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It's cold. Not just in Norway, but large parts of Europe and Britain. Of course, Norway's used to cold and snow and a lot of other places are not. So I laugh at them for freaking out just a tiny bit. Mind you, waking up at a quarter past six (a.m.) and spotting -18C outside is not a great incentive to get up. Looks like it's gonna stay this cold for at least a week, too.

Oh well. It's a good excuse to stay in during the weekend and write fanfic. And play Wow. Shiny new world, shiny!

When you see this, post ten fandom rants and ten fandom happy things in your journal. So I do.

Ten rants )

Ten happy fandom-related things )
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Cat is much better! After a visit to the vet, he's now eating again and acting far more energetic. It looks like he will be all right for now. Thanks for all the well wishes; they were much appreciated. Meanwhile, I've had an exhausting week and have another coming, which is reported might get as cold as -25C here. Oh fun.

I will also be sending out Christmas cards in the coming week, so last chance if you want one.

Here's a charmer: Cheerleader kicked off the squad for refusing to cheer for her rapist. Not in some demonstrably non-cheer way either - she just didn't want to say his name. I don't even know what to say here that wouldn't be filled with a good deal of rage, so yeah.

Here's a penis and Berlusconi: Italian PM under fire for restoring a penis to a ancient Roman statue. But for next year he's suggesting cutting 40% of the fine arts funding in an austerity package - I guess no penis is too austere even for Berlu.

Here's something cool: A planet from another galaxy has been found in the Milky Way. The Milky Way has swallowed several minor galazies in its liferun, and one day it might merge with the Andromeda Galaxy. (Merging galaxies can look something like this and later this. Awesome, no?)

Here's a charmer II: An alleged rape victim in South Africa is charged with having underage sex. What is this I don't even.

Here's naked Norwegian men: Say, is that a fire hoze between your legs? More shirtless men here. They and many more are apparently available in a calender now on sale.

Fics I want time to write, damnit:
- The Ghost of King Past (Uther after death, haunting Camelot and observing the changes that happen).
- Season 3 AU with Morgana not evil, but struggling with her darker nature.
- Five Times Merlin Interrupted Gwen and Arthur (and One Time It Didn't Matter).
- A fic where Gwen saves Uther's arrogant ass and the two are forced to work together.
- Five Good Female Magic Users That Saved Camelot (and Told Off Uther)
- Merlin runs into the Doctor in a tavern; hijinks involving Daleks and dragons ensue.

Now I just gotta figure out which to do first. Right after I figure out where I stored my extra, extra warm clothes last spring. I think I might need them.
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I have finished more Merlin fic, which seems to seal it - yes, this is going to be my main fanfic fandom for a while. Also, with episodes like this coming (BBC episode description, so some spoilers), I am so very curious where the show is going. Nothing like shiny new fandoms to get inspiration going. (And somehow, I always find more to write about when the original material has some issues to address.)

Most of you probably heard about the furore over a Marie Claire blog and the massive outcry that has followed. I was quite revolted by the post too, but something else struck me as well - this is the power of the Internet. Online, it is not word-of-mouth, but word-and-links, and it can happen extremely fast. Even in fandom, posts can garner a huge reaction by links being passed on, and the poster can wake to an inbox filled with outrage.

Sometimes, it's a power for good. Sometimes, probably not.

A new prosperity index ranks Norway as most prosperous in the world. It was apparently launched to show that propserity is more than just money, as reported here. Apparently, 74% of Norwegians believe people can be trusted, the highest precentage in the world. (You can check out the details about Norway's score here.) Is that a sort of prosperity too? Perhaps. I am also impressed we scored highest of all on social capital, despite second lowest in the world on religious attendance. Which goes to show empathy, charity and social support isn't built on religion as some fanatics would have it; it's built on humanity.

Meanwhile, it is Thurday evening and rainy, and I'm half wishing winter would just come already and be done with it. I hate October. Surely I cannot be the only one who finds October the worst month of the year?
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I can has new LJ headers! Made by the very lovely [profile] distaff_exile. They are a Norway one, a TARDIS one, a FlashForward one and a coming WoW one. But now I gotta figure out a layout or stylesheet to fit them all so I can easily alternate.

