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I'm wet and it's raining insanely. Thanks, weathergods. I so enjoy biking home into a wall of water, crafted by a combination of strong wind and strong rain.

Of course, I was in a slightly annoyed mood from working too much and also working with a colleague who randomly declared her belief that crop circles were made by aliens using balls of energy in the middle of a discussion of what to teach kids at middle school.

Um, yeah. Probably not what you should teach the kids, being that there is zilch documented evidece for said belief and a lot of documentations for many of them being made by humans.

I am very happy with sign-ups at [profile] girlsavesboyfic though. Very, very happy. There is going to be so much awesome fic! I am still trying to decide what I should sign up with - I am half tempted to do a Gwen-saves-Arthur for Merlin, playing with tropes from Norwegian fairytales.

Meanwhile, here is a weird smushing of things I like: Jack Davenport is voicing a World of Warcraft machinima movie called Death Knight Love Story. (He's specifically voicing the Death Knight hero, as far as I can tell.)

That's a really weird collision of seperate interests of mine. Also Brain Blessed is voicing the Lich King. Oh my.

In the news:
- Australia has a hung Parliament.
- Arabic becomes compulsory in Israeli schools.
- An unusual one-man protest in Spain.
- Did the CIA feed a French town LSD?
- What it means to be a Muslim in the US today.
- The Norwegian oil fund excludes three new companies (two Israeli, one Malaysian after advice from the Council on Ethics.

Can anyone recommend something akin to YouTube for uploading and showing off videos?
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Still sorting out ficathon stuff - no worries, it will come to pass - just have that real life thing to balance too. Also, trying out new guild in WoW. Eek.

Speaking of WoW, if a player complains that the Maelstrom zone is not "epic" enough, what do you do? If you're Blizzard, you do this. Make it home to Epicus Maximus , a level 90 elite shark, who is being ridden by an elite rare devilsaur named riding a rocket and manning (dinosauring?) a laser beam, being ridden by an undead mage playing guitar named . You can see it captured here on YouTube.

I want that shark as a mount. Also I want Cataclysm, NOW.

In the news:

Venice gets its first female gondolier. Yeah, that took a while.

A bear cub with its head stuck in a jar is freed. Aww.

Obama backs plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero. (More about the controversy here.) Which I agree with, for several reasons. One, Islam ≠ Al-Qaeda. Anyone who claims differently, I'd say Fred Phelps and ilk (or similar hateful shits from the religion in question) then represents them. Two, if freedom is supposed to be some US bragging right, it must actually be freedom for people of different faiths too. Not just freedom for people you agree with - that's not freedom at all. Three, it's not actually on Ground Zero itself and dubbing it "Ground Zero mosque" is trying to make it sound more controversial and drum up an instinctively emotional response.

Meanwhile in Norway, I was charmed by the idiot logic in this story, where two boys in their twenties were wanting munchies during the middle of the night. Sadly, they both were too drunk to drive and knew so. Therefore, they decided to drive the lawnmower to the local night-open petrol station. Of course, the police had by then gotten reports of drunk driving on a lawnmower and was there to pick them up. Seriously, if you're too drunk to drive by own admittance, why would a lawnmower suddenly make you sober?

the that's my favorite! meme

And are you all ready for a new autumn/spring?
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This is a shit week. The only bright side is that it's soon over and that I have about a week off for Easter. Other than that, this week can bite me. Issues with people I am working with, my mobile being nicked, getting caught in unexpected rain, the usual monthly pain, frustrations and feeling like a failure, yes, a load of fun things all stacked together. Man, did I ever pick the wrong week to go cold turkey on all candy, chips and cake (in a self-imposed health iniativ).

On the bright side, it is spring. Just spring with a metre of snow to melt still.

