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This week has madly busy real life wise, and so will most of next one be too. Um, yay?

But this coming week is Eurosong week, my friends. That's right. Two nights of semi-finals, one Saturday of finals. WTF costumes! Hideous songs! European voting shenanigans! Snark! Mockery! Wind machine! And it is all happening here, in little Norway.

I will of course be covering a lot of this traditional European bonding session through bad music, as usual. Are you ready for Eurosong?

This past week meanwhile, Norway has managed to have a transgender debate in the media )

In this week's TV stuff:
- Watched FlashForward's first part of the finale. Am reserving judgement until next week for how it turns out, but Minor spoilers for the lastest episode )
- Have not watched Doctor Who because it is a two-parter and I'm not having more cliffhangers in my life. Evil things. I shall watch both parts next week.
- Watched Americans-with-Norwegian-ancestry try to ski on Svalbard in the reality show "Alt for Norge" and laughed like a loon. But it is kinda charming how much love they have for Norway, despite never having been before. It does make me want to write "Cam's Guide to Sucessful Relocation to Norway (With Special Notes for Americans)", though.
- Watched the season finale of CSI. I miss my old CSI. I like Ray's character, but man, I miss the old team dynamic a lot. I think I'd enjoy the show more if it was all new people, and not some of the old to remind me of classic CSI.
- Okay, I like the British Strictly Come Dancing, but not so much the host. I feel like I'm probably commiting some sort of UK no-no by admitting so, because he's probably some big beloved dude, right?
- BBC's list of bizarre endings for TV shows is a hoot. Kidnapped by aliens? It was all a snowglobe? Ahahaha.

And how are you all?
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So, two Norwegian girls have been sentenced to 13 years in jail for drug smuggling, while a Bolivian/Norwegian man got 20 years.

This story has gotten a lot of attention in Norway, also because a third girl was charged, but managed to flee Bolivia and came back to Norway. And because one girl had a two-year old child with her (Norwegian authorities came to take the child out of jail and to relatives in Norway) and another is now pregnant.

And I'm sorry, but my sympathy for them can only go so far. Okay, they are young and I feel bad for the children and families involved too. But they were caught with 22.4 kg of cocaine and that's a bloody serious crime. That's a lot of dangerous drugs. Now, I'm not opposed to them serving the time in Norway as such, but the time is theirs to serve. I sure hope the third girl is charged as well, because Norway is not a get out of jail free card.

/end rant

I am glad Congo overturned a death sentence for two Norwegians, but mostly because I am strongly opposed to the death penalty in all cases. The case was also rather absurd, with claims Norway had sent these two men to spy (!!) and other fun things. (That doesn't mean the guys didn't do the murder. They could very well had. The trial was just very absurd.)

Possibly unpopular TV opinions I hold - or possibly somewhat popular ones:

Some show specific, some general )

You may vehemently disagree or agree.
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Thoughts on various telly I have watched this week below.

Spoilers for Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour )

In conclusion: Yes. This could be very good.

Spoilers for FlashForward up to 'Better Angels' )

In conclusion: Give me good writing, more character devolpment and snogging.

Very old spoilers for Law & Order: UK )

In conclusion: Threesome?
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What would you like to see Doctor Who crossed over with in a fanfic? (So far I got WoW, Star Trek and FlashForward - BSG I've done before, but might include it anyway.)

Meanwhile, sending a show's creator fanfic from the show is still a bad idea, and probably unlikely to wind him over to your ships as well.

I see familiar faces, too. And Big Bang Theory is just starting season three here in Norway, so the timing amused me.

Speaking of new on telly, a show that is starting soon here in Norway has me vaguely excited - 'All for Norway' (the official Royal motto, actually) a show where Norwegian-Americans visit Norway for the first time and compete to be the 'most Norwegian'. The potential for light mocking of both Norwegian and American cultural difference is good, especially since they're being subjected to the less-than-urban Norway as well. I shall keep you posted if anything particulary amusing occurs.

In other news:

CERN's Large Hadron Collider sucessfully produced record-breaking high-energy particle collisions, and the world didn't end or have a flashforward due it. Rocking!

