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From around the flist:

a. Name your 15 absolutely favourite fandom ships (try to pick different fandoms)
b. Ask people to see what trends and similarities they notice about your ships.
(In random order.)

1. Adama/Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)
2. Legolas/Gimli (Lord of the Rings)
3. Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who)
4. Catherine/Warrick (CSI)
5. Rita/Chris (Silk Stalkings)
5. Mulder/Scully (X-Files)
6. Nynaeve/Lan (Wheel of Time)
7. Barbara/Ian (Doctor Who)
8. Faramir/Éowyn (Lord of the Rings)
9. Havers/Lynley (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries)
10. Sheridan/Delenn (Babylon 5)
11. Frank/Rachel (Water Rats)
12. Tim/Dawn (The Office, UK)
13. Doctor/Martha (Doctor Who)
14. Grissom/Sara (CSI)
15. Carrot/Angua (Discworld)

Meanwhile in Norway, David Irving has landed in the country. Shudder. He was originally invited to a literature event in Lillehammer, but was de-invited after a lot of people got very peeved. Then he decided to show up on his own anyway.

I feel unclean just knowing he's in the country. Ugh. Free speech is one thing, but he's exercising it to spread hate and lies and attempt to distort history. Ew, ew, ew.

I can only comfort myself with the thought that Norway turned on the rain today because the country feels as unclean as I do with him about.

*wanders off to play WoW and kill some ghouls*
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A selection of Cam's Fandom Secrets and Not So Much, featuring yours truly's graphic skills. Er, yes. I apologise in advance.

1. Photobucket

BSG, Doctor Who, CSI, I'd hit it secrets & more )

Um, yes. You may now mock me.

And yes, some of the other popular options on the poll will also appear this Easter.
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Weirdest dream in a while: My cat gets shot. I take out his heart to get it beating again and manage to by pressing it a bit and fiddling with it like lego and then I put it back in. But I'm not sure I have fitted the pieces quite right even if the cat is breathing again, so I take the cat to the vet. AS YOU DO. Also, Stabæk beat Fredrikstad 1-0. (They really play today - will I be clairvoyant?)

I think this dream is sparked by the cat curling up in bed with me (very wet! We had an nightly rain-storm) and of course that I watched football just before bed. But still.

If you're friends with [livejournal.com profile] aj, a friend is hosting her a 42 Days in Hell -athon with various fandoms. I immidiately wanted to write Adama/Roslin stuck in a cell for 42 days and how they'd cope, but that's because I'm me. (Don't you just love friends that do that sort of thing for you, though?)

(Also got my ficathon fic back from beta and now I have to wait until Friday at the earliest to post. This is the disadvantage of finishing early and having no patience. Bugger. But on the bright side, it's my longest BSG fic so far.)

Speaking of BSG, a return in January seems fairly confirmed. If you trust SciFi, that is. Hmm. I want my BSG, dammit!

Cam ponders older people and sex, not really TMI )

I rather want an Adama/Roslin icon with 'Say no to ageism! Say yes to Mom/Dad sex!' now.

Finally, Avatar finale seems to have caused shipping wank, but since I am don't watch it and don't really care, what I want to know is who else hates mushed ship names like burning? (I saw Adama/Roslin made into Rodama the other day and wondered where I had left my napalm.) Quite some time ago I invited people on my flist to add hating mushed ship names to their interests and now I do it again.

I'm not beyond bribing.
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Today's supreme 'oops' moment: Realising I'm humming "The Internet is for Porn" at work - then five minutes later catching myself actually singing on it. Why brain, why? It's all [livejournal.com profile] lotus79's fault anyway.

Have finished my Doctor Who/Battlestar Galactica crossover. It was going to be a very different fic, but then Laura Roslin and the Doctor started having conversations in my head and wouldn't shut up. I think I could almost ship them, but in an OT3 sort of way because Laura and Bill are teh awesome and even the Doctor would totally know this. It would be like Ian and Barbara and they could outglare the Doctor any day and have mad adventures and it would be totally fantastic and shut up.

Meanwhile, a 'who's your favourite companion of the Tenth Doctor' post makes me practice my 'uh oh' face. Do these kind of posts ever end well? That's like waving around 'what's your favourite ship?' in CSI fandom or possibly in BSG fandom - haven't been around enough there to tell yet. Possibly this happens because of the very human desire to justify why you like something by touching on what you don't like too and off it goes. Solution might be to love everything.