In fandom stuff:

- Hey, Dcotor Who is almost back! New Doctor and new head writer and I am curious to see how it pans out. I am feeling midly optimistic, as tends to be my default. Also, this secret posted to [community profile] fandomsecrets amused me muchly. But sorry OP, I don't think the Doctor is lingering around Norway. I'll be sure to let you know if that changes, though.
- Also I got a Rassilon action figure. He's currently eyeballing a little koala suvenir I took home from Australia. I think he may have villainous plans.
- FlashForward is back! Two episodes in so far and I'm not sure where it's going yet, but if it's towards more shirtless Jack Davenport, I sure won't complain.
- Law & Order: UK is new to my DVD player and I like it. Yes, I do.
- Norwegian football season is back! Oh, I do love my football. My absolutely favourite activity on Sundays during spring/summer/autumn is lying out in the sun and listening to the football on the radio while reading.
- BSG fandom seems to have had some wankery over a secret comm which I seem to have mainly missed despite it involving some friends, but man did it ever give me flashbacks to Doctor Who fandom. Yeah. Really, I think we can always manage to imagine nastier things said about ourselves by others than they can come up with. (Most of the time, anyway.) And thus, wank o'hoy even if the comm has in reality been rather benign. (Even more so if it wasn't.) Not to mention some will object to it as a matter of principle.
- My WoW guild is so close to the Lich King fight I can taste it. On Arthas, I have sharpened my arrows for you a long time. We did down Illidan back in the Burning Crusade days, but that never felt like taking out a big bad like the Lich King will. (It was still wicked cool, though. Hoo yes.) And I'm working on my video editing skills to make the vid of the kill - here's a kill of Professor Putricide.

Also I made a fanvid for FlashForward's Lloyd/Olivia, mainly to see if I could.

Embedded vid behind the cut )

Maybe I should stick to writing - which reminds me, time off for Easter, time to summon some writing spirit.
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I was asked about pictures of my new tattoos, so I provide.

The cat on my shoulder.
The phoenix on my back.
Bonus non-tattoo: My cute little World of Warcraft plushie. (This is where I addit I have a love of plushies, I guess. Cute, soft and fluffy ones.)

Hey, hints of spring! Oh, finally. I'm all snowed out and ready for it to melt. Which will take ages, since we got so much. Might also cause flooding, depending how fast it melts. Eh well, that worry when we get to it.

March also means FlashForward will be back, and so will Norwegian football. Happy days. And a week and a half off for Easter. I already want it badly.

Finally, I made a video of my guild's kill of Yogg-Saron One Light. Embedded video under the cut.

How to kill a big brain almost all alone )
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Help a kitten live?

Cats own my heart, I swear. I mean, they're cats. I can't not help.

In also depressing news, the list of people asking for Roman Polanski to be released is seriously depressing me. I mean, I get discussions over how he was arrested and international law isn't always simple and maybe some feel that this is a waste of resources compared to other things when even the victim wants to let it go now. Okay, those are debates to be had.

But quit treating him like the victim over this case. The victim is the 13-year-old he raped. Read her testimony (warning, content can be triggering). The Smoking Gun also has his plea bargain. You can also read this letter on why the rape charges were dropped. Not lack of evidence, but rather the harm a trial would do to the victim.

I'm going to have to echo Salon here: Roman Polanski was arrested for raping a child and lets not forget that.

I do understand the victim not wanting another round of this case. I understand it so much it pains me. But he is the one who fled. He's the one who led to this. Not to mention, by evading justice and jumping bail, he's committed additional crimes to the one who was charged for.

Really, in all this, just don't forget this one fact: He raped a child.

Meanwhile, I will be teaching 9-year-olds for the majority of October and my brain is insanely focused on it at the moment. In addition, the school I'll be working at is rather different - over 70% of the children there have one or more parent that isn't Norwegian born. (In the general population, immigrants or people with immigrant parents count for about 10% nowadays.) I look forward to it, but I am also nervous. First time teaching kids.

A lot of the rest of my brain is currently taken up by Warcraft thoughts. Spoilers for the next expansion, hoo yes )All this has filled me with a strong urge to write Jaina/Thrall lots. Oops. And I need to bribe someone into making me icons of them, damn.

How are you all this autumn evening?
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Why are there no Thrall/Jaina icons? This annoys me greatly.

