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Man, it's spring and I'm feeling the urge to change stuff again.

Meanwhile, here is your daily dose of WTF:

Playing softball could make you gay, or something.


When you see this, post a snippet from your works-in-progress.

One of a Kind. Doctor Who, Amy & Eleven )

Five Futures Olivia and Lloyd Didn't Have (and One Present They're Living). FlashForward, Olivia/Lloyd )

Matters of Size. Star Trek reboot, Spock/Uhura McCoy/Kirk. )

Five Historical Events Amy Kissed the Doctor During (and One She Got Shagged During). Doctor Who, Amy/Eleven )

Icon meme, which I did with two people because I am naughty.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six/seven of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

[personal profile] denorios and [personal profile] idreamedmusic picked amongst mine.

Cut for many icons )
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Holy Niflheim, it just hailed. In the middle of a very loud thunderstorm. In the middle of summer.

Look! And the result after. Those were large. My cat totally freaked out and went and hid under the bed. Then it turned brilliant sunshine for a bit and now it's pouring rain again. Figures.

Meme knicked from the flist: Five Things I Did This Week I Suggest To You

1. Read Anthony Beever's D-Day. I'ved liked several of his previous books, and did this one as well. It manages to give accounts of people who experienced it while painting the bigger picture as well, and it actually gives some insight into Eurpean-US relations even today. History isn't just what happened, it's also why we are where we are. It also underlines how horrid war is and how all sides will do terrible things.

2. Wrote. Finished my remix, got a speedy beta (thanks [profile] lyricalviolet!) and can now feel in good conscience. Kept writing on my AU Daybreak with resurrection returned. It's nice to play around writh words.

A little preview )

3. Rediscovered polar bread. I used to eat it when I was young when my parents would drive in summer from southeastern Norway (where we lived) to northern Norway (where my father's parents lived) and then back again through Sweden. (It's actually faster, weird as it sounds.) Yum. Been eating loads of them this week.

4. Bought Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits for my iPod. Bruce will always be to me my mother, who loves him dearly and would play him in the living room so many evenings as I grew up. It's the sound of my childhood and teenage years and I was feeling nostalgic. Listening to things you associate with good things can be really uplifting, so heartily recommended.

5. Slept outside. One night it was warm enough, so I slept in a sleeping bag under a roof. Falling asleep with the sounds of birds and silence around really is something not quite like sleeping inside. I like it.

In other news:
- Iran election, why you should care.
- And to remind you why we got ways to go with gender equality still, to sell fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages, Bacardi launches an ad campaign at women with the message that all that women need to be more attractive is to find an more unattractive female friend to stand next to. Oh, gag me with a shot glas.
- A real Romeo and Juliet tragedy in India.
- Inspired by Obama's famed oneshot of a fly, ten fly-swatting techniques.
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Teen admits to roasting kitten in an oven.

... I feel ill. (Chick has prior arrests, I see. Chaaarming.) I need to hug my cat and feed him fish. People sure suck sometimes, don't they? (How apropos is this icon, too? Ugh.)

Also, today are EU elections and hardly anyone seems aware or even care. Norway's not a member so it's not an issue for me, but it's still slightly depressing. Democracy is a right earned with a lot of blood of our forefathers. Care for it a little, yeah? (Not that I am the EU's biggest fan. Um, no.)

Meanwhile, there was another BSG screening with UN panel attached. Reports from it here and here, and some red carpet pictures here. EJO and MM look hot. I approve. Resist the urge to write RPF. RESIST

Got a PM from someone asking if I was writing on stuff of late. Yes, I am. There is the remix, which I can't really tell you anything about since it's meant to be hush-hush until the reveal. I'm also very slowly writing on a AU season four finale thing. I can share a bit of that.

Untitled, spoilers for Daybreak )

But honestly, I haven't really pushed myself to write too much of late. I do tend to like writing on order though (journalist in me, I suppose) so: Prompt me. Give me five items or a piece of dialogue or something from the kink meme or a setting or something else you consider a prompt.