Ricky Martin announces he's gay, very few are particulary suprised. Still, good for him for coming out.

Several teens charged after a 15-year-old commits suicide. Apparently they'd been bullying her for months - though I wonder what the statutory rape charges are about. Either way, nasty story.

And now for something completely different, here's Hugh Jackman dancing in an ice tea commercial.
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Managing a new low, some vandals have destroyed the Gingerbread City in Bergen. Over 600 gingerbread houses, decorated by kids yesterday with the city to be put together this week. See, it's a non-profit activity aimed at children and children with developmental disabilities. It's been running for several years. People love it.

Pictures from previous years. You can see some of the destruction here.

That's just so utterly low I have no words. But people are pitching in to rebuild it, so I hope they manage.

Meanwhile, Hollywood, I have two pleas:

1) Please, please, please let British actors you cast either keep their accent (it won't bite, I promise!) or give them a dialect coach or something. Because listening to British actors not quite managing to sound American pains me and listening to them in their original accent would just please me. Rawr.

2) Please, please, please get American actors who are trying to do non-American accents some tutoring OR just have them do it all American and count on some suspension of disbelief. Because this half-half is bloody annoying. Also, throwing "ja?" at the end of a sentence does not make you German-sounding. Really. And The Swedish Chef is not a guide to Scandinavian accents. Really. And no, playing it like a stereotype that walked out of a tourist guide written by someone who has never visited the country does not make up for the actor utterly butchering the language.

... Yeah, I shouldn't get into that rant or I'll be here all day.

Meanwhile, they've cast Heimdall in the upcoming Thor movie and oh my. Granted, the comic it's based on isn't exactly staying true to Nordic mythology to begin with, and I guess this kinda reinforces it. Because the Viking gods are generally depicted to be pale in colour, mostly because the Vikings were and we all tend to envision things based on our perspective, you know? The Vikings were no expcetion. So I did blink a bit initially, I must admit. (There's even a Black Viking trope, as I learned.)

But I found myself really warming to the idea and you know why? Because neo-Nazis are going to have a fit. They've always tried to hijack Nordic mythology for their own racist, hateful agenda - just as the Nazis themselves did. To say this displeases me is putting it mildly. That's my cultural inheritance they're twisting and getting associated with their shit.

So I shall sit right back and laugh and laugh and laugh and hey, the dude isn't bad looking either. Win-win!
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Anyone willing to make a few icons for me from bases I've cropped? I am rubbish and have no photoshop. I offer gratitude and return favours/bribes.

I give you stupid shit on a Monday:

- Did you know white are facing racism and being discriminated against in Hollywood? That Heroes' writer sure seems to think so. Poor, poor him, never given any advantage. Except all the ones he has from birth, of course.

Oh yeah, my heart bleed for him. Won't someone think of the poor white males?

(Hey, I think of white males - if they're hot enough! Actually, that kind of goes for all males. Mmm, hot males of all kinds.)

- "No but I don't see the big deal. What is so horrible about it? Think about it. It's just sex you didn't agree to," says (hopefully) a troll or an utter, utter ass about rape. Yeah.

I mean, what's so bad about murder? It's just death you didn't agree to!

- A guild on my server is accused of ninjaing and shitty behaviour in PUGs. Some members take exceptions. 27 pages of wankiness ensue.

World of Warcraft is serious business, if you didn't know.

In better news:

- Book overdue by 50 years returned to library - with a 1000 dollar check to cover late fee..

- Sweden returns skulls to Hawaii to be reburied.

- Australian sniffer dog missing in action for eight months in Afghanistan is found in good health.

- A Zambian journalist has been acquitted of pornography charges after sending officials pictures of a woman giving birth in a hospital car park,

Off to kill some Yogg-Saron!
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I think I might be getting attached to Castle and FlashForward. Hum. Castle for the wit and snark and awesome female character and FlashForward for the premise and the Jack Davenport and John Cho (and maybe Jospeh Fiennes and Alex Kingston and others).

