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I can be productive! Finished a big [profile] stop_plagiarism case (57 proven accounts of plagiarism, sheesh!), wrote another Merlin fic, made another fanvid (using a local band, hah), cleaned the back yard of leaves (oh so many leaves), watched my beloved Tromsø secure their bronze medals one round before the end of the Norwegian football league this year, read up on analytical method for teaching the letters in school, put away the bike for winter (sniff) and remembered to change the clocks to winter time.

I know several of my American flisters was at the rally this weekend, and I have to admit there seems to have been some really excellent signs there too. I think I've only been to rallies twice in my life - once as a kid when my parents took me to a 'No to EU membership' rally, and once as an adult to an anti-racism rally after the murder of Benjamin Hansen. But then, if I shared a country with some of the shit opinions I've seen come from the extreme right of the US of late, I would have been in a rally in a heartbeat. Certain things is worth speaking up against.

In any case, I hope you had a happy Halloween, Americans! (But please Norwegian commercial forces, STOP TRYING TO FORCE AN AMERICAN HOLIDAY WE HAVE NO TRADITION OF ON US. THANK YOU AND FUCK YOU.)
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I am returned from the Netherlands.

And obviously, I have quite a bit to catch up on - missed episodes, [profile] girlsavesboyfic stories, Cataclysm relase date (!), fandom happenings and yes, real life. Damn that real life thing. (And thanks to whoever pointed me to and started a love thread for me at the anon love meme. Very kind of you, anon!)

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures from the trip, including Den Haag, giant clogs, many pretty houses, windmills, dikes, headless statues, sleeping cats and the proper way to serve hot cocoa with whipped cream.

Image heavy, obviously )

I had lots of fun, yes. And how are you all?
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Okay, is it shit-stirring post a fic to a Spock/Uhura shipper comm with implied Kirk/Spock when you're a person with such classy, classy icons like this and this and even used to have one icon calling Uhura a whore? Maybe it's just me wondering that, cynical and wary of misogyny that I am.

But then I see the poster in question also makes posts like this and makes a comm that states specifically in the rules that bashing is a-okay! Three guesses as to who she'd like to see bashed.

Why, fandom, why must we (almost) always hate so much on the females? I've started poking into Merlin fandom as well and some of the stuff said about Gwen and sometimes Morgana makes me sigh. But also made me more determined to write awesome fics about the female characters - have done one Gwen-centric and one Morgana-centric so far.

Meanwhile, I am off to Holland next weekend and will be there for four days. Anyone want postcards? I'll make a post with screened comments for collecting address if enough want.
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Anyone want to look after a Merlin fic for me? It's for the [profile] girlsavesboy ficathon and has bits of Gwen/Arthur in it. I'm mainly looking for someone to see if my dialogue and characterisation is all right (and spot typos and odd grammar), it being my first ever Merlin fic and all. I'm afraid it is close to 6000 words, but it's not due until October 1st. (I am also considering doing a second story, but I'm not sure which fandom.)

Anyone on my awesome flist in Merlin fandom and could give me a lay of the land? New fandoms are scary.

Ever wonder what 100 cats loose in IKEA would look like? If not, IKEA decided to find out anyway and the result is this ad. (And here is the making of.) Cats are all the rage, it seems.

Sometimes, the openess and freedom of the Internet is a good thing, and something that wouldn't otherwise come to people's attention can be spread on the Internet. Sometimes, it's a shit thing, like pictures of a sexual assault being spread and people refusing to take them down. Ugh.

Meanwhile, my brother is coming to visit next weekend, which is cool. Haven't seen him in over half a year. He has also joined the guild I recently applied and was accepted into (after my old one ended after I'd been in it for years, sniff) because he missed me. Kinda sweet, I think. His girlfriend joined too and we're all very excited for Cataclysm.

And work is busy and interesting and I'm making new friendships and it's good, I think?