No guarantees and I am most likely to write BSG or possibly some Doctor Who, but summer has started and I should have some writing time. So hit me.
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Oh, Italy :( They got hit by an eartquake close to the surface, which is never good. (How damaging an earthquake is isn't all about force - it's about where it comes from too.) Many dead and tens of thousand homeless. Cities have pretty much been flattened. Lets hope there are no major aftershocks. :( Stay safe, Italy. Figures my parents are there at the moment - at Sardinia, though, so that should be safe.

Meanwhile, an eight year old has vanished into a river here - playing on the ice with a mate, and the ice broke. They haven't found anything, but that kid is fairly certainly dead. Poor family. Ice in spring is just treacherous.

Nature. It can surely be a bitch. But also very pretty and I saw the first flowers today as I walked home.

There are some spoilerrific pictures out from shooting of the next Doctor Who finale swimming around the web. Don't look unless you want to know. My my. There will probably be spoilers in comments, yes.

So, writing. Also popular on the poll of what I should do this holiday. Thus I have.

'Love and Simplicity: A Murder on Galactica', BSG. Adama/Roslin, Tigh, some Kara/Lee, tiny Helo/Athena, Baltar. )

Untitled, Doctor Who/BSG crossover. Daybreak spoilers. Adama/Roslin, the Doctor, Martha, Lee.  )

'Die a Dawn', BSG. Daybreak spoilers. Kara, Lee, little Adama/Roslin )

'Life's a Time Machine', Doctor Who. Ten 10.5/Rose )
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Non-spoilery thoughts on BSG episode: Holy info-dump, I have to think about all that for a bit. Also, next episode please. I waaaaaaaaaaaant to knoooow everything. *whines*

It's my birthday in a week. Huh. Also, we don't really do Valetine's Day here, but I send you all a hearty dose of non-romantic love still. Because that is also an awesome kind. And flu is almost gone, hurrah!

Fandom thinky-thoughts:

- Sometimes, after having done modding over at T&C, I am so in the mindset of it I want to mod the rest of the Internets. This is very silly, because modding is really a bitch of a job and you'd go insane from that much work. Unless you were Judge Judy. She could mod the Internets.

- [livejournal.com profile] cot_reviews versus [livejournal.com profile] cot_tossed - it's like so many fandom fanfic debates all over. One is anon and fairly frank in the reviews, other is signed and as stated in the info, 'every fic is nominated because someone loves it'. I think I've run across versions of this in just about every fandom I've been in. And me, I always tend to end up defending someone's right to review a fanfic not favourably too (withough necessarily agreeing with that review at all). Not to stir shit or be intentionally mean, but because when you post in public, public reactions come with. It can suck to deal with critisism, no doubt, but not even the greatest writer is safe from opinion. Learn to live with it.

- Sign I am sad Adama/Roslin fangirl - it makes me a bit sad there is no [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto entry for them. I'd totally write one, except I am bad at OTP and would need a partner. Also, I need to stop making up theories in my head for how the show will end without either dying, because it is also sad. I'm too attached. Sniff.

- Why was there uncut corset-and-BJ porn on my flist? Not that I have anyone to hide what I am reading from (I don't think the cat cares), but I was trying to nibble on a cookie and it made it all wrong. LJ-cut is your friend, porn. Your very good and intimate friend.

- Doctor Who fandom, helpful facts to keep in mind when writing Norway in your D/R stuff: 1) We speak English here. Yes, Norwegian is the native language, but we all learn English in school, and while not all will be great at it, we're not Swedish Chef. Really. The only ones who might not speak English will be those born before WWII. Additionally, a lot of people will speak either German, French or Spanish. Rose will be able to communicate with Norwegians without amusing hand-gestures. 2) Norway is actually only a small country population-wise. Size-wise, we are as big as Germany and stretch out a lot more. Bergen is actually a fair distance from Oslo, okay? 3) I know it's alt-verse, but normal Norway does NOT have polar bears roaming freely on the mainland and a warmer alt-verse is unlikely to be different.