Spare a wank, have an orgy?

In also shipping ways: If you're a writer, does it really hurt too much to say "Harry and Ginny are romantically involved?" Putting the slash between the names is just so mechanical. Surely, mods find it easier to tag entries and searching for your fiction is faster, but the whole mood is gone.

Oh noes. All my stories are killing the mood with my nefarious / tagging ways! Seriously, why the hate on /? It just wants to indicate the shagginglove.

In WoW-news most of you don't care about: Yesterday, my guild ate Teron Gorefiend for late supper. Wheeee. That's four bosses in Black Temple down. I feel kinda good, whee. I killed my shadowy constructs like whoa when ghost and got some other people's deadened as well. Whee. Sweet moment of glee.

In other news:
Earthquake in China has left more than 15,000 dead. (I remember inital report said two dead, and when I heard the quake was 7.9 I was all "no way in hell did only two die. 7.9 FFS!")
Vatican astronomer suggests God may have created aliens too.
Trial over Naples' garbage crisis starts.
An interesting comparison of Italy and Spain over gender equality. (And the Scandinavia mention made me smile a bit.)
Aussie straps in beer, not child - gets fined.
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I've started shipping Bill Adama/Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica.

Yeah, yeah, what can I say. It just hooked me. Come to think of it, what can I actually say? Why do I ship what I ship?

Hereby follows various ships I like and my best guesses as to why I've picked just those. My subconscious my disagree on some, but bollocks to it until it decides to get loud.

Why Cam ships Grissom/Sara, Catherine/Warrick, Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Martha, Mulder/Scully, Lynley/Havers, Legolas/Gimli, Faramir/Eowyn, John/Delenn and Adama/Roslin )

In conclusion: I like some fucked-upness. I like some cute. I like partnerships. I like complicated. I like ships I can write.

(I should get me a layout with 'Complicated is the whole point' and various ships, Y/N?)

So, what do you ship and what's your whys?

Rec me some Adama/Roslin fic - and icons! - that is good, yes?
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So, tell me o people, if you ship, which of your pairings would you most like to have seen/read a sex scene between? And why that pairing in particular? (For instance, I'd rather see one between Catherine and Warrick than some of the other pairings I might enjoy more - simply because those two are totally hot.)

And is there one pairing you really like you'd just not want to see/read a sex scene between and why is that?

Finally, who do you not ship but totally secretly read porny fanfic for? Surely there are some of you out there...

I have an ever curious mind. Indulge me?

In real life news:
Am back in Norway. It hasn't rained yet. Yeah, I know. I'm as shocked as you are. Sadly, work starts again on Monday, but I'll probably get more free time again in September. Cross your fingers.
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So, those of you that have an active dislike of a character or a pairing in fandom, do you think your dislike is fuelled as much by fans of it as the thing itself?

I bring before you a hypothetical situation.

In your neighbourhood lives Miss Enthusiastic, who has a cat. You don't really like cats as much, because you're a dog person. But to each their own, right? However, your neighbour is very proud of her cat. She keeps coming around with it, talk about it, have a t-shirt with a picture of the cat - it's all cat, cat, cat. She can't understand why you just won't love her cat. You find yourself starting to resent that damn cat, because after all, if it went away, your neighbour wouldn't annoy you so much. You see the cat, you think about what bliss it would be if a semi-trailer hit it.

Others in your neighbourhood - Mister Casual and his wife - also has a cat, but is much more tolerable about it. But because Miss Enthusiastic has so soured your cat reactions, you find yourself narrowing your eyes at their cat, too. You begin to realise you hate cats. Really, really, really hate cats. Wish all cats would go away - or never have evolved at all. Cats have ruined your neighbourhood.

Miss Enthusiatic gets another cat.

Three days later, you get a bulldog and go to war.

Replace neighbourhood with fandom, cats and dogs with ships - do you think dislike of what is essentially people can fuel dislike of something you are to start with just fairly 'meh' about? (Or entertain a mild dislike - and perhaps even sadder - or a liking for to begin with.) Because I look at some of the vitrolic in fandom directed at ships or characters and I wonder if fictional things can really get that much passion up. But other humans being, I know can. (I know for myself that my irrational hatred of Vålerenga, a football club, is fuelled entirely by behaviour of the fans on some matches I've been.)

