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Been a good Christmas! Have spent much time with the family, eaten way too much good food and gotten many lovely gifts. Thanks to those of you whose gifts I've recieved - books, DVDs and even a Merlin calender is always welcome ;) I hope your holiday was smashing as well?

There is a meme going aorund my flist that you're supposed to stretch over ten days - but I'm gonna cheat and do them all in one day. It's Christmas, indulge me.

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now )

Nine things about yourself )

Eight ways to win your heart )

Seven things that cross your mind a lot )

Six things you wish you’d never done )

Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever) )

Four turn offs )

Three turn ons )

Two smileys that describe your life right now )

One confession )

Meanwhile, a video promoting a Norwegian TV show have become quite the viral thing. I am amused. That and the curling pants is probably what Norway will be remembered for in 2010. Valuable contributions to world society, truly.
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(This year's traditional homemade gingerbread house.)

Wishing you all a god jul, or alternatively, a very happy end of 2010. Stay warm and merry! Especially warm, given the weather of late. (-25C here this morning. Proper winter, gotta give it that.)

The cat wishes you the same.
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I am home from Italy, only to find out my cat is hurt (can't walk on one foot, I have to carry him around) and get smacked by a cold. And also that my team is losing and clearly I should just never go home, y/n?

But I did take lots of pictures, so here is a little bit of Liguria and a lot of Toscana. Image heavy! Random [personal profile] falena may appear.

A lot of old buildings, a sword in a stone, trolls in Toscana, a caterpillar chistening, a Medieval festival )

Phew. I hope all who wanted cards have gotten theirs or will very soon. Now I shall return to bed to nurse my cold and listen to it rain outside.
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Right. Tomorrow I am off to glorious, hot Italy and if you want a card from there and haven't already left your address in a screened comment here, you better do it fast.

I am working down my To Do list before leaving, which includes exciting things like fill up my iPod, pay bills due during my away, clean out anything that might rot and cry about missing the Netherlands - Brazil match.

I will check e-mail from time to time while away, so you can reach me there if it's something very important.

Meanwhile, "The Last Airbender" sure is getting bad, bad reviews. Ouch! But as the movie hadn't endeared itself to me with how the casting went down (to put in mildly), I can't make myself feel bad if you paid me.

Meanwhile, here is shirtless!thoughtful!Jack Davenport, as I was challenged to post.

Behind a cut )
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In two weeks I am off to Italy to hang with [personal profile] falena and poke around Tuscany. If you want a card from there, leave your address in a comment to this post. All comments are screened, so only I will see.

Mmm. Holidays.

Meanwhile, World Cup is awesome fun.
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Yeah, I wanna change LJ layout header(s) again. (I want 3-4 different headers so I can alternate using them.) Which means I am once again looking to aquire someone to do the graphics/layout for me, and possibly a bit of icon work. Willing to pay you via PayPal or whatever else you might prefer. Hit me up in comments if you're interested.

There is a movie called Dancing Ninja starring David Hasselhoff coming out. No, really! How scary is that?

There's a make-a-wish fanfic meme going around. Anyone of you have a wish I could possibly fulfill?

In other news:

- Eyewitnesses question Israel's account of the raid on the convoy. Meanwhile, Israeli Defence Force dude says "we could have done that better". YOU DON'T SAY.

- Roadsign end up saying "I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated" in Welsh. Much, much amusement is had.

- The Best Party wins local elections in Iceland, promising (among other things) free towels at swimming pools and a new polar bear for the city zoo. As you do.

- How cool does that hotel look? It's in Holland, of course.
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Thanks to all who sent cute kitty e-mails, supportive comments, caring PMs and all sorts of things the last few days. You're lovely and amazing people and I adore you. So there.

Alas, the universe tends to go with a 'when it rains, it pours' and Wednesday evening I got a rather panicked call from a colleague who had run into a sticky situation. As it was within an area I know, she asked for help and I spent Thursday helping out with damage control, and also cursing at Ibsen a lot. (Don't ask.) And then there was a few others things I won't bore you with, but bleh. All in all, the universe can get a bit stuffed at the moment.