We bring you today's Hooooooooooly Overreaction, Fandom Batman!: In which authors of a Stargate AU open up for people to write stories based on the central family - and then literally says 'fuck you' to someone with a darker take on it. And everyone who complimented said dark take ficlet. And also the ficlet is slurring all those serving in the military and vomiting poison and hurting an ideal.

... Yeah. Man, that's a lot of fuck you and rage. Wow. I get being attached to your fanfic and all, but whut. That's just maybe a little bit too fucking far.

Viking paradise, a British reporter calls Norway and goes on to caution against too-simple explanations of why Norway does well, and thus how others (like the UK) can as well.

Then of course everyone tries to explain or explain away Norway in the comments anyway. Especially people who've been here once and thus are experts, of course.

It's actually hard to understand a country, I think. Because a country is its people and people vary and are complicated and contrary. I've been trying to understand Italy of late, and the US before that and Australia when I lived there and I always end up at least a little confused. So Norway is Norwegians and we're a peculiar lot, yes.

But with very nice weather this weekend that was. I even got a bit of colour and now look slightly less like a Scandinavian ghost now as well. And today is 100 years since women got the right to vote in Norway - local and regional elections first, then national ones a few years later. Maybe take a moment to remember that in some countries, women can't even do this most elementary democratic act.

I hope the future will change that.

In other news:

- Portugal has its first gay marriage. Go Portugal.

- Nordic bank Nordea sells shares in BP, citing a lack of transperency over the oil spill. That's actually my bank, heh. Well, well.

- Porn actor falls off cliff following a stand-off with the police. He was accused of attacking colleagues with a samurai sword, which was apparently used as a prop. For porn, I assume. Yeah, I don't know
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This week has madly busy real life wise, and so will most of next one be too. Um, yay?

But this coming week is Eurosong week, my friends. That's right. Two nights of semi-finals, one Saturday of finals. WTF costumes! Hideous songs! European voting shenanigans! Snark! Mockery! Wind machine! And it is all happening here, in little Norway.

I will of course be covering a lot of this traditional European bonding session through bad music, as usual. Are you ready for Eurosong?

This past week meanwhile, Norway has managed to have a transgender debate in the media )

In this week's TV stuff:
- Watched FlashForward's first part of the finale. Am reserving judgement until next week for how it turns out, but Minor spoilers for the lastest episode )
- Have not watched Doctor Who because it is a two-parter and I'm not having more cliffhangers in my life. Evil things. I shall watch both parts next week.
- Watched Americans-with-Norwegian-ancestry try to ski on Svalbard in the reality show "Alt for Norge" and laughed like a loon. But it is kinda charming how much love they have for Norway, despite never having been before. It does make me want to write "Cam's Guide to Sucessful Relocation to Norway (With Special Notes for Americans)", though.
- Watched the season finale of CSI. I miss my old CSI. I like Ray's character, but man, I miss the old team dynamic a lot. I think I'd enjoy the show more if it was all new people, and not some of the old to remind me of classic CSI.
- Okay, I like the British Strictly Come Dancing, but not so much the host. I feel like I'm probably commiting some sort of UK no-no by admitting so, because he's probably some big beloved dude, right?
- BBC's list of bizarre endings for TV shows is a hoot. Kidnapped by aliens? It was all a snowglobe? Ahahaha.

And how are you all?
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The volcano erupting in Iceland has closed all air traffic above Norway and we still don't know for how long. (It's affecting the UK too.) Check out the massive bile of ash drifting in over Norway and you'll get why.

Video from the still ongoing eruption. Map of where the ash is heading.

Yeah. Norway's definitely going to stay blanketed by ash through the day, and if the eruption continues, tomorrow too. (Thanks to the wind.) For now the ash is high up, but downpour could cause it to come down with. It will probably be so deluded it won't be hazardous, though.

The trains are getting huge increasing in traffic and can't quite cope with the demand. This on the day we might be a bus strike, too. 120,000 Norwegians are hampered by this, and quite seriously, air ambulances are also grounded. In worst case scenario, this could last weeks.

*eyes volcano very sternly*
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Yeah, it's cold. -23C this morning, with wind. And wind can double the effect of cold and really, -40 in my face is not how I like to wake up in the morning.

