Jun. 7th, 2010

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I can has new LJ headers! Made by the very lovely [profile] distaff_exile. They are a Norway one, a TARDIS one, a FlashForward one and a coming WoW one. But now I gotta figure out a layout or stylesheet to fit them all so I can easily alternate.

We bring you today's Hooooooooooly Overreaction, Fandom Batman!: In which authors of a Stargate AU open up for people to write stories based on the central family - and then literally says 'fuck you' to someone with a darker take on it. And everyone who complimented said dark take ficlet. And also the ficlet is slurring all those serving in the military and vomiting poison and hurting an ideal.

... Yeah. Man, that's a lot of fuck you and rage. Wow. I get being attached to your fanfic and all, but whut. That's just maybe a little bit too fucking far.

Viking paradise, a British reporter calls Norway and goes on to caution against too-simple explanations of why Norway does well, and thus how others (like the UK) can as well.

Then of course everyone tries to explain or explain away Norway in the comments anyway. Especially people who've been here once and thus are experts, of course.

It's actually hard to understand a country, I think. Because a country is its people and people vary and are complicated and contrary. I've been trying to understand Italy of late, and the US before that and Australia when I lived there and I always end up at least a little confused. So Norway is Norwegians and we're a peculiar lot, yes.

But with very nice weather this weekend that was. I even got a bit of colour and now look slightly less like a Scandinavian ghost now as well. And today is 100 years since women got the right to vote in Norway - local and regional elections first, then national ones a few years later. Maybe take a moment to remember that in some countries, women can't even do this most elementary democratic act.

I hope the future will change that.

In other news:

- Portugal has its first gay marriage. Go Portugal.

- Nordic bank Nordea sells shares in BP, citing a lack of transperency over the oil spill. That's actually my bank, heh. Well, well.

- Porn actor falls off cliff following a stand-off with the police. He was accused of attacking colleagues with a samurai sword, which was apparently used as a prop. For porn, I assume. Yeah, I don't know


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