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Good Odin, how dumb are you after having been caught plagiarising more than twice, you go and do it AGAIN?!

Impressive stupidity - or dedicated trolling. *pats poor CSI fandom*

So, having slept through a slight Rose versus Martha ladida in Doctor Who fandom, my question to fandom is this - Does it really bother you to have a fic with both Doctor/Rose and Doctor/Martha in? Speak now or forever hold your whinebreath.

Yeah, I feel like writing it sometimes and I'm curious about how others feel. I like both, I think, though not necessarily for the same reasons. But liking the one doesn't stop me liking the other. Maybe I'm just greedy. Probably, yeah. Give me my ships, for I want pornfic. Or something.

But sometimes I think part of my attraction to what characters I like and not like is a lot in what I can do with them in writing, not always what's in the show. Does that make sense? Even when I'm not writing, I spend a lot of time thinking about writing and maybe I've conditition my brain.

So I like Rose, because there's a lot of things I can write about Rose. I like Martha, because there are a lot of different things I can write about Martha. I like the Doctor, because he gives me a headache trying to think like an alien. Bastard. And I like ships, because writing those lets me fiddle with ideas of sex, love, power dynamics, characterisation, hurt, rejection, ideals, fantasies and a whole range of other issues. And also there can be porn.

It's not all about writing, of course, because there's a lot I could use Jack to explore (and ship with!) and still I don't. I can't really seem to like him - not that I dislike him either. He's tennis. He isn't golf, because golf makes me want to throw the balls at the people playing it. He isn't football, because football I will arrange my life around at times. He's tennis. I will watch tennis if there's nothing else whatsoever to do and maybe if someone bribed me, but I'll look very bored while at it. Eh, tennis.

That possibly makes Doctor/Rose biathlon and Doctor/Martha athletics, both of which I watch and enjoy but are quite different sports. (Nothing is football. Football is too awesome to be anything but football.) Grissom/Sara is handball, which I enjoyed playing but not so much watching. (Yeah, I like writing it more than watching it. Hmm.) And so I could probably go on and I better not, because it's confused enough as it is.

But the thing is, it's very hard to put sports up against each other because they vary in what skill they require, what their focus is and how they play out. And that's often how I feel about ships.

Is my reasoning here making sense to anyone, or am I just weird in how I approach my shipping and likes? And you got any ships that are like sports?

*continues writing Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Martha to be contrary*
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What is a Norwegian?

You ask me, you get to be Norwegian if you have a citizenship. Now what your heritage might be, that's another thing. But if you live here, learn our language and want to be Norwegian to the point of taking citizenship, what else would I call you? It's not like my forefathers were moulded out of glaciers. They came here and decided this would be their home, and so it was.

In other words - stuff a moose in it, language council.

So 'The Fandom Psychiatrist' does some analyzing of Harmonians.

Mirrors and batshit - some pondering about shipping and Canon in Harry Potter, CSI and Doctor Who fandoms )

Can you tell I've too little to do at work and think about stuff overly much?
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Thank you all for birthday wishes and birthday fics. Much appreciated. And got your card, [livejournal.com profile] the_grokster. Unexpected surprise, thank you.

Now... Blackpool is crack. Serious, serious singing crack. But enjoyable crack and David Tennant is hot. Yes, [livejournal.com profile] sparklechick268, your package has arrived. Thank you :) (Mmm, David. Lick things some more. And take your clothes of some more. In fact, why do you do both at once?)

In other news, Olympics nears the end and I am sad. Sniff. It's been a rather bad Olympics for Norway. Last one we got 13 golds. so far, we've got two. But I've quite enjoyed it anyway, particulary watching underdog wins. (Italian speedskating team kicking the American ass, Fabris beating both Shani Davis and Chad Hedricks - whom I've really devolped a dislike for - French guy winning the biathlon pursuit, even if he beat a Norwegian.)

Me and Mum driving to get some plants picked up:
Mum: And when the Olympics are over, we can go see that gay western.
Me: Yeah, sure.
Mum: I also heard things about the McCarthny era movie.
Me: With George Clooney, yeah. Mmm, that's doable.
Mum: And that native American girl movie got good reviews...
Me: Pocahontas? They made another Pocahontas movie? It's not a Disney movie, is it?
Mum: Would I take you to see a Disney movie? More importantly, would I take me to see a Disney movie?
Me: ... Point well put.

I went to see the Pride and Prejudice movie the other day. Yes, I know, I know, it ain't the BBC version. And it certainly wasn't. However, I found myself unable to hate it. It has parts that were quite all right. Wickham and Mr Collins were shadoes of themselves and all, but there were several other minor characters I enjoyed. And hey, Penelope Wilton. She pops up the oddest places I look these days.

