Date: 2006-06-21 09:18 am (UTC)
Doesn't everyone want to be a BNF at some point.

But once I read this BNF story that everyone was all over, and it was terrible. It was just bad. I can't tell you how truly terrible I found this story. The jokes were easy, the setups were lame, the scenario was improbable (and not even funny improbable), and the writing crossed the mediocrity line to just plain...bad. I mean it was NOT good writing, and it was really not good comedy. It was one of those things that you might write to amuse a friend of yours, or to amuse yourself, which I can appreciate. But she posted it and everyone just went WILD over it, this friend of mine who showed it to me included.

It struck me that day, and it stuck with me, that fandom is mostly just dumb. It's really dumb. Let all this wank be testimony to the fact that fame in this verse is not due to talent, but popularity. I think we always knew that, but it was always a which came first, the chicken or the egg sort of question. But it seems clear that at least in this story, it was the popularity that came before the talent.

I would like to say this should be a nice way for everyone who is not a BNF to still hope for success, but alas, the real world seems to work in the same way.

Anyway, just thoughts.
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