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I have new layout over at LJ. Still can't figure out DW ones. [personal profile] lily_winterwood made the banner and some new icons plus helped me muchly with setting the layout up. I may fiddle a bit with it, we shall see.

I also have two banner variations so I can switch between them now and then. A shipping one and a writing one. But for now, Norway is on top.

Hmm, what shall be my next change, I wonder? I'm decidedly in the mood to make them.

2009 Home Team Matches: Round Two. Some of the choices you have to make are just utterly mean :(

I was asked fannish fives, and here's all the answers. (In random order, as I don't want to rate them.)

Top five generally unpopular characters that you like )

Five stories you would like to *read* about Spock and Uhura )

Five favorite moments of OMGWTFBBQ? from any/all canons )

Top five fictional shags )

Top five villains )

Top five non-human characters )

Top five 'Terribly Overrated By Fandom' characters  )

Top Five Unpopular Opinons in BSG Fandom )

Top Five Ships That Never Made It to Canon But Should Have )

Top Five Characters You'd Like to See in Another Fandom )

Top Five favorite romantic moments )
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I so shouldn't be awake. Yet I appear to be. A few reasons for that.

- Brother and his girlfriend have gone back to Holland. Bit of peace is nice again but I'll also miss them. Nothing like contrary feelings.

- Blizzard decided to unleash patch 3.2 a week before I was expecting it. Oi. Gotta update all my addons, get tactics for new raid dungeon, sort out changes to all my characters and prepare for a lot of 5man dungeons this week.

- There is apparently an Internet petition to get Michael Jackson nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh no no no no. First off, you cannot nominate someone who's died. You very firmly cannot, as it's stated in Afred Nobel's will. Secondly, you can't nominate him. Only select people can formally nominate for that award (included here are former winners, university professors in certain fields, members of naitonal assemblies and various others) so petitions this like this needs to be directed at someone eligble to nominate and not the award committee itself. (Research, people! You can do it.) Thirdly, OH COME ON.

- Reading material the first: Poster rants about not being warned for slash; wank ensues. Oi.

- Reading material the second: Secret gets posted about Uhura and skin colour; a lot of comments ensue. (I'm in there too.)

- Reading material the third: Who is going to want to see Downey Jr. and Law make out? I don't think it would be appealing to women says a former movie critic. Oh yeah. And there isn't a whole porn genre dedicated to men who like to see women get it on either. Oh, wait...

- Every time I try to go to bed, my brain starts writing in my head. Random summaries ("Uhura is informed, Kirk is curious, Spock is not telling and McCoy wishes he didn't know." - yeah, now I just need the story for that one) and odd notes ("a foursome through a friendship under construction") and crossover ideas (how would the Doctor and Spock get along given one very tragic thing in common?). SHUT UP BRAIN.

- I'm stocking my iPod with new stuff. Know how I discover a lot of songs I stick on there? Watching fanvids, of all things.

- There is more than one guy out there who likes to do it with horses. (If you've forgotten the first, I give you the epic "His 'wife'? A horse.") I'm scared, Internets.

*eyes bed*


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