I am mellow and it's weekend. How are you, awesome peoople?
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Today, this 11th of September, I would like to remember that while we might not share religions (or nationality or sexuality or skin colour or politics or what side of the bed we sleep on), we do share humanity. All of us. You and me. Me and you and all of us.

Which matter the most to you - that which divides us, or that which unites us?

I know which one I'd like to matter. Unity. Humanity. You and me and all of us.

I know which one terrortists and fear-mongrers of all kinds would like to matter, and it is not the same one. They want you to think certain differences make us Not the Same. That certain differences are Right and certain are Wrong and only they can tell you which is which. Many listen to them. Many are afraid.

But we're still all human. We are all the same in that. Humanity is us.

Don't forget what we share.

You and me and all of us.
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I am home from Italy, only to find out my cat is hurt (can't walk on one foot, I have to carry him around) and get smacked by a cold. And also that my team is losing and clearly I should just never go home, y/n?

But I did take lots of pictures, so here is a little bit of Liguria and a lot of Toscana. Image heavy! Random [personal profile] falena may appear.

A lot of old buildings, a sword in a stone, trolls in Toscana, a caterpillar chistening, a Medieval festival )

Phew. I hope all who wanted cards have gotten theirs or will very soon. Now I shall return to bed to nurse my cold and listen to it rain outside.
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In two weeks I am off to Italy to hang with [personal profile] falena and poke around Tuscany. If you want a card from there, leave your address in a comment to this post. All comments are screened, so only I will see.

Mmm. Holidays.

Meanwhile, World Cup is awesome fun.
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Unexpectedly, I had a day off today. Which I've so far spent:

- Sleeping in a little.
- Cuddling the cat, who also slept in with me.
- Making an awesome bagel with chicken and onions.
- Listening to a lot of Muse. How have I not discovered them before?
- Uploading a whole lot of icons and I still have 150 spaces left. Mmm. Icons.
- Trying to arrange a meeting tomorrow with four colleagues when everyone has a different suggestion about the time.
- Ordering tickets to Italy to visit [profile] falena84 this summer.
- Transcribing an interview about multicultural schools. (Note to self: You are banned from using the phrase 'på en måte' for at least a week. Sheesh!)
- Tanking heroic Pit of Saron on my little gnome tank and rocking it.
- Rereading Unseen Academicals.
- Picking spring flowers.

Now I just need to write something, hmmm-hmmm.

So flist, what is your favourite thing to do with unexpected time off?
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This is a shit week. The only bright side is that it's soon over and that I have about a week off for Easter. Other than that, this week can bite me. Issues with people I am working with, my mobile being nicked, getting caught in unexpected rain, the usual monthly pain, frustrations and feeling like a failure, yes, a load of fun things all stacked together. Man, did I ever pick the wrong week to go cold turkey on all candy, chips and cake (in a self-imposed health iniativ).

On the bright side, it is spring. Just spring with a metre of snow to melt still.

In fandom stuff:

- Hey, Dcotor Who is almost back! New Doctor and new head writer and I am curious to see how it pans out. I am feeling midly optimistic, as tends to be my default. Also, this secret posted to [community profile] fandomsecrets amused me muchly. But sorry OP, I don't think the Doctor is lingering around Norway. I'll be sure to let you know if that changes, though.
- Also I got a Rassilon action figure. He's currently eyeballing a little koala suvenir I took home from Australia. I think he may have villainous plans.
- FlashForward is back! Two episodes in so far and I'm not sure where it's going yet, but if it's towards more shirtless Jack Davenport, I sure won't complain.
- Law & Order: UK is new to my DVD player and I like it. Yes, I do.
- Norwegian football season is back! Oh, I do love my football. My absolutely favourite activity on Sundays during spring/summer/autumn is lying out in the sun and listening to the football on the radio while reading.
- BSG fandom seems to have had some wankery over a secret comm which I seem to have mainly missed despite it involving some friends, but man did it ever give me flashbacks to Doctor Who fandom. Yeah. Really, I think we can always manage to imagine nastier things said about ourselves by others than they can come up with. (Most of the time, anyway.) And thus, wank o'hoy even if the comm has in reality been rather benign. (Even more so if it wasn't.) Not to mention some will object to it as a matter of principle.
- My WoW guild is so close to the Lich King fight I can taste it. On Arthas, I have sharpened my arrows for you a long time. We did down Illidan back in the Burning Crusade days, but that never felt like taking out a big bad like the Lich King will. (It was still wicked cool, though. Hoo yes.) And I'm working on my video editing skills to make the vid of the kill - here's a kill of Professor Putricide.

