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A selection of Cam's Fandom Secrets and Not So Much, featuring yours truly's graphic skills. Er, yes. I apologise in advance.

1. Photobucket

BSG, Doctor Who, CSI, I'd hit it secrets & more )

Um, yes. You may now mock me.

And yes, some of the other popular options on the poll will also appear this Easter.
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Sky One wants to remake Blake's 7?

Okay, there's been some fairly smashing revivals of older sci-fi shows - Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica - but I still feel my mind do a firm double-park in the "Hell NO"/"Oh, bollocks" spaces. Prove me wrong, Sky?

del Toro to direct The Hobbit, it seems, as well as one other movie...

The second will be an original story focusing on the 60 years between the book and the beginning of the Rings trilogy at which point my brain went "uh oh". Original story? I already feel fear.

Majority of voters support the new marriage bill in Norway.

(This being the bill that makes marriage gender-neutral - we already've had a form of civil gay marriage for over a decade already.) I am not surprised the voters for the Christian People's Party is the main exception. Then again, since that party gets only 6% of the vote, they're welcome to it. They're also the only party to be against abortion, but they don't talk too loudly about that since then Norway would be all Bitch, please.

Wesley Snipes gets three years in jail for tax offences.

... DO NOT CHEAT THE TAXES ARE YOU INSANE. The various tax bodies of the world are freaking hardcore. Do not kid with them, they carry forms and the righteous indignation of the lawful tax payers.

A study suggests humans might have started down the path of evolving into two separate species before merging back into a single population some 100,000 years ago.

Two species of humans... How would that have gone, one wonders. Extinction for one, dominance for the other? Co-existence, peacefully or otherwise? Hmm-hmm.

How to do a U-turn.

Perhaps fandom could learn a bit there, yes. My favourite is still what gets quoted in the comments: "When the facts change, I change my opinion. What do you do, Bushsir?"

Aww, having money issues, Freddie boy?

When some evolution-deniers always make a fuss about being related to apes, I'm always tempted to go "You're upset about being related to apes when you're sharing a genepool with Fred Phelps?" Seriously, I'll take apes any day. At least they manage to make sense now and then. And be more dignified.

An old meme repeated, because it's fun:
Ask me to take a picture of something in my life and I will.
(Perverted requests will be ignored. Because I am no fun.)

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I've started shipping Bill Adama/Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica.

Yeah, yeah, what can I say. It just hooked me. Come to think of it, what can I actually say? Why do I ship what I ship?

Hereby follows various ships I like and my best guesses as to why I've picked just those. My subconscious my disagree on some, but bollocks to it until it decides to get loud.

Why Cam ships Grissom/Sara, Catherine/Warrick, Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Martha, Mulder/Scully, Lynley/Havers, Legolas/Gimli, Faramir/Eowyn, John/Delenn and Adama/Roslin )

In conclusion: I like some fucked-upness. I like some cute. I like partnerships. I like complicated. I like ships I can write.

(I should get me a layout with 'Complicated is the whole point' and various ships, Y/N?)

So, what do you ship and what's your whys?

Rec me some Adama/Roslin fic - and icons! - that is good, yes?
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I came across this as several people I know are involed, and as such it's caught my interest. Not just because it's a fandom I was in, but also because some of the points raised in the debate got me thinking.

So. Once upon a time three hugely sucessful movies were made of a extremly influencial book. Lord of the Rings made new lust objects, gave New Zealand a hot name, sparked a massive fandom expansion and oh yeah, streams and streams of fanfic.

Among that was a fairly large load of slash, and one popular pairing was Aragorn/Legolas - probably mostly sparked by how it was played in the movie. This is turn sparked Viggo Mortsensen/Orlando Bloom fanfic. One popular writer therein was namarie120. Apparently one of her popular fanfics A Hidden Passion was "based on" Jane Eyre. Said fanfic is apparently retooled and briefly published as original fiction.

(For those wondering where I was at the time - RPF was never my thing, but I did dabble in Legolas/Gimli now and then, as I was a hardly book-fan originally, and I knew a lot of people who wrote various slash pairings and also RPF. Never knew namarie120 personally, though it is possible I've interacted with her at some point.)

It gets denounced as plagiarised.

[livejournal.com profile] caras_galadhon picks up on it and makes a post.

And wham! it goes. Anger at the plagiarism, friends showing up to defend namarie120, arguments over how much 'based on' covers, accusations of meanness, accusations of letting namarie120 off easy due to BNF status and fandom particpation, anger that namarie120 won an award at [livejournal.com profile] slashy_oscarsfor this fanfic, wankery and on and on.

