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We've had fantastic weather in Norway this extended weekend, and I've been enjoying it fully. Got bitten by various bugs and got some slight colour on me. Bring more of this weather on for summer, and I will be a happy, happy gal.

Meanwhile, the news about the murder of Dr. Tiller reached us here in Norway. My mother flat-out called the murderer a terrorist when I was talking to her about it, and that about sums up the general opinion in Norway.

Why we're just not having an abortion debate in Norway, and why I can be uneasy about abortion and still be pro-choice )

In more fandom stuff:

- Some alleged spoilers for the last Tennant special that if true, will cause so much wank. Hooo yes.

- The UK version of the 4.5 season of BSG have been released, with some deleted scenes. [profile] cutemaggie have linked YouTube uploads of some additional Adama and Roslin stuff here. I hope US version (coming on July 28th) has a lot more. Am greedy. Want more snogging too.

- Remember the LotR tinhats? I think I've found the next generation - shippers of Jared and Jensen (the Supernatural actors) who are convinced the guys are really together and just kept in the closet by evil PR. This is like deja vu all over again... Painfully so!
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Okay. Here goes.

I think quite a few have followed with increasing disgust the case of Josef Fritzl and his crimes in Austria. As more and more comes to light, it just looks worse and worse.

Several people knew his daughter had been sexually abused, yet did nothing when she disappeared.

Josef Fritzl has previous conviction for rape, as well being a susecpt for others.

This guy didn't just suddenly snap. He has a history. People suspected. And yet, he kept his daughter in a cellar for 24 years to father seven children with her, which means he must have raped her over and over and over. 24 years of silence.

That's shameful. And you know what? It's our shame to share.

Victims of sexual crimes get stigmatized. Sexual crimes are hushed, as if they are too uncomfortable to talk about. Most rapes are never reported. Yeah, effort are made and a lot of people are doing so much to raise awareness and some leeway has been made. But it's just not good enough because shit like this happen, and the number of reported rapes stay low.

We need to do better.

Hi. My name is Camilla. ('Hi, Camilla!') I was raped. I reported it. If I suspected it was happening to someone else, I would report it.

I will never be silent on sexual crimes. This is my pledge. I will not be silent. I will not blame the victim. I will not excuse a rapist. I will not think this is someone else's problem. I will not let anyone say 'well, maybe she wanted it' without telling the person off for being a fuckwit. I will not make a rape about the victim's sexuality, because it's always about the perpetrator's.

I will not be silent. This is my pledge, because I have to believe we can do better. We cannot allow silence to hide crimes.

I will never be silent.

How about you?
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Man, it's been so long since I got up in the middle of the night to write down story notes. *cuddles BSG* So This Heart Is not on Loan is now being slowly written, if I can finish all this PCT National Phase blah without overtime. I didn't realise how much I've missed being inspired until I got it back.

So half my flist has already talked about the stupidness of the Open Source Boobies Project. And yeah. (Also featured here.) Most sane things have already been said, so I'm just going to make three points:

1. Female empowerment is great. Totally smashing. But here's the thing, boys, it's not for you to decide what is empowering for women. No, really. Nor is empowerment something for you to grant and feel charitable about, like giving a dog a bone. Empowerment is something for you to take part in, as a member of the opposite but equal gender. Equality. It's not just a word you use to get laid.

2. I don't give a rat's ass what the woman was wearing - if she was dancing nude on rose petals it is still not and will never be consent. If she had her 'assets' on display (oh BARF use a more frakking stupid word why don't you) IT IS STILL NOT OKAY TO ASK TO TOUCH THEM. If she wears a short skirt, it's still not a standing invite to shagging. Because here's the thing, boys, what women wear aren't necessarily a statement to you. No, really.

3. I love men. I love to watch football with them, I love to talk to them, I love having them as friends, I love flirting with them, I love ogling them, I love shagging them. Mmm, men. But here's the thing, boys, you have zilch clue what the bloody ever of how much shit being a woman can entail. (It's a bit like being white, I don't really know what it's like to live with racism, even if I can get some ways by at least trying to understand.) In large parts of the world, women are treated less. We've come ways, but we got so long to go still. We get paid less. We get objectified more. We got centuries of not being able to even vote. We get blamed for having a sexuality. We get blamed for being raped. We get Bill Napoli. In short, it can suck to be a woman. Therefore, starting a compaign to essentially get breasts treated as public property with all the focus on how great this is for men? FAIL.

