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So, in mah poll I did recently, one of you answered what you want me to do a post on "your evolution as a writer". Since no time is like the present to mock teenage!me and possibly get my writing juices flowing, I present:

How Cam Learned Betas Are Good (or Young!Cam, Knock That Off!)

With examples past and present and some peeks at stuff I am writing at the moment. By fandom.

X-Files )

Star Trek: Voyager )

Water Rats )

Lord of the Rings )


Doctor Who )

And now... A peek at stuff being written at the moment for Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and CSI )

In summary, I think: I was a bubbly, overconfident, silly teenager with illusions of love. I grew up. So did my writing? Along the way, I found a style I liked to write in, and I still do.

To finish this blah, blah, my writing post, a meme I stole from [livejournal.com profile] lizbee:
Quote a bit of my writing at me? Find that one story of mine that you really like, and find a sentence or a paragraph that presses your prose-buttons in the right way, and comment here with it, no matter how long or short.

(My masterlist of fics written while on LJ.)
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Everything We Don’t Say with Words
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Not everything needs words, his mother once told him when he tried to understand living without sound. You can still talk in silence. You can still hear when someone says nothing. You just don’t use your ears. [GSR]

Rating: Teen.

Disclaimer: CBS’s characters. My words.

Author’s Note: Spoilers for season seven, vague references to past seasons.

Why, she doesn’t ask. She knows why. She’s known why since the first time he looked at her in That Way, eyes dark even in rooms filled with light. Why, she knows. Why now, she wants to ask. After all the hurt and waiting and silence and careful friendship, why now? )
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(or Five Things That Happened in the 1980s - and One They Led to in 2007)
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: The more things change, the more they remain the same. The more things remain the same, the more they change. [GSR, CWR, Nick, Greg.]

Rating: Teen. Some language and adult activities.

Disclaimer: The characters are CBS's. I merely borrow for a profit-less spin.

Author's Note: Spoilers up to early season eight. References to back story partially revealed in previous seasons - and some totally invented on my part. For the 'I love 80s!' ficathon at [livejournal.com profile] geekfiction. Many gracious thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lyricalviolet for beta.


Why is that? We decide things were horribly out of fashion until it's in fashion to remember how out of fashion it was? )
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Lines in Euclidean Space
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Of Catherine and Grissom - and Eddie and Lyndsey, silence and skin, what can be settled for and how people can be right for each other without being meant for each other. Of Grissom, Catherine and Warrick - and Sara and Eddie, letting go and holding on, hedging a bet and how complicated simple can be. Of Grissom and Sara, Catherine and Warrick - and Natalie and Laura, pain, loss, love, happiness and coupling, how to build a life and how to keep one. [CGR, CWR, GSR]

Rating: R. Some mature language and adult activities.

Disclaimer: CSI is CBS's property. I'm just taking it for a joyride - and definitely not making any money.

Author's Note: I've taken some liberties with the various backstories for the characters. If something openly contradicts Canon, forgive me - I've probably gotten it all jumbled in my head. Spoilers up to and including series seven. Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mingsmommy for beta. :)

(equidistant) (1/3)

( Sure, he has fantasized about Catherine - in a car, in an elevator, in the morgue, on his desk, on Grissom's desk, against a slot machine - but that's just... She's Catherine. And she's wrong. The great thing about fantasies is that it doesn't need possibilities. )

Fake cut to Geekfiction.
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Life After
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: There's before brush with death. What's after? [GSR]

Disclaimer: Characters are the property of the CBS. I'm just borrowing for my own non-profit amusement.

Rating: Teen, mostly for a little language.

Author's Note: Set after the season seven finale.

You're going to be fine, they tell her. It might be true tomorrow. It isn't true today. )
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Thank you sincerely to everyone who commented on my last post. It's good to see a little compassion and human decency now and then. A particulary thanks to those who shared their stories - there is a sort of comfort in knowing you're not the only one.

So in Norway we've been talking a bit about this now solved murder case. Several reasons for that, of course. The statue of limitations has passed on it, and the guy who did it was only 13 when he committed the act. For these reasons, his name has been kept out of the media as well.

Now it is revealed that gossip mag Se & Hør apparently offered 100,000 NOK for the guy to come forward and tell his story. If you're used to English tabloids, you might not think it particulary shocking and just shrug your shoulders. Here, a lot of people find it rather revolting. Me included. (Bite me, Se & Hør.) And yet, I know I shouldn't really be surprised.

It occurs to me sometimes how naive my country is - and how we've made a whole society out of it.

In other notes, fandom and life:

- I'm having lines to a Martha/Doctor Martha/Doctor fic (don't ask, it's involved) in my head and I didn't invite them in. I blame the BBC.

