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So, there's this secret over at f!S (direct link) and this date rape joke in a movie and I get strong urges to rub my temples. But instead I'll go on a minor rant about consent.

What consent is and what it isn't )

/rant over

In brighter news, I guess everyone and their grandmother has seen Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent, right? (Over 20 million YouTube hits, so I guess so!) I knew in advance she'd be good when I looked at the clip, but damn. The Telegraph has some more on her. Given her lifestory, I can't help but wish her well. Be awesome!

CSI had awesome murder-at-Sci-Fi-convention episode - first one I've watched since Grissom left. And I enjoyed it heaps. Some BSG people in it as well, including Ron Moore going "you suck!" at someone wanting to 'reimagine' an old SciFi show. Hee. But man, didn't quite feel like the CSI I used to watch, with no Grissom, no Warrick and no Sara. I guess that's why it takes a special episode to get me watching these days. Oh, CSI as you once were to me, I miss you.

I miss mah BSG too :( I wish I could take over the world and order it to come back and be awesome. Shut up, I can be delusional.

In other news:
- Actual snakes on a plane!
- Booted Illinois governor to become reality star? Um, yeah.
- BNP claims Jesus would have supported them. Um, no.
- Norwegian officer killed in Afghanistan.
- Pirate Bay founders found guilty.
- Scottish police have eight Jedi officers. Hee.
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There are bad ideas, and there are BAD IDEAS. I'm not even in that particular fandom, but wow.

At the recent LA convention, Misha Collins was quoted as saying…“I'm fascinated by this slash fic thing. I’ve read only one, but it stuck with me. I'd like to find out more, if I could do it without being molested." Well, Misha… Your wish is our command. (...) I am going to the convention in Vancouver in August. (...) I plan to put together 6-8 fanfiction stories and present it to him when I have the opportunity. I will have it bound and my hope is that it will have some great artwork on the front.

Also to be included, RPF and oi. Look, the actor might be a little curious, but it's not like the stuff is hard to find on the Internets. Actually giving him printouts of various hardcore stuff (with artwork!) and including RPF? No no no no no. BAD IDEA.


- I finished BSG crime fic. 'Love and Simplicity: A Murder on Galactica' and I clocked it in at a little over 7000 words. Haven't decided if I'll post it as one, or split it up in two or three pieces - we'll see. Beta needs a good, hard look at it first in any case. Officially longest BSG fic I've done, actually. Yay?
- I kind of want to write another BSG/Doctor Who crossover with Ten and Martha, doing Daybreak a bit AU, Ten curing Laura's cancer just because, the TARDIS speaking through a hybrid and Lee and Martha hooking up a bit. Um. I don't know about my brain sometimes.
- I've started reading a bit of RPF and feel naughty and guilty about it. It's all [livejournal.com profile] bsg_pornbattle's fault.
- Anyone want to look at my Adama/Roslin manifesto, just to make sure I don't say anything completely off? I've finished it, but it's not due until April 8th, so no rush.
- PMing me instead of using Page-A-Mod on [livejournal.com profile] time_and_chips when you're a long-time user of the the comm and I even have a bit in my user info you shouldn't do that? Makes me a little grumpy.
- Making me more grumpy: Reading some Kara/Lee shippers going off on Katee. UGH.
- I really, really hate Thaddius on achivement mode.
- More and more snow is vanishing, and you can actually see the ground in places. SPRING NORWAY SPRING. I think I will try to take some pictures of spring stuff here this year, because it's really lovely.
- The state has sent me my proposed tax returns for 2008 and whee, I get back a substansial sum this year too. Cha-ching.
- Wedding tomorrow, huh.
- It's Easter next week, with marzipan and crime and all the silly Norwegian Easter traditions I love. Plus holidays. Anyone got any plans?
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Part the First

A review here suggested she was breaking ff.net rules herself, so I peeked around and oh yes, she is

  • Each registered user can create and manage one C2 community.
  • All communities are public.
  • C2 community is to be used to promote and showcase recommended stories only and is not be used to highlight negative aspects of entries.

  • Dear oh dear. Here she was making a point out of not breaking site TOS and all. Tut, tut. And oh yes, she seems to have poked about here after all:
    A big thank you to "SC" and "RE" for their kind words and for telling me there is an author who was so angry I added her horrible story to my C2 that she posted a huge rant on her LiveJournal. Obviously hearing an honest negative opinion was too much for her ego. (If I had added her story to a "good stories" comm, I bet you fifty quid she wouldn't have remarked on that at all.) Also thank you to the several mature authors who contacted me and admitted that their stories were bad, or asked for advice, or simply politely disagreed with me.
    There's always room for improvement, which is something certain other authors on this site also ought to keep in mind. I have deleted a few of my lesser stories and am editing the others to fix mistakes and to generally improve them.

    Oooh! Insults! Trying to stir trouble by not quite naming names! Though I think she might've confused "angry" with "amused", but she got the first letter right and that ain't bad, right?

    So what shall be the next step? More insults? More editing of her bio with cryptic notes? Trolling? Revelation of socks? Other motivations coming to light? Involvement of the ff.net mods? Removal of C2? Banning? Involvement of GAFF? More deletions of her own fics? Will Doctor Who fandom bend to her obviously superior knowledge of good and bad fic? Are the mysterious RE and SC real and will we ever know? Will I finally remember where I know her name from? (I see she's got EbonyBeach on her favourite list, though. She a friend of yours, [livejournal.com profile] ebonybeach, or just a fan?)

    Accurate predictions will be rewarded. Trolling will not be.

    Stayed tuned, more fun is bound to come. Granted, it's no Cassie Claire debacle, but few could match that one. (You have been reading that one, right?) The mind boggles.