Various reactions elsewhere:
- Telestilla is not happy.
- namarie120 is removed from the list of winners at slashy_oscars.
- An interesting post on plagiarism versus fanfiction.
- miladyhawke wants namarie120 to be cut some slack.
- Fandom_wank post.


But there are some interesting things I ponder in here, amongst them:
Is plagiarism the fandom big-bad from which there simply is no recovery?
What is the acceptable response when you've done a bad?
Is there a difference in how plagiarism is dealt with depending on how popular someone is in fandom?
Are some forms of plagiarism more serious than others - for instance, is it worse to steal from another fanfic and try to conceal your theft than to borrow from a popular published work and be lacking in your acknowledgement and citation?
Is otherwise stellar fandom participation reason to cut some slack?
What do you do when someone you really like has done a bad?


I mean, plagiarism is a bad, but I am pretty sure I do judge cases a bit differently depending on circumstances. I found the Cassie Edwards case now recently to be a bit extra iffy because plagiarism was shown to be so widespread through all her work, instead of being an one-off. I will react more favourably if at least an acknowledgement is attempted and the author is being more dumb than out to decieve. And how the author reacts to it will also colour my reaction - as will how defenders behave.

How about you? Opinions, thoughts? I am curious.

(And hey, I can finally use my Faramir/Eowyn icon and it being on topic. Hurrah!)
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So, got some new people on my flist again - Hi! - so I thought I'd write a bit about (some of) the stuff I'm interested in, why I'm interested, things that tend to annoy me, blah blah random stuff.

Doctor Who, CSI, Lord of the Rings, football, World of Warcraft, politics, books )

That make you any wiser? In any case, feel free to ask if you are wondering about something.

Fic to-do list:
- "Anywhere but Cardiff" ficathon entry, Ten/Rose.
- [livejournal.com profile] brass_love ficathon entry, Brass has adventures in Norway.
- Five Times Rose Suspected and One Time She Knew, Nine/Rose Ten/Rose.
- Symptons of Life, GSR post-Living Doll.
- Consider whether to pick up An Adventure in Norway again.

It's a good thing I will probably have September off, I'm thinking. If I can get myself to write and not play lots of WoW instead, that is. *reminds self to kick self*

Snagged from my flist:
Writer's Meme: Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fics favorite you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

Five fics of mine )

Spread the love?

Meanwhile, this is an interesting look on Bush's latest 'Vietnam could have been won, like Iraq will be' line.

Dear Bush,
Even if I sort of vaguely agree that an American pull-out now will probably not help Iraq much at all (gone far too messy for that to be a simple solution), please LEARN HISTORY before you try to decide what the lessons of it are. Particulary if you're trying to preach these lessons to us. Kay?

Loveless deep loathing,

In other news:
Belgian police with more money than they can spend.
Propaganda games for children from WWII. (Amusing fact I didn't know: The invasion of Norway cut Britain off from supplies of playing card board, exacerbating the shortage of raw materials for making games. Oh dear.)
Denmark might stake claim on the North Pole. (Greenland was a Norwegian colony originally - but it would be quite interesting if they became independent, like Iceland did.)
Bolivian congress gets violent.
The Abu Ghraib whistleblower.
Study on sex among older people.
Texas carries out its 400th execution. (And also tells the EU to piss off.)
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Camilla Sandman,

Title: "Once More Into the Urple Depths of OFUM"
Summary: "New movie, new students, new lustobjects, new mini-Balrogs and a whole new curriculum. That’s right, children. OFUM is back. But wait… It’s no longer the only University in town. MUSM? What the…? WIP."
Rating: "T"

Main reason for removal: "Not allowed: interactive, chat/script, real person, mst, and etc."

the above story has been removed because it violated the guideline detailed on the upload page.

This infraction has been recorded and once you reach a certain limit, your account be automatically banned. Moreover, as a result of this infraction, you will not have upload access for a period of time.

FanFiction.Net has a set of guidelines for the uploading of stories and chapters.

Anyone have any idea how I might get in touch with Xing and hear what this is all about? [livejournal.com profile] j0llipops or [livejournal.com profile] jocelyncs, didn't one of you manage to get your story back? Any help would be appreciated.

Sigh. Just what I needed today.


Mar. 14th, 2005 10:56 pm
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East of the Sun, West of the Moon has Chapter Two up. Sara POV. Next chapter is off to beta, so should be up in not too long. That features Warrick, who is a slippery bastard to write, let me tell you.

[livejournal.com profile] ofum is open. It's the LiveJournal Community for The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth (duh), which will be where OFUM updates will be coming. If I ever get the CSI plotbunnies to be silent for a while, anyway.

In the news:
Norwegians Steal Cow (Allegedly)
Future Queen Ingrid Alexandria Watches the Ski Jump (Aaaw!)
US Proves the Importance of Correct Spelling
Lots and lots and lots of Michael Jackson. But Cam does not care.