[personal profile] lily_winterwood pointed me to this comic, which did make me smile a bit. But I shall admit that I did utter the phrase 'Faen, det er kaldt' in the wind this morning and that wasn't at absolute zero. Oh well.

US and Northern Europe are colder than normal due to cold air from the Arctic being pushed this way because of high pressure. So blame Santa. Europe and UK are struggling with the cold and snow. Norway managed to be coldest with -41C. Well done us. But at least we're a Nordic country and are used to cold. Insulation FTW.

Brother is coming to stay for two weeks, and cold weather is due to stay for at least one week so excellent timing.

How are you all coping with the big chill?

In other news, I wrote Rome fic like years too late, am still working on a BSG and FlashForward one and have a Martha/Mickey thing in my dead. And also I am trying to take down Icecrown Citadel with my awesome new bow. And also I am planning a Nordic mythology thing for 4th grade to start later in the month. And also I should catch up with brother and algebra. And also I should probably sleep some.

Why doesn't a day have more than 24 hours?
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I'm feeling vaguely guilty all I seem to write of late come out Olivia/Lloyd from FlashForward, but oh well. *eyes fic-in-progress* Once I get attached to something, there is just no helping me. I even got a meta post on FF in my head, including my thoughts on book versus show, free will versus determinism, the joy of physics and why Jack Davenport is hot. Um, yes.

Seriously need more FF icons, too.

In that vein, Australia showed one episode of FF before the US and not all are too happy about that. Also, some seem to think Australia celebrate Thanksgiving, to which I say 'bwhuh?' Sorry, Americans and Canadians, but the rest of the world doesn't really do Turkey Day, for very, very obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, the ban on minarets passed in Switzerland has gotten both the Swiss and the rest of Europe talking. And some people want to follow the Swiss. I am not digging it. Minarets are no more disturbing than bell towers, so it's not really about that. Oh no. It's about Islam becoming visible in Europe and quite a lot of fear, too. And racism.

The Northern League in Italy wants a similar ban in Italy and also wants to stick a cross on the Italian flag. Because the Scandinavian countries do and as all know, we're like the most hardcore Christian countries out there. Oh, wait...

Seriously, the Northern League is really getting on my effing nerves with their fixation on Scandinavia. They've used Norway's royal family in some family value bullshit and their attempts to point to Nordic people as some sort of yay in their racist shit makes my skin crawl so hard. So lets get this straight: MY COUNTRY IS NOT YOUR PROPAGANDA PIECE. In fact, Scandinavia represets some of your pet hates: Secularism, gay marriage, pro-choice without even a debate on it, relaxed attitudes to sex, and a fairly open definition of family.

No one has proposed banning minarets in Norway yet, but a Progress Party dude suggested banning burkas. (And was promptly told off by members of other parties.) Because dictating what to wear is so bad we should dictate what people can't wear. Right then. (Not that I like regimes that make women wear them by law. I kinda loathe those. But banning certain clothes, how does that make us any better?)

Speaking of Norway, Obama is arriving here next week to get his prize and my peaceful little Norway is turning into a big loud mess and even losing garbage cans. I do not like. I mean, I like Obama on the basis of being not Bush, but Oslo pretty much shut down for two days and armed police all over and all the media bruhaha? I'm tired of it before it's even started.

In other news in Norway, a fake robber who had been hired in a robbery exercise went to the wrong petrol station and held them up. Only when the employers there reacted with real fear did he realise it was the wrong one. In his defence, he was a last minute replacement, but yeah. Maaayabe a situation where you want to double-check that address.

Hey, it's December! How is the month treating you so far?
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A friend of mine is having some financial shit. I've helped out a bit earlier and if you can, I and her would be most gracious. I'd certainly be willing to write you a fanfic treat or something if you did.

In the news:

- Husband was suspected of wife's murder - turns out the moose did it.

Um. That's seriously the first time I've ever heard of a murderous moose. (Moose can get aggressive when protecting their kids, but usually they just stare you down. WTF, truly.)

- An American is facing his 6th trial for the same alleged murder.

