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Huh, I've sat down twice now intending to write nu!Trek, and ended up finishing Doctor Who fics both times instead. One Donna, one Ten II/Rose. Sure, been meaning to do complete both for ages, but was still a bit surprised I actually did it. And I reorganized my bookshelves and got the last stuff ready for vaguely scary Tuesday and feel generally like getting stuff complete, I guess.

A question for the flist - I know some of you have been authors for the Support Stacey auctions or just know of them. It seems a good enough cause, though I'm slightly hesitant. But if I were willing to offer myself up, would anyone actually care to bid for me?

So, remember miss death-of-a-ficitonal-character-is-just-like-rape? (Bet you wish you didn't!) She's popped out to reply to some of the rather (understandably) non-supportive comments and apparently we're just not understanding her suffering. Yeah. Her suffering, being told off by rape survivors for comparing it to the death of a fiction character. Suffering. Yeah.

Oh yeah, and she still thinks the comparison is apt and anyone who doesn't think so is apparently an insensitive twat. Not her, of course. No, no. Everyone else is, including those mean, mean rape survivors.

Yeah. I think you can imagine the sort of Norwegian coarse language I'd be wanting to use at her right about now - though of course, she could possibly be a troll.

And how I wish this was a troll - Afganistan passes law that allows the man to strave his wife if she refuses to have sex with him. It includes a whole lot of other fail, too. The next time someone whines about feminism and poor men now so maligned, remind me to smack them with that law's existence.

Also, Norway and the US have teamed up to build a hospital for the victims of sexualised violence in eastern Congo. Wish it wasn't needed, but at least it's an attempt to help. And with the lastest oil fund numbers, we sure have money we could spend on good causes. (Norwegians now own 1% of the world's global share markets, which is impressive when we only number 4.7 million. Huh. How fortunes change - we were once about the poorest country in Europe.)

Meanwhile in life, my parents are demanding I find something for them to spend money on me for. Apparently, ever since buying my brother a car two years ago they've felt the need to get me something too, or it wouldn't be fair. This has bugged them enough that they've brought it up several times before, but now they're getting very insistent.

My parents really are hilariously social democratic sometimes - I will have to think of something to help their sense of balance, clearly.

And how are you awesome people?
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Mother thinks taking fourteen year old daughter to have a lie detector on a live show is a good idea and so do the presenters, apparently. Because the mother worries her kid is doing drugs and is having sex. Daughter reveals she got raped once - and that the mother knows. And still thought it was a great idea to drag her daughter to a lie detector test being aired live and ask her if she had ever had sex.

From the broadcast )

(You can hear the whole segment here. You might feel a bit sick.)

There's apparently quite a bit of blacklash against the presenters going on after this, as mention here. But at least they didn't know in advance, unlike the mother. Still, this is soundly fail all around.

In Doctor Who news, a new Russell T. Davis interview from Comic Con about Rose and Ianto, among other things.

I have a feeling fandom's not going to love his remarks. Though RTD did make me consider something - Doctor Who had a new Doctor after the first series already. But the companion didn't change - maybe a bit of the focus on Rose was due to her being the constant.

Fics I want to write/finish:

- A post-Apocalypse fic. Not sure with which characters, but the image of surviving in the ruins of civilization evokes something in me.
- Spock/Uhura story with older!Spock appearing as well.
- "Humans Don't Dream of Gallifreyan Sheep", Donna-centric where the Doctor keeps returning to her every time her memories resurface a little.
- An AU Daybreak with ressurrection technology viable for humans as well, Ellen deciding to raise her 'children' right and a quite different ending.
- "Life's a Time Machine", human Doctor learning how to live with the most basic time machine of all.
- A Pon Farr fic where it's a problem, not the greatest sex ever.

I want my BSG DVD to arrive already. And also I was up too late last night and might have ordered some silly thing from Amazon. Including audio CD of the Star Trek movie novelization, because the DVD is not out until November. I think I'm a bit restless and impatient these days, bleh.

How are you?
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Today, this post is going to have quite a bit of fail in it.

Four boys arrested for gang-rape of an eight-year-old girl. Also reported here.

The boys were as young as nine and as old as fourteen, which isn't old at all. They're all from Liberia, which has been ripped to shreds by civil wars. What those boys might remember from there, I cannot know - but it was a war with a horrifying number of sexual assaults and kid soldiers fighting too. And then the real kicker - the parents of the girl disowned her. Because they blamed her for being victimized and bringing shame to the family. More on that here.

You know how sometimes a story is just depressing on all levels? That one is. I will not excuse those boys, but rape wasn't even illegal in Liberia until 2006. I have to wonder what they've been raised to think.

We have so far to go still on sexual assault.

So, NBC's new The Wanted show, which attempts to track down (alleged) terrorists and war criminals, took its first episode to Norway. They were there for this guy: Mullah Krekar. I watched this show (it aired in Norway as well, due to special interest) and I was not impressed at all.

Much ado about Mullah Krekar, Norway's issues and why I will defend still having an alleged terrorist here )

I do note this show got some less than stellar reviews. And I shall have to agree with this one in this:

Can you believe the arrogance of a cooked-up, American, prime-time news-entertainment show telling a government like Norway how it should behave?

I can believe it, but I am seriously not impressed by it.

I'm also not impressed by EA, due to this. Who thought that was even remotely a good idea? Women get bloody well objectified enough as it is.

I think I have to post cat pictures or something tomorrow to make up for all this. Ugh. For now, I shall watch me some Star Trek.
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You know how sometimes you think there's a limit to how low humans will sink? And then something comes along and properly crushes that idea?

Yeah, I give you suing a model for getting beaten up by her husband as 'ruining her image' and then after she commits suicide, continuing with an appeal of original decision and winning a settlement from her estate - the one left for her children.

RAAAAGE. Shinhan construction company, I award thee FAIL, as well as the court and the husband. What the hell?

It made me create a whole new fail tag, even :(

In other news, I quite enjoyed this little tale, involving a lot of confusion, Obama's pick for new judge, a Norwegian band, a song wrotten ten years ago suddenly being used for something else and how the Norwegian perspective is apparently 'yay women!'

Fandom and entertainment stuff:
- Transcript of that recent BSG event, some interesting stuff and some pretty funny. Dammit it made me write RPF again. Also a good interview with Jamie Bamber here. Go UK telly, says I. It's nice sometimes to not just have American stuff. I love many American shows, it's not that, but the US doesn't need to rule the whole TV world. Also, there are a lot of shite American shows too.
- Torchwood convention wank, with bonus arguments over whether or not Barrowman did a bad.
- My friend [personal profile] falena just got hooked on Criminal Minds and crave fanfic. I watch the show but am not really in fandom, so any of you got fic recs I can pass on? Open to anything, she claims. Just not badfic ;)
- If you play World of Warcraft - fun Wanted ads. I particularly laughed at the Ikiss one because, yes, those are awfully convenient, hee.
- Australian PM tells off Gordon Ramsay. Sexist remarks, ugh. Displeasing :(
- Who the hell are Heidi and Spencer and why am I supposed to care about them? Also, why, WHY would the wife of an ex-Governor currently charged with corruption and a lot of bad-bad be on a reality show?
- Dear The Soup, your show is pretty funny. But here's a spelling tip - that Nordic country whose version of "Next Top Model" you're showing a clip from is not 'Findland'. (I bring evidence!) You can't find it on a map. It's FINland, as in land of Finns. Or Suomi, if you want to show off your Finnish. Trust me, they would come across the border and smack me if I got it wrong. Don't make us Nordic lot invade the US now to defend Finland's honour here.

You wouldn't like that, now would you?


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