Meanwhile, I'm getting behind this - Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Program. Because dude, yes.

In other things I feel like opinionating about:

- How Norway's train service manages to continuing being made of more and more fail, I'll never know. Please to be fixing!

- Just read an interesting book called How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization. Loads of interetsing historical facts, and really, goes to show that history reflects itself not just in our actions, but our culture and sport too. Book has its flaws (argh, it's FOOTBALL) and I don't agree with even half, but it has some interesting observations.

- I love that the least effed-up couple in BSG is really Helo and Sharon, and she's a machine who was programmed to seduce him. Yet somehow, it works. I like them, even if I enjoy Adama/Roslin more. Mmm, new pairing!love.

- Conversation on the train:
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: I'm so sick of the American election and it hasn't even started.
CamMum: Yes. It's going to be murder before the Euro [the European equivalant of the World Cup] takes over.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Do you think if the world petitioned them, they'd have a media-less election?
CamMum: No.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: You're right. We're going to have to invade FOX News and destroy their Wallowing of Mass Destruction.

- Oh Odin, are you kidding me? Now I don't dislike Paris Hilton as much as some, but the mere thought of that show existing make my brain sigh.
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Right. So, I've fallen a bit in love with the Inspector Lynley Mysteries, both in book and show. Am buying the books, but have run into issues with getting the show. There are five and a half series made, but sadly the five first series appears only to be out in region one. Yay Amazon. Fair enough, I got multizone player, I can deal. Then Amazon warns me that apparemtly some International customers have troubles with region 1 playing on multizone players. Anyone know anything about this? I don't want to blow 161 USD on something I can't watch. My multizone player has played other region 1 DVDs fine, so I'm wondering if it's an issue with new coding or what. (BBC could of course solve my worries by releasing the series in the UK since they bloody made it, but nooooo, they're still on season two release. I not patient.)

And now for the scandal that has engulfed Norway this week, and made me severely uncomfortable.

An English entry on it is here, but it doesn't really sum it up too well. I'll give it a shot.

A dumb lie, worries of racism and the fate of Norway's first non-white minister )

So. Norway will get a new minister, the Progress Party gets to rake the governing parties, Osmundsen is left overwhelmingly distrusted and I can't get rid of the nagging uncomfortability of it all.

It's a headache week all around.

A kind Australian, please help me! )

Now I need to put together a new lamp that is my first birthday present (it's next week) - sadly, the gifter didn't include helping me on that point.
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Taleban attacks hotel where Norwegian delegation with foreign minister is staying; Norwegian journalist killed.

The delegation and press core included people I know, though I wouldn't call them friends as such. There is something very surreal and unsettling about this. UN claimed it was an attack on Norway, some Taleban sources agree, some disagree, Norway says no. Sure feels like one either way. Makes me feel oddly protective of everything and everyone I know today.

Stay safe, people. All of you. The world is poorer without each of you.

My deepest condolances to the family of the murdered.

Meanwhile, Huckabee continues to unsettle me deeply.

... that's what we need to do -- to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards so it lines up with some contemporary view...

Yeah, Huckabee, rule your country by religion's standards. We see what a smashing job the Taleban or Iran's clergy does with that, don't we? And if someone claims that's just because Islam is 'bad' and Christianity is 'good', I direct you to exibit A: Europe's history. Or exibit B: Fred Phelps. (I'm sure people of my awesome flist could supply more.)

Fantaticism is bad. And that can disguise itself with any religion it wants - or without it.

(Also, seperation of state and church - essential aspect to the very founding of the US of A, hello?)

The Cassie Edwards plagiarism continues - now made the media. Bonus article by ferret thieved nature writer.

I have discovered I do in fact own one of her books, which I apparently picked up on my visit to the US so many years ago to read on the plane home, and intend to skim it in case I find something. A report will follow if I do.

Finally, NSB (Norwegian railways) managed to once again have serious problems with their signalling. I was late for work and don't know when I'll get home today. Joy. The massive rain is blamed, but since NSB manages to suck and blow in good weather as well, this does not satisfy me. (Even if the rain almost drowned a buss (!) today.)