- Reading reviews for Dollhouse is kinda making me not want to watch it. I was never on the Joss fanboat anyway, so blah. Maybe it will improve and I'll watch it for Helo. If Fox cancels it within a few weeks, I am not even trying, though.

- How many reality shows are there out there? Best hairdresser? Cowboy-version of The Bachelor? Pussycat Dolls makes a all woman's group? The Apprentice, P. Diddy style? Seriously, haven't the genre just about died a painfully, prolonged death already? These sure feels like zombies.

I am writing on fanfic. As you do.

Adama/Roslin, post-No Exit )

'Life's a Time Machine', 10.5/Rose )

'Humans Don't Dream of Gallifreyan Sheep', Doctor, Donna )

I also just have a summary of a fic in my head - Bill is falling in love.Lee is trying to fall out of. - some sort of Adamas and love thing with Adama/Roslin and maybe some Kara/Lee for Saz. But I don't know yet.

What's up with you all?
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My brother and his girlfriend showed up during the weekend, visiting for Christmas. I wasn't expecting them this early, but since they live in Holland I rarely see them, so it's cool. Been lots of watching of Dexter so far, which they're both really liking. Family bonding over serial killers. Hah.

All cards and gifts have now been sent/ordered, but a few might be a little late for Christmas because Norway is far away from anywhere else. Sorry!

Meanwhile, this family in the US are a little angry because a supermarket wouldn't personalize a cake for their son. Their son? Adolf Hitler Campbell. I'll let you consider that name stuck to a three-year-old for a sec, then consider his sister's name: JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell.

... Okay, the parents are clearly racist fucks, but they've also seemingly gone batshit insane if they want to subject heir kids to a lifetime of shit.

Watching romantic comedies can apparently ruin your love life.

Says a university professor involved in the study: The problem is that while most of us know that the idea of a perfect relationship is unrealistic, some of us are still more influenced by media portrayals than we realise.

Which... Yeah. While I do think most are quite capable of seperating fantasy and reality, I also do think a little here and there can seep over and the one affect the other. Can, being the key word. Not as simple as cause - effect, because humans are rarely simple at all.

And I've been writing, so fic previews.

'Human Familiarities', BSG, Adama/Roslin )

Untitled, Doctor Who, Donna )

'How to Dream', Doctor Who, human!Doctor/Rose )

'Once and Always (the Story to Tell)', Narnia, Susan )

In other news:
- The guy who threw a shoe at Bush remains in custody and might face two years in prison.
- Fraud by US trader keeps growing.
- Icelands remains in trouble, and considers action against the UK.
- Explosives found in Paris store.
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Now there's a LJ bot for That Fannish History Site of Infamy.

Hmmm. I sense trouble brewing, I do.

And I see the Casting News from Doctor Who has brought out some... interesting theories. Yeah. Interesting. That's the word I wanted.

(As a sidenote, if I see another "I'm not racist but..." comment about who should and should not be the Doctor, I might have to Internet-hiss at someone. Seriously, if you feel a need to clarify that, chances are very good to excellent you've already gone awry.)

So, the The Ten things Christmas Wish list Meme seems to be making the rounds again. If you're on my gift exchange list and did one, I'd appreciate if you left a link for me if you've done it/doing it, since I don't want to risk missing it. Meanwhile, ten things I wouldn't mind for Christmas are:

All I want for Christmas... )

I can't believe it's November already...

Meanwhile, I am writing on some of the fic wishes I got, so I offer two small peeks. To remind myself to keep at them and not play WoW, mostly. Give me Wrath of the Lich King now argh argh ARGH

Untitled. Doctor Who. Donna, the Doctor and memories. Post Journey's End )

'Like Family'.Battlestar Galactica. Bill, Laura, lee, Kara, Tigh. Season four. )
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NSB did it again - train service down for a whole hour during rush hour and then 15 minutes delayed this morning. Fuuun. In addition, we had another round of heavy rain. Hmpf. But [livejournal.com profile] falena84 is coming here in a week, so maybe the weathergods are preparing for it their favourite way.

