May. 22nd, 2010

misscam: (Oh noes!)
This week has madly busy real life wise, and so will most of next one be too. Um, yay?

But this coming week is Eurosong week, my friends. That's right. Two nights of semi-finals, one Saturday of finals. WTF costumes! Hideous songs! European voting shenanigans! Snark! Mockery! Wind machine! And it is all happening here, in little Norway.

I will of course be covering a lot of this traditional European bonding session through bad music, as usual. Are you ready for Eurosong?

This past week meanwhile, Norway has managed to have a transgender debate in the media )

In this week's TV stuff:
- Watched FlashForward's first part of the finale. Am reserving judgement until next week for how it turns out, but Minor spoilers for the lastest episode )
- Have not watched Doctor Who because it is a two-parter and I'm not having more cliffhangers in my life. Evil things. I shall watch both parts next week.
- Watched Americans-with-Norwegian-ancestry try to ski on Svalbard in the reality show "Alt for Norge" and laughed like a loon. But it is kinda charming how much love they have for Norway, despite never having been before. It does make me want to write "Cam's Guide to Sucessful Relocation to Norway (With Special Notes for Americans)", though.
- Watched the season finale of CSI. I miss my old CSI. I like Ray's character, but man, I miss the old team dynamic a lot. I think I'd enjoy the show more if it was all new people, and not some of the old to remind me of classic CSI.
- Okay, I like the British Strictly Come Dancing, but not so much the host. I feel like I'm probably commiting some sort of UK no-no by admitting so, because he's probably some big beloved dude, right?
- BBC's list of bizarre endings for TV shows is a hoot. Kidnapped by aliens? It was all a snowglobe? Ahahaha.

And how are you all?


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