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You know what really, really bugs me of late, fanfic-wise?

A certain kind of dubcon and noncon that isn't at all labelled as such and the author doesn't even seem to be aware she/he is writing it, that's what.

Now, for various obvious reasons if you know, noncon and dubcon is just not going to appeal to me at all. But I know some authors who write it and are aware of what they're writing and it's a kink of theirs and - well, it will always squick me but domination fantasies are not that uncommon and hey, as long as it's labelled I can avoid it.

(So if you labelled your fic either of those in advance, I am not talking about you. Kay?)

But reading fanfic for a long time, I often come across fics - often with the adjective of "possessive" attached to the guy - where one of the pairing is very dominating and essentially forces the other to have sex. Heck, I've even read fics where the point is made even more painful by the sex actually being painful to the other, sometimes extremely so. (I don't refer here to the chick maybe getting a few bruises because they bumped into furniture or that sort of thing. It's more a level above rough sex and close to violence I had in mind.) It's not labelled as anything but smut, and is often sold as hot and yay and nothing disturning about how passive one partner is at all and hai, author, you've written dubious consent at best and rape at worst.

Granted, society feeds us a whole lot of shitty attitudes about women and sex and being passive and we're not always aware of how they lurk in our minds, but argh argh ARGH. Reading a fic that is essential rape without the author acknownledging it and seeming to find it the height of sexy just really, really disturbs me. Even more so when people comment on how hot and sexy it is and seems equally unaware. (And don't give me any 'oh but she discovered afterwards she really wanted it' bladida. Consent is giving before and not after for a damn good reason, and also, that treads dangerously close to 'but she really wanted it really' rape apology bullshit.) I've read things that literally make me want to throw up in Doctor Who fandom, BSG fandom, CSI fandom (some more than others) and... I don't know. Am I alone in spotting these and finding them disturbing?

This was your Friday evening rant.
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Bad way to start a morning:

Having to skim gratutious rapefic because of modly issues. ARGH WHY. I seriously had to take five minutes not to throw up. I realise I am extra prone to react (duh), but I see others had issues as well, so I give you A Rant.

If you're going to do a rapefic, here's a few tips to avoid making it gratuitous bullshit, okay?

Some frank language and when to hit yourself with a frying pan ten times )

In summary:
Words have power. So watch how you write rape, okay?

I'm so not glad we had to have this chat.

Now I'm going to eat lunch and forget I wrote this.
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So, in mah poll I did recently, one of you answered what you want me to do a post on "your evolution as a writer". Since no time is like the present to mock teenage!me and possibly get my writing juices flowing, I present:

How Cam Learned Betas Are Good (or Young!Cam, Knock That Off!)

With examples past and present and some peeks at stuff I am writing at the moment. By fandom.

X-Files )

Star Trek: Voyager )

Water Rats )

Lord of the Rings )


Doctor Who )

And now... A peek at stuff being written at the moment for Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and CSI )

In summary, I think: I was a bubbly, overconfident, silly teenager with illusions of love. I grew up. So did my writing? Along the way, I found a style I liked to write in, and I still do.

To finish this blah, blah, my writing post, a meme I stole from [livejournal.com profile] lizbee:
Quote a bit of my writing at me? Find that one story of mine that you really like, and find a sentence or a paragraph that presses your prose-buttons in the right way, and comment here with it, no matter how long or short.

(My masterlist of fics written while on LJ.)
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Have I found the worst CSI fic? If not, it's a strong contender. Oh yes.

Found via here, but sadly, you can't read unless you're a member. So I give a few excerpts and let you judge for yourself.

A few choice bits )

Spelling, plot, characterisation... Oh dear oh dear oh dear. And the "to be continued" promises so, so well, doesn't it?

And because I subjected you all to such evil badfic, I offer a preview of my own to hopefully ease the burn.

Mirror Dancing, act one sneak peek )

Also, icon love. Mmm-mmm. [livejournal.com profile] dragonlp86's work, of course.
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Oi! Doctor Who Fanfic Writers! A moment of your time, please.

(Not all of this will apply to all of you and indeed, some of you may be utterly brilliant and not bugger up on any of these issues and if so, I probably kiss your feet and leave nice reviews for your stories. If I don't, remind me I should.)

Spoilers for the 2005 series. Rather fandom specific, but a lot applies to fanfic in general. Loooong rant.

