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Five Futures Olivia and Lloyd Didn't Have (and One Present They're Living)
by [personal profile] misscam

Summary: One way or another, the future always happens. [FlashForward. Lloyd/Olivia]

Rating: Teen. One bad word, and implied adult activities.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Spoilers for the series finale. Five AU scenarios and one post-finale scene. With thanks to [profile] helen_halliwell and [personal profile] lulubellnyc, who've been very encouraging.

It is, Olivia reflects, an unusual choice of words for a first meeting, but then, this is not the most usual first meeting she has ever had. She doesn't crash into strangers carrying Styrofoam on a very frequent basis, that's for sure. )
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Neither Does the Rain
by misscam

Summary: They can't stop falling. [Lloyd/Olivia]

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Rating: PG.

Author's Note: Written on a prompt from [profile] helen_halliwell, who wanted arguing and making up in the rain. I kinda included the making out of my own volition. Set after episode 19, "Course Correction".

I stayed away from you. I was the good guy. You came to me, Olivia. You keep coming to me )
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(I also made a new video for the pair here.)

Villains and Heroes and Those In-Between (Complicated Is the Whole Point)
by misscam

Summary: It is complicated. Everything in life is, from the behaviour of tiny particles, to the shape of space-time, to the behaviour of all humans, to the marriage of Mark and Olivia and the undefined between Lloyd and Olivia. Complicated. [Lloyd/Olivia, Mark]

Rating: Teen. Some language and snogging.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Set immediately after 'Course Correction'. Inspired partly by a line originally by Catherine Willows to Warrick Brown in CSI, "complicated is the whole point".

It's easy to just call it complicated. It prevents further definitions. But maybe it's definition enough that it's her husband she just hurt and it's still Lloyd she wants to go see (and kiss and sleep with and wake up in the morning with and hear say her name and listen to ramble about science and lie in a hammock reading books with and and and) )
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Living a Name
by misscam

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Summary: Try not to break the world while saving it, would you? The Doctor through the lives he touches. [The Doctor, Death, Caesar. Vaguely implied Doctor/M, Spock/Uhura, Dean/Castiel, Jaina/Thrall, Doctor/Chromie, Lloyd/Olivia, Laura/Bill]

Author's Note: Doctor Who meets James Bond, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, Supernatural, Rome, FlashForward, BSG and Discworld. Um, what to say. Massive crossover of doom?

The Doctor's timeline is not outright stated, but references to past companions makes this at least after the fourth series. The James Bond part is set during Judi Dench's M era, Star Trek is after the 2009 reboot movie, World of Warcraft during Wrath of the Lich King, Supernatural at some undisclosed time after the start of season four, Rome prior to the series, FlashForward at some point in the latter half of season one, Battlestar Galactica towards the end of season four and Discworld at no set time at all.

You don't respect authority, you make your own rules and break them still. You won't carry a gun but will use people as weapons if you have to. You save the world and lets everyone else clean up the aftermath. I don't know where you'll be tomorrow and you're completely unreliable, but you always seem to arrive at just the right time anyway. You have a file the size of the Bank of England in our archives and yet no one knows your name. You're completely irresponsible and just a touch mad and now you want me to give you security clearance and Q for a day for a matter of 'universal importance'. Tell me, Doctor, why should I? )
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Always Following
by misscam

Summary: Always is a dangerous word. [Lloyd/Olivia]

Rating: PG.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Spoilers for "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road".

Lloyd and Olivia, right for all to see, K-I-S-S-I-N-G )
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This Isn't Camelot (and We Have No Excalibur)
by misscam

Summary: This is why he'll be in her bedroom on April 29th, he thinks. Because he can sleep with Olivia Benford once and find it just not enough. [Lloyd/Olivia]

Rating: Teen. One bad word and some non-explicit adult activities.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Set as a (possible) missing scene during "Let No Man Put Asunder".

She has fought it so long. Now she won't have to. Now she can lean in, close her eyes and kiss Lloyd Simcoe, who isn't quite Lancelot and won't bring down a kingdom. )
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Add Up
by [personal profile] misscam

Rating: PG.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Summary: The President can't count, the Admiral is a math genius, and Bill and Laura don't add up. Yet. [Hints of Adama/Roslin]

Author's Note: Set at the end of series three. Written on a prompt from [profile] whatever_lj – thanks for your help!

'Were your words not 'get me a frakking drink, Admiral'?' )
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(You can still bid on my fanfiction offer for Haiti here and yes, I can write sequels too.)

The Dream of Rassilon
by misscam

Rating: PG. References to war.

Summary: This story, the story of the Time War and the Doctor and why he stopped dreaming. [Implied Eight/Romana, Nine, Ten, the Master, Rassilon, Martha, Donna, light TenII/Rose.]

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Spoilers up to The End of Time p2. Many thanks to [profile] lyricalviolet for beta and [profile] falena84 for being a guinea pig.

We could ask you to be get to know the Doctor, but it would take you a lifetime. He's had already had several and more still waits. A passing acquaintance, then. This is the Doctor, last of the Time Lords, survivor, fighter, coward, rebel, ghost, legend, lover, nightmare, savior, Doctor. He would be pleased to meet you too. )
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Which Is Caesar's
by misscam

Summary: Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's. [Caesar/Servilia, Caesar/Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Octavian]

Rating: Teen. Implied sexual activities.

Spoilers: Rome s1 and um, history?

Author's Note: I blame [profile] falena84 for this, utterly and fully. Happy birthday, babe! Thanks to [profile] lyricalviolet for beta.