And for the record, this is not about one particular fandom - I've seen what I think is this happening in several fandoms.

Of course, there doesn't need to be just one cause for a dislike to form and stay firmly rooted - so perhaps it is a combination of things that is most likely of all. In which case, what part do you think it plays? Do you have dislike that when you think about it, is definitely fuelled by fans, if not just that?

Opine on me please?

I love cats and get very enthusiatic about mine, a cuddly whiskered furball of love. I probably get annoying about this. Oh yeah.
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In a meeting of minds, [livejournal.com profile] longtimegone and I have come to the conclusion we ship PPP - Personal Preference Pairing. No thinking the ship is better or more Canon or what everyone else should ship. It's quite simply the pairings we like.

You're welcome to ship PPP with us.

Meanwhile, I'd really love some PPP icons of my favourite pairings, so is there a bribable member on my flist?

BBC announces the Christmas companion (so to speak). Er. Okay. I guess we'll see how that one goes.

Nearly done with A Saturday After Forever. Hurrah. I'm almost feeling fic productive again. My, my.

And we're having a ficathon over at [livejournal.com profile] time_and_chips - Anywhere but Cardiff. For now we want prompts, so join in even if you aren't a writer. Please? *kitty eyes* I'll definitely be writing for it, in any case.

In other corners of fandom, we have things like this. (Posted here.) Er. Can you guess how much Cam eyerolled? Yes, I'm sure you can.

How is life with you lot?
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A question, those ship-inclined - do you ship mainly on basis of what you think the characters want or what you think the characters need?*

...If you go with what you think a character needs, do you ship a little differently than if you ship by what you think the character wants/you want? Blah blah pondering on shipping... )

So can what approach to shipping you have lead to differences in fandom, maybe even potential conflicts? What do you think? Obviously, other factors can also play into who you ship - eyecandy-factor, lack-of-alternatives, friends-ship-it, fanfic and what-not. (And mustn't forget trusty I-just-want-porn-any-porn-dammit.) How would you define yourself? Opinions, thoughts, arguments, porn, hit me with it.******

***** Yeah, I'm trying to understand why shipping can lead to such wanky wars and violent vendettas again. You know, apart from the fact that people will always dislike other people. There's always some hate, it just needs a reason. Shipping might be a convenient cause that isn't oh Odin, I just loathe you, you oozing fungus of repulsiveness WHY ARE YOU IN MY FANDOM STAB STABBITY BEHEAD.

Meanwhile, Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Martha, Doctor/Rose/Martha, CSI Fic of Many Ships pornfic previews here. In the interest of fairness.
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The Pakistani Tourism Minister resigned yesterday after hardline Islamic clerics accused her of obscenity for hugging her instructor after a charity parachute jump. Nilofer Bakhtiar was photographed in brightly coloured jumpsuit and hugging her instructor after a tandem jump to raise money for child victims of the earthquake that struck Pakistan in October 2005.


People wanna tell me we live in a world where we don't need feminism anymore? Bzzzt, wrong answer. Do not pass go and have your dice confiscated until you learn to get your head out of your rectum.

So Norway's foreign minister has set up a national forum charged with advising the Foreign Ministry on how Norway's profile overseas could be improved.

Oh, Norway. You so peculiar.

This article on our handling of oil wealth is interesting, though. Our oil fund is currectly the second largest of its kind in the world, apparently. We are really filthy stinking rich. But the idea that [a]t the rate it is growing, experts say, it will be worth between $800 billion and $900 billion in a decade - that is a scary, scary thought.

"Inevitably, Norwegians feel bad about having all this money," said Gro Nystuen, a human rights lawyer who chairs an ethics council that screens investments. "Our job is to make the Norwegian people feel less guilty."

Yeah, good luck with that. WTF are we going to do with all that money? Flail, flail.

Aww, giraffe rebound (possible) love. I also love that according to this, the female giraffe is best friends with a gnu, and the zoo is hoping all three will get along. Giraffe/giraffe/gnu OT3?