Things are always most shiny when new, right? I need new shinies. Haven't felt the urge to write something in ages. I should finish my BSG AU-Daybreak thing and the Star Trek-Doctor Who crossover, but a really strong urge is just not there.


But hey, new Doctor Who to watch - maybe that'll spark something. Hmm, I wonder how FlashForward would work with Doctor Who?

So what would you do if you lived in Nazi Germany, you knew the neighbours were hiding Jews, you knew bad things were happening to Jews and Gestapo or SS men came asking you if you knew of any hidden Jews?

Apparently telling the truth and giving up the Jews is the Christian thing to do. At least according to one Christian fellow.

Personally, I'd lie my ass off, but maybe that means I'm a bad, bad person and a tool of Satan. For lying and potentially saving lives. Or something. Who else would be a bad lying person here?

In other news, I am never eating kebabs in Russia.

In real life news, working with nine-year-olds is tiring, wonderful and quite educational. I like.

Finally, still taking addresses for Christmas, if you want a card or are doing gift exchange with me. Mine can be found via here.

Man, time flies.

And what's up with you?
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Why am I suddenly filled with random urge to write Dean/Castiel despite 1) never having been much of a Supernatural fan 2) never been that into slash 3) being vaguely scared of the fandom and 4) having enough other stuff to write if I want?

I don't know. Maybe it's the angel/other than human angle, which I do have a certain liking for. Or maybe I've lost my mind finally. Judging by fandom having wanks like this, I probably have.

Speaking of fannish things - would anyone like to do a fannish gift exchange for Christmas rather than a more traditional one this year? I'm pondering what to do this year - like to plan well in advance since the first half of December will be half mad for me.

The world's longest running soap ends. Aww. Aww, vaguely fond memories of liking Days of Our Lives and Sunset Beach back in the day. Poor soaps, ever since everyone else nicked aspects of how they did things they've been struggling. And not been quite able to renew themselves. I suspect they are a bit of a dying breed, though their legacy lives on in most other shows out there.

And hell, their influence will certainly live on in fanfic. Hoo yes.

Meanwhile, this scathing review of a romance novel reminds me of something I utterly, utterly hate in fanfic or any medium at all, really:

Sex as punishment.

No, I am not talking about two people being mad at each other and then falling into bed together - that's more channeling one very strong emtion (anger) into another (lust) and yeah, well, that can even be hot. Or even using sex to as a way recover some intimacy after a fight or having been hurt. Hop to, bunnies, I'll read that.

I'm talking about using sex as the way of hurting someone, usually the woman. And then she likes it anyway because it's twuwub and I make insistent barfing noises. It plays right into that old way of using sex against women - you know, all the slut, whore and similar words that come out so often to play. And it's so close to rape - where sex is the means of hurt and control over someone - I can't not feel sick.

It's not okay to use sex as a way of punishment. It's even less okay when it's written and treated as okay and fine and dandy. And if it's written as a kink - well, at least the writer then tends to be aware of it. It's written unaware and not seeing what's so iffy about it that really gets me going.

Quick, someone link me to hot sex that doesn't do that shit.


WEEKEND! Have a good one, yarr.
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So I've been a bit absent because the flu really slammed me down and blergh, really. If I missed something - and I must have - am sorry. It's also pouring down. And when I say pouring down, I mean it. Serious rain, slamming down. Blergh.

Thing about being sick is of course how much bad television one gets to watch - at least I do, as my brain is having a screensaver on and anything more challenging would just not work.

Conclusions I've come to watching TV while having the flu )

Meanwhile, the police are on the hunt for a New Zealand couple that mistakeningly got about 6 million US dollars credited to their account and then vanished.

Huh. That is indeed a lot of money, but worth a life on the run? I guess they think so.