Also I made a fanvid for FlashForward's Lloyd/Olivia, mainly to see if I could.

Embedded vid behind the cut )

Maybe I should stick to writing - which reminds me, time off for Easter, time to summon some writing spirit.
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A few helpful things to keep in mind if you're bringing "freedom of speech" into an Internet discussion:

1) The world is not the US. The Internet is not the US. Thus, US laws may not always apply. Sure, many other countries have a defined 'freedom of speech' law, but not all and some do have exceptions in the form of laws against hate speech and such things. Don't treat US law as the default law of the world.

2) However, if you are going to bring up US law, know what US law actually says. The First Amendment says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Note the words Congress and government.

3) As mentioned above, freedom of speech as a law applies to the government. It says nothing about what livejournal communities or forums can't do. They can actually restrict speech within the community or forum as much as they merrily want.

4) Freedom of speech applies to everyone else too. If you have a right to say something asshole-ish, they have a right to call it asshole-ish.

5) Freedom of speech is not freedom from the consequences of what you're saying. If you say what people perceive to be stupid shit, they will act accordingly. (See point 4 for possible reactions.) Freedom of speech is not freedom from social cencure.

6) Freedom of speech is a right, not a compulsion upon you. Just because you can say something, doesn't mean you always should.

7) In many countries, people dare not speak their mind for fear of what might happen to them, and those who do dare, might be jailed or worse by their own government. That someone called you an ass online for saying something stupid is not at all in the same league.

8) Not everyone agrees freedom of speech trumphs all other concerns. That does not actually make them Nazis. No, really.

/vaguely annoyed Cam

Meanwhile, football season has started again in Norway (huzzah!), snow is melting and I made another WoW vid (Rotface ooze kiting this time). And some asshole called me last night insiting I should shag him while he was visiting Norway and he 'knew I wanted to'. Um, yeah. I don't even know who he was. Not exactly what I consider fun on a Saturday.

How's you?
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These last two weeks have been hard on me for a lot of reasons I won't get into, but here's one small part of it:

So, I'm having a bit of a conflict with someone I'm working with and I was really feeling a lot of dislike, right up until a friend of mine offered some insight and now a lot of pity is really battling my dislike. Dammit. Man, I hate it when compassion gets in the way of a good dislike. Still not sure how to act around him this coming week and it's messing with my head. I know it's not all on him, too - I gotta shoulder my part of this.

All in all, not feeling a lot of love for myself these last few weeks, that's for sure. And I am turning 30 on the 21st. Blah. I must think of something nice to do to myself for it rather than treat it like a deadline to have done something worthwhile with my life, which it's feeling a lot like.

This was your weekly emo. Next post shall be more silly with fandom secrets (and not so much) by yours truly, I promise.

Meanwhile, I see the US has had some respectable snowfall. Europe had a lot of cold and snow before Christmas, so overall this has been a wintery winter, right?

Apart from at the upcoming winter Olympics, where there is no winter at all. Which just goes to show that the universe? Has a mean sense of humour.

Also, Norwegian television is for the first time broadcasting the Super Bowl live, with a promised entertaining introduction to American football (as we call it, since the true football is the kind Americans are not playing much). Is it worth a peek? Who should I cheer?
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Yeah, it's cold. -23C this morning, with wind. And wind can double the effect of cold and really, -40 in my face is not how I like to wake up in the morning.

