secrets and not so much )

You may now mock me.
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Well, in several, actually. House, BSG, Doctor Who...

We start our tale in House fandom, where there are several popular ships and thus several popular shipping comms. One such was [community profile] house_cuddy, where a post in Russian got several members making some rather nasty comments about Russians in general. Mod [profile] lissie_pissie made a post that was Not Okay and also that moderated posting was now on.

So far, so normal in the life of a mod. But then [profile] fishingvegas, who is a maintainer on the comm, deleted that post, removed [profile] lissie_pissie as a mod and announced that to the comm. Comm members were less than pleased and told him so. And then [community profile] house_cuddy was deleted.

People made a temporary comm - [profile] housecuddy_temp - complained on their own journals and suddenly [profile] hourse_cuddy was back again. This time with a post by mod [personal profile] hihoplastic (who apparently had been mod originally, but had been busy elsewhere for a while) that she was now mod, and would like people's comments in a screened post. (But no drama, please!)

Then [profile] hourse_cuddy was deleted again. Still is, at writing. (This may change.)

*stares and boggles* Yeah. I'm not in fandom or care about any of the ships, but that's pretty shitty to have happen to a comm you're fond of.

Meanwhile, in BSG fandom, an author is not happy about anon comments on her story on an anon meme and respons. Several other issues seem to be involved as well. Fandoms die not in whimpers, but in wank and anonmemes?

(I haven't read the story - haven't read any BSG story in a while - and I am not too fond of self-promotion, as there is a strong resistance to pushing yourself out there in Norwegian culture. The US has a quite different culture there, and hey, that's the world. I think the key is just to remember personally not digging something ≠ it being bad. You can dislike something because it is bad, sure, but you can also dislike something due to personal taste. And man, sometimes I wish I had it in me to push my own stories a bit more, because I do like feedback and it makes my day. But cultural codes are strong, you know?)

Returning from that digression, a post at [profile] tennant_love with pictures of David and his girlfriend (must be a member of the comm to see it now; it was originally unlocked) makes the mouse come out with possible trollish intentions. The girlfriend gets accused of neglecting her child, being ugly and implied not worthy of David, but all the anon hate is not all motivated by jealousy, noooo.

Mod steps in and disables anon commenting.

Last two situations do make me wonder - anon comments and anon memes: Good for fandom, bad for fandom, or would the sentiment in them just come out in other ways if expressing them anon was not a possibility? I tend to lean a bit towards the third, but which of them is true could very well vary from fandom to fandom.

As for me, I've had an exhausting week - also emotionally - and I need this weekend to recharge oh so much. Anyone got any batteries?

In other news, Nepal is to legalize gay marriage and will offer ceremonies on Mount Everest.
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First off, happy new year all!

Obviously, spoilers below for Doctor Who.

So, end of an era then... )
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Huh, I've sat down twice now intending to write nu!Trek, and ended up finishing Doctor Who fics both times instead. One Donna, one Ten II/Rose. Sure, been meaning to do complete both for ages, but was still a bit surprised I actually did it. And I reorganized my bookshelves and got the last stuff ready for vaguely scary Tuesday and feel generally like getting stuff complete, I guess.

A question for the flist - I know some of you have been authors for the Support Stacey auctions or just know of them. It seems a good enough cause, though I'm slightly hesitant. But if I were willing to offer myself up, would anyone actually care to bid for me?

So, remember miss death-of-a-ficitonal-character-is-just-like-rape? (Bet you wish you didn't!) She's popped out to reply to some of the rather (understandably) non-supportive comments and apparently we're just not understanding her suffering. Yeah. Her suffering, being told off by rape survivors for comparing it to the death of a fiction character. Suffering. Yeah.

Oh yeah, and she still thinks the comparison is apt and anyone who doesn't think so is apparently an insensitive twat. Not her, of course. No, no. Everyone else is, including those mean, mean rape survivors.

Yeah. I think you can imagine the sort of Norwegian coarse language I'd be wanting to use at her right about now - though of course, she could possibly be a troll.

And how I wish this was a troll - Afganistan passes law that allows the man to strave his wife if she refuses to have sex with him. It includes a whole lot of other fail, too. The next time someone whines about feminism and poor men now so maligned, remind me to smack them with that law's existence.

