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Living a Name
by misscam

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Summary: Try not to break the world while saving it, would you? The Doctor through the lives he touches. [The Doctor, Death, Caesar. Vaguely implied Doctor/M, Spock/Uhura, Dean/Castiel, Jaina/Thrall, Doctor/Chromie, Lloyd/Olivia, Laura/Bill]

Author's Note: Doctor Who meets James Bond, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, Supernatural, Rome, FlashForward, BSG and Discworld. Um, what to say. Massive crossover of doom?

The Doctor's timeline is not outright stated, but references to past companions makes this at least after the fourth series. The James Bond part is set during Judi Dench's M era, Star Trek is after the 2009 reboot movie, World of Warcraft during Wrath of the Lich King, Supernatural at some undisclosed time after the start of season four, Rome prior to the series, FlashForward at some point in the latter half of season one, Battlestar Galactica towards the end of season four and Discworld at no set time at all.

You don't respect authority, you make your own rules and break them still. You won't carry a gun but will use people as weapons if you have to. You save the world and lets everyone else clean up the aftermath. I don't know where you'll be tomorrow and you're completely unreliable, but you always seem to arrive at just the right time anyway. You have a file the size of the Bank of England in our archives and yet no one knows your name. You're completely irresponsible and just a touch mad and now you want me to give you security clearance and Q for a day for a matter of 'universal importance'. Tell me, Doctor, why should I? )
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(*eyedart* Um, yes, well.)

Studies in Orc-Human Relations
by [personal profile] misscam

Summary: All she ever wanted to do was to study. An innocence ago. Before a human became the enemy of all living and an orc became the dearest of all living to her. [Jaina/Thrall, references to past Jaina/Arthas]

Rating: Teen (a gentle one). Very non-explicit references to what adults can get up to.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author's Note: The timeline would put this just before patch 3.3 in gametime. Vague references to a role Jaina will take in it, nothing beyond what Blizzard has already revealed. Much thanks to [personal profile] lotus79 for being encouraging and giving me many an 'aww!'.

She isn't sure what orcs consider romantic, but she is sure Thrall grew up among humans long enough to know the meaning of a kiss )


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