Notes from my life and fannish pursuits:
- I'm being punished for my playing WoW until late last night with headaches, bleary eyes and an unfortunate habit of yawning and blinking stupidly today. And I don't care. The raid downed four bosses, all but one in the first go (and the exception was on the second try - one player got too close to the boss and started the fight before we were ready, but on the second try we did awesome) and I finally got the epic crossbow. This pleases me an embarassingly great deal. I'll probably post screencaps. How sad.
- WoW boob wank. Impressive!
- I got my Silk Stalkings 5th season DVD in the mail the other day and wibbled. Probably most of you have never heard of that show, but it was my first fannish obsession and I was such a little OTP shipper of Rita and Chris. (I was in my teenage years, so I had many Interesting Notions about love and life, I have to say.) Then they did get together, but ended it with him killed and her knocked up, which might explain a bit of how I go about shipping these days.
- I've been writing Doctor/Rose shagging in lunch time at work. This makes me feel vaguely guilty. I write Sara/Grissom on the train to work, and Doctor/Martha on the train home. The way I'm going about this I might finish all three at about the same time. Interesting thought. And also I don't want either to feel abandoned, which is rather absurd. Weird brain, mine.
- I've never been a fan of Veronica Mars, but reading the Logan/Veronica thread over at TWoP is amusing me. We do get very... wankyInsistent about shipping, don't we? One of these days I will write up my grand theory on Why Shipping Is Like Football - European Kind, Bitch, yes.

What's up with you all?
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Maybe we should all start making "I don't think my ship is better than yours. I don't think my ship is worse than yours. I just have a preference for that particular porn ship flavour. If you agree, repost this in your journal" posts. Or something.

So that's mine.

Now I just need a Martha/Doctor/Rose OT3 icon.
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Like Fireflies sneak preview.

Doctor/Rose, probably rated R in the end, this bit safely PG )

I need someone to remind me to actually write on this thing and not bugger off to play WoW and beta. Needn't be the same people. Volunteers?

So that aside, been thinking of love and romance and OTP and fanfic and what-not of late, particulary with some of the discussions on T&C. And it's no surprise that these show how many different ideas of love seem to be at work in a group of people. So what forms these ideas? Here's three I would certainly name.

1. Own experiences - not just relationships you've had, but your parents' as well, I'm thinking. I know my parents have influenced me. Over thirty years they've been together, and I've seen ups and downs, but I've never doubted they love each other. In a very Norwegian way, it has to be said. I think the exchange I've heard from my parents that most have shaped some of my ideas is the simple one they seem to every other month or so. "You know I love you, right?" my dad will say. "Yes," my mother will say. And that's it, really. They do know.

2. Fiction. Hereunder books, soaps, films, all that jazz. Maybe even fanfic too. Many do seem to sell a sort of romantic ideal. I mean, I read romance novels (yes, I do. Yes, I know), I watch soaps (well, sometimes), I cheer on people I think should be together. Part of me obviously really enjoys the romantic ideal. But not all of me, which brings me to...

3. Human inate cynicism/mild nastiness. Okay, this is just a pet theory, but I really do believe we have something not too nice with us as well. That part of us that can actually enjoy seeing people hurt or hurting them ourselves. Not a nice side, now. But it is there, and I do think that influences how we see love too.

What do you think? And how does this influence fanfic and shipping? I know on my part, I certainly do believe in love, but I'm not sure I believe in the romantic ideal. I just maybe find it a nice fantasy. Maybe I write like that too. I'm not sure.

Discussions be welcome, in general or of own experiences - for now, I gotta bugger off to bed and dream of tall, dark strangers and snogging on the moors. Or something like that.
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So first there was Anybody But Sara (ABS for short) and now there's 'Anybody But ABS' around.

Then there was the old, old 'Catherine is a slut!' 'No, she isn't!'

Greggsgirl thinks that all strippers are sluts, apparently:
Ok! This video would be really great if it was Gregg in there! But anyway Catherine is such a HO! She thinks that evey guy wants her because she was a stripper! Who really even cares! That was the only job she could get were a guy doesn't care what your face looks like cuz if they did care she would have starved! In my opinion she otta go back to that job! Cuz she still acts like a total SLUTT!

[livejournal.com profile] ericasj is not particulary amused:
Bashing someone like that ain't cool at all. Hold it until you're in your forties and look as good as she does now. And face it, Catherine is the leading female of this show and you won't see her leave anytime soon.

But we shouldn't listen to her, as she's just out to get in Catherine's pants:
Ok! Whateva! In my opinion you r just plain retarded ericasj because i find it strange to think that you probably a woman yourself thinks that ho (i mean catherine) and i quote "looks good"! yeah if your a lesbo!