And when I read statements like one (white) American claiming that tt's all right for them (non-whites) to practise their culture but they should not take ours away from us. We are probably the most discriminated race in the country, my eyes are rolling so far into my head I can see my brain.

- At one university in the US, you can't graduate unless your BMI is below obesity or you can document weight loss.

I realise the US (and many Western countries) have a growing obesity problem, but seriously?!

- Norway's skating couch (an American) was fired for sexual harassment against one female skater.

What pisses me most off about this whole thing is that the female skater who reported it, she just reported what he'd said and never demanded the skating association do this or that. But when he gets fired, who gets a lot of online shit? Her of course. Yes, it's always so classy to blame the victim.

- In honour of the 100-year anniversary of the train route between Oslo and Bergen, NRK made a program showing the journey in real time.

A journey that takes over 7 hours, by the way. My mad, mad parents watched the whole thing and then bragged to me about it. Hah.

- A quite movie piece written by Patrick Stewart on domestic violence.

- One American judge got so disgusted with an American bank's behaviour, he erased one couple's mortage to it.

- A year old, but I hadn't seen it: Selling rape joke t-shirts on eBay and claiming them light-hearted. Err.

A Dalek runs Europe alongside Cathy Ashton.

I can't help but think at least a Dalek would liven up EU meetings a bit. And maybe exterminate Berlusconi already.

- A fanfic writer turning up to defend and talk about why she writes 'lolicon' can just not end well at all.

And doesn't. (Note, she posts a bit of one fic in her comments. Though not graphic, could be triggering.) Admittedly, I tend to be of the 'your kink is not for me to call not okay, especially when it's fictional' school, but that is really pushing my attendance. Then again, so do a lot of fictional non-con. Ugh.

- The vandalized gingerbread city in Bergen is being rebuilt.

And now December can start as it should - just bring on some snow already, weathergods.

I think I'll do a 'December in Norway' photo thing the coming weeks, too.
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Managing a new low, some vandals have destroyed the Gingerbread City in Bergen. Over 600 gingerbread houses, decorated by kids yesterday with the city to be put together this week. See, it's a non-profit activity aimed at children and children with developmental disabilities. It's been running for several years. People love it.

Pictures from previous years. You can see some of the destruction here.

That's just so utterly low I have no words. But people are pitching in to rebuild it, so I hope they manage.

Meanwhile, Hollywood, I have two pleas:

1) Please, please, please let British actors you cast either keep their accent (it won't bite, I promise!) or give them a dialect coach or something. Because listening to British actors not quite managing to sound American pains me and listening to them in their original accent would just please me. Rawr.

2) Please, please, please get American actors who are trying to do non-American accents some tutoring OR just have them do it all American and count on some suspension of disbelief. Because this half-half is bloody annoying. Also, throwing "ja?" at the end of a sentence does not make you German-sounding. Really. And The Swedish Chef is not a guide to Scandinavian accents. Really. And no, playing it like a stereotype that walked out of a tourist guide written by someone who has never visited the country does not make up for the actor utterly butchering the language.

... Yeah, I shouldn't get into that rant or I'll be here all day.

Meanwhile, they've cast Heimdall in the upcoming Thor movie and oh my. Granted, the comic it's based on isn't exactly staying true to Nordic mythology to begin with, and I guess this kinda reinforces it. Because the Viking gods are generally depicted to be pale in colour, mostly because the Vikings were and we all tend to envision things based on our perspective, you know? The Vikings were no expcetion. So I did blink a bit initially, I must admit. (There's even a Black Viking trope, as I learned.)

But I found myself really warming to the idea and you know why? Because neo-Nazis are going to have a fit. They've always tried to hijack Nordic mythology for their own racist, hateful agenda - just as the Nazis themselves did. To say this displeases me is putting it mildly. That's my cultural inheritance they're twisting and getting associated with their shit.

So I shall sit right back and laugh and laugh and laugh and hey, the dude isn't bad looking either. Win-win!
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So, following the Nobel Peace Prize announcement, I've heard, seen or read the following claims:

Norwegians are actually Swedish liberals who have been 'excited by black iconography' and are actually being racist in giving out the Nobel Peace Prize & other claims )


I see at least one Norwegians newspaper has been getting a lot of angry e-mails from Americans, too.

