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So I watched Star Trek the 2009 version, and... Damn. I think I see something shiny.

And also I think I like the potential of Spock/Uhura a great deal. With a side of some Kirk/Bones maybe.

Damn the second.

Now I'm wondering if I should read me some fanfic and maybe write some and then you know I'll be thrice damned. I even scribbled down some lines about logic and languages, bugger.

I got tagged to do this ages ago, but forgot a bit. I fail. But here goes, ten (general) fandom pet peeves:

1. Posting teaser icons to a comm and then announcing to see the rest, you have to friend them/a comm.

2. The same as above only with fanfic.

3. Mushed ship names. 'Rodama'? 'Drose'? 'Grillows'? KILL THEM ALL WITH FIRE.

4. Any variation on 'if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete, mods'. The mods are well aware they can delete (no, really!) and if you're not sure it isn't allowed, check before you post. Or if you're still unsure after reading the rules, ask the mods. Or if you're determined to post even if unsure, do so without that annoying phrase.

5. Female characters being branded sluts, whores and other sexually tinged insults as a way of showing dislike. It's cool not to like every female character ever. Tastes varies and all. But misogynist insults that don't seem to vary much at all, those I am very uncool with.

6. When someone makes an insulting/utterly stupid/factually wrong statement, then gets a negative reactions and starts whining that he/she is only exercising free speech. Yes. But so are the people telling you off. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to say offensive shit without anyone telling you what an asshat you are. No, really.

7. Making non-American characters celebrate Thanksgiving. Or things in a similar vein of 'The World Is Not Only the US, Imagine That'.

8. Acting superior about writing a particular genre of kind of fanfic, be it het/slash/gen/a particular pairing.

9. 'I know all about racism/sexism/rape/trauma/LGBT/random issue despite no direct experience/involvement myself. Let me now lecture people with actual experiences/involvement, because my wisdom is surely that awesome!'

10. Authors who seem unaware of writing fairly blatant non-con. Even more so when having a hissy fit at the mere suggestion that some of their writing can come across that way.

What are some of yours?
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