And then of course I come home to read that South Dakota moves to ban most abortions (probably trying to get Roe vs Wade overturned). Oh joy. It's starting. And I see not even women raped or pregnancy as the result of incest will be allowed. Am suddenly very glad I live in little Norway, where the "pro-life" movement (in my book, you have to show for a little more than being anti-abortion to stop me rolling my eyes at the "pro-life" title) is two nutty priests.

Meanwhile, CSI fanfic writers seem to wander away a bit. (With wanky banners, yo.) Humhum. Course, I have wandered away a bit myself, but not due to reviews or lack thereof. (If I was in it for the reviews, I would've kept writing OFUM for the rest of my life.) I simply got distracted. Still, fanfic writers do feel better nutured with reviews. I know I don't review as much as maybe should, but I can be fairly snobbish and critical and you can never quite know how a writer will take it. However, if you are willing to take it, feel free to drop a link here if there was something you really wanted feedback on. I can't guarantee I'll have time for all, but you never know.

Maybe there ought to be feedback week?

In other news:
State of emergency declared in the Philippines
Olympic woes for US
Irving to appeal three year jail sentence
Can Doctor Who bring down another HP ship?
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Hmm, yet another sappy sneak (yes, you are a sap, [livejournal.com profile] saganamidreams, but don't worry, you're an adorable kickass one) has given me a virtual box of chocolate. Aaaw. Sadly, now I crave some real life chocolate.

[livejournal.com profile] taraljc is the Featured Whovian these two weeks. Go bug her here. You know Cam wants you to.

Cheney wank ( I spy some people from my flist in there, I do. You naughty people.)

Rape wank that brings the WTF into force Idiocy... Burns... Also, RAGE. (It seems it's idiot week or something. For bonus points though, notice the reaction to my revealation of your Sims2 mpreg practices, [livejournal.com profile] lotus79.)

Tuesday's medal tally for Norway: Two silver, one broze.
Total tally: One gold, five silver, five bronze.

Of course, horrors of horrors, Sweden got two golds and thus passed us in the tally, since golds are counted first. (The small comfort is we still have the most medals overall of all countries.) ARGH. Still, it's been twelve years since last they got an Olympic gold (while we got thirteen just last Olympics), so... They can have those. As long as it's understood we will very soon CRUSH THEM like bugs. Yes.

Nice-looking male athlete of the day:
Ivica Kostelic, silver, alpine combined )
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Sunday's medal haul for Norway: One gold, one silver, one bronze (and two bloody annoying fourth place).
Total medal tally: One gold, three silver, three bronze.


Nice-looking male athlete of the day:
Frode Estil, silver, cross country pusuit )

In things not Olympic (yes, these things exist. Shocking!):

LJ's new virtual gifts cause wank (And of course, me being who I am, I immidiately made sure I bugged someone with a virtual chocolate box.)

Cheney shoots a guy in a hunting accident (Oh, Cheney. The bird is the one with feathers. You shoot that.)

Berlusconi says he 'is like Jesus' (in a way)

And since it's day before Valentine's Day, a day I don't celebrate, but have finished smutfic for, I give you the love meme.

Reply to this post with a desire to be loved, and I'll tell you one of the reasons why I like/love/adore you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.

Or alternatively, the hate meme.

Name one thing - a TV show, a ship, an organisation, a public figure, an Olympic event - you truly do not like, and I will give you a reason why this thing should be hated.
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Today's medal tally for Norway: Two silver, two bronze. Not a bad start. Now bring on more shinies, and particular, shiny golds. Unfortunately, in my determination to watch all the action, I ran down the stairs just a little too fast and fell. Ow. That hurt. Win a gold tomorrow, Norway, and I'll forgive you this pain I suffer for you.

Nice-looking male athlete of the day:
Magnus Moan, bronze, Nordic combined. )

I don't often post these kinds of memes, but the result of this one amused me.

misscam will have to write:

I will use my powers for good instead of evil

'What will you have to write on the chalk board?' at QuizGalaxy.com

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Nooooorway. Go Olympic team, go! Today's events include Nordic combined and biathlon, both of which we have kickass people in.

Opening Ceremony yesterday was very... Latex-y. What was with the skating firehead red latex dudes, anyway? I get they were meant to be fire and all, but beyond that I just shake my head and have more alcohol. Liked the ski-jumping figures they had, and the lighting of the Olympic flame. So, okay done so far, Italy.

Now, bring on the real fun - which is kicking Sweden's ass in the medal tally. Haha!

Anti-US movie a hit in Turkey

The film is due for release in Europe soon. Then it is off to the US.

Ooooooh dear.

Meanwhile, if you hate sports, I offer you - swimming cat!

Watch the cuteness )

(Story behind those pics - poor kitty had leg problems so bad he might have to be put down. Weren't strong enough to carry him and nothing seemed to help, until a vet had the idea of swimming exercises to strengthen the muscles. And it worked. Cat doesn't have to be put down, and swims like whoa.)
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"If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal."

I send hearty love in the direction of quite a few of you.

