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... and I'm turning 30. Oh dear.

But thanks for all well wishes and LJ-gifts and so forth; I really appreciate it :) Thank you all! Have been kinda swamped in work, so haven't had time to think that much about me turing another decade. I'm sure now-I-should-be-all-adult angst will come.

Fittingly, I have several days off this coming week, so I'll have time to angst about it. And catch up on stuff and write fic(s) I owe and so forth. Yay, I suppose.

Not so yay was the fact that we had over a metre snowfall within two days. I stepped out to head for work on Friday and sank down in snow to above my knees. It kept snowing that whole day and all the shoveling has made my back seriously displeased. Had to go on the roof and shovel down some there as well, as the weight of it was getting a tad much.

Meanwhile, are you a fan of the Pants of the Norwegian curling team? I hope they win a gold, I do. Go Pants!

Now to eat cake. Mmm, cake.
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These last two weeks have been hard on me for a lot of reasons I won't get into, but here's one small part of it:

So, I'm having a bit of a conflict with someone I'm working with and I was really feeling a lot of dislike, right up until a friend of mine offered some insight and now a lot of pity is really battling my dislike. Dammit. Man, I hate it when compassion gets in the way of a good dislike. Still not sure how to act around him this coming week and it's messing with my head. I know it's not all on him, too - I gotta shoulder my part of this.

All in all, not feeling a lot of love for myself these last few weeks, that's for sure. And I am turning 30 on the 21st. Blah. I must think of something nice to do to myself for it rather than treat it like a deadline to have done something worthwhile with my life, which it's feeling a lot like.

This was your weekly emo. Next post shall be more silly with fandom secrets (and not so much) by yours truly, I promise.

Meanwhile, I see the US has had some respectable snowfall. Europe had a lot of cold and snow before Christmas, so overall this has been a wintery winter, right?

Apart from at the upcoming winter Olympics, where there is no winter at all. Which just goes to show that the universe? Has a mean sense of humour.

Also, Norwegian television is for the first time broadcasting the Super Bowl live, with a promised entertaining introduction to American football (as we call it, since the true football is the kind Americans are not playing much). Is it worth a peek? Who should I cheer?


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