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Apparently, if a friend is dragging up a rape in a drinking game (and insiting it counts as having had sex in a certain place) is entirely your fault for entering the drinking game in the first place. You were practically inviting it! You should have known if you told a friend about this trauma she would disclose it in a drinking game.

Also, in the comments the columnist counts rape as "personal indiscretion". (But of course later insists She Did Not Mean It Like That Even If It Did Read Like That.) And the experience with the drinking game was a learning experience that made the victim a better person! Win-win all around! And of course someone else shows up to argue that rape is sex and so it should have counted and the friend was right to call it out.


I'm going to go to bed now. Maybe in the morning I will wake up and there will be no assholes or repulsive misconceptions about rape. And also I could find pigs fly, I've gained a male harem and Norway now rules the world.

They're about as likely, don't you think?
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So I came across this statement from an American right-winger: My guess is that Haiti's so screwed up because it wasn't colonized long enough. (...) A major indicator of how superficial is the overlay of French culture in Haiti is the strength of paganism, in the form of voodoo -- the French just weren't around long enough to suppress it, to the detriment of Haitians.

[personal profile] misscam where do you even start with something as dumb as that?
[personal profile] lotus79 You just kill first, ask questions later
[personal profile] misscam How very Viking of you

There's also his while Britain's influence in the world has certainly been more salutary than that of France which, while I do love my British neighbours across the sea, is just NO. You might argue that some European countries were slightly less shitty than others in that area, but if you bring up the word salutary even near European colonialism, I have a stern glare and Viking insult with your name on it.

In better news, [community profile] help_haiti will have raised over $115,000.00 when all is said and done this round. I also want to thank all who bid on me or anyone else up on offer and all who have donated in whatever form. (I ended up being [personal profile] fallingtowers's and own Saz. Muhaha.) For next round, I am considering doing something beyond writing - would anyone want to bid on something like 'Norway in a box'?

In other 'oh no please don't' news: Mel Gibson wants to make a Viking movie - in old Norse.

... I'm frightened, dear Internet. (TM Conan.) Hug me. There are so many ways in which a movie like that could go oh so wrong.

Meanwhile, in less than a month I will be 30. Oi. That feels vaguely like I should have made something of my life by then. Man, the years do fly, don't they?

Off to start another week of work.
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Says Johnny Depp on Roman Polanski:

"He's not a predator. He's not on the streets." (YouTube vid of it here.)

And also seems to think you can't be a rapist when you have a wife and children.

Man, the number of people who've just been fail on this Polanski case depresses me, and people I liked, too! At least Emma Thompson removed her name from that damn petition asking for his release and Luc Besson was pretty decisive about no one being above the law.

But ugh, so much fail from Hollywood over this. I am not impressed.

Off to work in the dark; I so hate Mondays.
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Excuse me for a moment:


I am mentally worn out after the stress of the last week, but now I have holiday. It's a beautiful thing. Also, been recieving presents from several of you and thank you! I've kept them wrapped for opening on Christmas Eve, whee. Apart from those who are virtual, of course, like icons I got from [personal profile] lily_winterwood.

Plans for my holidays:
- Play a silly amount of World of Warcraft and slaughter Icecrown Citadel good. Also, get a new cloak and bow.
- Finish my alternate-world FlashForward fic (with Lloyd/Olivia and Mark/Demitri), finish that AU Daybreak BSG fic with resurrection for humans already, finish that Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover with Spock and the Doctor meeting ("Therapy for Lost Planets"), write the multi-fandom many-kinds-of-love fic I've had in mind a while and if I get silly enough, finish the Star Trek penis-size-is-serious-business fic that lives in a dark cellar of my mind.
- Buy new very comfortable winter boots. Finiding the right kind of boots that I can wear without socks and that keeps me warm through Norwegian winter without being a pain on my feet is not that easy, you know.
- Make a gingerbread house.
- Read "The Gathering Storm" and any books I might get for Christmas.
- Watch "East West 101" and whatever else I might get for Christmas.
- Get visit from my brother and his Dutch live-in girlfriend.
- Eat a sad amount of marzipan and CamMum cooking between Christmas and New Year's.
- Relax. Oh, wonderful, wonderful time to relax.

You got any plans for the holidays?