- CSI spoilers for the finale has made me fill up the Wankshelter and add another layer of concrete padding. Holy wank potential, Batman.

- Debate in France over remarks on paedophiles. Err, yeah. Perhaps not the smartest - or most insightful - thing to say there.

- Norwegian politicians are so cute when they fight. Or possibly there's something wrong with me finding them so. Or maybe I'm just glad Norwegian politics isn't that nasty, thus feeling an urge to pet it like a little kitten. Or something.

- Aww, my firstet ever online fandom wanks. It occurs to me that in some ways, it hasn't changed since the... Oi, almost ten years since I was in it. Cripes.

- I feel old now.

Finally, because I did laugh:
--Go to Google.com
--Click on Maps.
--Click on "get Directions".
--From New York
--To Oslo (Was Paris, I changed it. Shut up.)

--And read line # 23.

If you laugh, repost this.
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Carving in Snow
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Carve your good words in stone, the bad in snow. Live with what you get and carry the rest with a strong heart. [GSR, CWR, others.]

Rating: Teen. Implied naughtiness, nothing too bad.

Disclaimer: CSI and its characters belong to CBS and associates. I merely borrow, with no disrespect intended.

Author's Note: Carve your good words in stone, the bad in snow is a Norwegian proverb in the public domain. The slightly rewritten Christmas carol is also in the public domain. Vague references to past seasons as well as season seven, but nothing terribly spoilery. Written on request for my friendslist, with one included request per person. This has no relation to On the First Day of Christmas, though we appear to have had the same idea in what Christmas carol to use. No similarity is inteded and this fic was started before the other was posted. Huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] _tallian_ and [livejournal.com profile] tvaddict_23 for beta work.

( Grissom is tired. Sara is getting laid, probably by Grissom. Warrick is unhappy. Catherine is waiting. Nick is struggling and doesn't sleep well. Greg still sleeps well, but looks like he's sleepwalking sometimes. Brass is happy. Dave's marriage is hitting the first rough spots. Ecklie is lonely. )

Totally fake LJ-cut to GeekFiction
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(Yeah, I know. I'm supposed to be writing Doctor Who fic. Ooops?)

Stale Toothpaste (And Other Problems of Love)
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Grissom snores. Sara leaves the toothpaste cap unscrewed. [GSR]

Disclaimer: The characters of CSI belong to CBS. I just borrow for some fun.

Rating: Vaguely Teen/PG-13. Some references to adult activities, nothing at all explicit.

Author's Note: Spoilers for "Way to Go". Set at some undetermined period before, after or during, depending on how you interpret the relationship. Thanks to Saz for looking over.


It's not love until they've had their first fight over a small, insignificant, annoying detail, she has decided. )
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Banner by [livejournal.com profile] colorstoobright.

Masterlist of my Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Narnia, CSI and Lord of the Rings fics, by pairings mostly. For easy reference for myself, mostly (but feel free to use if you want). Will be updated with new fics as they are written.

The Chronicles of Narnia )

Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who crossovers )

Battlestar Galactica

Bill Adama/Laura Roslin )

Kara Thrace/Lee Adama )

RPF BSG cast )

Doctor Who

Ninth Doctor/Rose )

Ninth Doctor/Rose/Jack )

Ninth Doctor/Rose, Tenth Doctor/Rose )

Ninth Doctor/Rose/Tenth Doctor )

Tenth Doctor/Rose )

Rose/Tenth Doctor/Martha )

Tenth Doctor/Martha )

Other )


Grissom/Sara )

Catherine/Warrick )

Grissom/Sara & Catherine/Warrick )

Other )

Lord of the Rings

Faramir/Éowyn )

Legolas & Gimli )

Other )
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Where It Starts
by Camilla Sandman

Disclaimer: CSI is the property of CBS. I'm only borrowing the characters for a little romp.

Summary: Sara was never quite sure where it started. [GSR]

Rating: Teen for a little language and implied adult activities.

Author's Note: Spoilers for "Way to Go".


Maybe that's where it started. A changed smile and a different look, and Sara and Grissom and time. )
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(I know, I know. Why am I writing CSI fic? I have a gazillion Whovian plotbunnies and why am I writing this? ARGH.)

Nocturnal Habits
by Camilla Sandman

Disclaimer: CSI and all things associated with it is the property of CBS. I am merely borrowing for my own amusement.

Summary: She keeps looking for the switch that will explain him. [Grissom/Sara]

Rating: PG

Why are you, Grissom?  )
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(Or if you prefer, read it here or here.)

Dirge of Silence
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: The wind rises, lifting the dust and drowning the faint sounds of distant Las Vegas. Now sounds the desert's dirge in the silence after blood. [CWR]

Rating: PG-13 for implied violence and adult themes

Disclaimer: The characters mentioned within are CBS's and they are probably treated more nicely there.