NSB must be some sort of karma revenge on Norway for our Viking sins. Or something.
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Wednesday morning conversation when Cam and CamMum happened to share a train to work:

CamMum: Clinton won New Hampshire.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Ah yeah? Which of the Other Lot won?
CamMum: Not sure. They were interviewing that Mick Huckabee, but I looked on the list and he was only third! [Clearly, CamMum finds interviewing third-spot takers an offense.] I think it was McCain.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Mmm. He isn't the worst of them. Now Huckabee, he's... Bush mark II with a guitar and Chuck Norris jokes.
CamMum: Don't know too much about him.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: [relates Huckabee facts in clearly non-loving tones] In conclusion: No.
CamMum: In agreement: No.
[blah blah American religious right non-love]
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Media makes the American election feel a bit like a mix of a circus and monopoly. 'You land third in this primary. Do not pass go, do not collect your Momentum.' I'm sure it makes sense to someone, but...
CamMum: I'm not.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: A commie* like yourself could never understand true democracy at work, clearly.
(Blah blah American socialism-phobia discussion]
CamMum: Not sure the US is ready to elect someone non-white. Or a woman. Even if it's way overdue.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: I don't know. I think a lot of people in the US are keen for change.
CamMum: Change! That's the only thing all of them have promised, and the only thing they've promised at all. You couldn't campaign like that in Norway, promising nothing but change. Nothing substansial!
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Mum. Let's face it. They'd all be run out of the country with pitchforks before they even got to the campaign part in Norway.
CamMum: We're not that uncivilized.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: You're right. They'd be chased out with tasers. We're a modern people.
[Arguments over what choice of armory to chase unwanted politicians with ensues.]
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: [blah blah virtues of maces] Really, just this once, couldn't they elect someone that I wouldn't retch every time I saw on telly? I'm not asking for someone whose opinions I'll share, because that's about as likely as France deciding French kinda sucks and adopting English as their new sacred language. I'd just like the US president and self-professed free world leader to be someone I wouldn't feel ashamed of if aliens invaded us.
CamMum: That's your primary concern if aliens invade us?
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Secondary. My primary would be if they cancelled the football**. Hopefully they'd join - Universe Cup, that'd be awesome.

*CamMum is of course not a communist, but a social democrat. There is a pretty huge difference, contrary to what Bill O'Reilly (asshat known as) thinks.

**Football meaning football, not the rugby-with-padding known as American football.

So say, whatever happened to asshat Bill Napoli?
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How Norwegians would vote for US presidential candidates, as spotted in a poll in a vaguely conservative (by Norwegian Standards TM) newspaper:

Barack Obama 54.28%
Hillary Clinton 28.99%
Mike Huckabee 4.05%
Rudy Giuliani 3.00%
Ron Paul 2.67%
John Edwards 2.39%
John McCain 1.94%
Mitt Romney 0.80%
(Others) (the rest%)

Bwhah. Oh, Norway, you leftish hub of ebil social democracy, you.

Some vague opinions on all this election hoopla )

And that covers enough politics for today, oh yes.

A meme, wholly politics-less:
If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I like the pairing or know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?
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Hmpf. Why am I awake? Oh, right. Work. Work which today is basically watching the phone while everyone is away and zilch else to do. (Seriously, I even asked for stuff to do, but no.) Time to stalk my flist?

(And I know I am late with fic - sorry! Got distracted by helping someone move, work, WoW (yay netherdrake) and autumn. Oh yeah. It's autumn in Norway and I am getting rained on. Brrr. I shall try to refocus.)

So during the weekend I watched a program about 'Kids on Fire' Bible camps in the US and got scared out of my brains. Kids being indoctrined, fundamentalism-is-the-only-way, thinking prayer solves everything, the hostility to science and firm conviction evolution is a fraud, the pushing of children into advocating anti-abortion, the firm belief in Satan - this world boggles me.

Blah blah religion, indoctrinating your kids and much WTFery )

Am I just better off not understanding this?

Other stuff:

- Albin the albino moose is spared again. Awww. Also aww is Future Queen Ingrid Alexandra. She's really starting to grow :)

- Rosenborg managed a draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, to much amusement for many Norwegians and non-CHelsea fans. Also beacuse apparently Swedish expert commentator Glenn Hysén promised to crawl 120 kilometres if Rosenborg were to get points from the match. Glenn? Start crawling. 8He's apparently agreed to keep his promise if the distance is reduced. Heh.) Day after teh match, Chelsea coach buggers off. I guess he wasn't good enough at turning the omelette. Ah, football. I wub thee.