So, in case you have missed a few vital point, here is how the Nobel Peace Prize actually work:

- Alfred Nobel was a very rich Swede, who in his will set out that he wanted achivements in medicine, physics, literature, chemistry and peace to be honoured with an annual award. The money part of the award comes from the means he left.

- For whatever reasons of his own, he decided that the Norwegian Parliament was to be the one to award the Nobel Peace Prize, while Sweden had the responsibility for the others. Why he divided it like that, we cannot be sure as he didn't say himself, but there are a couple of likely theories out there.

- The Norwegian Parliament appoints a committee according to the stipulations in the will, and with a few of their own - while the people in the committee do represent parties in Parliament, they cannot currently serve in it or be in government. This to make the committee a little more independent.

- The Norwegian people have no say in the award, do not vote in it and have only a tiny indirect influence through elections to Parliament, since the set-up of Parliament will play into who is appointed to the committee.

- It is not awarded by Norway the country. The committee is independent, possibly a bit more so than Nobel had in mind, even. This is by choice of Parliament, who wants the committee to have that independence.

- Norwegian people often disagree with the award. Norwegian politicians often disagree with the award, actually. It's not an award that represents Norway, though it can at times reflect certain Norwegian values.

I actually know the leader of the Nobel Committee (he and dad were in politics at the same time and have many mutual friends) and well, this is just like his kind of thinking. (A lot of fellow Norwegians I've talked to have also remarked this is 'typic Jagland'.) If you read this misconceptions about the Nobel Peace Prize it's the last sentence this one is really all about. I can't say I excatly agree in this case, but we'll see how it plays out.

Ironically, this week Norway was also named best country in the world to live again and yesterday was Leif Eriksson Day in the US. Some timing.

Now, to do a week's planning of teaching or attempt to write something... Bleh, sometimes I hate choices.
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Drammen and Lier, some pictures from this month of September. Also features shoes, the cat, my fridge, a whole lot of forest and blue sky. Because for once, we've had stunning weather. Figures we get it after the holidays are over, but that's the weathergods' sense of humour for you.

Image heavy! )

So there you are, that's how it's been looking in my part of the world this last week.
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I'm up late (2 a.m on a working day, ick) because it's Norwegian election night and the left-centre coalition government seems to have retained a majority.

So, four more years of Labour, Socialist Left and Centre Party. Okay. I'm midly pleased without being terribly excited or anything. Not so pleased about voting precentage - only about 73% seem to have used their right to vote. This bothers me. Gotta do better.

Either way, Norway for the next four years seems to be steady as she goes.

Meanwhile, this had me staring in horror for half an hour.

I mean, what the hell is this?

MS: You know, I'm gay..I'm gay, and I don't molest any children. What do you think of that?

SA: Well, I'd say you're lying.

MS: You think I must be molesting children, right?

SA: Exactly, right.

MS: Do you pray that I'll die tonight?

SA: If you're a homosexual, I hope you get brain cancer like Ted Kennedy.


... Dude, as an atheist I'd make a better Christian than you, you hateful asshat. You're just using religion to justify your own prejudices over changing attitudes over sexuality and growing acceptance. And you sure seem lacking in the whole compassion department. Not to mention sanity and facts, since a vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual.

Even so, I ain't going to wish brain cancer on you. But you'll have to forgive me for not wishing you anything well either.

However, the non-hateful part of humanity, I wish a very good night to. Sleep well, world.

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So, Americans are having a healthcare debate. That's very much theirs to have. But the debate didn't stay in the US and when a lot of bullshit start getting thrown around about non-American heathcare, then it's not particulary suprising non-Americans got some opinions too.

Now, I haven't read the suggested American proposal. I am however pretty sure it has some flaws to it, because pretty much everything has. I'm also sure you could oppose it based on such flaws and make reasonable and articulate arguments to such effects.

Which is why bullshit claims like Sarah Palin's 'death panels' of last week, this 'hey, this healthcare reform is just like Nazism, except, you know, UTTERLY FUCKING NOT' stuff and the utterly vile 'Stephen Hawkins would have been killed in the UK' (except, you know, he is British and has lived his life there and is very much still alive!) doubly displease me.