    Fandom is fucking funny, yo.
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    So, [livejournal.com profile] cleverhandle posts to mock_the_stupid about something he finds... well, stupid.

    His submission is rejected, so he posts again with the same thing, and also a poke at the mods.

    From an Amazon.com customer review of that odious James Blunt album:
    "The lyrics are present and it's incredible how the words all fit nicely on the paper."

    It is pointed out many don't find this too funny, and also, the poster might be Norwegian and it could thus be a language thing

    [livejournal.com profile] cleverhandle replies: If I took language barriers into account for every mock, I'd never get any work done. Yes, I may be racist, but at least I'm professional.

    That's right, there's people out there being racist against Norwegians. Against my wee people! The horror! I may have to smack some lutefisk on people. Or sic moose on them.

    So [livejournal.com profile] cleverhandle gets banned, wanders back to his LJ and his friends assure him "Also, Norwegians aren't really known for their sarcasm or rapier wit."

    Heeeeey! Now I'm all hurt and stuff. You telling me our jokes about Swedes aren't funny? Or our bad, bad Eurosong entries? You can't tell me those aren't a new level of hilarity.

    I am hurt by this slam. Hurt!

    Wank report of it all

    In other things that made Cam amused:
    David Tennant on Billie Piper's nickname for him, "Ten-inch": "I think that's for others to comment on and me to be quite smug about, don't you?"
    David Tennant on Billie Piper and the snog: "She has a *very* firm grip on my head!"
    Now that's some hot sex!
    Meerkats with a painted easter egg!
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    Remember me mentioning babydoll's letter to Carol Mendelsohn in my pervious LJ entry?

    She DID send me it, to my great surprise - and then she cut short my debate about whether or not to share by making it public herself. She posted it to YTDAW, you can find it here. It's 12 pages. It's like Christmas come early. It's like a personal giftwrapped amusement-package to me from the Universe. Thank you, Universe.

    You don't even need to know CSI to enjoy this, my friends.

    Some excerpts:
    To all CSI fans I’m best known as babydoll, and I wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised if you’ve already heard of me. (...)

    “I can’t see Catherine kissing just anyone, it has to be the right guy.” Well when I read this quote I laughed! Please! Over the years Cath has kissed many different guys, none of which appear to be the “right guy” and still you’re getting it wrong! You can’t honestly believe that Warrick of all people is the “right guy” for Miss Catherine Willows? Now I’m not saying that Warrick’s not a great guy and a cool character, not at all! I’m just saying he’s nowhere near the top of my list of people I would out my idol with on the show! Near the bottom in fact! (...)

    It was so forced that you made it funny! It made me realise how wrong the pair really were for each other, if you have to force the chemistry that hard to make it work! When their faces were centimetres away, all I could think was how much more sense it would make had Nick been there instead. Because with them, I think the chemistry just flows! “But then watching that moment when they fell into each other’s arms, - oh, my God! I couldn’t believe it!” OK I was actually literally rolling on the floor when I read this one for the first time! I couldn’t believe how stupid that sounded! I couldn’t actually stop laughing because you couldn’t be more wrong!(...)

    Down the Drain, some forced desperate attempt to put SOMETHING there, and I guess in Too Tough to Die there’s a slight amount of flirting, and in A Little Murder there’s contact, but not sexual at all! So what the hell was all the rest?! FRIENDSHIP DAMNIT! FRIENDSHIP! If you can’t see that then you must be blind from head to toe! I mean for crying out loud! In every single occasion, it’s one of them, looking out for the other! What does that tell you? I mean if you got a steamy relationship from THAT then there must be something wrong with you! You get friends from people looking out for each other, good friends, very good friends in fact! Sometimes even siblings. And for siblings to get together would just be plain gross! (I really couldn’t think of a more sophisticated way of putting that!) But it’s wrong! Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a Christian and I have my own standards, when I see a gay couple kiss, I cringe, I feel really wrong all over, it’s the same at the thought of brother and sister kissing, and it’s that feeling I get at the thought of Cath and Warrick getting intimate! You can’t honestly believe that these people are a match-made in heaven! No way! That’s wrong... it’s horrible… it’s flaming disgusting! I really can’t believe you’re actually considering going ahead with it! As a matter of honesty! It’s… it’s an abomination for starters! I’m telling you as the most loyal of all fans…. Die-hard fan as you seem to want to call me… don’t ruin the most loved crime show of all time by getting 2 people together, that no-one wants to be together!(...)

    OK just to sum up. I was gonna make this longer, but all the fans seemed to have summed it up pretty well for me! Scrap the Cath/Warrick thing, at least for this season, which I know you have done, coz I know all about Grave Danger, and how it’s all Grissom this Nick that! Which I love Nick, and I’ve seen the roughcuts, and extended footage, and I’m overwhelmed. You’ve done a fantastic job and us fans could not ask for a better finale in our lives! We really couldn’t, and I want to thank the CSI crew on behalf of all of us fans for doing such a fantastic Tarantino production and everything! Also… scrap Miami and New York, the ratings have dropped considerably since they came out, and no-one I know likes them. They really arte both very crap spin-off which no dedicated fan would even attempt to watch, because the original, was, is and will always be the best by far! Remember the good ol’ days, when the CSIs were a team, 1 big relatively happy family, with only a few cares in the world, Grissom’s team, and they always will be, promote my fave character or not, they’re all Grissom’s night shift team!(...)

    Read. Boggle. Marvel. Truly, there are no words to do it true justice. There are only exclamation marks.

    And of course the C/W smut I intend to write just for her.


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