In other news, the UK has gotten its first coalition government in a long time and the BBC has nicknamed it 'The Dave and Nick show' and also have posted manips like this. BBC, enabling political slashing, y/n?

It will be interesting to see how it works. Politics, where your enemy one week is your partner in bed next. Or something like that.

On a (possibly) more cheerful note, I decided to make a pic!spam of snogging. Because I am shallow. Below the cut are ten fictional-character-snogs. These don't excatly represnt my favourites of all time, but a selection from what I currently have on my PC. (I have a kissing kink, I think. Maybe.)

Cut for face-sucking action )

Post a choice or two of your own in comments, maybe? Het, slash, cross-species, it's all good. (I tend to gravitate towards het, but that's just me. We all have our particular tastes.)
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What do you say to someone who is on your flist when you think they're completely wrong? Someone who you feel hurt by?

I said it like this, but I dunno. I'm probably taking it personally - hell, I know I am. Triggered myself something fierce too, so now I feel ill and a bit out of my own skin.

That's the thing about friends, of course. Becuase you care about them and have some emotional investment in them, they can also hurt you more. That's part of the bargain. You do get the good and the bad, because the same people can be both awesome and infuriating, sometimes in a very short timespan.

(I'd like to take the chance to apologize for all and any bad/infuriating I've given my friends. I adore you all regardless, and I am sorry.)

The whole post and comments, for those curious. Might be triggering, as details of sexual assault are discussed.

Speaking of giving the good, [profile] greyladybast who is also a friend of mine, needs a bit of a hand to make a positive move. I helped her out, and I appreciate all who might be able to as well.

And I could use a hand not feeling like shit right now, quite honestly.
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Nicked from the flist:

Is there anything - fannish or non-fannish - that you'd like to see me post about? (I reserve the right to access/friends-lock anything that's too personal.)

Off to happy snoozeland!
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First off, a friend of mine could use a hand - I've already helped out, maybe you can too? Or spread the word, that helps as well.

ETA: Another friend could use some income via her nifty etsy store. Maybe you spy something to your liking?

(I did this last year and the year before, but I'm repeating it, because it's still mostly true.)

Right now, my life is fairly comfortable economically. I've been where it isn't, and it is not a good place to be at all. And because I've had such great times with you all, flist of awesome, and because I am a social democrat at heart, I like to share the good.

This is an open offer of a little hand, or maybe a paid LJ account is something you don't have the money for right now but would really cheer you up or anything in that vein. Because the Norwegian krone is strong and our income level a bit higher than a lot of places, it's easy for me and it is such a small thing compared to how much splendid time I've had on LJ with you all.

So. Comments are screened. Only you and I will know, and we'll never speak of it again.

ETA: Oh, and of course this offer goes for things I could help you with that is non-economic too. Just as long as it's something I could actually be helpful with and not manage to make worse.
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From Norway and CamFamily, wishing you a God Jul!

(Those are handmade by my grandmother.)

The cat concurs.

CamKitty gets the glitter )

Thank you to all those who've sent cards, gifts or season's greetings. I hope what I've sent have arrived in one piece and to all of you, a very good end of December!
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First snowfall this week. You can also see here. I like the snow, at least compared to wind and rain. Truly winter now, Norway. Get out your mittens and reflectors.

Did I miss wank in the BSG fandom? Because that secret and the comments make me think so (well, coupled with some deleted journals I've spotted).

If you haven't already, you can leave your address for Christmas stuff here. My address can be found here (if you're on my flist, at least).

My Christmas wish lists )

Or just something you think I would want ;)

Finally, Africa might be getting a new sea. Huh. Curious. Our world really is a world that keeps change, tectonically and otherwise.

Now I have weekend, marzipan and a new DVD with Marple stories. What's your weekend treat to yourself?
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Well, well. First pictures of new Doctor in new costume are out and you can see them here. Also, if you click on the slideshow to see more, you'll also see something else. Cut for one spoiler )

I'm stocking the wankshelter with lots of booze, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, in another fandom close to you, a reader decides to e-mail an author some comments on a story, as she has a few issues with it. Author is not grateful and replies fairly snappishly back.