And after these two examples of things getting personal, here's my question - what is too far in disagreements online? Where do you draw the line at Fighting For Your Ship/Favourite Character/Version of Canon? How easy is it to form little vendettas online and drive them too far?

All too easy, I have a sneaking suspicion. CSI fandom is not alone - Harry Potter fandom has had some infamous disagreements that started over ships and got way personal, Doctor Who fandom has had different views on Rose get somewhat nasty... I'm sure you can think of examples from other fandoms. And giving the bias of the brain, seeing everything subjective, there's not going to be agreement on everything in a fandom. Debates will happen, which is mostly good.

But here's two things I think is taking things too far.

1) Sexual slurs. Abhor them. Whether against fictional characters or online personas, the fact that it so, so often gets throw around about women by women just leaves me feeling depressed. Why is someone's sexual history a weapon to be used against them? Not on. Not on at all. And a subsection under this - going after someone's looks. Because 'ugly' and 'fat' are disqualifications for your opinions mattering, apparently, and totally valid reasons for character bashing. Yeeeep. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder at all, it seems.

2) Using real life stuff against someone online. When the disagreement is online, keep it online. No need to make the playing field muddy.

That's two of mine. What are yours? And have you ever gone too far and only realised it later? (I know I have.) How much does peer support play into behaviour in fandom? And if The Other Side has crossed the line, is it okay to cross it as well? I'm curious what people think, so... Opinions, please?

(P.S For Sondre Lerche fans - sneak exclusive preview of his entire album!)
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Yo, parts of CSI fandom?

Ooooh, you don't like Grissom and Sara together so ooooh talk about how Sara needs death, misery and rape! Oooh, bonus use of ratings to point out how the whole of America hates this chick just like you do, because you were elected spokesperson for them by divine will! Oooh, you really don't like that Lady Heather caught Grissom's eye, so ooooh talk about how that makes her a totally slut and prostitute and stuff! Ooooh, bonus use how how morally wrongity wrong BDSM is in all its forms. Oooh, you think Catherine is a bit of a threat to your OTP, so oooh mention how she's so unprofessional and how dare she actually enjoy sex? Ooooh, bonus deprecatory sexual slur used! And of course, if Grissom/Nick/Warrick is not with the female you've decided is best for him, he'll be totally miserable and you should talk about how miserable he would be endlessly. Ooooh bonus fanfic that explores this and just how mean, vile, foul and bad in bed that chick he shouldn't be with is! Ooooh, someone bashed your favourite character HOW DARE THEY and oooh better bash their favourite character right back! Ooooh bonus offensive character nicknames! Oh double bonus insulting anyone who is fan of the character! Ooooh free bash-for-all now!

Your score: Extreme fail.

Yes, I'm just a liiiiiiiitle fed up with all the character bashing, why do you ask?

Aaaaaanyway, remember some posts ago when I wondered if the wank would a-fap over at TVGuide after they opened a talkback section on CSI? Well, it did. In minor ways.

And off it goes...

The Computation of Grissom and Sara's screentime for Season seven down to the last second & other issues of ship )

Wankimplosion II, anyone? I should have a poll on it to see if anyone can actually predict what will happen and how the fans will react. If I was running CSI and had read all these posts, I know how I could be tempted to end CSI in pure spite.

Rocks fall, everyone has orgies in the rubble, an escaped ninja nemesis of Grissom kills everyone except Ecklie, who wanders into the sunset with Grissom's komodo dragon. The end.
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Here's a question for you shippers of various fandom - what's your main attraction to a particular ship? (Non-shippers, your opinions are sought at the end as well.)

Do you think it is...
Them possible reasons for shipping )

Of course, it can be more than one reason (a combination of b and d, for instance) so feel free to include several reasons. And you might have different reasons for different ships. For instance, my reason for shipping Grissom/Sara is probably a and vaguely f. Doctor/Rose is more d2 and b, and time will tell if it's f as well.

This brings me to the next bit - do you think the varying reasons for shipping can lead to conflicts? Because I do.

For example - Grissom/Sara ship. Not everyone ships it for the same reason. A lot of people who ship it are Sara-fans who want Sara to have Grissom, but their main interest is Sara herself. Others are Grissom fans. During the debacle of the return of Lady Heather, a former flame of Grissom as it were, the two sides did clash a bit. Grissom-fans felt Grissom and William Peterson who played him got bashed. Sara-fans felt Grissom was betraying Sara and were pissed off.