"Oh Doctor-widdlums, I love you!" "I love you too, Rose of my hearts!" "Let's get married while doves coo overhead and the clouds make out a giant heart!" (and other things that makes Cam barf) )

Whoops. That went on for a bit. Ah well.
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"The president stressed we are not tents people."

So, let's sum up - the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, starts operation "Drive Out Rubbish", wherein his government demolishes houses in the slum and dump people out in the villages to fend for themselves. Hundreds of thousands of people become homeless. The UN, a bit preoccupied with aid effort after the tsunami and the major earthquake, do offer to supply tents for the homeless. The Zimbabwe reply?

"The president stressed we are not tents people," said Mr Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba, arguing that other countries were getting more help.
"Tents just don't auger well with our culture... If the UN does not have enough money for permanent shelter let the little they have be used to augment what the government already has."

Well, gee, if they aren't tents people, maybe you should have thought about that before you bloody well destroyed their homes, you fucking idiot! Basically, the UN should rebuild what you tore down, huh Mugabe? Oh, I'm sure they'll just be ever so happy to, it's not like they have enough to do feeding the people you've made starve and suffer through misguided economic policy and more plain idiocy. Mugabe, you repulse me. You probably have a tent for a brain, given how much draft there's in there. Also, you're a Git.

Aaaaaargh. Idiots give me a headache.

Also, this fic is idiotic.

"Alright then, Rose Tyler, where do you want to go to?" smiled The Doctor.
"Oh, you just think your the best don't you!" smiled ninteen year old Rose Tyler.
"I am the best!" commented the Doctor, sulking.
"You wish!!" she replied. "The Titanic." she answered suddenly. "I want to see the royal Titanic."
The Doctor looked uncertain, however.
"Ok, we'll land the police box on land, and board the ship of dreams!!" he said, beaming away again.

Because what you really want to do when you board a ship that will famously sink (or, as the author called it, "hit the iceburg") is leave your time machine on land, oh yes. That's real smart.

God, the idiocy, it burnssssss everywhere. (Yes, I feel vaguely cranky now, how kind of you to notice.)
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The 75 Worst Lines in the Caribbean.

Contains such gems as:

Mr. Gibbs began to sod uncontrollably.

"There is so much mystery berried within you."

He gave her an evil grin, then picked her up and went to the back of the cave, where he rapped her!

I'm thinking of doing something similar for some of my fandoms now. I already have a contender for a bad title place - "Your running through my viens", another thrilling tale of Grissom and Sara and their out-of-character adventures, yay! You spotted any amusing misspellings or grammatic hiccups from fanfics in CSI, LotR, HP or Doctor Who fandom? Do share!

One of my eternal loves - Long Table Elrond:
When we got to the Long Table Elrond, Galadriel and the rest of the table stood up to welcome me, a new Elf, into their midst. "Lady Beth" Galadriel said as she pulled me into an embrace "it is so good to see you up"

Chris droolage for this lovely Saturday (slight spoiler for Parting of the Ways, if you haven't seen it) )
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Dear fanfic author,

So, you don't like Sara Sidle/Boromir/Ron Weasley/Denethor/Catherine Willows/Gimli/Tonks/Arwen/Sofia/Mick*/Insert Name Here and think she/he is AntiChrist-y**/evil/stupid/evil and abusing/slutty/ugly/whiny/useless/Man Lurch/kissus interruptus/Insert Evil Here? Gee, I couldn't tell that from reading your fanfics at all. But here's a thought - how you feel about the character isn't always how the other fictional characters in the world you're writing feels. (Shock, horror!, I know.) In fact, it's kind of an important difference. And if you want to write fanfic and not just vessels for your dislikes that have utterly no connection to Canon, stick to how the characters feel about each other.

Thank ye kindly.

And if I see one more appaling bashing fic from you, I'm sending my pet Dalek. EX-TERM-INATE!


* Mick from Water Rats, included just for [livejournal.com profile] lotus79's reading pleasure

** Yes, according to some, Sara Sidle is apparently the Anti-Christ. I think Adam would have a few things to say about that (and those who get that reference are cool. And also a little nerdy).
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Please tell me this is a joke

These days, people post fanfic without being able to spell the main characters' names right, without being able (or not bothering) to capitalize names, without knowing quotation rules, without knowing the differences between your/you're, without spell checking, without commas... Granted, I am a fanfic snob in many ways, but I'd think this was the very minimum of what a reader has a right to demand. It's after all a fanfic, not a clever English guessing game of "Guess which word this is meant to be!", "Guess who is actually speaking this line!" and the ever-popular "Guess who the bloody hell this person is! Spelling no clue!"