- Heh, yet another comm has 'borrowed' Page-A-Mod. Suppose I should be flattered so many like my idea - even a community owner I know loathes my gutts has snagged - though renamed it, of course.

- People of Supernatural fandom, is the chick of this wank as fandom batshit as she seems? Because wow.

- I read on the train to and fro work and since I read fast, I go through a lot of books. I quite often buy cheap books at a place in Oslo central station and the guy working mornings there now recognises me and makes comments about my book buying. I find this bemusing.

- I loves NRK for sending The Daily Show five times a week now. Give me a hug, you big state-owned channel. YOU BRING ME THE AWESOME.

- Robert Jordan died??? Wow. I started reading Wheel of Time when I was a lot younger and though I did lose interest in it, I do have fond teenage memories of it - and it was the series of books that got my brother reading, for which my mother is enternally grateful. (Now he reads a lot.) :(

- "I steal your fics because I'm whacky like that!" Bitch, please.

I need lunch now.
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I'm going to write a little history.

Once upon a time, there was little Norway, a mostly good and quiet country. My country, in fact, but I wasn't born yet. We had proclaimed neutrality when war beset Europe, but that got rather ignored by both the British and the German. And so, on April 9th 1940, Norway was invaded by Germany. We didn't stand much of a chance, of course. Our Royal family and parts of the government managed to escape to the UK, though, and maintained a resistance from there throughtout the war. Norway became an occupied country. However, Norwegians are a Germanic people, and were treated relatively well in comparison to other occupied countries. (So were the Danes.) One of the ways treatment was better, was that Himmler actively encouraged German soldiers to get it on with Norwegian women. And have children, Aryan children. After all, we were "racially acceptable". And children were born. Over 10,000 children were born in Norway fathered by German soldiers.

But the occupation ended. May 8th 1945, Norway was free again. It rebuilt. It found oil. It lived happily, richly ever after. And May 8th is still a day we celebrate. And the resistance movement during the war, the civil disobedience to the occupying forces by most of the population, those are things we're proud of still.

And now for the things we shouldn't be. After the war, the Lebensborn - as the children of German soldiers were known - were treated horribly. Some were locked in mental institutions. Many were abandoned by their mothers who feared the stigma society would put on them for having an affair with a German. So the children got it instead. Abuse, belittlement, probably never feeling like they belonged at all. The Norwegian state has admited this. They just haven't done much about it.

So now 150 Lebensborn have sued the Norwegian state in the European Court of Human Rights. And you know what? I hope they win. I hope they win good. Money is the fucking least we can give them.

We have the last few years started to talk about the sides of the war that were shushed decades after. About the Lebensborn. About the Norwegian volunteers in SS Nordland, who were some of the last left standing defending Berlin. About the members of NS, who assisted and worked with the German forces in various ways. About a Norwegian society after the war who wanted to paint out all the spots of a picture we've come to regard as so important.

Time to get a little dirty, I say. WWII has for so many years been the posterchild of good versus evil, with a happy ending to boot. But it is not that simple. It isn't. Not because the Nazi should be in any way whitewashed, like some rather repulsive "revisionists" would have it. No, the Nazi were humanity gone batshit in a frightening sane way, with horrifying consequences for so many millions. But that doesn't make everything the Allies did okay. That doesn't make Dresden okay. That doesn't make the rape of hundreds of thousands - of millions, maybe - German women okay. That doesn't make forcing people of your enemy's nationality into camps okay. That doesn't make the fate of the Lebensborn one bit okay. It does not.

It's been sixty years now. "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it," Churchill said once. Well, Winston my boy, there's a new generation writing it now. We're writing it. How are we going to? Yes, it was an important war, maybe in the end a necessary war after the mistakes of an unnecessary one. But it wasn't a simple one. Let's not write it all off on some German madness no one else could ever get. Let's not silence to death what Germans suffered too, or those who followed them. Let's not forget what wasn't simple. Let history be a little unkind. Humans certainly can be - even the good guys.

Even my little beloved Norway. The Lebenborn is our shame, our bad. It is much too late to correct, but it is not to late to learn from. In this world of much talk of good versus bad again, it might even have something quite important to teach. Once upon a time, even good people did bad things. Once upon a time can happen again.