Meanwhile, Wal-Mart employee writes horribly inappropriate letter to co-worker asking her to 'stay out of [his] dreams', get fired and complains about it. Seems to miss the newsflash that he's coming across CREEPY AS HELL, DUDE and bemoans the lack of nice. Yeah. Because the approiate reaction to borderline-stalking and inappropriate behaviour is always niceties.

In the news:
- The attack on Berlusconi sparks battles on the Internet. Italian politics sure get vitrolic.
- The last Spanish top club breaks a colour barrier - but Spanish football still has racism issues.
- Sect members vow to marry female sex workers. I must admit my first reaction to reading that headline was 'bwhuh?'
- Stunning pictures from a recently launched ESA telecope. Preeeetty.
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Anyone willing to make a few icons for me from bases I've cropped? I am rubbish and have no photoshop. I offer gratitude and return favours/bribes.

I give you stupid shit on a Monday:

- Did you know white are facing racism and being discriminated against in Hollywood? That Heroes' writer sure seems to think so. Poor, poor him, never given any advantage. Except all the ones he has from birth, of course.

Oh yeah, my heart bleed for him. Won't someone think of the poor white males?

(Hey, I think of white males - if they're hot enough! Actually, that kind of goes for all males. Mmm, hot males of all kinds.)

- "No but I don't see the big deal. What is so horrible about it? Think about it. It's just sex you didn't agree to," says (hopefully) a troll or an utter, utter ass about rape. Yeah.

I mean, what's so bad about murder? It's just death you didn't agree to!

- A guild on my server is accused of ninjaing and shitty behaviour in PUGs. Some members take exceptions. 27 pages of wankiness ensue.

World of Warcraft is serious business, if you didn't know.

In better news:

- Book overdue by 50 years returned to library - with a 1000 dollar check to cover late fee..

- Sweden returns skulls to Hawaii to be reburied.

- Australian sniffer dog missing in action for eight months in Afghanistan is found in good health.

- A Zambian journalist has been acquitted of pornography charges after sending officials pictures of a woman giving birth in a hospital car park,

Off to kill some Yogg-Saron!
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A group of past and present University of Sydney students set up a ''pro-rape'' page in the sports and recreation section on Facebook, describing themselves as ''anti-consent''.

Anti-consent. Because that's so much better than pro-rape, naturally.

The list of allegations is pretty sickening as well, but hardly surprising if this is the sort of place to spawn a Facebook group like that. The fail is astounding.

I'm not sure if I feel more angry or sick. It's probably a tie. UGH.
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Teen admits to roasting kitten in an oven.

... I feel ill. (Chick has prior arrests, I see. Chaaarming.) I need to hug my cat and feed him fish. People sure suck sometimes, don't they? (How apropos is this icon, too? Ugh.)

Also, today are EU elections and hardly anyone seems aware or even care. Norway's not a member so it's not an issue for me, but it's still slightly depressing. Democracy is a right earned with a lot of blood of our forefathers. Care for it a little, yeah? (Not that I am the EU's biggest fan. Um, no.)

Meanwhile, there was another BSG screening with UN panel attached. Reports from it here and here, and some red carpet pictures here. EJO and MM look hot. I approve. Resist the urge to write RPF. RESIST

Got a PM from someone asking if I was writing on stuff of late. Yes, I am. There is the remix, which I can't really tell you anything about since it's meant to be hush-hush until the reveal. I'm also very slowly writing on a AU season four finale thing. I can share a bit of that.

Untitled, spoilers for Daybreak )

But honestly, I haven't really pushed myself to write too much of late. I do tend to like writing on order though (journalist in me, I suppose) so: Prompt me. Give me five items or a piece of dialogue or something from the kink meme or a setting or something else you consider a prompt.

No guarantees and I am most likely to write BSG or possibly some Doctor Who, but summer has started and I should have some writing time. So hit me.
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Says fuckwit, aisle Daily Mail: ... it does mean that a rape victim who was drunk deserves less sympathy.


He then goes on to bitch about his taxes being used to compensate rape victims. Ohnoes, you know. His precious tax pounds.

So I suppose we must resign ourselves to the fact that a growing slice of our taxes will be handed over to victims of unsolved rapes, while rape itself increases – the inevitable result of the collapse of sexual morality.

But I cannot see why women who ignore the wisdom of the ages, and make themselves more likely to be victims by drinking too much, should get the same size cheque as women who are raped despite acting responsibly.

You, good sir, are a fuckwit and let me explain to you very slowly in your chosen language of English.