[personal profile] lily_winterwood pointed me to this comic, which did make me smile a bit. But I shall admit that I did utter the phrase 'Faen, det er kaldt' in the wind this morning and that wasn't at absolute zero. Oh well.

US and Northern Europe are colder than normal due to cold air from the Arctic being pushed this way because of high pressure. So blame Santa. Europe and UK are struggling with the cold and snow. Norway managed to be coldest with -41C. Well done us. But at least we're a Nordic country and are used to cold. Insulation FTW.

Brother is coming to stay for two weeks, and cold weather is due to stay for at least one week so excellent timing.

How are you all coping with the big chill?

In other news, I wrote Rome fic like years too late, am still working on a BSG and FlashForward one and have a Martha/Mickey thing in my dead. And also I am trying to take down Icecrown Citadel with my awesome new bow. And also I am planning a Nordic mythology thing for 4th grade to start later in the month. And also I should catch up with brother and algebra. And also I should probably sleep some.

Why doesn't a day have more than 24 hours?
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Excuse me for a moment:


I am mentally worn out after the stress of the last week, but now I have holiday. It's a beautiful thing. Also, been recieving presents from several of you and thank you! I've kept them wrapped for opening on Christmas Eve, whee. Apart from those who are virtual, of course, like icons I got from [personal profile] lily_winterwood.

Plans for my holidays:
- Play a silly amount of World of Warcraft and slaughter Icecrown Citadel good. Also, get a new cloak and bow.
- Finish my alternate-world FlashForward fic (with Lloyd/Olivia and Mark/Demitri), finish that AU Daybreak BSG fic with resurrection for humans already, finish that Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover with Spock and the Doctor meeting ("Therapy for Lost Planets"), write the multi-fandom many-kinds-of-love fic I've had in mind a while and if I get silly enough, finish the Star Trek penis-size-is-serious-business fic that lives in a dark cellar of my mind.
- Buy new very comfortable winter boots. Finiding the right kind of boots that I can wear without socks and that keeps me warm through Norwegian winter without being a pain on my feet is not that easy, you know.
- Make a gingerbread house.
- Read "The Gathering Storm" and any books I might get for Christmas.
- Watch "East West 101" and whatever else I might get for Christmas.
- Get visit from my brother and his Dutch live-in girlfriend.
- Eat a sad amount of marzipan and CamMum cooking between Christmas and New Year's.
- Relax. Oh, wonderful, wonderful time to relax.

You got any plans for the holidays?

Meanwhile, Wal-Mart employee writes horribly inappropriate letter to co-worker asking her to 'stay out of [his] dreams', get fired and complains about it. Seems to miss the newsflash that he's coming across CREEPY AS HELL, DUDE and bemoans the lack of nice. Yeah. Because the approiate reaction to borderline-stalking and inappropriate behaviour is always niceties.

In the news:
- The attack on Berlusconi sparks battles on the Internet. Italian politics sure get vitrolic.
- The last Spanish top club breaks a colour barrier - but Spanish football still has racism issues.
- Sect members vow to marry female sex workers. I must admit my first reaction to reading that headline was 'bwhuh?'
- Stunning pictures from a recently launched ESA telecope. Preeeetty.
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One of my favourite books is by Douglas Adams and isn't The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Rather, it's a little book called Last Chance to See that is utterly non-fiction and all the more sad for it.

In it, Douglas and Mark Carwardine (a zoologist) travel around the world to see various endangered species. At least one of these have been officially declared extinct in the wild since the book was written - the baiji dolphin.

Whenever I read it, I get an urge to explore. To see all the wonderful things this universe has to offer. Especially knowing that not all of them will be here forever and the chance to see them is limited.

I wish I could see everything - a supernova, a star being born in a nebulae, what May 8th 1945 in Norway was like, a Triceratops, the first Norwegians, the forming of the moon, the library of Alexandria, mammoths, the Decan Traps, the silence at the great depths of the ocean, the storm that never dies on Jupiter, a binary star system and so many, many other things.