And how are you all?
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Right. So, I've fallen a bit in love with the Inspector Lynley Mysteries, both in book and show. Am buying the books, but have run into issues with getting the show. There are five and a half series made, but sadly the five first series appears only to be out in region one. Yay Amazon. Fair enough, I got multizone player, I can deal. Then Amazon warns me that apparemtly some International customers have troubles with region 1 playing on multizone players. Anyone know anything about this? I don't want to blow 161 USD on something I can't watch. My multizone player has played other region 1 DVDs fine, so I'm wondering if it's an issue with new coding or what. (BBC could of course solve my worries by releasing the series in the UK since they bloody made it, but nooooo, they're still on season two release. I not patient.)

And now for the scandal that has engulfed Norway this week, and made me severely uncomfortable.

An English entry on it is here, but it doesn't really sum it up too well. I'll give it a shot.

A dumb lie, worries of racism and the fate of Norway's first non-white minister )

So. Norway will get a new minister, the Progress Party gets to rake the governing parties, Osmundsen is left overwhelmingly distrusted and I can't get rid of the nagging uncomfortability of it all.

It's a headache week all around.

A kind Australian, please help me! )

Now I need to put together a new lamp that is my first birthday present (it's next week) - sadly, the gifter didn't include helping me on that point.
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This story made me laugh way too much

"But it was difficult finding somewhere to put my CS spray. There was nowhere for the handcuffs, but then Batman does not need handcuffs."
PC Eames said: "The bad thing about the operation is that we had to endure hours of terrible puns from PC Holman."


Nine, Rose and Jack as My Little Ponies.

There's dumb - and there's Caps Lock dumb.

So, been watching way too much Grey's Anatomy the last few days, after I got season two on DVD from [livejournal.com profile] falena84. I got the first season soundtrack too, but I've decided I need to get myself Grey's Anatomy season two soundtrack as well. Was one song on the show I really got taken with - so I went to look it up and turned out it was "Grace Master" by Kate Havnevik. And damned if she isn't Norwegian and has been singing with Røyksopp, one of my favourite bands. I so don't pay attention. Lose for me.

I need to get myself that song, yes.

Conclusions formed while watching season two of Grey's Anatomy:

Shag away, elevator bunnies & other thoughts - spoilers for season two, obviously )

In short, me likes. In a crack-filled, eyecandy-crowded way. Yes.

Meanwhile, in CSI fandom...

PS: they both like it better when Sara is on top! )
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Bush talks about hostages in Iraq

And sure enough, the Norwegian went for – I don't know what the numbers are – but they made a nice little living, because there was no – no push-back. There was no kind of structure. And so these weren't necessarily political people. These were people that just found a pretty good niche for a while. Made a couple of million dollars, nobody got hurt. And fortunately, our Delta teams found the guy, and got him out of there. But it was just an interesting story.

Err. What? There are no Norwegian hostages in Iraq. There were no Norwegian hostages in Iraq. What the fuck are you on about? Did you confuse us with someone else?

I should feel insulted. We always get confused with others. Woe!

A tale of moo and pedophiles.

TV channel CW wants suggestions - Am vaguely amused that shippers seem about too, sugesting who should hook up. Lots Supernatural love about, I see. And hate for 7th Heaven, before the defenders marsh in. I must admit I raised an eyebrow at this:

We love how the show reminds us that God has the answers. All you have to do is trust in God and everything will work out. I'm sorry that Not a 7th Heaven fan can't see how great this show is; you must be missing out.

and this:

I said to promo Supernatural but I disagree with canning 7th heaven. I grew up on that show, it has taught me a lot. I am not ready to give that up. I think its a wonderful family based show and deals with real life situations. PLEASE DONT CAN 7TH HEAVEN!

... I don't think I want to know what you learn growing up on 7th Heaven. I watched the show sometimes in Norway and tended to blink a lot.

So, in the US you're all merrily watching new shows that'll make it to Norway dreadfully slow. Plenty of time for you Americans on my flist to tell me one show I must not miss and one show I have to avoid to save my brain, and why.
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Random thought before I go to bed:

Wouldn't Dr. House and Dr. Bailey have the most awesome combined DNAs ever? I'm half inclined to ship them, even.

Weird dream of the week:

Brother and I are on the run from Gestapo during WW2. Brother has affair with hot, hot German officer who helps us escape. (!) Is saved by mother in trusty car by driving through graveyard.