Lets put it on the victim! Again. That's always a hit )

To sum up: Why the everhateful fuck is rape always about the victim and not about the rapist? Maybe because articles like that are written and make angling it on the victim acceptable. You know what? It shouldn't be.

(I so need a BSG WTF icon.)

This concludes the rage of the day.
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Supremely Dumb, Take #1: Making a public post on an icon community begging for illegal downloads. (Side dumb: Giving links in said post.)

Supremely Dumb, Take #2 (With spoilers for Prison Break): Whinging about a character's return on a comm for fans of said character - and anon flame a poster who tells you you're being dumb. (Side dumb: Failing at apology and name-dropping probable fake!law-firm and fake!maid. [livejournal.com profile] msgenevieve, you made me laugh, though. Well done, heh.)

Supremely Dumb, Take #3: Alamaba has a ban on sex toys. (Side dumb: Cam didn't know this was the case until know and still suspects it of being a prolonged April 1st.)

Supremely Dumb, Take #4: Chinese ambassador to Norway delcares she has the Norwegian people 'behind' her on Tibet issue and Olympic fire demonstrations. Norwegian people: Bitch, please. Norwegian people have varying views on the situation, but the only thing we get behind is wanting spring. Everything else is up for debate.

Supremely Dumb, Take #5: Selling mole repellers in a country that has no moles.

Supremely Dumb, Take #6: Deeming The Simpsons 'inappropriate' in an early morning slot - and replacing it with *Baywatch*.
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Spotted via flist links yesterday:

The Dickipedia. Starring Dr. Phil, Dick Cheney, Michael Moore, Bill O'Reilly and more.

Very worthy of their entry many of them, but clearly, there are some notable missing. Which would you nominate to be include yesterday already? (Examples of noteable dick-behaviour could be included.)

One of mine's a shoe-in - Fred Phelps, everyone's favourite bigot-dick. Naturally.
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In today's 'my stupid let me show you it':
So this weekend infamous 'Pocket Man' gets arrested in Norway. As you can see, that's the kind of guy you'd want to get caught, given he's been at it for decades. Guy gets a defence lawyer, as one does, and how does Staff the lawyer choose to defend his client? By pissing off Norway. "This is about fiddling with boys and sexual relations with boys that are too young, but it's not all that serious," Staff claimed. He added that "these boys wouldn't be hurt by it, in my opinion... " if the police hadn't turned it into such a huge case. He then went on to refer to it as 'peanuts'.

... Yeah. Refer to six-year-olds being forced to give a oral sex to a middle-aged man as 'peanuts'. There's a brilliant defence strategy, making the man even more loathed by association and getting yourself jeered, insulted and obscene-gestured by all the inmates at the jail your client's in. You know you've made fail when also murderers, frauds and robbers are calling you an asshat, quite frankly.

Staff also went on to claim 'pedophile' was an incorrect word to use, as pedophiles apparently only go after babies. ...!

On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate this fail?

In other notes:
- David Tennant has a stalker who apparently writes sci-fi versions of Shakespeare plays. She insists that both the Doctor and Hamlet are aliens in a hostile universe, who are terrified of being alone. But she will save him by being his Rose or Ophelia. ... Please be taking your stalkering batshit off my ship, yeah?
- Why is DW fandom so quiet? Is it the wanking-behind-flock that's taking all the energy? Perhaps one shouldn't begrudge the quiet, but it always makes me feel like something bad is being built up to.
- T&C is having unusual first line in reunion fic challenge, which I'm hoping will get some fun and variety.
- Ikea is evil. I've spent the weekend putting together furniture from them and ARGH. Weird parts of my body hurt, but I do have a nice new closet and computer desk.
- Gonna write pinch hit for thing I didn't even sign up for, really. Named it "Five Times Jackie Tyler Probably Hated the Doctor, and One Time She Definitely Didn't" for now. Must put other fics aside. Sorry :(
- When Internet communities dogpile. Over scrap-booking.
- And you're posting this to fanficrants why exactly?
- [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 got me a sweatshirt with "+ 20 frost resistance" (WoW reference) as a gift. Norwegian customs? Sucks ice and demands I pay tax on it, which amounts to like half the price of the gift. Smashing, state of Norway.
- This wank might only be funny if you actually play WoW, but man, I laughed.
- In other WoW news, Leo the-totally-not-blind-when-he-can-whirlwind-like-that died like a dead thing yesterday. MUHAHAHAHA.