Aaaanyway, it's time for some World of Warcraft adventures again. Much raiding and aventuring and silliness, oh my. When we last left off, my guild had made inroads into Ulduar and I was very fond of dragons, bows and guns. This post features more Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, Thrall and Jaina sittin' on a portal, Tirion giving further lessons in discretion, a whelp doing jousting and a boomkin on a horse. Just because.

(Image heavy, as usual.)

A dastardly Lich King plan involving a collapsing floor & other adventures )

Stay tuned for more adventures, featuring Onyxia's return, tours around Azeroth before it goes boom, Tirion furthering his skill in being as subtle as the Ashbringer to an undead, and hopefully the eventual showdown with Arthas himself. Oh yeah, we're coming for your frozen behind.
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Norway is having awesome, awesome weather. It's gloriously summer! So I've been a bit distracted and spending a lot of time outside, getting some sunburns in the process. I also finished fic (with beta now, yay? will be posted later tonight, yay?) and my guild managed a nice Ulduar achivement.

Which brings me to today's special. I bring you an epic US versus Europe battle, wherein utter stupidity, lack of perspective, insults and gross stereotyping of the painful kind rule the field.

And what causes this? World of Warcraft.

For those unfamiliar with World of Warcraft, a little bit of background is needed. Basically, once you take your character to a certain level of experience, you can bring together with other players (usually in formed guilds) go into a raid dungeon and battle bosses. These bosses vary in difficulty, and thus killing certain bosses gets a certain amount of prestige in the WoW world.

The most prestigious of all is to be the first guild in the world to kill a boss. Kinda like fandom has BNFs, WoW has big name guilds. One is Ensidia, a European guild. Another is Exodus, a US guild. And what happens when Exodus claims killing a boss hardmode that Ensidia hasn't yet - but it's then discovered Exodus exploited a bug in the game?

Wank happens. Hoo yes wank happens.

Warning: Nasty language at times.

full respect guys, dont let those whining garlic eating surrender monkeys get to ya (euros). I look forward to reading more of your guilds future adventures )

In conclusion - World of Warcraft is SERIOUS BUSINESS and having some painful stupidity appears to be something Europe and the US both have in common.

Let us share the pain.
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It's time for some World of Warcraft adventures again. Much raiding and aventuring and silliness, oh my. When we last left off, my guild had cleared Naxxramas and was awaiting new fun. This post features Ulduar adventures, a nostalgic trip to Sunwell Plateau and a boomkin in a bomber. Just because.

Nostalgic trip to Sunwell Plateau, Ulduar & various silly things )

Stay tuned for more Ulduar, the usual silliness and possibly some Argent Tournament funtime. Because jousting is the way to get ready for the eventual showdown with Arthas, apparently.
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It's time for some World of Warcraft adventures again. Silliness and raiding ahead, oh my. When we last left off, my guild had started raiding Naxxramas, and I had annoyed Arthas a lot. In this edition, there's a lot of killing of his minions, an army of penguins, turning into blood elves and general silliness.

What to do in Northrend when bored, and raiding Naxxramas )

Stay tuned for more adventures in WoWland: Ulduar (when it is released), a lot more stupidity and maybe blood elves, and my guild is going to try to clear the hardest raid instance in the game ten levels above it. Oh, Sunwell Plateau. I've missed you.
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This is entirely a World of Warcraft post. Flee! Flee!

When last we left off in WoW, I was primed and ready and very excited about the expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Rather pathetically degree of excited, really. And it has lived up to it - here follows some screencaps of fun I've had playing in Northrend.

A pathetically sad amount of screencaps )

More downed bosses and adventures in Northrend will follow at a later time. Uh oh.
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This is entirely a World of Warcraft post. Flee! Flee!

Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition reserved and ready to be picked up in the morning? Check.

Food, drink and other supplies in house so no need to shop for a few days? Check.

Main WoW character stocked with supplies, arrows, bag space and placed on the docks ready to catch the first available boat to Northrend? Check.

AddOns updated? Check.

Excitement? Check.