Meanwhile, here's to the Lebensborn. I hope you win. I hope you win good. At least then, your history got recorded too.
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Democrats win House of Representatives; Senate still too close to call.

This will so displease Bush.

And therefore pleases me. Though I don't really care that much about the Democrats. The whole of the US is pretty much more conservative than me, so I tend to just stare at their political statements a lot, then go have a drink. (As someone in a Norwegian forum put it: "The US only have two parties - Giant-Right and Wee-Less-Giant-Right." And pointed out the parties in Norway that visit the Democratic party congresses and have a certain contact are centre parties. Hah.)

Worlds apart, truly. Watching Fox News is like getting broadcasts from Alt!verse across the Void. Bill O'Reilly is a particulary ranty Cyberman.

Also things I noted in this election:
South Dakota rejects ban on (almost) all abortions
Five states have voted to outright ban same sex marriages, three more still counting
Five states passed minimum wage increase
First ever muslim gets elected into Congress
First ever woman will now be Speaker of the House

Hmmm-hmmm. So now what, US?

The Torchwood Welsh wank makes it to fandom_wank

I've learned so much about the Welsh in the last few days. Educational wankery for the win. I did know that calling someone from Wales or Scotland "English" is akin to asking for murder-by-hostile-staring. Just don't. It's even worse than calling a Norwegian Swedish or vice versa.

Meanwhile, Norway's having political blah-blah over spying - or just good guessing?

Anyone else still having blah with LJ comment notifications? I seem to - so if I don't reply to something, I quite simply might not have seen.
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That is way, way too cute. Weee little piglets sleeping on tiger mum...!

In the not so cute - Pelican eats pigeon

Animals sure are unexpectedly caring and cruel at the same time. Hmm, whatever could that remind us of...

Python found in toilet - in *Norway*?! WTF?

American conservatives so not happy with "homosexuality in the aninmal kingdom" exibit still, I see.

The nation of Norway has now given us the first museum exhibition that claims that the birds, the bees, and other animals may be homosexuals. (...)
The trouble with museum exhibits like this one is that they try to sell children on the idea that homosexual sex is not an aberration—a claim that can lead to justification of same sex marriage.


First off, you got your facts wrong there, Nathan. Which you would know if you'd bothered to check what the exibit was saying rather than be all insulted at the pictures it had and try your own hand at propaganda. Yes, homosexuality can be said to be "strong" in the animal kingdom when it's been observed in 1500 species. That is not the same as claiming a majority of animals are gay. Bitch, please. (Read for yourselves and see some of what is being said.)

Also, we already have same sex marriages and school children are going to see this exibit - heck, I even saw kindergarten children there. I'm sure it pains you deeply at night in your wee bigoted brain as you dream of gay ducks in the rain.


In other notes of non-animal nature:
- I like Torchwood. It's all right, though only two episodes in, so I reserve final judgement still.

- Will Doctor Who fandom have hand!porn ship war? Or maybe we'll have icon war instead, judging by some of the ones I've seen around.

- The hit song in Norway the last few months - and I do love it. The song is a classic in itself, but when done well, it gives me goosebumps. (The fourth guy is Kurt Nilsen, who won World Idol with Beautiful Day and beat the American. We were filled with much glee.)

- I hate hate hate having a sodding cold. DIE GERMS DIE
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Affirmative Action sure is a touchy subject in the US, I see.

I have no idea where I stand on the issue, as I don't live there, don't really have anything much to compare it with in Norway (we got our own various issues, of course) and everything I've read on the issue seems so polarised I get additional confusion. Do I doubt racism is alive and disgustingly well in the US - or the world at large for that matter? Fuck no. Do I have any brilliant ideas for combating this? Fuck no.

Cam gets rambling. With mentions of Aborigines and Saami. )

Which brings me back to Affirmative Action. I don't know if it works. I don't know if it's good. I just know doing nothing - that's just not an option anyone should ever be proud of. (Says the bleeding heart social democrat, which undoubtedly makes some people sneer.)

[Also, when the hell was America ever taken over by liberals? All I'm seeing is years and years of conservative, slightly-less-conservative, vaguely-centre-if-you-tilt-your-head-and-squint and conservative-like-whoa-wheee. Liberals? Really? When? (Okay, maybe FDR, I grant you. Maybe.)]