So the reader decides to publish the e-mail and the reply with digs at the author. When people point out reposting private correspondence might be seen as a bit of a dick move, reader apologizes (sorta) but keeps the posts up.

I guess the question is - at what point is someone an ass enough to make it okay to make public what was private exchanges, or is there even such a point?

Fandom wankery does sometimes involve the professionals too - looks like this Red Dwarf actor is still quite sore about recent events and are having a go at fans disagreeing with him.

Oh, Norman.

Finally to all anons who left a comment here - I didn't reply to all, but I hope all of you feeling down for various reasons will get reasons to feel better. Life can be a bitch, but it can also be awesome. I hope it gets to that with everyone.

I know I am not close with everyone, but if you ever feel like talking to someone, my IMs are listed in my profile. It's an open and standing offer.
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(I did this last year, but I'm repeating it, because it's still true.)

Right now, my life is fairly good. And part of the reason for that is you, my lovely flist with so many people of awesome. It also so happens that one of the ways my life is good is economically. I've been where it isn't, and it is not a good place to be at all.

This is an open offer of a little hand, or maybe a paid LJ account is something you don't have the money for right now but would really cheer you up or anything in that vein. Because the Norwegian krone is strong and our income level a bit higher than a lot of places, it's easy for me and it is such a small thing compared to how much splendid time I've had on LJ with you all.

So. Comments are screened. Only you and I will know, and we'll never speak of it again.

ETA: Oh, and of course this offer goes for things I could help you with that is non-economic too. Just as long as it's something I could actually be helpful with and not manage to make worse.
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New Year's Eve always makes me feel so melancholy.

It's something about all the programs summing up the year, all the talk of what was, and I start to think and remember that while a year can actually pass really fast, a lot can still happen.

2008 was a fairly quiet year for me personally, seeming to consist of mainly work and just everyday stuff. Can't really lay claim to anything very out of the ordinary. Fandomwise, I discovered Battlestar Galactica, and started to challenge my own idea of myself as rather boringly vanilla by vaguely considering an incest pairing and reading orc/human (Jaina/Thrall is the awesome) stuff while waiting for new BSG eps. Still liked my Doctor Who, rediscovered my love for Lord of the Rings and Narnia and poked about lots of other things, some of them embarassing. Also, I played a lot of WoW.

It was a not a bad year for me, but times change as years pass, and sometimes you have okay years, sometimes great, sometimes bad - but they all end inevitably anyway. Perhaps a reminder to endure that which is bad in the hope that that too will pass, and to treasure what you have while you have it, for not even stars are eternal and certainly not a year on Earth.

The world was not always a pretty place in 2008, as illustrated by the current clashes in Palestine - a conflict sadly bereft of easy solutions and sadly filled with too much suffering. Too many died this year from fellow human beings, but too many die every year. The finance crisis, a lot of which was caused by simple greed and lack of oversight, smacked into the world and the damage is still unfolding. A Norwegian journalist died in Afghanistan in an attack perhaps targetting our visiting Foreign Minister; and not even little Norway is safe in the great big world. The US got a new President and maybe new hope. Russia and Georgia nearly went to war, and Iraq still doesn't really know peace. Finland suffered a shock massacre by kids to kids; million of kids starved to death around the world because we share really badly.

But there's also kindness, mercy, attempts to help, drives for peace, charity and the mother of nine children in Congo talking in three children who lost their parents even if she was already starined with the nine she had. There is humanity.

"Keep to the heights!" quoted our King in his yearly New Year's speech, quoting our lost Norwegian journalist and a common saying when walking in the mountains. (Norway having a few of them, as you might know.) Keep to the heights; see where the path leads in terrain of obstacles; have perspective from above so you do not get lost; have sight beyond just where you are standing; lift your eyes.

So. Happy New Year, friends, aquaintances and fellow humans. If your year was bad, may the next be better. If your year was good, may the same happen.