Another example - Doctor/Rose. Some who ship it are very fond of Rose. Some are more there for reason g. The two sides have gotten into various scrapes over characterisation of Rose and her importance in the grand scheme of things. And when Martha comes along, clashes may occur between main a-shippers and Rosefans on one side, more f-shippers and Doctorfans on the other.

Am I totally off here? Because I've been into a few ships now and treating shippers as just one group of people of the same motives don't always work too well. Clashes within a ship group can to a certain degree be explained by personal grudges - and don't we (almost) all have those - but not always. So I'm wondering. What do you think? And if you're not into shipping at all, what's your perspective? Are shippers all one crowd of same people to you, or do you detect differences?

(For bonus points - is batshit in shipping all a matter of your own perspective and doesn't exist objectively? Do some reasons for shipping seem to spawn it more than others? Is it simply something that always crops up in groups because humans are humans akin?)

Opine, please.
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How much do contest play into shipping, I wonder?

Now, I have my ships too, and I'm certainly not saying that's what it's basically about, but... Take that ever lovely CSI fandom. Ever since Grissom and Sara shagged it up (implied) in the season six finale, fandom wanked its little socks off. And among the other fun stuff, I did notice trends of what I call 'ship-measuring contest'. Frequent arguments* included:

- Our ship has more chemistry
- Our ship is less forced
- Our ship is more Canon
- Our ship is more liked by the actors
- Our ship has better writers
- Our ship has more mature shippers
- Our ship has better fics

* Some of these claims might be true, given the value of true.

The point of all these arguments seem to be to elevate that particular ship to above the others, to be the better one. And it's not just that fandom, either. I've seen arguments on which is "the higher sort of love" in Harry Potter. I've seen Doctor/Rose shippers and Other Shippers both feel hated on in Doctor Who fandom. (Both might be true, depending on your perspective. Also, I divide it into that simple because of numbers. There are heaps of little inter-plays at work, between Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose too.) And that's not taking into account all the stuff going on within a ship - hierarchy and BNFs and what-not.

Course, people are generally into ships because they like them and most shippers are sane and lovely and I give them chocolate, but I wonder how much this behaviour just feels a bit natural after a while. After all, opposing shippers often diss your ship, so you try to lift your up. No one likes something they like being attacked. It's natural to want to defend or to feel better about your particular like, maybe even feel it is special. But it does feel like it sometimes goes a bit far. That humans have a certain need to feel superior to other humans at times and this comes to play in fandom in not always attractive ways.

Maybe I'm totally off. Tell me? Have you noticed anything like it?

Meanwhile, here are two cats who clearly disagree on ship.
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See, shippers can be sane!

Group hug for all!

New OFUM fanart - amazing that it still gets attention and fanart, I have to say. (All the fanart for it can be found here.) About the most flattering thing I know of, getting fanart for something you wrote. I miss the days of OFUM madness sometimes, but ah well. Everyone gets their 15 minutes of Internet fame, perhaps, and those were mine.

Meanwhile, in CSI fandom, sanity isn't always around... )

And the season haven't even started. I need to restock the wankshelter bar, that's for sure.

E-mail I found in my inbox one morning )


Because the kind of traffic I want to my personal website is horny males looking for sex. Yes.

Norway's population rises to 4,660,000

Aw. Aren't we small and adorable?
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*waves to newbies on flist* Hello. Feel free to poke about whenever you feel like here. I shan't bite, though my cat might.

Oi. The plagiarism in HP fandom goes on...

Good grief. And some of this only seems to be touching the surface of it. As if HP fandom needed more shit. But it does make me wonder - if a BNF sets a certain practice, do others follow? Because this does seem to have spread at least a little. Do the various fandoms need to start having revived birds-and-bees talks at certain ages? ("There comes a time in a bird's life when it may feel like stealing someone else's feathers...")



Kill the mushed ship names. Kill them with fire.