Speaking of Norway and tourism, I present to you some 'interesting' questions asked by tourists in Norway and jotted down for rememberance by various tourist offices around my country.

When is the hunting season for trolls? & other 'gems' )

Oh, tourists.

In other notes:

- Oh my, CSI trailer for new season. With implied sex. Fandom to go mental again, y/y?

- Anyone know if shiny BSG trailer of WANT might be shown on DragonCon also and therefore might finally be shared with the rest of us eager fans? I WANT. (That trailer can feel free to include implied sex also. Oh yes.)

- My guild killed Lady Vashj this week. FINALLY. We wiped on her at 8% and 2% and I was about ready to go mental in frustration and then it happened. BWHAHAHA. Now we have Kael and Archimonde to go.

- [livejournal.com profile] time_and_chips is having a Month of Love thing.

- Interesting article on the trade of gold farming for games - World of Warcraft is perhaps most known for its gold farmers.

- Stargate: Atlantis is cancelled. Oh dear. I didn't watch it, but I know friends did, so can I offer you a drink to drown your woes?

- Top misheard lyrics. Ehehehe.

From [livejournal.com profile] dune_drd: When you see this, post snippets of all your works-in-progress.

Gravity Attraction, Adama/Roslin )

Adama/Roslin Month of Love (comfort) )

A TARDIS Carol, Doctor/everyone )

Some sort of hopeful fic, Adama/Roslin )

Thing I don't know what is yet )

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Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] lizbee: Post the first lines from your 25 most recent drafts. Although in this case, I used first paragraphs if they seemed to work better.

(In random order, finished or otherwise. Those finished have a link to them, so if they don't they're still a work in progress.)

This is a cut. It has nothing clever to say )
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In today's major WTF:

Kindergarten teacher lets class vote 5-year old out of class.

After each classmate was allowed to say what they didn't like about Barton's 5-year-old son, Alex, his Morningside Elementary teacher said they were going to take a vote, Barton said.
By a 14 to 2 margin, the class voted him out of the class. (...) Barton said her son is in the process of being diagnosed with Aspberger's.


WHUT. Teacher was apparently reassigned after this, but still I'm kinda speechless. *Five*?! I mean, I'd think shitty to do to even adult people, but WTF five? And what's with the reality Survivor-esque voting? I don't think life has enough commercial breaks to be reality TV, quite frankly.

Meanwhile, I've had a whole workday of PatDocs and Patentstyret stuff. My head hurts. I swear, bureaucracy is at least half-made to drive us all to semi-understanding of insanity. I remember once at school, we got taught various political systems as you have two cows - capitalism was you have two cows, and trade it in a bull, socialism was you have two cows, your neighbours has none, the state takes one of yours and give it to your neighbour etc etc. Bureaucracy was you had two cows. Only thing missing from that is ... and now you have to do the paperwork.

Long day, ow, and I have no cow.

Didn't help I got up five times last night to scribble fanfic stuff down. Brain, could you think less of BSG fic at least when I have to get up before 7 the next day? I'd be much obliged.

What I write at two a.m. )

Hmm-hmm. I think there's a fic in there, yes.

Finally, a cat is formally appointed station master and helps save a Japanese railroad company. Just goes to show cats rule the world, Y/Y?
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... What's the one oft-appearing-in-badfic-cliche you just wish someone would write well, dammit?

Writing snippetry:

A TARDIS Carol, Doctor/everyone )

But For Hope, Doctor/Rose )

Normality in November, part two )

Here Be Ghosts, Grissom/Sara )

Pictures from the new X-Files movie have surfaced and given me a boost of nostalgic love. Wheee. Also, must get icon.

In other news, I need to get Inspector Lindley series on DVD, and The Chaser's War on Everything too.
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Argh, weekend and Monday from painful-place-not-quite-on-level-with-Hell. Um, Nullarbor?