Also, Norway and the US have teamed up to build a hospital for the victims of sexualised violence in eastern Congo. Wish it wasn't needed, but at least it's an attempt to help. And with the lastest oil fund numbers, we sure have money we could spend on good causes. (Norwegians now own 1% of the world's global share markets, which is impressive when we only number 4.7 million. Huh. How fortunes change - we were once about the poorest country in Europe.)

Meanwhile in life, my parents are demanding I find something for them to spend money on me for. Apparently, ever since buying my brother a car two years ago they've felt the need to get me something too, or it wouldn't be fair. This has bugged them enough that they've brought it up several times before, but now they're getting very insistent.

My parents really are hilariously social democratic sometimes - I will have to think of something to help their sense of balance, clearly.

And how are you awesome people?
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I have new layout over at LJ. Still can't figure out DW ones. [personal profile] lily_winterwood made the banner and some new icons plus helped me muchly with setting the layout up. I may fiddle a bit with it, we shall see.

I also have two banner variations so I can switch between them now and then. A shipping one and a writing one. But for now, Norway is on top.

Hmm, what shall be my next change, I wonder? I'm decidedly in the mood to make them.

2009 Home Team Matches: Round Two. Some of the choices you have to make are just utterly mean :(

I was asked fannish fives, and here's all the answers. (In random order, as I don't want to rate them.)

Top five generally unpopular characters that you like )

Five stories you would like to *read* about Spock and Uhura )

Five favorite moments of OMGWTFBBQ? from any/all canons )

Top five fictional shags )

Top five villains )

Top five non-human characters )

Top five 'Terribly Overrated By Fandom' characters  )

Top Five Unpopular Opinons in BSG Fandom )

Top Five Ships That Never Made It to Canon But Should Have )

Top Five Characters You'd Like to See in Another Fandom )

Top Five favorite romantic moments )
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Mother thinks taking fourteen year old daughter to have a lie detector on a live show is a good idea and so do the presenters, apparently. Because the mother worries her kid is doing drugs and is having sex. Daughter reveals she got raped once - and that the mother knows. And still thought it was a great idea to drag her daughter to a lie detector test being aired live and ask her if she had ever had sex.

From the broadcast )

(You can hear the whole segment here. You might feel a bit sick.)

There's apparently quite a bit of blacklash against the presenters going on after this, as mention here. But at least they didn't know in advance, unlike the mother. Still, this is soundly fail all around.

In Doctor Who news, a new Russell T. Davis interview from Comic Con about Rose and Ianto, among other things.

I have a feeling fandom's not going to love his remarks. Though RTD did make me consider something - Doctor Who had a new Doctor after the first series already. But the companion didn't change - maybe a bit of the focus on Rose was due to her being the constant.

Fics I want to write/finish:

- A post-Apocalypse fic. Not sure with which characters, but the image of surviving in the ruins of civilization evokes something in me.
- Spock/Uhura story with older!Spock appearing as well.
- "Humans Don't Dream of Gallifreyan Sheep", Donna-centric where the Doctor keeps returning to her every time her memories resurface a little.
- An AU Daybreak with ressurrection technology viable for humans as well, Ellen deciding to raise her 'children' right and a quite different ending.
- "Life's a Time Machine", human Doctor learning how to live with the most basic time machine of all.
- A Pon Farr fic where it's a problem, not the greatest sex ever.

I want my BSG DVD to arrive already. And also I was up too late last night and might have ordered some silly thing from Amazon. Including audio CD of the Star Trek movie novelization, because the DVD is not out until November. I think I'm a bit restless and impatient these days, bleh.

How are you?
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Ugh, ever had one of those 'can't hold down anything, not even water' kind of sicks? I am. Must've eaten something that very much didn't agree with me. Just hope I don't get dehydrated or something silly while waiting for it to settle down. Ugh.

On the topic of ugh: Republican Ohio state legislator John Adams of Sidney, has submitted a bill that would require a woman to obtain the permission of the man who impregnated her before she could receive abortion services.

Let me get this straight. I generally think it's a good idea that in case of a pregnancy, the two parties involved talk to each other. Ideally, it should be a joint decision. However, there are situations where that might not possible. Ultimately, a woman's will trumps the father's. I'm sorry, but it does. Because it's her body. Forcing her to carry a fetus to term against her will is just... I have no words. Don't even get me started on the bit about rape in there. I don't have the energy for that particular rage today.

I see Russell T. Davis was interviewed about reactions to Torchwood's Children of Earth. Comments get into it, as one might expect.

Also, RTD ships Winchester brothers, it seems.

