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Autumn and rain in Norway. Fun. But feels a bit fitting, since I was just writing autumn and rain for my Norway fic. Autumn is a very melancholy season in Norway, but often a sort of nice melancholy, you know what I mean? Like watching the rain and knowing it to be sad and feeling good about it? Err. Maybe not.

Fandom_discuss discusses remixes (It's connected to this wank.)

Gotta say, has rather made my brain start pondering what it might be like to do one, or have one done on own fic. Anyone else thinking about such things? *prods*

So, you updated your rec list, huh?

Shouldn't that be in [livejournal.com profile] dw_recs? Hum. I suppose it's not that odd to do things that benefit others and want people to see it and T&C does have a huge readership. (Perhaps one should rephrase the old falling tree saying into "If a charitable thing is done and no one is around to see it, is it still a charity?") Or that odd to want attention in fandom, for that matter. It's just at times when it seems to be done in great big neon letters my mind turns into a sink (I will award points to anyone who gets the reference). Course, I do recs now and then too and I don't think one need have any further motives to share something you liked and oh yes, sometimes you can't resist adding links to own fics and sometimes enthusiasm is just enthusiasm. But - oh blah, I don't know. My mind is a sink, what do I know, really? (Apart from drains.)

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] dw_recs is a good place for rec lists, if any of you didn't know of its existence.

In that vein, I shall now do my fics recs of the day and you can all question my motives.

Yay recs )

And finally - ever had one of those moments when you have no idea why someone's friended you? Not necessarily in a "who-the-heck-this-person" way, but also in "I-know-this-person-but-why-wouldhe/she-have-any-interest-in-what-I-babble-about?" I have those now and then. So, out of curiosity, if you're so kind, why am I on your flist? ("For fanfic", "for general amusement", "for old times sake" and smiliar is quite fine. I don't need long explanations or anything. I'm just curious.) In return, I'll tell you something I find interesting/like about about you.
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As ever, the Wankshelter is as open to those needing a drink after.

Why Grissom/Sara is like Osama bin Laden/Whitney Houston and other CSI fandom funnies )

*rolls eyes* (I can see my brain from here!) Oi with the voi. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but CSI FANDOM CHILL THE FUCK OUT ALREADY. (Learn from my cat.) I've seen people get less worked up over the ships in fandoms where those are at the core of the show or book or game or whatever. Cripes. Don't start imitating Harry Potter fandom in the ship madness, please.

Season seven will be such a delight of wanky heights if this keeps up, no doubt.

Today's goodfic recs )

In other news:
Tea *is* good for you. (Hah!)
Israeli army chief admits failures
Pluto loses planet status (Awww.)
French party tries to woo voters with free condoms
Gas line to Britain to be finished on time and under budget (Now that ain't often you see.)
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That was an interesting day. Quite. Not in a bad way, just... Interesting. And then I decided to relax by watching The Parent Trap. Why, I'm not quite sure. My taste goes odd places sometimes. Course, now I'm exhausted and I'm supposed to donate blood tomorrow. Mmm, needles.

Funny the things we do to feel better about ourselves sometimes. Little good deeds - but they do make the world much more pleasant. (Now whay doesn't fandom have Little Good Deeds days to make up for when we're wanking all over each other, hmmm?)

Goodfic Appreciation Week - two recs )

Elsewhere on the web:
The Doctor Who spin-off that is never to be, apparently (spoilers for the end of season two).
David Tennant talks about his underwear, fandom pays attention
Stargate: SG-1 is cancelled - will there be wank?
Airline security makes for wank too

Now I am going to bed. Honest.
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Recs I did the first time around.

And now for round the second. Fanfics that I quite liked for your possible reading pleasure, as well as links to mine. Spoilers are indicated.

Many glorious fics indeed )

Masterlist of my fics
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So, if Cam has managed to hook you on Doctor Who (as attempted in the previous entry) you'll probably be wanting fanfic. Here are some of Cam's recs and links to her fics, too.

Mmm, fanfics... )
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Fanfic Author Appreciation Week Meme of the Day - Cam Recs Some CSI Fics

I don't know that many authors that well in the fandom, so a few pics of stories will have to do. (I should befriend more CSI fans, really.)

