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First off: Awww, Germany. Also, spotted this secret over at [community profile] fandomsecrets - Eurosong, now also a reason for people to change country?

Opinions on telly.

Spoilers for Doctor Who's Cold Blood )

Next time: Van Gogh! Probably more forehead!porn. More omnious signs without a doubt.

Spoilers for FlashForward's final episode )

I also sadly subjected myself to some glimpses of reality show "The Hills" on YouTube and am now horrifed beyond belief what some people do to their bodies and their dignity. WTF, truly.

Best go to bed now.
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This week has madly busy real life wise, and so will most of next one be too. Um, yay?

But this coming week is Eurosong week, my friends. That's right. Two nights of semi-finals, one Saturday of finals. WTF costumes! Hideous songs! European voting shenanigans! Snark! Mockery! Wind machine! And it is all happening here, in little Norway.

I will of course be covering a lot of this traditional European bonding session through bad music, as usual. Are you ready for Eurosong?

This past week meanwhile, Norway has managed to have a transgender debate in the media )

In this week's TV stuff:
- Watched FlashForward's first part of the finale. Am reserving judgement until next week for how it turns out, but Minor spoilers for the lastest episode )
- Have not watched Doctor Who because it is a two-parter and I'm not having more cliffhangers in my life. Evil things. I shall watch both parts next week.
- Watched Americans-with-Norwegian-ancestry try to ski on Svalbard in the reality show "Alt for Norge" and laughed like a loon. But it is kinda charming how much love they have for Norway, despite never having been before. It does make me want to write "Cam's Guide to Sucessful Relocation to Norway (With Special Notes for Americans)", though.
- Watched the season finale of CSI. I miss my old CSI. I like Ray's character, but man, I miss the old team dynamic a lot. I think I'd enjoy the show more if it was all new people, and not some of the old to remind me of classic CSI.
- Okay, I like the British Strictly Come Dancing, but not so much the host. I feel like I'm probably commiting some sort of UK no-no by admitting so, because he's probably some big beloved dude, right?
- BBC's list of bizarre endings for TV shows is a hoot. Kidnapped by aliens? It was all a snowglobe? Ahahaha.

And how are you all?
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Angry Chelsea fans have apparently set up a petition to give Norway zero points in Eurosong this year - as revenge for Norwegian referee in the match against Barcelona not giving them penalty kicks.

One fan said: “They robbed Chelsea of the chance to play in the Champions League final. So let’s rob them of the Eurovision trophy.”

BWHAHAHAHA. Funny things about this: 1) That somehow the whole of Norway were on the side of the referee there 2) That the UK, as one country out of like 40 participating, would be able to rob Norway 3) That the whole of the UK would be on Chelsea's side here and 4) Going by this logic, Spain owes us 12 points and if you hate Chelsea, vote for Norway!

(Of course, this is the Daily Star, so not sure how accurate they're being. I'm amused someone even thought of it either way)

Eurosong always brings the funny. I love it so. First semi is tomorrow, second on Thursday (with Norway in it) and the finale on Saturday. Stay tuned for the silliest Europe can offer.

(If you don't know what Eurosong is, this explains it a little. It's silly, serious business, horrid, amusing and tradition all at once. And probably what we do instead of going to war with each other these days.)
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Another awesome birthday present I got - [livejournal.com profile] lily_winterwood composed me music. Wow. Really, thank you to all my friends for birthday wishes and stuff, you are truly awesome and make my life better.

Norway's national Eurosong finale was last night, and I give you Norway's violin-playing cute boy entry for this year's international Eurovision Song Contest:

YouTube embedded under the cut )

I wish his voice was a little stronger, but his violin is funky, he's got a dance group and is cute. We might do well. The other finalists were certainly nothing special at all. So Europe, we're ready to bring it on.

And while we all wait, we can Cornify the web. That's scary, yo.