Friday - work overload and overtime, mad shopping after, run into Al Gore. (!)
Saturday - Christmas shopping continued, post office scenes of horror, snow.
Sunday - cleaning, cat barfs all over my shoes, rain washes away snow.
Monday - monthly day of fun pain, work overload and overtime coming, modly annoyances, Oslo gone all fortress-y over Peace Prize ceremony.

Blah life. Anyway, all cards and packages should be away now, apart from some on my gift exhange list that are getting Amazon stuff. I hope they all arrive in time, but I no trust Norwegian mail.

I feel worn out and Christmas hasn't even really started.

Today's WTF THE FLAMING F: A judge's decision not to jail nine men guilty of raping a 10-year-old girl in an Aboriginal community has triggered outrage in Australia.

In her ruling, Judge Sarah Bradley told them that the victim "probably agreed to have sex with all of you".


I'm going to go somewhere and be ill now.

In other news:
Aw, Sweden wants to defend us now.
Mysterious mammal caught on film. (The cute, it slays. The ears! It's like an elf!mouse.)
Bush gives out wrong number.
Parrot to court over parking fine. (No joke.)
Man stuck in toilet for four days.
Potentially interesting brain discovery.

Stuff I be working on:

Here Be Ghosts, Sara/Grissom )

Normality in November part two, AU!Rose/AU!John Smith, AU!Rose/AU!Doctor )

Void Definitions, post-Doomsday )

A TARDIS Carol, Doctor/everyone )

Right, that should make this entry long enough, me thinks. How was the weekend for all of you?


Oct. 24th, 2007 11:12 pm
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Pick your poison!

Give the summary of a fic you wish someone would have written yesterday already.

Never know, the Universe might help you out...

Because I was tagged by three different people -List ten things that made you happy recently. And tag ten people to repost.

1. My team doing well in football.
2. Getting a gift bagel.
3. Having a story of mine rec'ed.
4. My cat sleeping in my bed yesterday.
5. The work review I got on Monday - and pay rise.
6. My new computer screen - flat and shiny.
7. Downing High Astromancer Solarian.
8. CSI - yeah, I know. Shocker, innit?
9. Actually getting The Daily Show daily in Norway too.
10. Getting incons made for me.

I tag (at random) [livejournal.com profile] cincoflex, [livejournal.com profile] nymeria, [livejournal.com profile] queen_midget, [livejournal.com profile] falena84, [livejournal.com profile] jvgymnast, [livejournal.com profile] mirrie, [livejournal.com profile] immoralilly, [livejournal.com profile] liptonrm, [livejournal.com profile] renn & [livejournal.com profile] unendingreverie.

Two + seven icons explained, as asked by [livejournal.com profile] dreamingwriter and Someone I Forgot Because I Suck.

Iconsess, preciouss! )

Comment with "iconsess, preciouss!" and I'll pick seven of yours to explain.

Post the first lines of fic you are yet to finish.

A lot of lines )

What do you think are the quote-unquote "trademarks" of the fiction and essays that I write? What type of themes or characterization notes or quirks keep on manifesting in my writing? Essentially, what do you think is a stereotypically "my" way of writing?


And that should cover memes for a while, no?
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Lines in Euclidian Space )

Rose's Claim )

An Adventure in Norway )

There's also the possibility of Five Times Rose Knew and One Time She Suspected [Doctor/Rose] and Shagging and Time Lords: Biological Observations by Doctor Martha Jones [Martha/Doctor] as well as possibly another post-Living Doll exploration of recovering from trauma, but we shall see.

Now, for the meme I stole from [livejournal.com profile] lizbee.

What is my friends list writing at the moment?

Post an excerpt, anything from a sentence to something more substantial, from your current WiP into my comments.
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I'm typing this in [livejournal.com profile] falena84's bedroom in Genova, Italy. Hurrah! Italy has been great so far - food is a little weird to me, but this is probably because Norwegians are weird - with fantastic weather and yesterday I saw a shark. Having a fab time, in fact. Have taken lots of pictures I plan to have devolped and will probably show off here in a while.