[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 if this catches on I am leaving the fandom dramatically and vociferously
[livejournal.com profile] misscam so am I. We can try and top each other with drama and woe in our leaving posts
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 race you to f_w, heh
[livejournal.com profile] misscam I'll beat you. Bigger flist, more wank :P
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 I will whine louder that you are a BNF and it isn't fair
[livejournal.com profile] misscam welcome to fandom, baby. It's as light on the fairness as it is logic

[livejournal.com profile] misscam I wonder if mushed ship names is wank bait for fandoms. I mean, look at CSI and HP... Ripe with it, and ripe with wank
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 could be
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 even more reason to fight it
[livejournal.com profile] misscam We need a commando team

i[livejournal.com profile] misscam it seems to become a trend once it first starts
[livejournal.com profile] misscam we could soon have Foudric
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 *shudders*
[livejournal.com profile] misscam Fivgan
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 over my rotting corpse
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 T5gan looks much better
[livejournal.com profile] misscam that just looks like it has a Terminator in there
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 hee
[livejournal.com profile] misscam TarDoc, the eternal OTP
[livejournal.com profile] misscam TwoJam, with many clever puns on flavours
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 That looks far too much like toejam
[livejournal.com profile] misscam I guess it's a ship with much feet!porn

[livejournal.com profile] misscam see, now that dratted thing got me started. IT'S CONTAGIOUS. FLEE! FLEE!

Take a look at the horror of mushed ship names run free for yourself - a list of ship names from CSI fandom

Fandom seems a bit tense of late, anyhoo. Maybe we need some silliness. Or a relaxing chair. Speaking of Doctor Who fandom, I'm feeling the urge to co-write a DW fic, I am. Any of you lot be keen on such a thing at some point?
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Got alerted to this by a friend of mine.

This is how inane CSI ship-arguments get

I don't give a fuck if William Petersen touch Jorja Fox in real life. What the hell? Before you reply to me with your dumbass comeback, read my post. You're bringing up shit that I didn't even talk about. And, incase you didn't notice, my post said "RESPECT GSR" not "RESPECT WILLIAMPETERSEN/JORJAFOXOMGZ" so just shut the fuck up. If you care to stop being a little bitch and actually use your real screen name, then maybe I'll actually take you seriously.

Says a sockpuppet. The irony, it burns like a flaming thing.

I'm sure most of the GS fans are too busy laughing at your icons, because their ship is canon and you're acting like a jealous bitch.

Actually, this one is busy wanting a drink.

But first - CAM'S CSI FANDOM GUIDELINES TO NOT BEING A SHIPPING ASSHAT (may apply to other fandoms too):

*Disclaimer: Do not apply to all and will occasionally get broken by even the most sanest of shippers, for fandom lures a little batshit out of anyone.

Manners, manners, manners. Think of them. They think of you. Nekkid and wanking without them. It makes them sad. )

Now, free drinks in the wankshelter bar for any who is not a shipping asshat. What's your pleasure?
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So, a friend passed on a link and rather amusingly, I found various fics of mine rec'ed and described as "good but too old school, not in line with current producers' vision of D/R. Not shippy enough" and "Definitely of the brand of Doctor/Rose fic coming from the Old Skool, which tends not to see D/R as an OTP by any stretch. Which always makes for very, very *interesting* fic, if unsatisfying and occassionally annoying."

So after I stopped being amused being classified old school when I can count on one hand the number of classic episodes I've seen and having not been in fandom even a year, I got to thinking about OTP. And the thing is, I'm not sure I believe in OTP at all.

Yes, I believe in love. And I believe sometimes you find someone who seems ideally suited for you and it is genuine, heartfelt, I'd-die-for-you kind of love. However, under different circumstances and at a different time in your life when perhaps you never met that first ideal match, I think it's possible to meet someone else you might feel genuine, heartfelt, I'd-die-for-you kind of love for. Humans - or Time Lords, for that matter - adapt and change with the people we love. I don't think there's just one shot at love out there. However, once you found one of them, it could be the right one for the rest of your life and you don't need any others.

Rose meets the Doctor. In doing so, she changes. Later, he changes. I choose to see their relationship as love. But if they had never met, do I think they wouldn't ever have loved anyone else? No, I don't. In fact, I don't think Rose is the first one the Doctor has loved or will love. It doesn't demean their relationship to me, really. Just like it doesn't demean my love for my father that I also love my brother, you know? Love isn't a restricted quality.

Of course, you can have conflict with loving more than one and fidelity tends to be a good idea. Nothing's perfect. Certainly not love, which fucks you over and comes for repeats when it feels like. But it's still fascinating and human and neccessary. And sometimes, when you've found and lost it, the really brilliant thing is that you might get another shot.

So, I don't really believe in the soulmate OTP part. But I do believe in love. Quite a lot, actually.

Maybe that makes me another sort of old school.


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