I'm gonna have to echo [personal profile] calapine here: Fuck that kind of bullshit.

It's also doing a massive disservice to people with actual relevant issues with the proposal. And to brand anyone who doesn't agree with it with the same brush as the batshittery mentioned above is massively not good. It makes the whole thing a screaming match that will benefit none. It kills critical thinking and you need critical thinking in a democracy; you don't need a roar no one can hear anything in.

What I do think as an outside observer to the US system is that it needs some sort of change. The sheer number of uninsured and underinsured tells me that in a very calm factual way; the stories I've heard from people I care about in the US have told me so in a very personal one too.

In that vein, [personal profile] liz_marcs is hosting something she calls 'Time For a Little Truth, Baby'. She encourages everyone to detail their experiences with healthcare and for non-Americans, explain a bit about how their government healthcare system works (if they want to).

Americans can tell their stories here.

People from countries with varying degrees of government healthcare can talk about it here. I've explained Norway's system here (over two comments since I hit the word limit). I spent a good hour making sure I got all my facts right. I listed some of our issues as well, to make it as balanced as I could.

Generally, I like Norway's healthcare system. But I don't think it would work for the US. It's a part of a much, much larger public scheme here and it wouldn't translate too well to a much larger country without some serious changes. I also don't think Americans are comfortable with the government in the same way Norwegias are, for various cultural and historical reasons. Norway's system also has flaws and needs critical thinking (mmm, critical thinking) so it can be improved.

So dear Americans, I hope you get a healthcare system that works for you. Maybe how other countries do it can be of some inspiration, maybe your own experiences will lead the way to where you go. I don't know, I've given up predicting the US (I'm too Norwegian to, I think). Either way, I do commend all who think critically about this issue, whatever their stance on Obama's actual proposal is. Heck, I commend anyone who thinks in general. Think! Be informed! Argue your points! Make your choice!

But don't let fear, bullshit, propaganda and sensationalism decide your direction please; it rarely has a good final destination.

And tell people to bring their facts and check their Nazi analogies at the door, yeah? Once you get a swastika into the room, that's pretty much all people see.

Now I must have some breakfast.
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Nicked from like half my flist:
Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.

It's Knut Hamsun year in Norway and I'm still not sure how I feel about him.

On one hand, influential writer, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature and his obsession with nature reflects a certain part of Norwegian culture.

On the other, Nazi-sympathizer, supporter of the wildly unpopular occupation government and non-apologetic about it to the end.

How much, if at all possible, can you remove a writer from their written work? How much are you willing to? That's not always an easy one and it's very, very hard to forgive him his support of the occupation government as a Norwegian, I have to say. It's funny - we're friendly with Germany again and there is no particular ill will lingering against Germans. But the Norwegians that helped them...

Even my generation harbor resentment towards them, though not with the same sort of fevor as right after the war. But still. We've forgiven Germany, but not our own that sided with them. So Knut Hamsun still has no street named after him while less known authors do.

I'm not sure I feel bad about that.

(You can read a bit about Hamsun's life and writings here. He's an interesting character.)

In a similar historical vein: German citizenship is granted for the first time to a war child. Norway too, had children born to German soldiers. I'd like to say they were treated better; I cannot.

That I definitely feel bad about.
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Today, this post is going to have quite a bit of fail in it.

Four boys arrested for gang-rape of an eight-year-old girl. Also reported here.

The boys were as young as nine and as old as fourteen, which isn't old at all. They're all from Liberia, which has been ripped to shreds by civil wars. What those boys might remember from there, I cannot know - but it was a war with a horrifying number of sexual assaults and kid soldiers fighting too. And then the real kicker - the parents of the girl disowned her. Because they blamed her for being victimized and bringing shame to the family. More on that here.

You know how sometimes a story is just depressing on all levels? That one is. I will not excuse those boys, but rape wasn't even illegal in Liberia until 2006. I have to wonder what they've been raised to think.

We have so far to go still on sexual assault.

So, NBC's new The Wanted show, which attempts to track down (alleged) terrorists and war criminals, took its first episode to Norway. They were there for this guy: Mullah Krekar. I watched this show (it aired in Norway as well, due to special interest) and I was not impressed at all.

