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Man accused of killing claims self-defence - when he stabbed the guy 86 times.

Um, yeah. Good luck with that defence. Poor girlfriend and family :(

So I got stung by a wasp. Which in itself is not fun, but I'm allergic to the venom. Had to go to the hospital, blah blah blah. I'm going to live, but it's not particularly pleasant when your body is having a fit.

Later in the day I was leading one group on a raid in Ulduar - World of Warcraft - and people start making rape jokes. Second time that has happened in about a week. Last time I whispered the guy doing it privately that he could knock the rape jokes, and he was very apologetic and it was okay. This time it was two female guildies starting it and I got quite sharp with them, and blah.

In combination, all that pretty much ruined my day. Life's a bitch and then you die, huh? (Could really do with something to cheer me up right about now, universe.)

Meanwhile in Norway, we're having a debate about freedom of speech and gay marriage.

We have something known as Fritt Ord, an organization whose self-proclaimed aim is to support freedom of expression and a free press. Every year, they give an award to someone who might have encourage debate and free spech and things in that vein.

This year, they awarded it to Nina Karin Monsen, who very strongly oppose same-sex marriage. We've had civil unions for same sex couples since about 1994 (IIRC), but this year we officially made marriage gender neutral. With 2/3rd majority in Parliament and a majority of the population in favour as well.

Now, it's not so much her opposition to same-sex marriage that has created the controversy, but rather statements about lesbians having 'handicapped' children and drawing comparisons to Nazi racial bullshit, that homosexuals can never make true families, that no one wants gay children and that and that the new law is an oppression of straight marriages.

You can imagine her getting an award has not exactly pleased everyone. A lot of people have have accused Fritt Ord of awarding hate speech, and quite a few have taken it personally. Including one former winner, who is a famous activist for gay rights.

To say I vehmently disagree with Monsen would be putting it mildly, but she has as much right as I do to her opinions. That is the essence of freedom of speech - I hate what she says, but I have to acknowledge her right to speak her mind.

But should we award her? That's another issue. There were in the lead up to the new law passing a lot of debate about gay marriage, and there were those who opposed it. There were several of those I felt managed to state their views without getting hateful or demeaning. I find her demeaning, especially comparing lesbians who want tohave children to Nazis. WTF, woman?

I don't find spreading hate particularly brave, but where to draw the line? The award committee pointed out they're not giving awards for being tolerant, and that debates sometimes need confronting people.

Perhaps. Debate it certainly caused - and a lot of people spoke up against her, so her words are hardly unchallenged. Freedom of speech also means we don't have to let certain things be unopposed.

So, Nina Karin Monsen - I think you're full of bullshit.

(Am also testing crossposting on this entry. Hum.)


Date: 2009-05-06 05:14 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] falena
Oh no. Why is life being a pain to you, of all people. Umpf.I DO NOT APPROVE.

May I try to cheer you up with some tales of Berlu's divorce? Not that it's uplifting per se, but being the mean and petty thing that I am, I find it funny to read about the issue and cackle evilly.

I got your e. I've started working on your caps...On Friday I'll PM your friend and see if I can try and do the animations she wants.

I hope I see you soon. I miss chatting with you and [personal profile] lotus79.

Date: 2009-05-06 05:47 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] zinke
There were several of those I felt managed to state their views without getting hateful or demeaning. I find her demeaning, especially comparing lesbians who want to have children to Nazis. WTF, woman?

This is the crux of it for me I think. It's one thing if someone argues a point such as this in an intelligent, reasoned manner; it's quite another if the argument is intended to not only prove a point but to demean, objectify, dehumanize, etc. I don't know that I could get behind rewarding someone who uses such tactics to create/support an argument.


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