Serious overdose of WW2 books. Have also been corrupted by slash. Am very generous in giving hot loveinstrests for brother rather than claiming for myself. Really.

Meanwhile, people wank over Labradoodles.

Zzzz sleepsies zzzz

ETA: Faked!death wank in CSI fandom a-stirs? (Got link from a friend.)

This could get interesting.
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Cripes. First Steve Irwin gets killed by a stingray while doing a bit for TV, now Top Gear's Richard Hammond is seriously injured in a crash while recording for the show.

First ACK NO. I love Top Gear and I don't even much care about cars and now I feel all sad. Secondly, am I the only one wondering if we're seeing the start of a trend here? 'Obejcts of TV shows strike back'? What's next?

Poor family, though. I hope he recovers.

In other extremely non-important news, I watched House last night and think I do like. Not instant love, but entertaining enough that I'll keep watching. And not ship anyone. Nope.

Blah blah work.
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Happy Wednesday to all.

I've realised I don't much like Wednesday. It's sort of the day before you can start look forward to the weekend. Damn tease of a day, quite frankly.

So after I got a tip last night that David Tennant was in He Knew He Was Right which is airing on our little NRK, I managed to catch it last night. It was episode five of six, sadly, but I got a sampling, anyway. David's character is quite sleazy and is engaged to a character called Camilla. You can imagine that amused me.

I still think I prefer his character in Blackpool and Doctor Who. Mmmm-mmm.

Speaking of which - a few of you have been around other fandoms like me. Am I the only one who sometimes get visions of horror as I see someone I recognise from another fandom in not such a good way start getting into a fandom I really love?

Because I'm having those, oh yeah. Why must I be haunted? Woe. I can almost taste coming doom.

A modified meme, for the willing.
You have your choice of any celebrity (living or dead) or fictional character, so fill out for yourself AND me, the following:

Who is your best friend?
Who is your mother?
Who is your father?
Who is your older sibling?
Who is your younger sibling?
Who is your prom date?
Who do you have a no-strings-attached one-night stand with?
Who do you date for a year or two?
Who do you marry?
Who is your boss?
Who is/are your next door neighbor(s)?
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Australia goes football mad

Note for anon poster on my LJ - copy and pasting from a flocked entry is not cool at all, okay? Even if it is about me and you "thought I should know". It's cowardly, it's shit-stirring, and since it's flocked, I have no way of knowing if you just made shit up, anyway. I've deleted your comment to avoid shit and made note of your IP and if I find a match, you better believe we'll Have Words.

Okay, that out of the way... [livejournal.com profile] marry_a_ljuser? Hum. Ah well, we all need out silly fun, I suppose. (And I am a bit curious who would marry me, heh.)

Have signed up for the Tenth Doctor ficathon, meanwhile, even if the more football I watch, the more I want to write a fic with the Doctor in the World Cup. Oh dear.

Also watched The Quatermass Experiment on DVD last night, and listened to the commentary as well. David Tennant is adorable - this was around the time he first got the part of the Doctor, so he was mentioning it a bit. Aw. Someone fulfilling a childhood dream is so adorable to watch. Then I spent too much time celebrating Australia and discussing infinity and numbers with my brother and went to bed with a headache. Smart move the day before I have work-related interviews, yo. (But it went well. I got some new work assignments coming up.)

And in today's wee notes from CSI fandom... )


May. 15th, 2006 04:08 pm
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BBC manages to get the wrong guy on air

[The guy who was meant to be on] added that it was especially surprising because the man, who spoke with a French accent, looked nothing like him. “I’m not black. I’m not-black on a startling scale; I’m fair-haired, blue-eyed,prominent-nosed, and with the sort of pale skin that makes my dermatologist wince each time I complain about an itchy mole.”

BWHAHAHA. You can read more about it, and see the priceless clip, here.

GOLD. Never say the BBC ain't colourblind, eh?