None of these things are possible to see for me and this makes me a little bit sad. But there is still so much I can see. A shark. A tiger. Angor Wat. The ruins of the Incas and the Maya. Penguins in Antarctica. The Amazons. Nine billion diffrent people on this Earth.

There is how much I have seen. Fjords. Northern lights across a winter sky like some painter gone mad with green. Midnight sun. Kangaroos. The redness of Uluru against the blueness of a cloudfree sky. The stones of old Rome. An ampitheatre of Greece. A Buddhist temple in Thailand. A city of Svalbard, covered in snow and framed by darkness. A blue-tongued lizard taking a liking to my hair.

To quote the Discovery Channel - The World Is Just Awesome.

What would you like to see, if given the chance?
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"Because of work" is clearly not one. Ugh ugh. Add to this being October, making it pitch dark and wet outside. I hate October in Norway. It looks so dreary and usually involves too much rain.

So, do you have any actual good reasons to be up at six a.m.? Being creative is allowed.

(First day of teaching 9-year-olds ahead. Oh my.)

This has been your "mornings are so unfair" whinge post.
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I know, I know, it's like picking a scab, but I can't help myself.

So, a petition has sprung up asking for Roman Polanski's release, where his arrest is charmingly described as "a case of morals" and they show a distrurbing lack of knowledge of what a neutral country actually is. (Tip: It's about neutrality in wars, nothing to do with crime.)

People who've signed that one includes Terry Gilliam (nooooo), Salman Rushdie, Tilda Swinton, David Lynch, Woddy Allen and Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg said this: “I don’t believe it was rape-rape. He went to jail and when they let him out he was like, ‘You know what, this [judge] is going to give me a hundred years in jail. I’m not staying’.” (Source.)

Wherein Cam discusses Bill Napoli definitions of rape, putting it on the victim, doing harm and Roman Polanski's own charming words about what he did )

There are also some who are speaking up against support of Roman Polanski, and I give them props: Bill Maher, Kevin Smith and Gren Gunberg at least.

I sure hope some petition to have him face justice comes about and enough sign it to make me feel better about humanity. Because right now, I'm not feeling so great about it.
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Busy week. Adapting to new schedule and new workload and weekend is bliss. Mmm, finally time to sleep. Also turned very visibly autumn here, with rain and winds with a hint of colder days. What fun. I think I'll do another photo round once autumn sets a little more though - it has a certain beauty to it here.

Anything in particular you want to see a picture of, ask now or hold your peace until next time.

The Classified sections sometimes turn out stuff I wonder at the backstory of, like this one: Looking for a woman by the name of Bjorg Enger who in 1945 lived at Kloster Road 51 Skoyen, Oslo Norway with her parents. It was my father's dying wish to contact this person.

Says he was a WWII veteran, though I wonder slightly which side he might have been fighting for. Could be British or American of course, but Allied forces didn't come to Norway until after the Germans had surrendered here. (And then it was a very small force.) Some German soldiers did fall in love with Norwegian women - the consequences for the women after the war ended were usually dire. (The woman has one English last name, but it could be her married one for all I know.)

I wonder what the story is here, I really do.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi is apparently petioning the UN for Switzerland to cease to exist. Wow. That dude has some impressive gall and batshit. The UN headquarters is actually in Switzerland, for one thing. For the other... Dude, wtf?

I was slightly taken aback by the most recent review here. It's not like I was planning to leave in unfinished back when I was uploading it, so... Um, sorry?

Meme via [profile] mingsmommy (much delayed, because I have the mind of Swiss cheese):

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song saying "meow!"
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

Her questions and my answers )
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It's International Blog Against Racism Week. (From [community profile] ibarw.) And you know, I'm not sure what to say.