Much ado about Mullah Krekar, Norway's issues and why I will defend still having an alleged terrorist here )

I do note this show got some less than stellar reviews. And I shall have to agree with this one in this:

Can you believe the arrogance of a cooked-up, American, prime-time news-entertainment show telling a government like Norway how it should behave?

I can believe it, but I am seriously not impressed by it.

I'm also not impressed by EA, due to this. Who thought that was even remotely a good idea? Women get bloody well objectified enough as it is.

I think I have to post cat pictures or something tomorrow to make up for all this. Ugh. For now, I shall watch me some Star Trek.
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From around the flist:

a. Name your 15 absolutely favourite fandom ships (try to pick different fandoms)
b. Ask people to see what trends and similarities they notice about your ships.
(In random order.)

1. Adama/Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)
2. Legolas/Gimli (Lord of the Rings)
3. Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who)
4. Catherine/Warrick (CSI)
5. Rita/Chris (Silk Stalkings)
5. Mulder/Scully (X-Files)
6. Nynaeve/Lan (Wheel of Time)
7. Barbara/Ian (Doctor Who)
8. Faramir/Éowyn (Lord of the Rings)
9. Havers/Lynley (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries)
10. Sheridan/Delenn (Babylon 5)
11. Frank/Rachel (Water Rats)
12. Tim/Dawn (The Office, UK)
13. Doctor/Martha (Doctor Who)
14. Grissom/Sara (CSI)
15. Carrot/Angua (Discworld)

Meanwhile in Norway, David Irving has landed in the country. Shudder. He was originally invited to a literature event in Lillehammer, but was de-invited after a lot of people got very peeved. Then he decided to show up on his own anyway.

I feel unclean just knowing he's in the country. Ugh. Free speech is one thing, but he's exercising it to spread hate and lies and attempt to distort history. Ew, ew, ew.

I can only comfort myself with the thought that Norway turned on the rain today because the country feels as unclean as I do with him about.

*wanders off to play WoW and kill some ghouls*
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Yes, it's Norway's National Day - with stunning sunlight across most of the country as the children's parades go on. This is what it looks like in Oslo, along the main street.

Meanwhile, my cat is snoozing and enjoying himself, while I've put out flags to celebrate.

Gratulerer med dagen!
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Man accused of killing claims self-defence - when he stabbed the guy 86 times.

Um, yeah. Good luck with that defence. Poor girlfriend and family :(

So I got stung by a wasp. Which in itself is not fun, but I'm allergic to the venom. Had to go to the hospital, blah blah blah. I'm going to live, but it's not particularly pleasant when your body is having a fit.

Later in the day I was leading one group on a raid in Ulduar - World of Warcraft - and people start making rape jokes. Second time that has happened in about a week. Last time I whispered the guy doing it privately that he could knock the rape jokes, and he was very apologetic and it was okay. This time it was two female guildies starting it and I got quite sharp with them, and blah.

In combination, all that pretty much ruined my day. Life's a bitch and then you die, huh? (Could really do with something to cheer me up right about now, universe.)

Meanwhile in Norway, we're having a debate about freedom of speech and gay marriage.

When you give an award for free speech to someone for opposing gay marriage... )

(Am also testing crossposting on this entry. Hum.)
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This shit makes me so fucking depressed.

Swine flu, now being used to fuel and justify xenophobia and racism. Of course, this is nothing new, but it's as repulsive as ever. Not only has Mexico had to suffer the worst of this virus so far, now it gets blamed for it and its people as well. Blame the victim, always so classy.

FUCK THAT SHIT. To a flu virus, we're all equally human. Do you really wanna be lower than a flu virus, you hateful bastards?

Last night I watched Trouble the Water and that too depressed me proper. It's a great movie, and very powerful, but oi.

In Holland, the driver that killed six people driving through the crowd in an apparent attempt to get at the Royal family has died. The footage is quite startling and horrifying. Police is still investigating to attempt to find his motive. Not sure they'll find one that satisfies much, because how do you explain something like that?

Meanwhile in Norway it's May 1st, and it's a particularly lovely one. So I went out and snapped some shots.

Pictures, pictures... Bonus cat, of course. )


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