Oh yeah, expansion is out tomorrow. I'm so ready.

Meanwhile, my guild has been busy killing bosses like whoa... Screencaps a'plenty )

Very ready for new challenges now, oh yes.
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When we last headed off, my guild was about to start exciting adventures in Black Temple, the hardest raid instance until recently. But first, a peek at Naxxaramas, the old king of instances...

Them bugs and undead of Naxx, a nasty naga, a big mountain, Akama's shade and getting even with Teron )

So, current progress, 4/9 Black Temple bosses down. Wow.

Now my football beckons - May 16th matches in Norway. Big deal, yesh. And tomorrow, it's our national day...
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Welcome to Mount Hyjal!

Much ado about Mount Hyjal with some slight Sunwell and posing )

Stay tuned for further adventures in Mount Hyjal, Black Temple pokes, a Naxxaramas trip and other fun times.
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Adventures in Azeroth and Outland, part two...

Kael, decieving Illidan, water-dacing, worgen with a gun and buff bulls )

Now for patch 2.4...
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First off, thanks for all birthday wishes :) You're awesome! Also special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] falena84 for her gift of green fluffy cow socks and [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 for the kangaroo pouch and (I suspect) Scot-books.

I am still waiting for my DVDs. Grr Norwegian customs (probably).

So, to sum up business last few days:
- Birthday and party, hurrah!
- Norwegian railroad stranding me in Oslo due to another round of suckitude. AAARGH AAAARGH SO FED UP.
- Winter holidays making us who didn't take holiday extra work busy.
- Been leading several raids for my guild in WoW. Eeek. Pic!spams will follow on my WoW filter later.
- Need beta for a Doctor Who piece and probably another one right after. Any willing?

In today's '... I can't decide if I should laugh or facepalm':
US government to 'spy' on games such as World of Warcraft, looking for terrorist behaviour.

... Yeah. I think my favourite comment was I can't believe I'm going to pay taxes for the government to level up their Paladins. Hee.

Today the 'Doomsday' vault opens at Svalbard. Hmm. Svalbard is a fascinating place (and recently had an earthquake of 6.4, largest ever measured in Norway) - check out some pictures here. (Don't miss the 'beware polar bears' sign!) There's something in an arctic landscape that always make me feel home and oddly at peace, but living at Svalbard requires fortitude, hoo yeah.

Norway's Eurosong entry this year: Meh. Sadly, the King of Trolls didn't make it. I am already excited for Eurosong entertainment this year - any countries managed to pick something truly horrific and hillarious yet?

In other news:
- Awww, future Queen Ingrid Alexandra.
- Sigh American politics.
- Urk Berlusconi.
- Monkey wedding in India.
- Liechtenstein not so amused.

So what's up with you, flist of awesome?
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Welcome to my rather exclusive WoW filter - now you get to witness me be a very sad geek over a game.

Slaying Al'ar, Solarian, Leo, Kel'thuzad's cat and other WoW happenings )

More pic!spams will follow, and hopefully some movies from my guild's raids.
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Silliest post ever - but here goes. Pics from various adventures in World of Warcraft with my main character, a lvl 70 hunter named Camillaes.

Raiding, hunting, orc-ing oh my )

I need to get me some icons of my own character, heh. But yes, that's rather what World of Warcraft looks like.
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Figures after doing a post on fandom grudges I spot this. And of course I know who both those two are. Ah, CSI fandom. You totally want us to get drunk in the wankshelter bar, don't you?

Holy Odin's eye, VictoriaBitter returns! OMG. Blast from wanky, wanky LotR past. I was vaguely around for some of this, though it's not the LotR wank I remember the best.

Headline spotted at [livejournal.com profile] manticoran's: Swiss Acidentally Invade Liechtenstein. Bwhahahaha.

[livejournal.com profile] maureenlycaon pointed me to this cat with 26 toes. Kinda weirdly cute.

Meanwhile, Norway's digging itself out of snow (pictures). Kinda mad, innit? We had to get snow off our roof in 1994, I remember, or it would've caved on us. Now the weather has turned mild, so the snow has kinda turned to this white mush. Today, it rained. Definitely spring in the air, oh yes.