This story made me rather think of Laura Roslin's situation - terminally ill TV star to marries her boyfriend, bald from chemotherapy and all. Love in the face of death really is both so damn sweet and heartbreaking. Part of the reason Adama/Roslin hits me right in the heart. (Part of, mind you. I'm half tempted to make some big post on why I like them so, but I fear that would just be silly.)

Fanfic award wank - not in Doctor Who fandom! I guess DW vents off about award stuff on the anon meme, but I am surprised there hasn't been some big boom yet. Maybe tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow, as Ivanova would say.

(I'm also half pondering if that anon meme causes more wank or the opposite - it is a venting place where some might get frustrations off their chest instead of taking it elsewhere where it might cause shit, but people also clearly use it for drawing attention to stuff that might otherwise get ignored and there can be a lot of stupidity on the meme itself. But a lot seem to have fun there too. Hum. Anon memes, I am never quite sure how I feel about them.)

Might have spare time from work next week. Fingers crossed for time to write.

In other news:

- Australia mourns bushfire victims. (Poor Oz.)
- EU leader sagree on more regulation of financial markets, including hedge funds. (About time.)
- The Razzies have been awarded. (I rather agree with those choices. Ow, bad movies.)
- US actors' union rejects studios' offer. (Uh-oh.)
- Facebook signs up to OpenID. (Hmmm.)
- Bush declines hardware store, but pays jokey visit. (Still with a sense of humour, I see. Still doesn't help my dislike of the man.)


May. 24th, 2008 08:33 pm
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It's time. Eurosong, people! EUROSONG.

Bring your snark, comments, opinions and all things Eurosong in comments. I will be updating this with opinions on entries and voting as we go.

You can watch it live here.

What Europe is serving up this time )
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CC: The Train Services, the Norwegian State

This year, we seem to have come to a special understanding - you take my money, I take your abuse, WoW monsters take my frustration. And it's been precious, really. But half an hour late home yesterday, an hour late to work today, ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU SAD EXCUSE FOR A TRAIN SERVICE??? We're filthy rich and *this* is what we manage for a railroad?

I grant thee an official FAIL.

No love,

Bah. Bad, bad day so far with deadlines and stress and possible major strike in addition, and finally home I want to write but don't know what. INSPIRE ME WORLD.

Meanwhile, in fandom notes:

- CSI spoilers might bring the wank once more. Uh oh. Wankimplosion take II: Return of the stupid shipper arguments?

- A very special snowflake is going to the press with her banning from a Life of Mars community. Oh, precious. I laughed so hard my cat got spooked. This will be the first case of its kind in the country, and I feel profoundly sorry for you, particularly since I have two friends who write for major newspapers, who love and respect my ideas. Special. Very special.


- In other BSG realisations, [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 reminded me Baltar was Bridget Jones's gay friend in the movies and how did I not see that earlier?? Whacky crossovers immidiatedly made themselves known in my head.

- Er, how long is an acceptable fan letter? Seriously, I think I could just about manage three lines. "I like you. Nice work. Autograph please?" Maybe that's why I never get any, sad excuse for a fangirl I am - well, minus Rob's sorta, I guess. I fail at the flattering? I just feel awkward giving compliments. (And taking them, even if I do like them too, but it's a guilty pleasure of sorts.)

Finally, tomorrow is Eurosong and its traditional funky voting. Which the Daily Mail has helpfully mapped for you all. Check out the Viking Empire, now with newly recruited Baltic states, it seems.

One day we're gonna rule you all. Viking Empire power! Aquavit!
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As the total crack tradition that is Eurosong is a week and a half away, I feel it's time to warm up. In case you're sadly uninformed, this is what Eurosong is all about.

Finest crack Europe has to offer, people. Finest!

Which brings us to the particpants for Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

Now for some selected countries:

- And representing Ireland is... A puppet!
- The boyband.
- Russian prettyboy from their second place in 2006 is back.
- The entry Cam wants to hit with apples for being annoying.
- WTF Mission Impossible Eurosong?
- Iceland sings into a duster.
- Georgia brings you A Very Important Message.
- Estonia has dancing with flags.
- Bulgaria just wants you to dance.
- I have no idea what Bosnia is trying to tell me.
- Norway's fairly inoffensive entry.

