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Reasons why it's a bad idea to google yourself, #19 - coming across posts talking about shipping youin a RPF way (sorta) and feeling all weird. Can only blame myself though - curiosity is sometimes an impulse best resisted.

What's the weirdest you've found googling yourself?

In other fandom news, been a bit of a bruhaha in Doctor Who fandom over whether or not 'retarded' is okay to use in a fic title. Arguments over the original meaning of the word and all that, plus the author feeling specifically targetted (which does seem to allude to previous incidents).

Titles. Pick 'em carefully. (But man, titles are evil to find. I think the longest I've used to find one was six hours, which was longer than it took to write the fic!)

I am steadily writing more Merlin fic, as I've been infected by new fandom quite bad. It's always a bit strange to see what I actually really fall for, fandomwise. And what I like, but never get fannish about (which is the majority of stuff I watch or read, really). And because I am in a math mood, I started wondering if I could make a formula for my fandom attractions.

The closest I came was: Cute couple with potential for being Canon + interesting but flawed canon - annoyance over certain issues multiplied by desire to write fanfic for said fandom divided by fandom wankery.

... I need not to be making math tests right after I've written fanfic, probably.

Also I made silly fanvid again:

Meanwhile, a bit of scandal has hit Norway - and it involves the US. Basically, it has been uncovered that the US were spying on Norwegians in Norway, using former police officers. This sort of surveillance could very well be illegal. The US claims it was cleared with Norwegian authorities, Norwegian authorities says no. The US has stopped the surveillance for now.

Yeeeaah. If the US has actually broken Norwegian law, I'm gonna be severely unimpressed. And yet, not really surprised because the US government has said sod it to International law in the past.

Don't forget to leave your address here if you want a Christmas card from Norway or is doing a gift exchange with me.
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