The gods may favour a man in many ways. The gods may curse a man in many ways. Gaius Julius Caesar is not sure yet which will carve his life. )
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Might Be Right
by [personal profile] misscam

Summary: In this world, the bacon might be rubbish, but fate and free will might still both be right. [Hints of Lloyd/Olivia]

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Spoilers for 1x10. Set some time after the episode, will almost certainly be made AU by future episodes.

This is playing with fire, she knows, or rather playing with a present that would lead to a future she has been determined to avoid )
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Slides Towards the Future
by [personal profile] misscam

Summary: Afterwards, she does wonder - Was it inevitable even knowing the future, or is seeing the flash forward what made it so? [Mark/Olivia, Olivia/Lloyd]

Rating: Teen. Some non-explicit references to adult activities.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: The show will undoubtedly make this AU. Um, yeah. I'm writing FlashForward fic. Oops.

If philosophers can argue over it for decades, Olivia Benford (maybe-to-be-Simcoe one day) doesn't have much chance of certainty. She can watch her life in slides forwards the future and still never know for sure. )
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Life's a Time Machine
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: The Doctor, born a week ago, feeling ancient and new both, remembering hundreds of years of life and having just a few decades of them still ahead. [TenII/Rose]

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Post-Journey's End. Prompt 015 for [profile] 50lyricsfanfic. Thanks to [profile] lyricalviolet for beta.

He remembers five million, three thousand, four hundred and eight sunrises, and this is still the first he actually sees. )
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Future Implications
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Where's the thrill of the future if you know it? [Spock Prime, Spock/Uhura.]

Rating: PG.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Notes: Set during and right after the end of the 2009 Star Trek movie. Implied TOS!Uhura/TOS!Spock. Maybe. Many thanks to [personal profile] ishie for beta.

He raises an eyebrow. 'Lack of such formalities would indicate a personal relationship between you and my younger self.' )
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Cultural Oddities
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Pon farr, an abstract cultural oddity suddenly become her half-Vulcan boyfriend clinging to control by his fingertips and a very serious problem. [Uhura/Spock, Kirk, McCoy. Reboot-verse]

Rating: PG-13. Implied sexual activities, nothing too explicit.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Set some undisclosed time after the 2009 movie. I used information about pon farr from both TOS and Voyager, but this can probably be called my take on the concept. Many thanks to [personal profile] ishie for beta.

For a race so logical, 'mate or die' certainly seems a bit of a departure from norm )
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The Logic of Languages
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Understanding a language is also knowing its logic, seeing its patterns. She is learning his and teaching him hers. [Spock/Uhura]

Rating: PG.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Set pre-movie in the reboot universe. Mostly I'm just making up a possible way their relationship might have come to be. Also, first time writing this ship and universe. I am nervous. Many thanks to [profile] rhipowered for beta.

The first time now-Cadet Uhura sees Commander Spock, he is standing still in a room full of motion and the calm in him seems strangely stronger than all the blustering around. )
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Frakking Consequences
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Everything has consequences, Kara. Especially drugging the President, the Admiral and the CAG. [Adama/Roslin, Kara/Lee, Sam, Dee]

Rating: Teen. Implied adult activities and drug use.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: While we were both signing up to do [profile] bsg_remix, I told [personal profile] lotus79 I knew which of hers I would do if I got her as an assignment. I didn't, but the idea stayed with me and [personal profile] lotus79 got quite curious about it all and kindly let me use her story. She also very graciously betaed this piece. So, this is a remix of Improper Conduct.
That was silly. This is really not. Issues of dubious consent. Set during season three, before Maelstrom.

'Of all the irresponsible things you've done over the years, Kara...' he pauses, shaking his head a little at the ceiling. 'This, this is a whole new level.' )
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(To the shock of no one, I wrote this - as well as another remix I'll post tomorrow.)

Heaven Isn't Far (Sanctified Remix)
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: In between her mortal forms, the heavens have always been a home. [Adama/Roslin]

Rating: PG

Author Notes: Spoilers for "Daybreak p.2". A remix of Sanctified by [personal profile] trialia for the [profile] bsg_remix. Many thanks to [profile] lyricalviolet for beta.

Heaven Isn't Far (Sanctified Remix) )
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Imagine the Sky
or Five Fantasies Bill and Laura Shared (and One Reality They Lived With)
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: She has made a virtue of accepting realities too much to stop now. That leaves the fantasies. [Adama/Roslin]

Rating: Light mature. Sexual activities.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Set after "Blood on the Scales", before "Islanded in a Stream of Stars". Written on a challenge from [profile] whatever_lj, to include five objects. Bonus points if you spot them. Much thanks to [profile] lyricalviolet for beta.

I hope you didn't promote me so using my military rank would sound better in your fantasies )
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Life in a Box
By Camilla Sandman

Summary: The day Laura Roslin informally moves into Bill's quarters (and not just temporarily), she brings a single box and a bag of clothes. He probably shouldn't look, but he does. [Adama/Roslin]

Rating: Teen.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: References to "Blood on the Scales", not particulary spoilery. [personal profile] lotus79 challenged me to write a fic using a favourite item broken beyond repair, a small clay frog, a book of Kataris poems, a hidden photograph and some lines of Bon Jovi lyrics. This is the result. Thanks to [profile] lyricalviolet for beta.

Why is the military going through the President's personal affairs? )
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Five Times Bill and Laura Lived A Little, and One Time After
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Laura and Bill, living a little. He doesn't think it will quite last. [Adama/Roslin]

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: Through season three and four, spoilers fairly vague. Thanks to [profile] lyricalviolet for beta. For [profile] adama_roslin's Month of Love.

She is thinking of making a cabin, she told him. He is thinking about visiting her there. Bring her books, accept drinks and dinner. Chat into the later hours, find it too late to leave that evening. Kiss her. Be kissed. Find she only has one bed, but one bed enough.  )


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