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First off: Awww, Germany. Also, spotted this secret over at [community profile] fandomsecrets - Eurosong, now also a reason for people to change country?

Opinions on telly.

Spoilers for Doctor Who's Cold Blood )

Next time: Van Gogh! Probably more forehead!porn. More omnious signs without a doubt.

Spoilers for FlashForward's final episode )

I also sadly subjected myself to some glimpses of reality show "The Hills" on YouTube and am now horrifed beyond belief what some people do to their bodies and their dignity. WTF, truly.

Best go to bed now.
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In which we learn that jacking off on someone's face while they sleep is a-okay! and Cam learns she shouldn't read links when she's in a good mood.

Good mood caused by:
- Awesome May weather.
- Last night's FlashForward, in which Spoilers! ) That latter part, I can really believe.
- I (and five others) won a contest on Facebook arranged by Norwegian TV2 and I appropriately am getting a FlashForward t-shirt from them. Hah.
- Upcoming weekend.
- Lunch with dad, to many discussions of politics and the UK and the Magna Carta. Our conclusion was that the UK system was a fair bit bonkers. Then we had ice cream.
- Have had many amusing conversations about the UK election on Twitter.
- Have apple cake.
- Tromsø is still head of the football league. Ahahaha.

In which we further learn that LJ posts is the new plagiarism hip. Seriously, what the hell is even the point of that?

(Also, that Diana Gabaldon thing? 'Fanfic is dirty porn which my books aren't at all having, no-ope!' Oh-kay then!)

LJ is apparently buggering my comment notifications somewhat. Apologies if I fail to reply to something!

1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

Questions and answers )

In which we finally learn people can also be awesome. Just to end on a sort of good note.
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Playing around with video editing and learning the ropes, and thus I made a Doctor Who fanvid and a FlashForward one.

Eleven and Amy: The Sky Is BIgger )

Direct link.

Lloyd/Olivia: Never Easy )

Direct link.

It's actually fun to fiddle around with, inbetween watching football, waiting for fic back from beta (the crossover of doom) and trying not to worry too much about work stuff. (ARGH.)

Speaking of fannish stuff, any good Doctor and Amy comms to join yet, or Eleven-centric comms? I should join the present. (And half tempted to make a FF one for Lloyd and Olivia, but I'd be pretty alone there, I suspect.)

It's always a bit weird to adjust to new Doctor, but it's getting a bit weird to watch old episodes now too, since Matt Smith is starting to feel like the Doctor to me. This is like from Nine to Ten all over again, only with no common companion.

In other news, the ongoing Vatican woes over child abuse and pedophile priests now has a case in Norway too with a former bishop admiting to sexual abuse - and the Norwegian Catholic church keeping it silent for over a year.

To say I am unimpressed would be leaving out all the fairly ugly curse words I used about the Catholic church. Way to put your members in a shit situation of feeling tainted by this by association too, Vatican.

Meanwhile, it is finally proper sping in Norway, which my cat decided to enjoy by camping in a suitcase. (Also here and here.) As you do.

Football beckons!
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Thoughts on various telly I have watched this week below.

Spoilers for Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour )

In conclusion: Yes. This could be very good.

Spoilers for FlashForward up to 'Better Angels' )

In conclusion: Give me good writing, more character devolpment and snogging.

Very old spoilers for Law & Order: UK )

In conclusion: Threesome?
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This is a shit week. The only bright side is that it's soon over and that I have about a week off for Easter. Other than that, this week can bite me. Issues with people I am working with, my mobile being nicked, getting caught in unexpected rain, the usual monthly pain, frustrations and feeling like a failure, yes, a load of fun things all stacked together. Man, did I ever pick the wrong week to go cold turkey on all candy, chips and cake (in a self-imposed health iniativ).

On the bright side, it is spring. Just spring with a metre of snow to melt still.