Meanwhile, the new Star Trek movie led to a number of things and now a group would like the next one to include Kirk/Spock - in the name of equality.

However, not all get behind this idea and don't like that one ship is focused on and set up as the One That Would Represent Equality. It would also mean breaking up Spock and Uhura, and that doesn't go down well with everyone.

I must admit, I kinda found this movement (as they call themselves) tacky. It comes across way more 'we find this pairing hot, please stick it in the movie!' than 'hey, how about some representation of same sex couples that isn't made of fail?' The latter, I'm totally behind. The first is way more fannish entitlement. And shrouding that in a call for equality? I find that tacky, I do. (Plus, starting it with a version of 'I know this isn't really allowed, but I am going to post anyway'? Does not endear me.)

Also being talked about here and here.

Cam and Saz discuss Spock and Uhura, shallow, mushed ship names, RTD's brain and the Internet being for porn )
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Well, well. First pictures of new Doctor in new costume are out and you can see them here. Also, if you click on the slideshow to see more, you'll also see something else. Cut for one spoiler )

I'm stocking the wankshelter with lots of booze, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, in another fandom close to you, a reader decides to e-mail an author some comments on a story, as she has a few issues with it. Author is not grateful and replies fairly snappishly back.

So the reader decides to publish the e-mail and the reply with digs at the author. When people point out reposting private correspondence might be seen as a bit of a dick move, reader apologizes (sorta) but keeps the posts up.

I guess the question is - at what point is someone an ass enough to make it okay to make public what was private exchanges, or is there even such a point?

Fandom wankery does sometimes involve the professionals too - looks like this Red Dwarf actor is still quite sore about recent events and are having a go at fans disagreeing with him.

Oh, Norman.

Finally to all anons who left a comment here - I didn't reply to all, but I hope all of you feeling down for various reasons will get reasons to feel better. Life can be a bitch, but it can also be awesome. I hope it gets to that with everyone.

I know I am not close with everyone, but if you ever feel like talking to someone, my IMs are listed in my profile. It's an open and standing offer.
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What to say.

Well, Norway's had very warm weather and I spent a lot of time outside getting a tan. Then cold weather came and clashed with the warm and wham bam we had thunderstorm on Friday and Saturday night. Fierce, too. I woke up at 3a.m. from the noise and it last until 5ish. Really loud, can't remember having seen anything like it in Norway before. Pouring rain too, 88mm within two hours. Some pictures from Friday's storm over Oslo here and over this area. Plus, it started some forest fires and the temprature fell over 10 degrees.

Quite freaky, really. On the bright side, bad weather made it all the easier to stay in and write some. Can't tell you what though, it's secret.

Doctor Who movie to be announced at ComicCon?

If so, I sense waaaaaaaaaank to follow. Maybe the wankshelter will have to restock again.

Fandom quiz!

If you get word that some readers are displeased a fic of yours didn't warn for dubcon, do you:

1) Argue it isn't dubcon
2) Apologise, add a duncon warning
3) Have a wanky fit over how you'd never ever write dubcon and anyone reading it like that must be meanies
4) Write a fanfic mocking the concept of dubcon

I give option four! That's certainly a new one, yes. Huh. Name looks vaguely familiar as well.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to look at something funnier, here are naked Swedes dancing with crispbread. No, really!

[profile] wendymr asked me to explain some icons.

Eight icons under the cut )

Ulduar raid beckons!
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We've had fantastic weather in Norway this extended weekend, and I've been enjoying it fully. Got bitten by various bugs and got some slight colour on me. Bring more of this weather on for summer, and I will be a happy, happy gal.

Meanwhile, the news about the murder of Dr. Tiller reached us here in Norway. My mother flat-out called the murderer a terrorist when I was talking to her about it, and that about sums up the general opinion in Norway.

Why we're just not having an abortion debate in Norway, and why I can be uneasy about abortion and still be pro-choice )

In more fandom stuff:

- Some alleged spoilers for the last Tennant special that if true, will cause so much wank. Hooo yes.

- The UK version of the 4.5 season of BSG have been released, with some deleted scenes. [profile] cutemaggie have linked YouTube uploads of some additional Adama and Roslin stuff here. I hope US version (coming on July 28th) has a lot more. Am greedy. Want more snogging too.

- Remember the LotR tinhats? I think I've found the next generation - shippers of Jared and Jensen (the Supernatural actors) who are convinced the guys are really together and just kept in the closet by evil PR. This is like deja vu all over again... Painfully so!
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BBC announces the new companion.