ETA: Oh, glorious CSI DVDs, thou haveth arrived.
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If you aren't already on Lord of the Rings Fanfiction, would you join? For me? *makes puppy eyes* I'll even make you this one-time offer - join up, give me a link to your story/stories there and I will give all reviews. I don't often give reviews, but you do this favour for me, I will kick my brain hard and force reviews out of it, kicking and screaming all the way.

Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, ask for something else. A drabble, a poem (but please don't - I stink), beta-ing or something else you were thinking of.

(If you have already joined, I'll get around to giving you a review as well.)

Thus endeth Cam's beggeth for today.

ETA: To prove Cam does as Cam says, what kittycatness asked for and Cam did.
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Why didn't you include this scene, PJ? Whyyyyy?! My, I really am on a Wenham/Faramir droolage of late. Bad me.

So in between lusting and conversations on evil and this lovely bill suggestion for Virginia, I've been reading this dossier online about Fred Phelps, who some of you may recall from previous entries. (BTW, Mr. Phelps, this icon is all in honour of you.) It's quite interesting, I must say. An Expose on Fred Phelps. After my initial "Grrr!" reaction, the man has started interest me in much the same way neo-Nazis do. I want to understand him. I want to know just when hatred takes over and the *shadow in your mind starts ruling.

* I call the part of my mind that is what you might say is evil the shadow in my mind. You know it. It's the part that might delight in others' misfortuntes, be unpleasant or desire hurt for others. It's greedy and dark and speaks against your conscience. It whispers of hatred and sometimes, people listen.

I sometimes wonder if the not-so-good Mr. Phelps think the shadow in his mind is the voice of God, given the force of his hatred. He's made the God he believe in into him, made God want the same things. This, it occurs to me, have happened quite a few times in the history of this world. Some listen to the whispers of the not-as-good parts of us and think it come from some outer source. Perhaps that gives it a justification so it can be indulged, I don't know. It's food for thought, anyway.

I don't know why evil fascinates me so. Maybe I see it in myself. I know I could do so much that would be evil if I let go and used the shadow in my mind for more than cackling evilly when playing computer games and blowing up little computer people. I could do terrible things. Evil could wear my face. But perhaps if I understand it well enough, it will have no hold over me. Perhaps I can chain it, as Vimes does with his beast in Night Watch (by the ever-wonderful Terry Pratchett). Perhaps we can all learn to chain our worst urges. Not by denying they are there, but seeing them for what they are. Just a shadow, not the substance.

And then I let my little shadow have fun sniggering at badfic while the better me was wondering what to get my father for my upcoming birthday.

To finish on a more cheerful note, a meme I saw at [livejournal.com profile] norwegianne's.

Part of being on Livejournal.com is inevitably gaining a number of LJ buddies. Unfortunately, as time wears on, it's easy to forget where all of them came from. Post this in your journal and have your friends respond with how they recall first meeting you.

Oh Odin...

Jul. 27th, 2004 05:15 am
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So I go mucking about ff.net some and do some searches in the LotR fandom to amuse myself. One of the searched I did was for 'school' in the title.

There's over 70 'Fellowship goes to high school' fics.

Cue much despairing.

So then I peek at some of these and discover, to my great horror, that one of them is dedicated to me. With your/you're mistakes, a Uruk-hai and Orcish choir, random attempts at humour, homonyms and OOCness of the scale.

Kill me. Kill me now.

So now the dreaded thought has occured to me - what if there are hideous, hideous badfics out there either dedicated to me or mentioning OFUM as being an inspiration? Am I an inspiration for badfic? Have any of you seen such a thing?

Meanwhile - hold me. I need a hug.
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You may now all cheer. Actually, it's a very short update. It's artwork - by Pika.

Legolas's behind - in Black Leather, of course )
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RotK DVD came in the mail yesterday. *clutches it* Precioussssss...

And I think I've gotten a cold. In May. Thanks a lot, weathergods. You just had to give us cold weather again, didn't you?

*mutters darkly*

At least the footballgods still love me. Tromsø still leads the league! Huzzah!
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It's been snowing two days straight now, and as a consequence, I've been shovelling snow again and again. Muscles I had forgotten I had are now hurting. Ow.

Got some new fanart up on the OFUM page. Lina by Jennie Siirama
& Miss Cam by AW. Also have a new chapter 2/3rds done, which stars Evil!Denethor and Evil!Thranduil (and Lina). I'm also halfway done with a Nocturne chapter, so I'm a good writing girl. Or bad, depending on your view.

Hmm, where did DL_Anon go?