I really, really don't know. Possibly I should not think of stuff like this late at night and make confused rambles.


So here's the wank that broke people's brains and Rush Limbaugh being hateful for less confused thoughts.
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Dear Norwegian government, glowingjesus, CSI fandom, Doctor Who fandom, Bush, hot men and others... )

As ever, feel free to 'Dear Cam' me. (Some previous 'Dear world' can be found here.)
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The mystery of the 'reindeer' visitor

And that's not far from where I live, either. Heh. I must admit, I found it funny. The things people will do with their time, eh?

What are the odds this CSI post will turn into a shipwar?

Or alternatively, remain sane?

Random notes:
- Is it sad of me to buy the Civ IV expansion pack just so I can play the Vikings and CONQUER THE WORLD with them? Cripes, me and computer games sometimes.
- Yesterday was Roald Dahl Day. Yay Dahl. I love his books. Grew up with them, really. (Him and Astrid Lindgren were probably the two most enduring influences from my literary childhood.) Not so strange, he was of Norwegian descent (his parents were both Norwegian and he is named after Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian polar explorer) and we are fiercly fond of our own.
- GAFF is kinda going to the shits, innit?
- I've started reading the Temeraire books, and I'm really liking them so far. Yay flist for alerting me to their existence.
- House is actually starting up on our main TV channel very soon, I've discovered. Should I watch?
- I need to buy a new shelf again. Damn, books and DVDs fill up fast.
- I'm having some professional pictures taken soon and feeling a bit weird about it. Ah well. I'll scan in some of them when it's all done, anyway, so you can all see how I look. Blurry webcam pics ain't the best, after all.
- I wish Bush would STFU some. Then again, I always do.

And then I got to thinking about Islam )

In other news:
Hezbollah accused of war crimes
Norway refuses NATO plan
Damaged Munch paintings to be shown
Oil prospects in Cuba raises issues with the US embargo
Drastic shrinkage of Arctic ice
Rowling in slight airport security hiccup
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Found via [livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj:
Free stuff from anti-gay creationists, apparently.

Is it wrong of me to want a book on creationism just so I can give it to my brother and watch him pick it apart? (Seriously, he has A Skill. He's made even Christians trying to convert him have doubts instead.) But I'd rather not have anything from them all the same, really. Ugh. Much too uncomfortable.

But of course, I had to go look at their website. And this church gives me the creeps. "Gays can be cured"? What's next, curing "Norwegianness"? Sure, you can make a choice not to act your sexuality, like being celibate and you can argue that sexuality is also tied to culture, but it is very much about how stuff is wired in your brain. There is much we don't know yet about how and why, because it is a controversial field of study, but that it also occurs in nature (penguins, ducks, sheep, bulls, great apes...) is a plain enough sign that there are biological factors also at play. Which means, yeah, it is a part of who you are.

(As [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 reminded me, we don't know just what causes autism, though genetics is suspected and no one's claiming autism is a choice. We still have so, so much to learn about the brain. It's not that weird we still have questions unanswered about something as complex as sexual behaviour.)

In spite of the acceptance that is available, however, the homosexual lifestyle often proves to be a painful and unrewarding way of life, particularly for older gays who are no longer desirable sexually.

Please fucking well back this up with facts or STFU, kthxbai. (Also in Norway, which is one of the more accepting countries around about this, gays and lesbians seem to get married and live happy old lives together quite fine and our society has not collapsed or changed that much at all, really. OMG SHOCKING.) Why is this train of thought still alive? Whyyy?

Then again, I wonder the same about hardcore "the Earth is 6000 years old, honest!" creationism. I mean... Whaaat? Seriously, what? All that effort, all that denying of sceience... Why? It's not like evolution means you can't believe in God, just means you have to consider him a more complex fellow than the Bible might indicate at times. And since the Bible was written by men trying to understand their idea of God 2000 years ago with what they knew about the world then, it's not like that is a great leap. So... Whaaat? (This is why I want a book, so my mind can boggle more. Good exercise. And I'm dying to see a creationist museum for sheer WTF factor.)

And I see they're anti-abortion too. Of course they are.

I realise from my place of atheist Social Democrat, and Norwegian to boot, I am not in great position to get it - but I do not even begin to understand some of this stuff. I Do Not Get It.

And you know, I'm kinda glad I don't at times.

