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One of my favourite books is by Douglas Adams and isn't The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Rather, it's a little book called Last Chance to See that is utterly non-fiction and all the more sad for it.

In it, Douglas and Mark Carwardine (a zoologist) travel around the world to see various endangered species. At least one of these have been officially declared extinct in the wild since the book was written - the baiji dolphin.

Whenever I read it, I get an urge to explore. To see all the wonderful things this universe has to offer. Especially knowing that not all of them will be here forever and the chance to see them is limited.

I wish I could see everything - a supernova, a star being born in a nebulae, what May 8th 1945 in Norway was like, a Triceratops, the first Norwegians, the forming of the moon, the library of Alexandria, mammoths, the Decan Traps, the silence at the great depths of the ocean, the storm that never dies on Jupiter, a binary star system and so many, many other things.

None of these things are possible to see for me and this makes me a little bit sad. But there is still so much I can see. A shark. A tiger. Angor Wat. The ruins of the Incas and the Maya. Penguins in Antarctica. The Amazons. Nine billion diffrent people on this Earth.

There is how much I have seen. Fjords. Northern lights across a winter sky like some painter gone mad with green. Midnight sun. Kangaroos. The redness of Uluru against the blueness of a cloudfree sky. The stones of old Rome. An ampitheatre of Greece. A Buddhist temple in Thailand. A city of Svalbard, covered in snow and framed by darkness. A blue-tongued lizard taking a liking to my hair.

To quote the Discovery Channel - The World Is Just Awesome.

What would you like to see, if given the chance?
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