Author's Note: Written on request for Andy. Warning for character death and angst. Not for the fluffy-minded. Thanks to Wiccagirl for encouragement and title assistance.

Grissom's quote is by Arthur Schopenhauer and is in the public domain. A bastardisation of part of the lyrics to "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" also occurs within.


(Silence is gone.) )
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(You can read it here (ff.net) or here (CSI Forensics) if you so prefer.)

Butterflies Mate in Spring
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Some wrongs have no right. There is no new life to get when something terrible happens. And still the seasons do pass, scars fade, glue holds and the butterflies mate in spring. [GSR]

Rating: PG-13 for some implied violence

Disclaimer: The CSI characters belong to CBS. I only borrow for my own amusement.

Author's Note: Thanks to Lynn for name lending. Liberties have been taken with Sara's backstory and some of what is implied here is only the author's imagination. Other facts are taken from the episodes Nesting Dolls and Committed. Spoiler warning applies.


She remembers the cold as a blessing, freezing everything else in her, winter in body and mind... )
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(Or if you prefer, you can read it here (ff.net) or here (CSI Forensics).)

by Camilla Sandman

Summary: She wants to hush it all, shut everything up, the wind, the earth, the fire still burning, the time still seeping forward and the life still beating. They’re dead and she’s not. [CWR.]

Rating: PG-13

Author’s Note: For [livejournal.com profile] laiwethel, as asked for.


The roar seems to be everywhere, around her, within her, as her. )
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(Or if you prefer, you can read it here (ff.net) or here (CSI Forensics).)

The Sound After Rain
by Camilla Sandman

Rating: PG-13

Summary: She distantly remembered a summer with her mother, laughing at the rain against the window and as the rain died away, running outside to catch it. Laura and Sara Sidle, in the stillness after rain. [GSR.]

Author’s Note: For [livejournal.com profile] hadria, as requested. References to Sara’s mother, whose back-story was alluded to in season five.


Laura Sidle was dead... )
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Or if you prefer, you can read it here (ff.net) or here (CSI Forensics).

Beautiful Reflection
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: He doesn’t make her feel young. He just makes her feel as her, and he knows her as she knows him. Not quite a mirror to her, but a glass, offering a faint reflection. [CWR]

Rating: PG-13. Ever so faint suggestions of adult activities.

Author’s note: For [livejournal.com profile] kittkatbar77, as requested.


She sits in the light before dawn and waits for another day to be born in fire and sky, as it must. )
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Or read it here (CSI Forensics) or here (ff.net)

Survivor's Atonement
by Camilla Sandman

Summary: Perhaps I am not real, perhaps I am you, speaking to you in a form you will listen to. You lived. There is no atonement for life. [Sara POV, hints of GSR, guest appareance by Boromir.]

Rating: PG-13 for violence.

Author's Note: For [livejournal.com profile] nirix5, as requested here. Mentions within of Boromir from Lord of the Rings, as well as the Silmaril. Knowledge of said story is helpful.


I've always know sooner or later I would pay the price... )
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You can read it here (ff.net) or here (CSI Forensics) if you so prefer.

Womb of Sky and Skin
by Camilla Sandman

Disclaimer: CBS own the characters. I borrow for my own enjoyment and not for any profit.

Summary: “Death leaves a mark. It kills you even if you don’t die.” Nick has survived. But can he live? [Post-Grave Danger. Slight implied GSR, CWR, Nick/Greg. Maybe.]

Rating: PG-13. Mentions of violence.

Author’s Note: I hardly ever write Nick, since I suck at it. But I thought he deserved his own Grave Danger piece, so… I tried my best, Nick. Please don’t hit me hard.


He sleeps in darkness... )
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ETA: OFUCSI update! Chapter Four: The Classes Begin and The Heat is On can be found here.

You can also read it here (ff.net) or here (CSI Forensincs) if you so prefer.

by Camilla Sandman

Summary: One can survive without the other, but they still come together because sometimes, sometimes life is the two. [GSR. Faint hints of CWR.]

Rating: PG-13. Violence, implied adult activities.

Author’s Note: Set some time after season five. Very minor reference to Grave Danger.

Symbiosis, noun. 1. Biology. A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member. 2. A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence.


A fantasy... )
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Today I am a busy writing bee, it seems. You can also read it here or here if you so prefer.


by Camilla Sandman

Disclaimer: Not my characters, only my words.

Summary: It wasn’t supposed to end like this, the friendship of Warrick and Catherine. (CWR, post-Grave Danger.)

Rating: PG

Author’s Note: For [livejournal.com profile] falena84, as asked for. Minor reference to Grave Danger.


‘It wasn’t supposed to end like this,’ she thinks, and kisses him. )


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