Opinions, horrified screams, some you actually like?

And just to remind you all how bad it can get - Last year's UK entry. Click it. I dare you.
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First off, thanks for all birthday wishes :) You're awesome! Also special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] falena84 for her gift of green fluffy cow socks and [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 for the kangaroo pouch and (I suspect) Scot-books.

I am still waiting for my DVDs. Grr Norwegian customs (probably).

So, to sum up business last few days:
- Birthday and party, hurrah!
- Norwegian railroad stranding me in Oslo due to another round of suckitude. AAARGH AAAARGH SO FED UP.
- Winter holidays making us who didn't take holiday extra work busy.
- Been leading several raids for my guild in WoW. Eeek. Pic!spams will follow on my WoW filter later.
- Need beta for a Doctor Who piece and probably another one right after. Any willing?

In today's '... I can't decide if I should laugh or facepalm':
US government to 'spy' on games such as World of Warcraft, looking for terrorist behaviour.

... Yeah. I think my favourite comment was I can't believe I'm going to pay taxes for the government to level up their Paladins. Hee.

Today the 'Doomsday' vault opens at Svalbard. Hmm. Svalbard is a fascinating place (and recently had an earthquake of 6.4, largest ever measured in Norway) - check out some pictures here. (Don't miss the 'beware polar bears' sign!) There's something in an arctic landscape that always make me feel home and oddly at peace, but living at Svalbard requires fortitude, hoo yeah.

Norway's Eurosong entry this year: Meh. Sadly, the King of Trolls didn't make it. I am already excited for Eurosong entertainment this year - any countries managed to pick something truly horrific and hillarious yet?

In other news:
- Awww, future Queen Ingrid Alexandra.
- Sigh American politics.
- Urk Berlusconi.
- Monkey wedding in India.
- Liechtenstein not so amused.

So what's up with you, flist of awesome?
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Or not. No snow, but fairly cold, so we've clad the country in frost. Well, the southern half. The northern half is warmer and has rain. Not much helping any sense of season mood, though. I want snow and holidays. Woe.

Work so far not as bad as last week, but if I never seen another annuity reminder in my life I will not feel deprived. Ich. Also, shipping stuff to North Korea is painful. Much to do until Friday still - then bliss and over a week off. I loves you, bed!

Have started recieving packages, but am staying strong and not opening. But thank you, all that have sent stuff and cards. You're made of awesome.

Various Items O'Interest:

Here's a song we can all be glad didn't make it to Eurovision Moldovan entry "I love the girls". You can listen to it there, but here's a lyric taste: I love the girls of thirteen years old/Thirteen years old and nothing else, me baby/All they have got is a boy like me/They put their arms around me and I’m going down/Now I say they want that now I know they like that/All that I can feel their body set me free. Tasteful, innit? Luckily for our ears and gag-reflexes, it didn't make it to Moldova's final.

What I can get behind - males undressing for charity.

Obama seem to have managed to be asked about Norway on his election tour - for the first time, according to himself. Heh. I'd say. It was his opinion of our usage of oil money for investing that someone wanted to know about in Iowa, and he apparantly felt we were smarter at our investments in energy effiency. Thanks Obama, I guess. Iceland also got asked about, so someone's got a Nordic fetish.

Apparently, Canadian spam & porn company has been trying to hack Facebook to use info there to sned us more spam and porn. Because we don't get enough of that as it is, you know. Fail, Canadian spam & porn company.

Fun in WoW-land: How dead do you think I am in this screenshot? (I'm Camillaes.) You might also note my cheating paladin brother Chivalry, having bubble up so boss goes for me instead. I feel the family love, I do.

In other news:
- Giant rat found. Giiiiiiant rat.
- Black hole jet. I can't be the only one to find this geekishly awesome, right?
- Belgium crisis spreads to beauty contest winner.
- Turkey enters Northern Iraq.
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Let's talk all Eurosong in the comments. Songs, costumes, voting, politics, wank... BRING IT ON EUROPE.


