Jun. 24th, 2009

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Fic gets posted with a scene that could be read as dubcon, though when readers point this out, author argues it was not intended to be so. She adds a warning anyway.

And if it just ended there, I wouldn't be making a post about it. But as can happen on the Internet, what started as one thing ends up elsewhere and now you have a debate about whether or not to warn when posting fanfic

A summary of the wankery, with links. Triggery stuff discussed, FYI.

And me?

I expect you to warn if your fic contains rape or consent issues. If you were unaware your fic came across that way and enough people tell you why it did, I expect you to add warnings. (General-you, not you-specific. Goes for all of this.)

I expect this because I assume you don't want to come across as or be an asshole. I expect this because I'm a writer myself and I don't think it ruins my story or is too much to ask if I warn for something I know a lot of people could be triggered by. I expect this because rape is so common and happens to such a frightening amount of women it's very likely at least one (potential) reader has been raped. I expect this because contrary to what some claim, yes, TV and movies often carry warnings as well as ratings and books have summaries and reviews that also allow me to access information ahead of time. I expect this because fandom is a community with a lot of personal interaction and the people you might trigger might be your friends. I expect this because yes, life doesn't come with warnings, but life can be fucking shite and you don't have to add to it. I expect this because it's such a little, little thing that doesn't cost you much at all compared to how much the concern is generally appreciated. I expect this because while I might wander into a fanfic containing rape and cope, it's draining and maybe not quite what I wanted to do at that time when I'm forced to do it enough as it is. I expect this because there are days I might not cope so well and your fanfic can have me reliving being raped and cut up and I assume you don't actually wish that upon me.

So yes, I expect warnings for rape and consent issues if your fic has them. That's me. I'm not alone.

(And yes, there are unusual triggers and you can't warn for everything. But such a common thing as rape? Yes, you can. I expect you to try, not to be perfect and all-knowing.)


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