Is there really any point in a spoiler cut yet? )

Meanwhile in fandom, there is trouble when an anon reviewer labels a fic dubcon and the author and friends take offence. (Encouraging friends to defend her story here, I see, while the anon reviewer declares them banned here.)

Oi. Can't really take a stand on whether or not the fic is dubcon since I haven't read it. But I'd still like to say a few things in general, because I have come across debates like this before and certain things just bug me.

Consent, fantasies and a little sensitibity )

So in conclusion, if you want to make Cam happy - write some hot, hot consenting porn. Make the actual acting of giving consent hot and I will love you and give you happy reviews forever. Consider it a challenge.

(A previous rant on what consent is and isn't here and on the soapbox about rape.)

Or just be a little aware and care a little about this issue. Because trust me, a scary number of women will actually appreciate that.

I know I will.
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Every now and then, certain days just hate me. It's like misery by a dozen little things that go wrong.

Starting from the cat not letting me have more than a few hours sleep, to NSB doing their usual train eff-ups leaving me late for work and getting bitched at for it, to work shit that's not helped by one colleague having a death in the family and me getting a lot of her responsibilities while she takes time off, to my bike getting a flat tyre in the middle the hill up, to omnious signs a family issue is about to return, to trying to play World of Warcraft to unwind and dying six fucking times trying to get a boneguard commander killed, to watching a favourite TV show that turns out to this time have a really painfully unfunny rape joke which of course reminded me, to feeling shit about own fanfic writing and a failure for what I like in fandom. I fail, it seems.

Could I just erase Friday April 24th? Does anyone need it?

I hope tomorrow's a lot better. Maybe I'll find something that cheers me up. Help me? I hate being emo Viking.

Meanwhile in Doctor Who fandom, of course there's a growing Rose debate over at [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets, sparked by one of the secrets posted. Sigh. It never goes well. Haven't all been said in this dicussion a million times over, with lots of added unfunny and bonus bashing?

Meanwhile in Sweden, someone seems to have stolen a corpse of a baby. The father is Norwegian, so it's a bit of a major story here too. Um. Who steals the corpse of a baby? Poor parents, as if the loss wasn't bad enough initially, now they lose something to bury too.

Every now and then, the world is just not a great place. Which is why complaint choirs exist (for real!), I guess. Sing your woes? Funny idea, actually. Finnish people are kinda awesome.

*wanders to bed to end this stupid day*
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So. There was new Who.

Spoilers for Doctor Who's Planet of the Dead )

Overall: Liked, but wasn't overwhelmed. Good fun at times. Some lines I really liked. I give it mostly approval.

There is also new Red Dwarf (OMG) which I will comment on when I've seen all the parts. But I loved that show so much back in the day; revisiting it is lovely either way.

Meanwhile, Woody Harrelson is accused of assaulting a paparazzi and offers the following statement:

"I wrapped a movie called Zombieland, in which I was constantly under assault by zombies, then flew to New York, still very much in character. With my daughter at the airport I was startled by a paparazzo who I quite understandably mistook for a zombie."

... Either he's being really funny or really scary. I can't make up my mind.

Easter accomplishments of the Internet kind:

- Posted BSG crime fic. That was fun. And fitting of Norway's "Easter crime" tradition, which none of you get. But that's all right. We don't even know why we have it ourselves.
- Finished BSG/Doctor Who crossover with Adama/Roslin, Lee/Martha and the Doctor getting punched in the nose by the Admiral. With beta, whee.
- Finished Kara/Lee piece for faithful and much too lovely beta [livejournal.com profile] lyricalviolet, which is with another beta so she doesn't have to do work on her own gift-fic.
- Wrote and posted MM/EJO RPF. (Requires membership at [livejournal.com profile] bsgrpf to read.) Am going to hell. Then again, was going already.
- Fixed my LJ memories because they were a mess. Now I just have to remember to use them.
- Finished and posted my Adama/Roslin manifesto to [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto.
- Got my shaman to level 69, and my guild now has Satherion with two drakes down on heroic. Yes, that's World of Warcraft.
- Spent too much time pondering if I should sign up to [livejournal.com profile] bsg_remix or not. Am torn. Anyone have good or bad experiences with that?

Lazy Easter like whoa, oh yes. Though I did also do the first biking of the year in brilliant, brilliant sunshine. IT'S SPRING. This makes me ridiculously happy like you have no idea.

How's your life doing?


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