Hahahaha voting.

ETA the second: Dear Finland, I love you quite a bit and wish you all well BUT STOP WITH THE EFFING SANTA IN MAY.
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CSI fandom, I award thee a grand FAIL for fandom drama, grudging, shit-stirring and spreading false idiocy. You may collect your raised finger at your earliest convenience.

Focus your energy on writing porn literary masterpieces instead, hmm?

Meanwhile, I have tomorrow and Friday off; and then it's weekend, so hurrah four days off in a row! In that context I thought I'd do a meme I'd see go around the flist about - Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in or curious about - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favorite book. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will post the pictures as a later entry when I have a chance to do so. Feel free to make your requests as mundane or creative as you like. Naughty requests shall be ignored, and I'm just taking one picture request per person, or my camera would go boom.

Grand plans for my four days off and chances of sucess:

- Wash, vacuum and otherwise clean parts of the house. I estimate 54% chance of sucess, given the availability of distractions.

- Watch Eurosong semi and finale. 99.9% chance of sucess, given that only death will stop me.

- Write "Stuff (or How to Shag a Time Lord in Six Simple Steps)" cos I owe [livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj so. 42% chance of sucess in finishing, might be heightened with kicking and WoW server downtime.

- Get epic crossbow from Karazhan. About 10% chance of sucess, given droprate on boss.

- Start my ficathon entry for Rose and Martha. 10% chance of sucess given other fanfic ideas and distractions eating my brain.

- Sleep in. 100% chance of sucess. Hurrah!

Finally, to get you all in Eurovision warm-up mode, some choice lyrics can be found here.

To sample:
Oh, don't call me funny bunny
I'll blow your money, money
I'll get you to my bad ass spinning for you.

Gotta tease you nasty guy
So take it don't be shy
Put your cherry on my cake
And taste my cherry pie.

This is going to be a glorious year.
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I'm going to have to agree with [livejournal.com profile] lizbee - bite me, John Howard. Who paid you to campaign for the Republicans? Last I checked, the American people was in charge of voting for American President and you're Prime Toad of Australia, remember? You might hope for a certain outcome - as I do, and the opposite of yours - but you're supposed to represent Australia and Australia has no business in the US election. FAIL.

Talking about fail - "satire" about why rape is a good thing doesn't go down too well. Helpful fint - satire is actually meant to be funny, and not just offensive shit hiding behind pretense of humour. FAIL GOOD SIR.

Dear Europe, I apologise in advance for the Eurosong entry Norway intends to inflict upon you all. I didn't vote for it. I can only surmise that those who did was drunk on biathlon glory and general Saturday boozing. Granted, most of the competition was crap too, but hello? That ain't gonna win at all. That is not a good song, or a good singer. WHY NORWAY WHY. I'm going to have to fail you on this one, beloved country. Sniff. WHYYY. (Judge for yourself.)

(ETA: I am however very glad this didn't win. OW.)

Random fail - wtf are you doing whispering me on World of Warcraft to ask if I wanna sex, total stranger? Not to mention you failed to make it clear if it was me or my character you wanted to hump. You fail at shag.

Magne of A-ha makes a poem for Anna Nicole Smith. Hmmm. There are days I do wonder if some of the celebrity shit of this day and age is a fail of society or the mass media, that's for sure.

CBS starts a CSI Wiki. So my question is - will CSI fandom manage to fail at sanity and turn it into a batshit shipwar arena somehow? The comments on the GSR section are somewhat moving that a-way. Bets, anyone?

I'll be in the bar.

I totally want to write a Grissom/Catherine Grissom/Sara Catherine/Warrick thing just to see if it might spark wank. Baaaaad Cam.


May. 21st, 2006 06:53 am
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I am a little bit drunk and very buzzed on life and I apologise for the idiot conversations I've had with some of you today. Oops. And I liked Age of Steel and will attempt to be coherent about it after I've had a long sleep and aren't being an obnoxious git about happy occurances. Love me anyway please

If my footie team wins tomorrow, I shall declare the weekend officially awesome.