And that's just the basics - then we get into characterisation, which can be a sad, sad state of affairs in a lot of fandoms.

I want good fanfic to read. Wah.

Oh, and...

Cybernetic Artificial Machine Intended for Learning and Logical Assassination
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Cam is a busy writing bee. Yes, she is.

Got a new story called Valhalla's Call here (CSI Forensics) and here (ff.net). Some GSR and CWR implied and I hereby warn all it has Canon character deaths. One-shot.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon has a new chapter here (ff.net) and here. Catherine POV.

I sense major GAFF blow-up, I do. *sniffs air* Maybe that's why I dreamt that Voyager blew up (of the Star Trek series) and Janeway and Chakotay was getting away by carjacking a la Grand Theft Auto. Or maybe I'm just odd.

Funny, haven't really thought about my old, old fandom in a while. Sure was a fandom that taught me some lessons about the wankier side of fandom life, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, for your reading enjoyment, courtesy of GAFF, take a peek at a Sue/Orlando Bloom story you don't wanna miss.

On The Other Side of the Curtain

"You have got to be kidding me Orlando!" She laughed throwing her hands in the air. "Do you honestly believe those Bible reading contests were for nothing? Look at yourself in the mirror, do you think a hot guy like you came from a dirty, flee-infested ape?"

Conversion by Fanfic. Hoo boy.
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East of the Sun, West of the Moon has Chapter Thirteen up here (CSI Forensics) and here (ff.net) *bats eyelashes for reviews*

Speaking of reviews... Reading reviews for CSI fics can be damaging to one's mental health. Gak at some examples Miss Cam have found.

NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS & Other Amusements )

Got any I missed?

*shakes head* Sometimes, I do wonder about your average reviewer, I do...
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Cam reaches 500 Posts on GAFF and Takes on CSI Badfic Starring Sexman and WonderVagina

I'm not the most prolific of GAFF posters, but I am there, gagging at the badfic with the rest. It's nice to have as a counterweight to some of the other places I sometimes wander. Speaking of other places I wander...

If I finally snap and off The Poster Who Shall Not Be Named at YTDAW, will anyone supply with an alibi? (And if you're bored, tell me what the alibi would be.)

Kingdom of Heaven reopens old Crusades controversy - Interesting article on the different perspectives on the Crusades as well as the historical context. Of course, most who see the movie will probably be too busy ogling Orlando Bloom. Maybe even me. I have no shame.

I shall be watching the house for le parents starting tomorrow and over the weekend, so don't fret if you don't see me on any IM. I'll check mail and LJ and all, so you can still reach me if need be. Don't miss me too much ;)
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East of the Sun, West of the Moon has Chapter Ten up, and there be C/W naughtiness. (You can also find it here)

You realise just how much stories can live their own life when you have carefully planned just how Grissom is going to be an ass - and instead, he actually acts somewhat considerate and ends up taking a risk. Grissom, why are you being so nice in my mind? Stop it! (This is a future chapter - I just finished ch. 16. Go fast-writing me.)

Also, I had an evil W/S C/W G/S plotbunny of doom last night just as I was going to sleep. I even have parts written down. I'm a bad girl.

I'm also carefully preparing for my 500th post on GAFF with a truly hideous G/S story that I've tortured some of my friends with. But all this leads me to today's topic of minor rant - sex and CSIfic. Not always a match made in heaven.

Now, you're young, you want to write sex - and you don't yet have that much experience yourself. That's fine. I'm not asking you to go out and get laid in the name of smutfic research (unless you want to). But if you want to write Grissom and Sara happily at it on Grissom's desk, or Catherine and Warrick playing naughty bunnies in the lockerroom, *know what you write*. And by 'know', I don't mean read romance novels. A few facts of sexlife:

1) Simultaneous orgasms are not the norm. They are rare.
2) A body of seventeen is not the same as a body of fifty nor is the sexual stamina. Grissom does not have the power of the Energizer Bunny.
3) Sex isn't always the greatest thing you've ever had. Sometimes, it can be meh.
4) Sex does not heal any of the following: Rape, torture, abuse, hunger, wars, broken bones or amnesia. It can be a comfort, yes, but if it healed, the world's population would be a heck of lot more healthy in all ways.
5) The penis is a nifty thing, yes, but the mere sight of it or thrust of it will not make a woman orgasm at the spot. Know thine clitoris.
6) Sex isn't the only way a couple bonds.
7) People in their thirties and fourties have as a rule had sex quite a few times. They are not going to start acting like teenage virgins all of a sudden.
8) It takes a couple a little while to sort out the terrain and get to know just what the other partner likes. No one instantly knows every thing another human being gets off on. Not even Grissom.