So did you know Wkipedia now has a mortal enemy of sorts- Conservapedia? According to itself, it's Conservapedia is a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia, which is increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American (...) You will much prefer using Conservapedia compared to Wikipedia if you want concise answers free of "political correctness". It certainly doesn't take long to spot a certain bias on there.

It reminds me how much people who sneer "political correctness" at any sort of use of tact or consideration in society make me want to don a Viking helmet and be very incorrect and violent, though. Argh.

Have plotbunny of doom from thread about fanfic pet peeves and wrote two pages on Like Fireflies, a dark Doctor/Rose thing, though it mainly is a Rose story. Even got a summary of sorts - Little Red Riding Hood. Big bad time in the clothes of grandma TARDIS. Maybe a prince, just without a kingdom. Certainly ever after. But this isn't a fairytale. This is a price to pay. Haven't sat down to seriously write in a long time. Gonna need a beta too - maybe at the end of this week already.

WoW update: Been lvl 70 for over a week now. Have flying mount. [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 have hit 40 and mount, which pleased us both muchly. Huzzah! And because I am a geek, I have pictures. Me and one of my pets. (I have a similar one in green as well. If you can guess/spot/reason what I've named them after, I will give you a geek cookie.) Me (on flying mount) and bro. He's a paladin dwarf and quite widdle little-brotherly cute, if you ask me. Me and Saz. We should totally get a picture of our two characters, [livejournal.com profile] lotus79, and make terribly geeky icons.

Finally, a meme: Post a comment asking me for my top five list of anything. Food, songs, venomous snakes, fanfics, smells, TV-shows-I-pretend-not-to-watch-but-totally-do, chocolates... And so on. I'll reply and ask the same of you. You can post the meme in your LJ if you want even more lists.
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Warcraft complaint 1.7: But why is the server down?! I want to ding* more, dammit! I want to ding so I can play with my 60th lvl paladin brother and be his dps** provider. And not be ganked*** by lvl 60 horde players. And do raids and get awesome weapons and get epic mount and and and!

Um, yeah. I've even learned the lingo. I'm doomed. Save yourselves instead. Even vaguely made friends there, mostly Norwegians since Norwegians will always eagerly bond up. We really are a worrying breed sometimes.

Explanation for those blissfully ignorant: * Ding - to increase level, from the sound the game makes when you do so. ** Dps - damage per second, how much pain you're putting your enemy in. *** Gank - the act of killing a player of the opposite faction, often lower level than you. Also when a group kills one lone character.

Meanwhile, I see I missed this wank of serious fail. Wow. That sure is something.

And I appear to be on some CSI Fanfiction poll without noticing until I saw a link on YTDAW. Hmm. What is the general accepted rule of those sort of things these days, anyway? Ask authors if it's okay to include them or not? I can never tell.

Elsewhere in CSIland, people get all worked up over spoilery teaserly clip.

Can one be jealous of skankyness? - vague spoilers referenced )

At least CBS got them talking - and I have to wonder if they got inspired by BBC's whoisdoctorwho.com website for this one. BBC is the awesome at fake websites, they are. Also, how fucking tired am I of the bashing of one woman because your favourite is another one? ARGH FAIL

I'm sure there will be wank soon, anyhoo. And character bashing, of course. What would fandom be without both?

Finally, check out Northern Lights over Oslo, a rare sight indeed. The weather is all moody and weird in 2007 too. This does not bode well.

Ack WoW

Dec. 19th, 2006 03:39 pm
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So brother is visiting for Christmas, which means I gotta share the Net with him. In addition, the bastard has gotten me hooked on World of Warcraft. Any of you out there share my affliction? I am a wee 9th level Night Elf hunter a-killing harpies, inbetween being normal, boring self cleaning house and decorating for Christmas.

In conclusion, I'm not going to be spotted online much for a wee while. Please to be updating me if I miss anything.

Meanwhile, Norway will remain snowless for Christmas. WOE.


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