Hey, YTDAW is back! Glorious. Just in time for the episode that airs in the US tonight that I have a feeling will bring wank. Oh yes. I shall watch it.

Ooooolympics! Starts tomorrow, yay. Go Norway, go. Win gold and be glorious. I'll be watching very carefully, and probably keep you all way too updated on Norwegian affairs and hot men. Because Olympic ogling is fun.

Homepage for the Games
Some of the favourites

Pictures of the Norwegian base in Afghanistan that was attacked. (I have a cousin who is serving in Afghanistan. Cue worry.)

Image hosting by Photobucket
(You can see the original pic here. I am easily amused. Am I the only one who'd want a freakily giant rabbit?)

In other news:
Norwegian publisher of Mohammed cartoons is reported to the police
Emergency aid affected by cartoon row
Observers in Palestine evacuated
Recent warm period 'most widespread' in 1,200 years
Putin to talk to Hamas
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Norwegian skiers with little on p.1
Norwegian skiers with little on p.2

Sigh. I love sports. You ask me, there should be more shirtless-ness of males in the world.

I'm really feeling inspired to write of late, but of course, none of the things I'm supposed to write. Figures. But anyway - some of you might remember drabbles by request. I'm hereby bringing it back. You ask, Cam will write. Around 100 words, any topic, any setting.

Now, betas. I'm in need of two, really. One for OFUM2 and one for a CSI "epic" I'm sketching out at the moment. Preferably people who do British English and can correct mistakes without going after my style. Give me a hoot at camilla.sandman at gmail dot com if you think you could be helpful. I will adore you boundlessly.

Also, What the smegging F?
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And my birthday draws ever closer... *checks head for grey hairs*

My little Warrick/Catherine story is up - Nevada Sun. I'm a bit said there isn't more about this pairing - Grissom/Sara gets all the attention. Wah. I like G/S too, but... Sniffle. Anyway, it's R-rated, so watch your innocent little minds, minors.

The picture in this story cracks me up. If I can think of a good text, that is so becoming an icon. Hee.

Tomorrow, the world championships of Nordic events start. Norwegians will go temporary insane. If you spot one, vacate the area immidiately, unless you really want to hear about more skiis than you should fill a mountain with. The situation should return to normal after a few weeks, preliminary inquiries show. And if you're wondering what the boys look like - very lightly dressed Norwegian cross country skiers.

The Kyoto protocol came into force today and our Norwegian environment minister celebrated this by going to a church service. There's apparently a Green Priest movement of some kind. Heh.

My country is very, very odd sometimes.
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Well, the Biathlon World Championship is over, and Norway got four gold, two silver and three bronze in ten events. (For those unaware, Biathlon is cross country skiing and shooting.) Very good. Of course, Team Poiree did even better - medals in nine out of ten events, and seven of them gold. Team Poirée consists of Norwegian Liv Grete Skjelbreid Poirée, who is married to French Raphael Poirée and both are kickass Biathloners. Geez. Nine medals. I hope they have a large trophy case.

Been great weather these last few days, with bright skies and much snow. Winter here in Norway is beautiful, even if it's fricking freezing and wet. But I am looking forward to spring now. Warmer weather, brighter days, the first hints of green... Spring always seems so hopeful to me, even if I know it's an illusion.

Speaking of illusions - I heard a quote on Saturday about Norwegians that amused me - 'Norwegians have an ongoing romance with their souls.'

I'll let you all figure out whether or not that is true of me.
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I love me some Biathlon, I do.

In other news, the next OFUM chapter is with a (new) beta and will hopefully be up soon. It stars your favourite evil duo, Evil!Thranduil and Evil!Denethor.

But now - Biathlon beacons!
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Peek at the pictures

You can read about it in English here.

Norwegian skiers have taken their kit off for their sport.

Well, at least they're... dedicated to their sport. Yes, that's it. Dedicated.

Think we could convince more athlets to do this? You know, to show their dedication to their sport. I'm all for more dedication.
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The Annual Norwegian TV Fundraiser raises 150 million NOK for Save the Children

Good little Norway *pats country*

Snowfall is reported for this week, apparently. First snow of the year, yeah! And the wintersport season is starting this weekend. I'm actually quite sport interested, believe it or not. Which reminds me...

Nasty drug scandal brewing over in the US now (explanation of the drug here, but it is likely that other countries will start a-testing and discover cheaters as well. We're talking big, big names here, people. And there's now talk of going back and testing the urine samples from this years World Atlethics Championship in August (story on it here).

This is potentially one of the biggest drug scandals in sport history. (And it comes on top of Kelli White's potential loss of two gold medals from that very championship after a positive drug test - her B sample was positive as well) I'm disgusted. We had some major drug scandals in cross country skiing the last few years (one involving almost the entire Finnish national team) and it sucks and blows in so many ways, especially when it's people you're cheering for - who you find out are just cheaters.

Well, cheaters, I hope they nail your sorry asses.

Also, see my new icon. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] limegreen_sloth


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