What's up with you, shiny people?
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Err, WTF? Charming, that. Definitely keeping that IP if I should ever match it to something. Fuckwit.

Meanwhile, there's romance novel plagiarism wank at f_w and of course, we get a plagiarism case over at T&C. Feh. I mean, sometimes people get similar ideas and can accidentally write somewhat similarly. But word for word? Bad. Trying to escape word for word accusation by paraphrasing, but still pretty much copying someone's fic in your words without permission, credit or anything? Bad. It's really not that hard to grasp.

(Also, that romance author's title choices makes me want to stab my eyes with something sharp and savage.)

In other 'ugh' news, am I the only one to find 'Dr.Phil' a pompous blowhead? I haven't been watching the whole Britney mess too closely as the media handling of it right now seems just a tad repulsive, but I do somewhat share the opinion that the chick seems to need a bit of help. However, I still want to smack Phil inna face. Dude, a vulture is still a vulture even if he has a deep, 'understanding' voice and his own TV show.

And charmingly, Norway's being threatened, this because we've decided to expell Krekar. Of course, we haven't actually done it since 1) Iraq is a mess 2) We do not send extradite people if they risk being executed, even if they are criminals. My bet? He'll die of old age before we get there. I like him about as much as I like mildew on my feet, but I'd rather have him be an annoyance in Norway than facing torture and execution. But he could STFU harder. It keeps the itching down.

Of course, to make the day perfect, have to deal with most.annoying.guy.ever at work. He's applying for a patent, so kinda have to deal with him, but every time he calls, the whole office goes for cover. Today I've had to talk to him three times, yesterday two, Friday four times and ARGH ARGH ARGH GO AWAAAAAAAY. He always has to share his whole lifestory and can't seem to understand that actually, the world does not revolve around his potenital patent application. And he's quite nasty now and then, which several have complained about. Sigh.

Yeah, today's not the bestest of things. I has a headache.
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Dear Saudi Arabia,


Imagine: You're 19. You get raped. Gang-raped, even. 14 times. You're brave. You report the rape. You get sentenced to 90 lashes because at the time of the rape, you were hanging out with a man that wasn't related to you and this is a crime in Saudi Arabia. He also gets punished even though he was attacked as well. You find this a bit unfair. You appeal. Your appeals gets you 200 lashes and six months in jail and your lawyer gets his licence revoked for trying to draw attention to this just being a tad wrong?

FAIL, FAIL, FAIL AND WTF HOW CAN YOU MANAGE THIS MUCH FAIL WITHOUT FAIL IMPLODING. (P.S FAIL US GOVERNMENT TOO. You let Saudi Arabia get away with this shit because they're an "ally" in the war on terror? FAIL.)

Then I read some reactions from BBC readers and I present to you Mike from Sacramento, USA:

Clearly, in many criminal events there are no clear-cut victims and criminals, quite often both sides are guilty. Saudi law clearly criminalises unchaperoned one-on-one contact, as a public safety measure, designed to prevent the occurrence of exactly this kind of situation. Saudi Arabia must be congratulated for their low crime rate. Scurrilous attacks on the judiciary such as the one committed by the alleged victim are deserving of punishment.


Hi Mike. You're a fucking ass of FAIL. If there ever was a crimininal "event" with a clear-cut victim, rape is bloody well it, you ignorant idiot of a human failure. "Public safety measure"? I'm sorry, but since the majority of rapists are in fact men, why are women the ones punished? Following your "logic", you should start campaigning for men in leash. You know, public safety measure.


This case has so many fails I feel ill. The fucked-upness of Saudi Arabia's laws in the first place, the increased sentence, the fact that lashing exists as a punishment in this day and age, the lawyer getting smacked too, the looking the other way shown by several governments, the message this sends to sexual abuse victims, the message people like Mike support, the fact that this girl gets this on top of having to deal with being gang-raped and so does her friend (and believe me, getting over sexual assault or abuse is bloody fucking hard)... So much fail.

Fucking hell. We got so far to go still. So far. Blaming the victim is increasing the problem because fewer report, more rapists get away with it - and are free to do it again. You blame the victim, you are pretty much helping rapists.

Don't. They deserve your scorn. The victims don't.