And it's still snowing. I guess it's out with a shovel yet again... If I do not return, think well of me.
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I finally figured out why the Rohan theme felt so familiar to me (they play it as you see the first grand shots of Edoras). It's using 'haringfele', the Norwegian folk music instrument. It has a distinctive sound, so I must have been picking up on that.

I've written a bit on the slash adventure, but sadly, a plotbunny bit me with the seeds of a real slash story (Legolas/Gimli, of course) and I've been scribbling some of that. Dunno if it'll go anywhere, as I'm rather fickle.

Almost Christmas! And we got snow!

*throws snowball*


Dec. 17th, 2003 03:48 pm
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Well, I'm back. Have seen it with brother and mother. Viggo Mortensen actually changed his ticket to show up at the first showing and see the mad Norwegians who had lined for two weeks to get tickets to that showing. Very nice of him.

As for the movie, I rather liked most of it. Now for the particulars... Spoilers warning!

Here be spoilers )


Dec. 16th, 2003 11:03 am
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Viggo Mortensen (who was visiting with Andy Serkis and Bernard Hill for the premiere) said in an interview that his parents met in Norway and that he was concieved here.

That means Norway gave you Viggo Mortensen, you lusting Aragorn Admirerers. Give us at once some tribute! Bow to the awesome conceiving powers near the Norwegian fjords! Hail the great erection power of the Norwegian mountains!


I need to eat less marzipan at Christmas. It's making me peculiar.
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It's a shame the Tinhats don't read Norwegian newspaper, because VG just posted an interview they'd had with Elijah Wood where he used a whole paragraph on what he enjoy in women, and that brilliance of him having two hands and women having two breasts.

But that's just PR making him say that, isn't it? *rolls eyes*

2 days till RotK!

And they caught Saddam. Interesting. I hope he'll be tried before a genuine war crimes tribunal, because after all, if you want to make a country democratic, there must be a rule of law for all. We'll see, I suppose.

Happy birthday mum!


Dec. 2nd, 2003 02:38 am
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Thalia's back, it seems. You can probably all guess how I feel about that.

Meanwhile, I made icons. Not the greatest or funniest, but I rather enojyed the making process. Now I just need a paid aacount to use them... Made some OFUM ones, too.

Also, many birthday greetings to Saphie.


Dec. 1st, 2003 03:48 pm
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Our King has cancer. They're doing surgery to remove the tumor next week, and say he'll be fine. Still... Oy.

Watched Sky News a bit today for footage from the Wellington Return of the King showing. Looks like quite the party. If there ever was a time to be Kiwi for a day...

However, am still bummed over what I hear they cut from RotK. Wah.

Also, Air NZ has launched its new LotR look of airplanes, and they got a Legolas&Aragorn one. That'll make a certain grup of slashers mighty happy, I imagine... (*looks pointedly at Saz*) You can check out the plane here. Wouldn't mind flying in that baby meself...
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So, reports are in that Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood brought up the 'Domlijah' rumours at the con they're at, and not in a Tinhat-flattering manner. Read more at DL_Anon.

I'm kinda torn.

One one hand - Bwhahahaha!

On the other hand - Oh, man. Because the Tinhats are worrying me. MsA, predictably, is playing this like it's all 'evil PR doing spin control so Peter can win an Oscar' (because, apparently, gay actors = no Oscar), but some of the followers of Light and Love to Dom and Elijah (TM) are mad. They are not mad at MsA, no. They're mad at Dom and Elijah.

What the...?

I mean, it shouldn't suprise me, but good grief. Dom and Elijah never had anything to do with Domlijah. It was invented, created and maintained by MsA and her ilk. They saw what wasn't there. They made it something of vital importance. They believed. It isn't even about Dom and Elijah. It's about DLRs feeling important and bonded to a Great Cause.

And I kinda understand it a bit and feel sad for them. Let's face it. We all cling onto delusions to some degree or another. We all need to believe in something. DLR to me has always seemed like a cult because of this feverent desire to believe. There is something religious in the underlaying fabric of DLR - the candle lighting, the belief in strength of faith, the utter ignorance of arguments against it... So, I feel pity for some of them.

On the other hand, this does not excuse the villification DLR has done of Sean Astin, Ian McKellen, New Line and anyone who offered opinions that differed from theirs. It does not change that DLR has done this to themselves and that their delusion is of their own making. (Although some might argue MsA has been the leader, anyone who was a DLRer was it of his/her own free will. Dom and Elijah certainly did not ask them). And they have no right to direct their anger at Dom and Elijah (which hopefully won't lead to any DLRer doing something very, very stupid).

Torn I am indeed. Pity or glee? Their own fault, or an all-too-common human weakness? Laugh or cry?

But I guess I'll miss the craziness and the 'what the...?' factor of it all if DLR vanishes, whatever else I might feel.


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