I'm Scandinavian. I can trace my family back here past the Viking age and aside from a little Swedish, Finnish and Sami, that's all I am. I've never had to face prejudice about my ancestry, my skin or the country I love so much. (At worst, I've faced some idiotic preconceptions, but that seriously doesn't qualify.)

I've only ever been an observer of racism. I've never been the target of. So when people who've had those experiences talk, I think us who haven't should shut the fuck up and listen.

I also think it's important to remember racism is not just the obvious slurs and the Ku Klux Klan-like groups. Those most will happily denounce and maybe feel like in doing so, that's their part against racism done.

I don't think that. I find the more subtle kind of racism also very dangerous. The sort that is less obvious and can so easily become undercurrents in society. The sort that isn't so easily confronted and thus can reign. The sort that can influence even people who consider themselves not racist. The sort that can lead to a million little injustices every day, small enough that you might think them insignificant on their own, but they add up.

They add up to something I don't like at all.

That's what I think, for what it is worth.

In that vein, a few links relevant to the subject at hand:

- Nyota Uhura is not a white girl. Read it, it's a very good perspective to consider.
- Subtle versus overt racism.
- [community profile] debunkingwhite. It has its own list of links that can be helpful.
- The Angry Black Woman, a blog that I at least find makes me think again at times.

In awesome news, the Quakers look to extend marriage services to same sex couples. Go them!

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

A meme nicked from the flist: Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

I got a few scattered about. Star Trek, BSG, Doctor Who in here. )

Have you voted in Home Team 2009: Round One?
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Man accused of killing claims self-defence - when he stabbed the guy 86 times.

Um, yeah. Good luck with that defence. Poor girlfriend and family :(

So I got stung by a wasp. Which in itself is not fun, but I'm allergic to the venom. Had to go to the hospital, blah blah blah. I'm going to live, but it's not particularly pleasant when your body is having a fit.

Later in the day I was leading one group on a raid in Ulduar - World of Warcraft - and people start making rape jokes. Second time that has happened in about a week. Last time I whispered the guy doing it privately that he could knock the rape jokes, and he was very apologetic and it was okay. This time it was two female guildies starting it and I got quite sharp with them, and blah.

In combination, all that pretty much ruined my day. Life's a bitch and then you die, huh? (Could really do with something to cheer me up right about now, universe.)

Meanwhile in Norway, we're having a debate about freedom of speech and gay marriage.

When you give an award for free speech to someone for opposing gay marriage... )

(Am also testing crossposting on this entry. Hum.)
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So there was this secret posted over at [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets and this resulting huge discussion. With bonus slash mentions.

Females and fandoms, sexism and sex, and characters Cam finds awesome )

Feel free to add your own female characters you deem awesome.

I'm looking for an icon maker again. Yeah, I know. Am willing to pay, etc. It's one icon for a friend of mine, and a lot of WoW icons from screencaps I have and a few BSG ones. Poke me if you're interested.

So the world is really worried about flu outbraks in Mexico. With only twenty confirmed deaths (so far), it does come across a bit like hysteria at first, but then I read a book last week about the great flu pandemic of 1918 - and I'll take hysteria over ignoring outbreaks, quite frankly. I like people. I don't want millions to die. Just don't freak the frak out totally, yeah?

Swiss canton decides to fine naked hikers. What truly made me boggle was the small note about how conservative this canton was and women got the right to vote in 1990. Um. Wow. 1990? I even remember 1990. I broke my hand at school that year. Ow.

So sexism? It ain't that dead and it ain't that ancient.

Meanwhile, my shit weekend of shit continued that way and also included my team losing their match, my knee acting up and my guild doing a stupid amount of wiping in Ulduar when trying Boss With Most Annoying Voice Ever. Sigh.

This morning, it rained and NSB was up to the same stupidity as always. That's three times in one week, which is bad even for them. I swear, if I don't get just one happy yay thing soon, I'm going to go emo Viking and sulk in my longboat for a week. Or something.


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