I'd opine on Rise of the Cybermen here, but given that it is the first part of a two-parter and did feel like a set-up, I shan't yet. I'll just note that David Tennant looks hot in a tux. Yes. BBC YOU CRUEL BASTARDS GIVE US THE NEXT PART

Blah work blah life blah where the hell is the slots for the DVD plugs new TV blah

In other news:
Israeli court upholds spouse ban (What the hell? Charming, Israel. Real charming.)
Red Ceoss criticises the US on 'secret detainees'
Row over art adds to French PM woes
Norway gears up for Eurovision
al-Qaida video threatens Norway
Racist trouble over 'Miss Viking'
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Measures of Time, my current Doctor Who WIP, has part one up at Time and Chips, Whofic and ff.net.

One of the few fellow Norwegians on my flist, [livejournal.com profile] magika83 managed to meet John Barrowman last week, apparently. All of you who lust him may now groan in envy. And she hasn't even seen Doctor Who. I soon set about rectifying that, oh yes. The world is so unfair, innit?

I was watching Discovery this weekend and it had an "Extreme Engineering" program on the dikes of the Netherlands. The Netherlands, in case you were unaware, has a lot a lot of land under sea level and it's sinking. And I found it interesting (you'd be amazed what I find interesting), so I was watching and they were explaining how the various dikes worked and then they talked about how the weather in Northern Europe has been getting worse with more storms, and so on. So how would the Netherlands defend itself if it got hurricane-like-storms hurled at it?

To answer, the program looked to New Orleans and I nearly choked on my ice tea. Course, this program was made in 2003 or 2004, before Katrina. And there they were, talking about what would happen if a category five hurricane hit New Orleans, showing it in little computer simulations, and of course, it's exactly what bloody well did happen this year.

Which lead me to the conclusion that Bush and ilk could do with some serious Discovery watching.

Granted, being fond of Discovery channel (overshadowed only by my love of the BBC) I am slightly biased and all, but if Discovery channel managed to predict what would happen, you'd think maybe a few others would too and, I don't know, *plan slightly better*.

I'm only 25 and I'm already turning into a ranting old woman, sheesh.

Meme for the bored:
Comment with the lastest you did a copy&paste of.

(Me - summary for fic: Another wound of the time war, another fall, just as when Gallifrey burned and she became the last of her kind in the Universe. Just as he did. She alone but for him, and he alone but for Rose. He repaired her then. He'll repair her now. She saved him then. She'll save him now, save them both. She loves. [Nine/Rose(/the TARDIS)])
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A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:Experiencing extreme, severe, or frequently-changing weather.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

So you're cleaning all the pollen off your TV screen and a genie pops out. In return for freeing her, she offers to grant you 5 changes to any TV show(s) you wish. With only 5 wishes, what do you wish for?

Dear oh dear.

1. Grissom and Sara slowly and steadily rebuild friendship and trust and Grissom actually shares some. There still be angst, but eventually, Grissom does make a move and they actually get somewhere.
2. Warrick and Catherine hook up and have much hot sex and Cath relaxes and gets less drama and less attitude.
Water Rats
3. Mick does not knock and Frank and Rachel does indeed get that one night together.
Babylon 5
4. Ivanova stays for season five.
Star Trek: Voyager
5. Janeway and Chakotay does finally get together in the end

I should update with my views on the Pope - but you're all pretty sick of that whole discussion anyway, right? So instead, a meme:

Through a freak accident, the Vatican is suddenly mine and I shall elect a new Pope by my lonesome. So why should I elect you and what would be your Pope name? (Women can apply.)
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Spent yesterday working with the Save the Children, where I'm on the board of the student association. Got home exhausted, but happily found my After the Deluge DVD had arrived. After the Deluge was an Aussie mini series I saw while there and fell in love with. It starred David Wenham, Hugo Weaving and Catherine McClemets, among others. And so I made some screencaps.Under the LJ-cut you will find a small selection.

Pics O'Hoy )

Amazing what a bit of shallowness can do to cheer up an otherwise tiresome day, yes. (But why does this LJ not have a shallow mood? Hmpf.)


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