We're going to Pisa later this week, probably and possibly Milan. Then next week it's Rome. Italians are a bit shorter than Scandinavians, so I've started to affectionaltely call Elisa 'hobbit'. (But her feet are not hairy :P) Italians also talk very fast and always sound like they're in a soap opera - bit funny.

So how are things with you? Fandom imploding while I'm relaxing? Give me the dish ;) Or just tell me something random.

Also, because I am remembering to write a little bit...
A little remix I'm working on (Doctor/Rose) )
misscam: (The Oncoming Journalist)
Life After, Grissom/Sara post season seven finale )

Stuff, Martha/Doctor )

Improbable Places to Shag, Doctor/Rose )

Remember to kick me to finish, seriously.

So, this FanLib blah - I've been distracted by WoW and didn't really notice it until it made it to f_w. (If you also missed it, this has a good summary of it also, though of course opinionated and this is one of their ad campaigns. Ooohkay.) I did get an invite to join it, though, because I remember skimming the e-mail and doing a slight WTF at offering of prizes. Then I promptly forgot it, which was probably wise.

I do see Doctor Who fandom has some stories up, as do CSI fandom. Hmm. Allegedly, three million was put into this place, which if true, makes me boggle a little.

Baaaad idea, y/n? (In other words, opinionate on me.)

Guess I'll see how this one goes before I decide to post my fanfic there or not, but my initial reaction is certainly not a desire to do so.

Hmm indeed.

Also I posted wank, because I rarely do and it's a fandom I have nothing to do with. Just the thought of explaining CSI wankery in any form that makes sense makes my head hurt.
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So I sat down today determined to write a particular fic.

And ended up writing something quite different. Namely a, to quote my summary, [Ten/Rose, Ten/Martha, implied Three/Jo, vaguely Four/Sarah Jane, Five/Tegan, Doctor/Romana, Ace, Susan] Doctor Who fic called Songs to the Tune of the TARDIS.

I worry about my mind. Anyway, anyone want to beta it? It isn't terribly long or anything.

I tease thee:
A wee little peek )
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Like Fireflies sneak preview.

Doctor/Rose, probably rated R in the end, this bit safely PG )

I need someone to remind me to actually write on this thing and not bugger off to play WoW and beta. Needn't be the same people. Volunteers?

So that aside, been thinking of love and romance and OTP and fanfic and what-not of late, particulary with some of the discussions on T&C. And it's no surprise that these show how many different ideas of love seem to be at work in a group of people. So what forms these ideas? Here's three I would certainly name.

1. Own experiences - not just relationships you've had, but your parents' as well, I'm thinking. I know my parents have influenced me. Over thirty years they've been together, and I've seen ups and downs, but I've never doubted they love each other. In a very Norwegian way, it has to be said. I think the exchange I've heard from my parents that most have shaped some of my ideas is the simple one they seem to every other month or so. "You know I love you, right?" my dad will say. "Yes," my mother will say. And that's it, really. They do know.

2. Fiction. Hereunder books, soaps, films, all that jazz. Maybe even fanfic too. Many do seem to sell a sort of romantic ideal. I mean, I read romance novels (yes, I do. Yes, I know), I watch soaps (well, sometimes), I cheer on people I think should be together. Part of me obviously really enjoys the romantic ideal. But not all of me, which brings me to...

3. Human inate cynicism/mild nastiness. Okay, this is just a pet theory, but I really do believe we have something not too nice with us as well. That part of us that can actually enjoy seeing people hurt or hurting them ourselves. Not a nice side, now. But it is there, and I do think that influences how we see love too.

What do you think? And how does this influence fanfic and shipping? I know on my part, I certainly do believe in love, but I'm not sure I believe in the romantic ideal. I just maybe find it a nice fantasy. Maybe I write like that too. I'm not sure.

Discussions be welcome, in general or of own experiences - for now, I gotta bugger off to bed and dream of tall, dark strangers and snogging on the moors. Or something like that.


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