(But boy, does it ever make me appreciate non-hating non-whaaat people of various faiths much more. A hearty hug to you all. Please be sane and loud forever. Yay.)
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Couldn't we ban the w-word from being used about women unless it's bloody well what they do for a living*???? * Even then, I am not too fond of it.

Cut for some rather frank language in talking about the use of certain words )

Speaking of things vaguely sex-related, I got this review in my inbox the other day:
I really admire the fact that you are the few who can actually spell.I mean really most of these poeple can not slow down spelling. Mostly what I dislike about  is all the boy/boy pairing and this story is not one of them.

Okay! I guess said person didn't bother to see I have written that too, ohNOES.

Join the Doctor/Rose friending meme, if you want

Meanwhile, everyone is of course talking about this devolpment in the UK. Ack.

In other news:
UN attacks Lebanon aid 'disgrace'
German town fights 'neo-Nazi' bid on local hotel
World Trade Center film released
Jostein Gaarder makes attack on Israel. Many are not amused. (I know I'm not.)
Norwegian cricketers defied protestors.
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Fuckity fuck

Israel said it regretted the incident - but added that civilians had been warned to flee the village.


Now there's a comforting thing to put on their graves.

(And Hezbollah, don't try that martyr act on their behalf. Israel might be killing more people right now, but don't think for a moment most of the world don't realise you wouldn't do exactly the same if you had the same firepower as Israel. You're trying your best as it is. You have no moral high ground to stand on. Fuck off.)

Seriously, I think I'm running out of words. However, I'm sure I could find some if the leaders of Hezbollah, Israel, Syria, Iran, Hamas and the fucking "West" could be stuck in a room together and forced to STFU. How brave you are, some of you, playing political chess by launching rockets at civilians. I'm so impressed. Because nothing shows your might and determination like making children die. Nothing shows true courage like watching people die and suffer. Nothing is quite as impressive a good dick-measure contest with long range missiles. Oh yeah. Just so impressed, I am.

Why I'm using sarcasm when it's not really funny I don't know, but it's either that or apathy at the moment. What truly scares me, is that the longer this goes on, the more I'm thinking there actually is no solution to it. There's so many agendas at play and fucked if I know what's fair anymore. People not having to die would be a bloody good place to start, though.

Why are the simplest things always so hard?
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Cam's idea of breakfast: A burrito and a banana. Yes indeedy. But it did the job of feeding me, which is the main thing.

Political thought of the day - everything varies with where you stand yourself. To me, pretty much the entire US is conservative and when the right-wingers there moan about a liberal media, I just laugh and laugh. Not to mention in Norway, liberal *is* to the right. We must have a different definition or some such. But the 'OMG conservatives are being oppresssssssed' whinging that some do over there just makes me want to invite them to Norway. I'll show you oppression of conservatives - just come right along.

Don't bring your cars, though. Our petrol taxes will give you heartattacks.

Fandom thought of the day - is it just me, or does trying to justify your own likes and dislikes get a lot more wanky and occasionally downright bashing when you have to justify them? When you get into something you like, it is so very easy to talk about in terms of what you don't like, after all. Which isn't always a good thing in fandom. People can get very vocal about dislikes, people can get very defensive about likes and so it goes.

Random thought of the day - last few hours at work sure do pass a lot slowlier than the first few.

Meme of the day - comment with your favourite icon with either a) your favourite book, your least favourite book finished and a book I so need to read or b) your favourite fic of your own, others and mine or c) both.
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I am going to Copenhagen on Friday with brother for sibling bonding. I'll be back on Sunday so you won't have time to miss me. Unless you really, really want to.

Meanwhile, 'war' stirs in the Middle-east, death toll mounts in Gaza and Israel goes into Lebanon

Army Chief of Staff Lt-Gen Dan Halutz said the Israeli military would "turn back the clock in Lebanon by 20 years" if the soldiers were not returned

It's always the civilians who get fucked, isn't it? Ramblings about the Israel-Palestine conflict and war in general )

The state of the world so drives me to want a Pangalatic Gargleblaster at times. Or possibly a genie for a lot of impossible wishes.

In other news:
Zidane apologises
'Killer kangaroo' evidence found
Mumbai recovers from blast
US army to end Halliburton deal
Seagull raised by Norwegian family
Lighthouses in Norway open to public (pictures)


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