(Oh, and in case you missed it, Saudi Arabia: RAGE. OH SO MUCH RAGE.)
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The Pakistani Tourism Minister resigned yesterday after hardline Islamic clerics accused her of obscenity for hugging her instructor after a charity parachute jump. Nilofer Bakhtiar was photographed in brightly coloured jumpsuit and hugging her instructor after a tandem jump to raise money for child victims of the earthquake that struck Pakistan in October 2005.


People wanna tell me we live in a world where we don't need feminism anymore? Bzzzt, wrong answer. Do not pass go and have your dice confiscated until you learn to get your head out of your rectum.

So Norway's foreign minister has set up a national forum charged with advising the Foreign Ministry on how Norway's profile overseas could be improved.

Oh, Norway. You so peculiar.

This article on our handling of oil wealth is interesting, though. Our oil fund is currectly the second largest of its kind in the world, apparently. We are really filthy stinking rich. But the idea that [a]t the rate it is growing, experts say, it will be worth between $800 billion and $900 billion in a decade - that is a scary, scary thought.

"Inevitably, Norwegians feel bad about having all this money," said Gro Nystuen, a human rights lawyer who chairs an ethics council that screens investments. "Our job is to make the Norwegian people feel less guilty."

Yeah, good luck with that. WTF are we going to do with all that money? Flail, flail.

Aww, giraffe rebound (possible) love. I also love that according to this, the female giraffe is best friends with a gnu, and the zoo is hoping all three will get along. Giraffe/giraffe/gnu OT3?

Notes from my life and fannish pursuits:
- I'm being punished for my playing WoW until late last night with headaches, bleary eyes and an unfortunate habit of yawning and blinking stupidly today. And I don't care. The raid downed four bosses, all but one in the first go (and the exception was on the second try - one player got too close to the boss and started the fight before we were ready, but on the second try we did awesome) and I finally got the epic crossbow. This pleases me an embarassingly great deal. I'll probably post screencaps. How sad.
- WoW boob wank. Impressive!
- I got my Silk Stalkings 5th season DVD in the mail the other day and wibbled. Probably most of you have never heard of that show, but it was my first fannish obsession and I was such a little OTP shipper of Rita and Chris. (I was in my teenage years, so I had many Interesting Notions about love and life, I have to say.) Then they did get together, but ended it with him killed and her knocked up, which might explain a bit of how I go about shipping these days.
- I've been writing Doctor/Rose shagging in lunch time at work. This makes me feel vaguely guilty. I write Sara/Grissom on the train to work, and Doctor/Martha on the train home. The way I'm going about this I might finish all three at about the same time. Interesting thought. And also I don't want either to feel abandoned, which is rather absurd. Weird brain, mine.
- I've never been a fan of Veronica Mars, but reading the Logan/Veronica thread over at TWoP is amusing me. We do get very... wankyInsistent about shipping, don't we? One of these days I will write up my grand theory on Why Shipping Is Like Football - European Kind, Bitch, yes.

What's up with you all?
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Dear (apparently) half of Norwegian males,


I've already said my piece on blame and rape here, but because it cannot be said enough times: IT IS NOT THE WOMAN'S FAULT SHE GOT RAPED. EVER. Write it in Caps Lock across your brains until it sinks in, dammit, because every time you think it or act like it, you're doing survivors of rape everywhere injustice and they don't deserve even more shit.

The sad part is that I don't think Norway is abnormal in this regard. And I don't think it's just males - hell, I know it's not just males. We need to seriously do something about attitutes to women's sexuality in general and rape in particulary. I've always believed that, but of course now it's taken on a more personal importance.

I award this MASSIVE FAIL.

Gah, I need cheering up. With this, lousy weather, the usual monthly fun of pain and fandom blah, I'm feeling like an Emo Viking with the horns pointing down. :(
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I want to steer my children towards the challenge of raising and providing for a large religious family. A profession is a means to an end -- the end being providing for the children. (...) There's no entitlement to happiness. If fulfilling responsibilities doesn't make one happy, that's unfortunate, but those responsibilities are still there. Passions are irrelevant.


I am reminded occasionally how amazingly different the world manages to be in every human's brain. Holy subjective perception, Batman! Passions can be as bad as good, but irrelevant? Um, yeah. Don't think I quite agree there. But speaking of subjective worlds...

Shockingly to decidedly no one, the US House of Reps doesn't seem all that keen on supporting Bush's Iraq ideas now that Democrats are in charge. But hey Bush, at least you aren't the King of Nepal.