I could probably think of a few more, but I'm lazy.

Today's meme:
Invent-a-meme! Comment and give me a meme to do of your invention. I will answer in the comments.
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It's kinda depressing to read a whole fanfic of 20000+ words with 'Gil Grissolm' and 'Warwich Brown'. (We're not just talking one typo here - whole fic's full of them) Who the heck doesn't check spelling of the main characters they write about? The OOCness, horrid grammar and your/you're mistakes kinda pale in comparison.

Spent yesterday with the parents, who are having a wine cellar made - real fancy one, too. Sadly, the combination of me being up late thus wanting to sleep in a bit and workers coming early to carve out a window in a brick wall is not a match made in heaven. Drrrr. Long pause, Cam trying to get asleep aagin. Drrr. Drrr. Drr. Cam decided to get up. Silence. Cam dares to try to sleep again. Drrr. Drrr. Not the best sleep I've had, no.

This wank and these announced changes at Skyehawke have had me hmmhmming. Apparently, it's Australian law that's at issue here.

Australian law, under which skyehawke operates, defines child pornography as
"a film, photograph, publication or computer game that describes or depicts a person who is, or who looks like, a minor under 16 engaging in sexual activity or depicted in an indecent manner or context" (Crimes Act, 67A) This is further clarified in Victorian state law as "under this law, 'publications' also include stories, poems, essays, drawings and cartoons".

It tied in interestingly with a discussion I had with [livejournal.com profile] maureenlycaon the other day about fanfic portraying very young characters having sex and pedophilia. Now me - I feel iffy about it. I'm not saying people who enjoy it are pedophiles, but reading about very young people getting it on always makes me feel like I took a left turn into a pedophile's mind. I just don't care for it. It squicks me. (We're not talking teenagers here either - we're talking below that.) But should it be illegal, as it seems to be under Australian law?

I admit to feeling slightly mixed over that. It is as such not hurting anyone living, like pedophilic real porn is. But on the other hand, it does portray what is still children as being sexual beings, which I've heard pedophiles yak on about enough times to make me sick. Children are not sexual beings. They have hormones, yes, they're devolping sexual feelings to a certain degree. But their minds and their bodies aren't yet prepared for just what sex means. That's what teenagedom is all about - that journey to adulthood and yes, the sexual urges of adults. But you need that journey to get there. And seeing children portrayed as sexual beings before that journey, that icks me. I know it's fiction. But fiction puts ideas in our mind, colours our perceptions. But is this cencorship? Is it taking it too far? Is this after all harmless fantasies? Where do you draw the line? I don't know. I wish I had a clear answer, but all I can feel is muddy waters in my mind.

(My favourite line of [livejournal.com profile] maureenlycaon's during that convo - she on me ever getting really wanky: "You? Fuck that. You're depressingly free from wank. You're positively wank-repellent."

Aaaw. I feel all complimented. Though if I keep raising controversial issues in my LJ, that may change soon enough.)

A taste of Norway today:
New Royal heir on the way - ironically, the Danish Crown Prince and Princess reported they're also having a baby on the very same day. Must be something in the Royal air.
Spring pictures from Norway!
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I was sorting through some old stories and found a MST-style snark draft of the infamous Artemis's Lover fic. And because I am evil, I share my pains. Behold Cam and Ishmael, her darling cat, tackling a fic that makes hairballs feel pleasureable. Not for the innocent of mind. (Horrid) Descriptions of sex and bad grammar to boot.

I claim no onwership over the fic quotes, as I don't lust cats.

So NOT work-safe! )
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So you're having a fairly good day, writing a bit, reading a bit, chatting a bit, idly ogling if hot men appears. And then you decide to read a little fanfic as you have the time and all, and you've been thinking about leaving some encouraging reviews ever since you posted about reviews just a few hours earlier. As you idly scan ff.net's listing of CSI fic, you are unaware of the doom about to hit you smack in the ass. Then you spot it, a fic speaking of rape in its summary. And though you sense pain even from the uncapitalised title, you click anyway (because clearly, you hate yourself and like pain).

And you find a fic with Catherine being raped by Warrick and scream as the full horror besets you. Someone has in fact mutilated your 'ship and cruelly beaten up grammar and spelling in a fell swoop. Then you hiss. Very loudly. And go on a Viking rampage.