Keep your heights.

Oh, and don't get too hung over in the morning, yeah? (This brought to you by the too many drinks I'm about to have.)
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God jul, ye lovely LJ-friends of mine!

First off, thanks for gifts and cards from a lot of you. Much love and I now have many, many shiny new books to read. This is good. So was other presents, family, food, alcohol, same procedure as last year and the mood of it. We just missed snow. Hai weathergods, this is meant to be a winterish country, wink wink nudge nudge if you know what I mean?

I hope you've had a lovely time as well, whatever you celebrate or not, as might be the case. But if you did give and get presents, do tell me the shiniest you got.
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I need to get a Barack Obama mask. Actually, my mother does, and called me up today asking if I could use my 'American contacts' and get one shipped here. She's in a play at work, see, and they apparently need one for whatever reason. The play opens in January.

I can see from googling and so forth that masks like that do exist. Some are shown here and Wal-Mart listed themselves as having them. But I couldn't find a spot to buy online and shipped abroad.

So, American contacts, could possibly one of you aquire a mask like that for me and send it to my address? I will of course reimburst you in any way you prefer.

Please please please?

Meanwhile, here is Prop 8 the musical, for those who haven't seen the awesome yet.
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If you're doing gift exchange with me, or want a Christmas card from Norway, leave your address in a comment. All comments are screened and will only be seen by yours truly.

(Please don't do a 'but you have my address already' - yes, maybe I do, but I want to print this list out so I have it all in one place and can cross you off as I do you and that way don't forget anyone. Yay organizing!)

All our snow rained away. Bah.

ETA: Mine, if you are on my flist.
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Now there's a LJ bot for That Fannish History Site of Infamy.

Hmmm. I sense trouble brewing, I do.

And I see the Casting News from Doctor Who has brought out some... interesting theories. Yeah. Interesting. That's the word I wanted.

(As a sidenote, if I see another "I'm not racist but..." comment about who should and should not be the Doctor, I might have to Internet-hiss at someone. Seriously, if you feel a need to clarify that, chances are very good to excellent you've already gone awry.)

So, the The Ten things Christmas Wish list Meme seems to be making the rounds again. If you're on my gift exchange list and did one, I'd appreciate if you left a link for me if you've done it/doing it, since I don't want to risk missing it. Meanwhile, ten things I wouldn't mind for Christmas are:

All I want for Christmas... )

I can't believe it's November already...

Meanwhile, I am writing on some of the fic wishes I got, so I offer two small peeks. To remind myself to keep at them and not play WoW, mostly. Give me Wrath of the Lich King now argh argh ARGH

Untitled. Doctor Who. Donna, the Doctor and memories. Post Journey's End )

'Like Family'.Battlestar Galactica. Bill, Laura, lee, Kara, Tigh. Season four. )
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There is always something weird when friends show up on fandom_wank. I don't even watch Idol (American or Norwegian, thank you very much) so I'm just blinking my eyes at everything. This much ado about toothbrushs is much funnier.

And now for something that might horrify/amuse/kill/enrage (as spotted on my flist), Head O State, the Obama dildo. Yes.

Speaking of which, Iftheworldcouldvote in the American election, it wouldn't even be a competition, really. Of the funneh, this electoral map of the US. And it's over soon, thank the atoms. I've never been so ready for an election to be over ever, and it's not even in my country.

Meanwhile, November draws nearer and so does my Christmas planning. I've decided this year to set the gift exchange at ten people and thus - first to say 'yay want gift', first on the list and filling up from there. All who wants cards will get one. I'll do a post for addresses and Amazon gift lists and whatever later. For now, just taking interest.

Since I can't send gifts to all (ack postage) the other offer is for me to make a fic present for those who want that. It'll have to be either Doctor Who (new school mostly) or Battlestar Galactica and possibly CSI, I'm afraid;, and I tend to be a bit stuck on my pairings though I can do gen. Make three requests and I will try to fulfill one within reason and post through December and probably into January.

Now my guild is off to say hi to Illidan. Wheee.


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