Meanwhile, more on Finland's win and why it was so awesome and pictures. Huzzah.

And meme nicked from [livejournal.com profile] hikaness

Why am I on your friends list?

Answer and post this in your journal.

And now I've been up insanely long, so I am going to bed before I do very silly things.


May. 21st, 2006 12:12 am
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Oh, Finland. I haven't had a this fun Eurosong in ages. Go you. Awesomeness. It's like Europe just decided to f with Eurosong itself. I love it.

Yay Finland! Yay neighbours! See you in Helsinki next year!

And I'm actually having an IM convo with Rob Shearman about the awesomeness of Finland's win. Hah.

ETA: I was to say congrats from him to my Finnish friends "Congratulate them for me. They'll have no idea who I am, and they'll be annoyed because they had to sit through our rap entry. But congratulate them all the same!"


May. 21st, 2005 08:52 pm
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If you're one of those poor, deprived unable-to-watch people (Americans, I am looking at you too), you can watch it on the web here (BBC). Join us in the mocking, the cheesiness, the general horribleness of costumes and the European bonding ceremony known as Eurovision Song Contest from 9 p.m. CET. (Which is roughly ten minutes from now, as I post this.)

Bring alcohol.

(I don't even have an Eurosong icon. Ah well.)
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*yawns* I hate early mornings, I really do.

The reason I got up early is that I went shopping very early today, as Monday is the 17th of May (Norway's National Day) and a public holiday, so everyone stocks up slightly. It was insane. There's a strike in food deliveries to all the major grocery chains save one, and everyone's going there now. The lines reminded me of Norwegians shopping across the border (that truly is insane). The newspaper journalists are striking as well. The breweries might strike next week and the teachers the week after that. I cannot recall the last time Norway's had this much striking going on. Good grief.

In other news, the Danish crown prince has married his Australian sweetheart and all of Denmark is very happy. Huzzah for them!

And the Mirror editor, who published those pictures of alleged British abuse of prisoners, has been sacked. It seems those photos were fake after all. Interesting...

On that note, I was watching a foreign affairs show the other day, and they were talking about the American abuse pictures and how the impact of these might be similar to the impact of pictures from Vietnam. And so they showed those images. I've seen some of those before, but... Good grief. I felt sick. But it made me wonder. Has the US forgotten what it did during Vietnam since so many Americans seem to refuse to believe abuse in Abu Ghraib happened or seem to want to blame everyone and anyone else for it? Ordinary people can do terrible things. Europe learned it through two horrid, horrid wars. I don't wish that kind of lesson upon anyone. Not even Bush.

Meanwhile, on a more cheerful note... Today is Eurosong night! And the arsenal of WMDs that Norway will have for our invasion of the US (now called "The Return of Leif") will grow. Ye-es... (Incidentally, if you are American and wish to join our side, [livejournal.com profile] norwegianne and I will consider your plea.)
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Turkey won the Eurosong. Turkey! It's the first time in the 25 years they've been in Eurosong, and so they're no longer the butt of Eurosong jokes. It was rather fun to watch, all in all, and a very close race. Wasn't decided till the last country voting, and only 3 points seperated the top three. Norway came fourth, so we did well. (There's 26 countries participating)

Britain was the only country getting no points at all. Tsk, Britain. Worst Eurosong for them ever.

And I finished filming for my TV assignments - even the one not due till June 9th. Got editing booked for today, so hopefully, by tomorrow, I shall be done with the practical part of the TV subject. Still have to some written work. Must also write my 500 word religion thing, but I got all the stuff I need, so it should be a piece of cake.

And once I got those things done, I'm on easy street, baby. Huzzah. Pretty pleased with myself for snagging the Lord Mayor, too. That'll surely impress my TV lecturer (git!). Well, best be off to lecture...

*hums Easy street, as that is now stuck on brain*


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