All right. Rape appears in fanfics every so often. I've even been guilty of writing one such thing, when I was younger and wangstier. And there are ways to do it right. But rape, serious rape in serious fics,* should never just be:

Cheap ploy for (w)angst.
Just another way of getting two people together.
Way to demonize potential threat to your particular OTP.
Way to show how "eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil" a "Villain" is.
Redemption for rapist and twu wub at the end.

Rapists sometimes seem like very nice people and quite normal. This is true. But that doesn't mean that any descent and nice guy is a potential rapist. Furthermore, rape is a trauma. No healing sex will cure it. Rape is a violation of body, but bodily scars is not all it leaves. It can take years to get over mentally, if at all.

There is freedom of speech, yes,and you may write about what you like (more or less) but that's also the freedom to sometimes be considerate, for smeg's sake.

Thus ends Cam's Viking Rampage. Return next week to see her beat up Bush with an axe's handle. (Honestly, she should really be used to such horrific discoveries after years in the LotR fandom. But she must have gone soft of late, for it truly did make her mind see giant red cloths and bulls chasing little Spaniards 'round and 'round.)

(* Cam here makes a distinction between those who attempt to write "real" rape and those who write "romanticised" rape as a particular sexual kink in fic where the characters get off on it. Most authors of that genre seem to hold that is about a domination fantasy and not about real rape, which is a horrific abuse and has nothing to do with sex. Whether or not there is such a distinction might be argued, but Cam is willing to see there might be.)
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Had excellent birthday celebrations over the last two days. Thanks for all congrats, well-wishes, gifts (whee) and other amusements :) You're all adorable and Honourary Norwegians ;)

Memes spotted around:

You name three characters. I have to pick one to push off a cliff, one to marry, and one to shag.(Alternately, you could choose three of my livejournal friends, but the thought of axing one of you makes me hurt slightly.)

What's your favorite swear word/insulting phrase? Come on people, be creative here.

What's the one question about my writing you've always wanted to ask me? (Don't be shy.)

CSI drabble - unnamed for now, draft, not sure about pairing - could be C/W or G/S, really. PWP! Not for dem kiddies. )

ETA: Cam wails bad CSI fic.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam so sad... she did all my pairings, too
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 heh. "Get off my side! You make my side look bad!"
[livejournal.com profile] misscam Get off my smut! You make my smut read bad!
[livejournal.com profile] lotus79 rofl
[livejournal.com profile] misscam That should so be an icon
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I think I've come down with the flu, which annoys me greatly. I played some Diablo 2 and pretended the demons were the germs, which rather cheered me up. I'm not in the mood to be sick, darnit. Not that my body ever listens to my moods.

In today's "WTF" moments:
A fanfic starring the "Princess of Norway" and a Norway out of bizarro world

Oh look, Eowyn!

The latter did make me think though. So Cam's Meme of the Week (go as mad as you like):

1) In a previous incarnation, who was I?

2) In that time, who were you and how did we know each other, if we did?

3) If a book was made about that time and us, what would the title be?

4) Who would be cast as the Lust Objects in the movie based on the book?

5) And what would be the most common Sue in fanfics based on the movie? (Give a little description.)

(Feel free to nick, if you so desire.)

Oh Odin...

Jul. 27th, 2004 05:15 am
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So I go mucking about ff.net some and do some searches in the LotR fandom to amuse myself. One of the searched I did was for 'school' in the title.

There's over 70 'Fellowship goes to high school' fics.

Cue much despairing.

So then I peek at some of these and discover, to my great horror, that one of them is dedicated to me. With your/you're mistakes, a Uruk-hai and Orcish choir, random attempts at humour, homonyms and OOCness of the scale.

Kill me. Kill me now.

So now the dreaded thought has occured to me - what if there are hideous, hideous badfics out there either dedicated to me or mentioning OFUM as being an inspiration? Am I an inspiration for badfic? Have any of you seen such a thing?

Meanwhile - hold me. I need a hug.
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I, alas, have the mind of a Swiss cheese sometimes. I recall that one of my online "friends" have talked to me about the Anita Blake books and seemed to be a fan of them. But I've forgotten who. I'm horrid with names.

Anyway, I need to ask a little favour of someone who has read the Anita Blake series of books. If any of you have, whether or not you're actually the person I was thinking of, could you please give me a howl?

For everyone else, badfic quotes!

There be naughty words within... )

(The story actually had worse, but it was a lot naughtier and kinda racist.)


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