While on the subject of the US - I got the book Why Paint Cats for Christmas, and while it's been a delightfully bizarre read, it also left lasting damage on my brain without as such being gross. Behold!

Holy walking flagcat, Batman! )

The day I paint my cat the Norwegian flag, you'll know it's time to give me to science, as I clearly got worms eating my brain. Anyone have something more disturbing to share that isn't actually gross?

Speaking of worms in the brain - I am writing on "Lines in Euclidean Space", the Grissom/Catherine Catherine/Warrick Grissom/Sara thing I sorta talked myself into doing. So anyone want to beta when the time comes? Patience is nice though, as I have to squeeze it in between work, WoW, sleep and birthday stuff next week.

Off to snooze so I can boost [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 tomorrow. Whee weekend.
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Eeeeeveryone's doing it, so...

Fill up my stocking? )

On that note, I shall send the last batch of Christmas cards on Friday. If you want one, point me to or e-mail me your address Thursday at the lastest. And thank you to all of those who've sent me cards so far :) All my Christmas gift shopping is done, so I feel moderately relaxed. Know at least one gift I'm getting - a trip to Italy this summer to meet [livejournal.com profile] falena84.

Meanwhile, my friend [livejournal.com profile] idreamedmusic is having a bit of a battle of wits with someone we shall (for the purposes of this) call Miss Public Consumption.


I think we've all learned a very important lesson in this - if you do in fact live in the city where a show is shot, your insults are morally superior to insults of those doesn't. Err. Something like that, anyway.

And rest assured, all involved in this are adults. In fact, Miss PC claims to be 53 in her profile.
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"If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside...and the cats come and eat it... whose fault is it, the cats' or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred."

Excuse me while I have a moment of RAGE. The cleric has apparently apologised and said it was taken out of context and he in no way condones rape, but it hasn't lessened my deep abiding hate of any statement even alluring to women bringing on the rape themselves.

And this is not a 'muslim issue' and any who tries to make it that deserves a good smacking with a fish. This is a human problem. I've seen it being the woman's fault - the woman asking for it - alluded to by men, women, lawyers, good Christians, Fred-Phelps-like batshit Christians, atheists, agnostics, media, people paying attention to the media and on and on. Usually a little more subtle than this case, but in no way less offensive.

No one asks to be raped. It is about the most degrading thing you can do to another human being and it's the fault of no one but the bloody arsehole committing the crime. SO STOP MAKING IT WORSE.

So endeth the rant.
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So the Museum of Natural History in Noway is now showing an exibit called "Against the Natural Order?". It's an exibit on homosexuality in the animal kingdom, showcasing it for a 'greater understanding', according to the museum itself. I'm really keen on going, actually. It's certainly the first of its kind in Norway and apparently the world, says the museum. (Yahoo picks up the story. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] nenya_kanadka. Didn't spot that one.)

It got state funds, which pissed off a wee pastor (non-state church) here, who suggested the funds instead be used to help the animals with this "pervertion or queerness". Please take a moment to enjoy the supreme stupidity of that suggestion. Yeah. That'll work real well. What the hell is he suggesting, sexual theraphy for ducks? And the bonobos, which are apparently wholly bisexual as a species, they'll probably need a lot of pills. Not to mention since homosexuality has been found in over 1500 species, we'll probably need to use the whole oil fund to make the animals straight!Then Fred Phelps will have to love us!

A far better use of such money would be making idiots less effing stupid, you ask me.

Is good to be reminded we got ways to go in Norway as well with tolerance and religious fucknuttery, though. Thanks pastor. The next time I find gay ducks cute, I'll think of you and find them cuter. Also, STFU. WTF moral judgement on a duck's sexlife? If two male ducks get happy shagging it up (like these two), I say quackarrific. (Yes, I know that was a horrid pun. Shut up.)

Meanwhile, the Nobel Peace Prize goes to... Another surprise choice.

Norwegian politicians are pleased.

In the HP tale of wank that never ends, an apology occurs. Maybe. Decide for yourselves. I'm sure this ain't the end of it, however.

Follow-up on the 'Say WHAT?' I think troll now.

CSI fandom is almost acting all sane of late (a trend, or a blip? We wonder, we do), but here's a few nuggets of amusement still.

Well I heard from a trustful source that William wanted GSR to happen and he helped made it happen. He done got sick in the head in that old age. Sorry , But he is not my hero anymore. He gone wacko! )


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