A Catherine/Warrick story - Far From Beautiful by Britton

Beautiful....a word that doesn't ring true, stirs up old memories best left buried, causes him a momentary panic before he loses himself in what her mouth is doing to him. But even through the ecstacy, a nagging doubt....
And later, much later, when she's pressing against him, well content, her breathing soft and rhythmic, her sleep easy, the word comes back to haunt him.

Warrick introspection. I love the writing style and choice of words.

A Grissom/Sara story - Lullaby by Blaze6
The road, like a lullaby. The air, thick and heavy like the center of hell. The scenery, bland and monochromatic. No cows, no country, no work crews, no rest. Peaceful, this going-home journey, this company, this state. Everything he wanted.
The pace and the descriptions are just lovely and I love how subtle the Sara/Grissom dynamic is dealt with.

A Catherine/Grissom story (yes, I know. Not my choice of pairing) - All the Way to Reno by spark fanfic
Sometimes, these days, she feels like her body is old and tired and abused. He touches her, and she feels safe, or at least she feels sure. She wonders how he thinks about her, but she never asks. It's enough that he knows her to the marrow of her bones.
The threads of Catherine's life are just beautifully woven together and the writing style stands out. The ending is particulary lovely.

A Sara/Warrick story (not my pairing either - I'm feeling generous today) - New Ground by J9
“That sounds… nice.” She lets those words settle between them, then she shifts, moving closer to him, closing her eyes and pressing her body to his, just as she had when he first arrived at his door. He feels her breathing even out, knows that sleep is stealing her from him, and he closes his own eyes, leans them back on the couch and waits for the nightmares to come.
Revelations of Sara's darker side and the ending doesn't for once fix everything and what is not said is really felt in this story.

Cam's Fanfic Opinion of the Day:

"Summary sucks but story is better" will not fill your readers with confidence that it is indeed so.

Cam's Fanfic Rant of the Day:

I'd forgotten about 'shipper wars. I guess years around the LotR fandom made me used to Sues and slash, but made me rather forget how intense 'shipper wars can be.

I have been reminded. And I'm suddenly remembering why I wandered out of the CSI fandom for a few years. Sometimes, it feels like gangwars. It's particulary bad when they start with specific character bashing and bring it into fanfic. All right, sometimes you just don't feel love for a particular character - I can't seem to feel much either way about Nick, for instance - but making them villains just because you don't like them or they're a threat to your Twu Wub Pairing? No. Just no. Don't make them rapists either, unless you want to give Cam a heartattack. Deal with it some other way. Or perhaps even accept that people can be attracted to more than one person. Gasp! Then rant about your hate on your LJ or something. (As Cam Would Do With Her Hatred of Horatio, the Grief Vampire.) Please, please keep it out of fanfics.

Cam's Fanfic Tease of the Day )
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Things Cam Wants to Do, But Probably Shouldn't:

Tell GAFF to STFU with the drama already.
Start an Official Fanfiction University of CSI
Send a virus to the sender of a prayer chainletter that ended with "sit back and watch the power of God work in your life." (Cam is a happy little atheist.)
Start a Catherine/Warrick fanfic archive
Pelt the Norwegian defence minister with trout
Shout at utterly pointless reviews
Rewrite her LotR Sue to see if it could be made good
Pathetically whimper for good unpointless reviews
Go out and get laid as inspiration for smut
Pig out on chocolate

Seriously, what is with all the drama of late? Not only GAFF, my people on my flist, too. Huh. I'm worrying I'm going to be inflicted and sprout into some massive "wah wah wank" any day soon. Maybe it's something in the cables. Maybe there should be fake-wank places people could go to and work all the drama out of their systems. Wouldn't the world (read: Internet) be much better and have cuter kittens?

Yeah, maybe not.

And for today's entry in Fanfic Author Appreciation Week - Altariel. Writes a lot of Faramir/Éowyn. Propbably best known for the epic A Game of Chess, but my favourite piece is still Through a Glass. She also writes some interesting interpretations of Denethor and a little bit of Star Trek on the side.


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