In fandom stuff:

- Hey, Dcotor Who is almost back! New Doctor and new head writer and I am curious to see how it pans out. I am feeling midly optimistic, as tends to be my default. Also, this secret posted to [community profile] fandomsecrets amused me muchly. But sorry OP, I don't think the Doctor is lingering around Norway. I'll be sure to let you know if that changes, though.
- Also I got a Rassilon action figure. He's currently eyeballing a little koala suvenir I took home from Australia. I think he may have villainous plans.
- FlashForward is back! Two episodes in so far and I'm not sure where it's going yet, but if it's towards more shirtless Jack Davenport, I sure won't complain.
- Law & Order: UK is new to my DVD player and I like it. Yes, I do.
- Norwegian football season is back! Oh, I do love my football. My absolutely favourite activity on Sundays during spring/summer/autumn is lying out in the sun and listening to the football on the radio while reading.
- BSG fandom seems to have had some wankery over a secret comm which I seem to have mainly missed despite it involving some friends, but man did it ever give me flashbacks to Doctor Who fandom. Yeah. Really, I think we can always manage to imagine nastier things said about ourselves by others than they can come up with. (Most of the time, anyway.) And thus, wank o'hoy even if the comm has in reality been rather benign. (Even more so if it wasn't.) Not to mention some will object to it as a matter of principle.
- My WoW guild is so close to the Lich King fight I can taste it. On Arthas, I have sharpened my arrows for you a long time. We did down Illidan back in the Burning Crusade days, but that never felt like taking out a big bad like the Lich King will. (It was still wicked cool, though. Hoo yes.) And I'm working on my video editing skills to make the vid of the kill - here's a kill of Professor Putricide.

Also I made a fanvid for FlashForward's Lloyd/Olivia, mainly to see if I could.

Embedded vid behind the cut )

Maybe I should stick to writing - which reminds me, time off for Easter, time to summon some writing spirit.
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A selection of Cam's Fandom Secrets and Not So Much, featuring yours truly's graphic skills. Er, yes. I once again apologise in advance.

I'd hit that, I ship it & other fandom secrets and not so much )

You may now mock me.
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I'm feeling vaguely guilty all I seem to write of late come out Olivia/Lloyd from FlashForward, but oh well. *eyes fic-in-progress* Once I get attached to something, there is just no helping me. I even got a meta post on FF in my head, including my thoughts on book versus show, free will versus determinism, the joy of physics and why Jack Davenport is hot. Um, yes.

Seriously need more FF icons, too.

In that vein, Australia showed one episode of FF before the US and not all are too happy about that. Also, some seem to think Australia celebrate Thanksgiving, to which I say 'bwhuh?' Sorry, Americans and Canadians, but the rest of the world doesn't really do Turkey Day, for very, very obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, the ban on minarets passed in Switzerland has gotten both the Swiss and the rest of Europe talking. And some people want to follow the Swiss. I am not digging it. Minarets are no more disturbing than bell towers, so it's not really about that. Oh no. It's about Islam becoming visible in Europe and quite a lot of fear, too. And racism.

The Northern League in Italy wants a similar ban in Italy and also wants to stick a cross on the Italian flag. Because the Scandinavian countries do and as all know, we're like the most hardcore Christian countries out there. Oh, wait...

Seriously, the Northern League is really getting on my effing nerves with their fixation on Scandinavia. They've used Norway's royal family in some family value bullshit and their attempts to point to Nordic people as some sort of yay in their racist shit makes my skin crawl so hard. So lets get this straight: MY COUNTRY IS NOT YOUR PROPAGANDA PIECE. In fact, Scandinavia represets some of your pet hates: Secularism, gay marriage, pro-choice without even a debate on it, relaxed attitudes to sex, and a fairly open definition of family.

No one has proposed banning minarets in Norway yet, but a Progress Party dude suggested banning burkas. (And was promptly told off by members of other parties.) Because dictating what to wear is so bad we should dictate what people can't wear. Right then. (Not that I like regimes that make women wear them by law. I kinda loathe those. But banning certain clothes, how does that make us any better?)

Speaking of Norway, Obama is arriving here next week to get his prize and my peaceful little Norway is turning into a big loud mess and even losing garbage cans. I do not like. I mean, I like Obama on the basis of being not Bush, but Oslo pretty much shut down for two days and armed police all over and all the media bruhaha? I'm tired of it before it's even started.

In other news in Norway, a fake robber who had been hired in a robbery exercise went to the wrong petrol station and held them up. Only when the employers there reacted with real fear did he realise it was the wrong one. In his defence, he was a last minute replacement, but yeah. Maaayabe a situation where you want to double-check that address.

Hey, it's December! How is the month treating you so far?


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